IPCFS: Chapter 53 Part 1

Adolphe was so fascinated by Ji Li that he pulled Yu Fuya aside to talk for a long time because he wanted Ji Li to be the protagonist of his lifelong advertisements.

However, Ji Li was rooted in the movie and television industry and naturally couldn’t agree to this.

Adolphe deeply regretted this development and pulled Ying Yuanjing and Ji Yunzheng in for a long discussion.

“Don’t you have two perfumes under your brand right now? Why are you only shooting the flagship perfume?”

“The red liquid perfume. I’ve already thought of the advertising theme to match it with Ji Li! Believe me, it will be doubly powerful.”

“How about this? I won’t charge money for another advertisement. You would just need to pay for the scenery decorations and the other stuff.”

“Oh my god, there is a spokesperson like Ji Li. Are you willing to skimp on giving him advertisements? That is overkill!”

The more Adolphe spoke, the more excited he became. In the end, he was about to say he would pay for it out of his own pocket.

Ji Yunzheng was a thorough businessman, and he was naturally willing to maximize business value.

He could see Ji Li’s charm as a spokesperson. Since Adolphe was willing, it was okay for the Ji Group as Party A to pay a bit more.

The group spent half a day talking about this matter before finally deciding.

Ji Li would shoot an advertisement for the Tanrui Pavilion perfume, and the filming time would be determined separately.

Today’s filming ended, and Ji Yunzheng asked his assistant to arrange a hotel dinner for the entire team as a reward.

Qin Yue and Qi An were pulled by Adolphe and went together.

During dinner, many team members came up to talk to Ji Li.

Fortunately, his agent Yu Fuya did a competent job and blocked everyone who came forward to talk to her artist.

Everyone ate and drank for nearly two hours before they dispersed in a satisfied manner.

Adolphe was drunk and had to be dragged back to his hotel room by his assistant. Before leaving, he enthusiastically said goodbye to Ji Li. “My muse, I’ll see you in my dreams.”

Qin Yue heard this, and his voice became cold. “I should really let Mrs. Manny see his drunken appearance.”

Ji Li chuckled. “Brother Yue, how are you going back?”

The man had been drinking and could no longer drive on the road.

Qin Yue replied, “Qi An called a substitute driver and is now waiting in the parking lot. I will go over there.”

Ji Li nodded and soon received a text message from Yu Fuya. The moment the dinner was over, she had taken the initiative to go to the parking lot to pick up the car. She now asked Ji Li to go over.

The elevator arrived on time.

“Wait.” Qin Yue stopped Ji Li, who was about to leave, and stuffed a simple black hand warmer into his hand. “I just casually bought it around the studio. Since you are cold, keep the hand warmer.”

Ji Li lowered his eyes and felt the heat rising from his palm. Gradually, even the tip of his heart felt a touch of warmth.

This person delivered ice cream when he finished filming and gave him a hand warmer when he was cold… Qin Yue could pay attention to such subtleties in time.

It was no wonder why Brother Yue was so popular in the circle. Presumably, everyone had received his care in their daily interactions.

Ji Li hugged the hand warmer and showed a soft smile. “Thank you, Brother Yue.”

“Go back early and rest. This is an early good night.”

“Yes, good night Brother Yue.”

The beeping of the horn sounded at the door. It was Yu Fuya’s reminder. Ji Li rushed over to the car.

Yu Fuya noticed the hand warmer in his hand for the first time and raised an eyebrow. “Where did this come from?”

Ji Li tightened his grip on the item and smiled happily. “Brother Yue knew I was cold when I was filming the advertisement, so he bought it casually for me around the studio.”

Surprise flashed in Yu Fuya’s eyes when she heard this.

Bought casually?

If she remembered correctly, wasn’t this inconspicuous looking hand warmer actually from a foreign niche brand? Could such high-end goods be bought at this remote movie and television filming studio?

Nevertheless, she saw that Ji Li was happy, so she temporarily suppressed the doubts in her heart.

Forget it, her artist was good-looking, capable, well-behaved, and obedient. There was no actor who worked with him who didn’t like him.

It wasn’t surprising that Qin Yue, who had always taken the ‘kind’ route, would give him some small items.


Five days later, Ji Li’s second advertisement was filmed, and the theme was changed to a modern dance party.

Under Adolphe’s advertising creativity and Ji Li’s interpretation, it was undoubtedly another round of a visual feast.

The post-production of the finished advertisements would take a month, but Adolphe could already imagine the grand scene of the world cheering and falling for Ji Li once the commercials were aired.

Ji Li was a unique treasure. The deeper people made contact with him, the more fascinated they became.

Adolphe logged into his long-lost Weibo account, uploaded a photo of himself with Ji Li, and left a message filled with a lot of praise.

“This is the most perfect advertisement actor that I have ever worked with, bar none. I’m sorry to my Goddess Audrey. I have to say that your TOP1 status in my heart is really going to be replaced this time.”

He posted this Weibo and immediately followed Ji Li’s Weibo account.

The TV drama “Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth” had finished its third week of episodes. The protagonist had been searching for the truth about various murders and unjust cases, and Xie Yan had been staying by their side as a friend.

The plot content was still active, and the tight pace was addictive.

The TV ratings were climbing and had exceeded 3%. There was a chance it could become the highest rated costume drama in the past five years!

The drama was on fire, so it also drove the popularity of its leading actors.

Zhou Qingming was a powerful actor who had been unknown for a long time. He finally relied on the male protagonist Xuan Ming to win the unanimous recognition and love of the public.

Xu Miaomiao had become the most popular young actress of the post 95 generation. (TL: Refers to the generation born from 1995-1999)

The popularity of the second male lead Yu Wen and the second female lead You Shuang also rose significantly.

However, when talking about the actor with the strongest ability to attract fans, they still had to mention Ji Li. In less than a month, the number of young Weibo fans had risen by one million!

You know, Xie Yan’s role just became more dazzling as the drama progressed. Once this was broadcasted to the end, wouldn’t Ji Li’s popularity be at the top?

Ji Li’s fans felt happy, but they were also tormented. It was because their Ji Li really didn’t like to post on Weibo!

The other leading actors actively posted blogs and business interactions during the broadcast of the new drama. For example, the second male lead Yu Wen would sometimes post three or four messages a day.

Meanwhile, the most popular Ji Li hadn’t posted a single Weibo with private content. There was only the weekly drama publicity and stills.

As a result, less than 10 minutes after Adolphe’s Weibo was posted, it was discovered by Ji Li’s fans.

-Ahhhh, I finally saw something fresh about Ji Li. It is a photo with a big shot!

-F*k, Director Adolphe? Let me teach you about him. This is a big shot in the advertising industry! Everyone must’ve seen the most famous perfume advertisement of Goddess Audrey, right? It is his classic advertisement.

-Director, Director! Did our Ji Li cooperate with you in advertising? I’m looking forward to it!

-Our brother cooperated with Director Adolphe without saying a word, and the director’s evaluation was so high. I’m looking forward to it!

-Ji Li must have an endorsement. Mom fans, quickly assemble. We finally have a place to spend the money saved for our baby! The moment the official announcement is made, we have to buy it no matter the product!

Ji Li’s popularity was now on the rