IPCFS: Chapter 53 Part 2

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the perfume pre-sales started on time.

The black fans were eagerly waiting for a good show. There was such a high price, and it was a nameless brand. Ji Li’s endorsement pre-sales would be ugly!

Unexpectedly, they were completely slapped in the face within five seconds.

The 1,000 copes with the collector’s edition gift box were all sold out. Even the regular edition perfume was snatched up until the stock was cleared, and the product was removed from shelves.

Five seconds.

Over one million in sales profit.

This type of achievement fully proved Ji Li’s business appeal as a spokesperson, and also proved the ability of Ji Li’s fans to spend money!

“I grabbed it! I wasn’t led by the black fans and water army! I just believe in Ji Li. Support domestic products!”

“Hey, black fans, give up. Our Ji Li is awesome hehe.”

“Don’t keep shouting about scamming money. I would be happy to buy it for thousands of yuan, let alone spending 600 yuan to buy a signed poster and a bottle of high-value perfume. In addition, grabbing a pre-sales quota is also equivalent to grabbing a ticket to the fan meeting! Isn’t the value completely earned?”

“Hello? Are the jealous fans staring at our house? Hurry back and see the sales of your own artists!”

The Nocolan women’s bags were a well-known luxury brand, but Xu Ziming was just promoting a sub-brand in China.

The so-called sub-brand was just a gimmick that one spent money on. Everyone in the industry knew that it was branded just in name. Only the fans who didn’t know this would close their eyes and praise it.

For the necklace under the sub-brand, the cheapest one cost 800 yuan.

The exclusive sales link of the products endorsed by Xu Ziming went online two hours earlier than Ji Li, but the current sales of all products only added up to over 300,000 yuan.

This sales amount was extremely ugly no matter which endorsement sales it was compared against.

Six hours ago, black fans mocked Ji Li using Xu Ziming’s endorsement, and Xu Ziming’s fans also made jokes. Now it was all over, and the facts proved everything.

Whose popularity was false? It wasn’t Ji Li.

Who didn’t have the ability to sell goods? It wasn’t Ji Li.

Ji Li’s fans felt refreshed and posted their purchase orders in places like the brand’s official page and their Weibo fan groups.

Among them, the most eye-catching fan was the big boss called ‘I Think Ji Li is Cute Every Day.’

This big shot posted two screenshots of their purchase. Each order had an order quantity of five bottles of perfume. In addition, there was a screenshot of the full star inspection certificate for Ying’s Perfume taken from the official website of the relevant department.

After the last big battle, this big shot’s Weibo had nearly 2,000 fans. This Weibo post immediately attracted the attention of Ji Li’s fan circle.

It had to be known that the Ying’s Perfume Collector’s Edition wasn’t just limited in quantity. There was even a limit on the purchase amount. A maximum of five bottles of perfume could be purchased per account.

-Ahhhhh the boss is domineering! You actually grabbed 10 bottles at once?

-The big shot is so cold. They only post on Weibo and don’t speak. Still, isn’t it very heartwarming to specially attach the official inspection certificate of the perfume? It isn’t wrong to support Ji Li’s choice. Ying’s Perfume isn’t a small fragrance workshop!

-Big shot! Please leave a way out for the little fans! I didn’t grab a single bottle, but you actually grabbed 10 bottles at once? There are lemon fruits on a lemon tree, but I am under the lemon tree!

-Sister upstairs, I am also under the lemon tree. I worship the big shot and will decisively follow them!

There were more and more onlookers below.

There were also the pervasive black fans: Hehe, Ji Li’s team arranged for a professional money spender fan, right? This stunt is to guide fans to consume. How disgusting.

The big shot replied in a domineering manner: Which smelly gutter did these maggots come from? Get lost.

There was a fan comment from someone who didn’t grab the perfume: Big shot, please transfer a bottle to me! You can set a high price! You can’t use them all by yourself!

The big shot tsundere replied: No, I’m not lacking in money. Even if I don’t use it, I can take it home.

The fans saw these two comments and felt both cool and happy. They always felt that they had narrowed the distance with this big shot. It didn’t matter how lofty and cold this person was. The essence of the big shot was someone chasing stars, just like them.

I dislike black fans, I buy endorsement products and my favorite is Ji Li!


Chaoying Culture, the artist lounge.

Baozi heard that Ji Li had filmed a beautiful advertisement during his vacation and immediately lowered his head in a depressed manner. “Brother Ji, why didn’t you call me to go with you for your perfume advertisement?”

“Aren’t you happy to be given a holiday?”

Baozi replied, “I am your assistant. Cooperating with your working hours is my top priority!”

Ji Li smiled and leaned against the sofa while flipping through a movie script in his hand.

This was the script for the first male lead in a modern, light comedy movie that Yu Fuya found for him two days ago.

The director was Song Yonghui, who was famous for making comedies. The box office results of his previous works had exceeded several hundred million. This time, the new movie was going to open during the New Year period at the end of the year, and the investment cost and production team weren’t bad.

The movie script had a solid plot, but the laughter interspersed in it was a bit stiff. This was a common problem that light comedy movies were prone to.

However, this problem might be corrected in post-production.

After discussing it with Yu Fuya, the movie team said that if Ji Li was willing to act, he could skip the audition and directly become the first male lead of the movie.

Ji Li closed the script and hesitated a bit in his heart.

He had debuted for less than a year, and being the male protagonist of a light comedy could easily affect his future drama path. Then again, this was indeed the best script he had received recently.

He was just thinking about it when Yu Fuya walked in with great interest. “Ji Li, I want to show you the short biography of a script character.”

As she spoke, she handed the small character biography booklet to the young man.

Ji Li looked at the name of the movie on the cover, and his eyes suddenly narrowed. The movie was ‘Special Operations.’

There was also a small line of notes at the bottom which read: Character Chen Xi, character biography.

Ji Li could never be mistaken. This was the first movie that the male protagonist Ji Yunqi debuted in, and he was partnered with Yuan Yifei. In addition, the other leading actor who played with them was a newly popular star.

Ji Li reached out to take it, and the surprise in his eyes hadn’t completely dissipated. “Sister Yu, this movie script…”

Yu Fuya sat on the sofa to his left and raised her chin. “Take a look? It is the latest masterpiece written by Fang Zhixing, and it is also the first movie of Director Yao Chuan, who intends to transition into the movie industry.”

Ji Li already knew this. The only thing that puzzled him was that according to the original novel, the three important roles of ‘two positives and one negative’ in the movie had already been decided in advance.

Why was there a short character biography suddenly circulating?

Just as doubts rose in his heart, Yu Fuya opened her mouth. “This movie secretly held auditions a week ago. The decent male lead must be Ji Yunqi, and the villain is Yuan Yifei. Even the role of ‘Chen Xi’ in your hand already had the actor Bian Jin determined.”

Bian Jin was a popular young actor last year. Two years after he debuted, he won the double Best Actor Nominations at the Baixiang Awards and the China Entertainment Awards. His momentum was very good.

“There seems to be a problem on Bian Jin’s side, and they are stuck at the formal signing of the actor’s contract,” Yu Fuya explained.

As for the detailed inside story, the producers didn’t disclose it.

“A new round of actor auditions is scheduled for tomorrow, and they are all expected to be new actors promoted by major companies.’

Chaoying had Ji Yunqi as the ‘male lead,’ so the company didn’t receive this news in order to avoid infighting in the company.

Yu Fuya heard about this situation and contacted Director Yao Chuan directly, winning Ji Li a chance.

“Ji Li, Director Song’s light comedy movie has given you a position, but I have always felt that this path isn’t suitable for you.”

Yu Fuya nodded to the booklet in the young man’s hand. “Do you want to read it? If you think it is appropriate and you can audition successfully tomorrow, I will take this movie for you.”

The movie ‘Special Operations’ was a big hit in the original novel.

It not only helped the newcomer actor Ji Yunqi directly jump into the position as mainstream actor, but it also allowed Yuan Yifei to break his original deadlock and win the first Best Actor title after his debut.

Ji Li held the script in his hand. “Sister Yu, I’ll take a look at the character biography first.”

In any case, he had to look at the design of the character.

No matter how much the original novel praised the movie, he insisted on trusting his own judgment.

Yu Fuya didn’t rush him. “Of course, look at it slowly.”

Baozi heard this and silently poured a cup of healthy, hot tea for Ji Li. Then he closed his mouth so as to not disturb the other person.

Ji Li read through the character biographies and combined the text content he saw now with his impression when he read the novel.

Special Operations was an excellent drama movie that told a story about the entanglement between the narcotics police and the drug gang.

The protagonist Song Ran was a newly recruited narcotics policeman. Due to his outstanding results in the police academy, he was selected by his superiors to join the front-line narcotics reserve after graduation.

In this excellent team, he heard about Chen Xi’s existence from his teammates. The latter had a cold nature and always went in and out alone. He had no friends in the team.

Everyone in the team secretly called him ‘mute.’

Chen Xi had been in the reserve team for two years, and for every monthly assessment, he could get first place with a full score.

His team members who joined at the same time as him had already gone to the front line, but Chen Xi’s request to join them was rejected by the organization.

It didn’t take long for Song Ran to find out the reason why.

It turned out that Chen Xi had a brother who was two years older. He used to be an excellent narcotics police officer. Four years ago, he was secretly sent by his superiors to work as an undercover agent in a drug ring. They intended to close the net from the inside and outside.

In this way, Chen Xi’s brother went undercover for a whole year.

Then, at the last moment, the net closing operation was exposed by the big drug lord. The results fell short, and they suffered heavy losses. After that, Chen Xi’s brother disappeared.

Due to the secrecy of the intelligence operation, the superiors always suspected that Chen Xi’s brother failed to uphold the bottom line of justice and betrayed the organization and the people.

However, Chen Xi obviously didn’t believe this. He always insisted on justice in his heart. He wanted to find the whereabouts of his older brother and learn the truth of that year.

Therefore, the superiors inspected Chen Xi for a longer time and in a stricter manner.

Then one day, the superiors received a tip. The drug lord Shi Ye, who had been quiet for three years, was coming out to trade again.

After much consideration, they decided to send Song Ran and Chen Xi to join forces. They asked the two officers to do everything possible to break into the enemy’s defenses.

Due to the confidentiality of the script, the character biography only had a general description, and a lot of core content was hidden.

Ji Li spent 30 minutes reading this booklet, and his eyes finally revealed a long-last heartbeat.

Yu Fuya smiled when she saw his eyes and said bluntly, “The role audition is at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. I have already communicated with Director Yao, and it wouldn’t be difficult to temporarily add a spot for you.”

Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth was still on air, and Yao Chuan really liked the young man he had cooperated with for a short time.

Ji Li lowered his head and thought about it for a moment. Then he made a decision.

He looked at Yu Fuya and spoke seriously, “Sister Yu, I want to discuss something with you.”

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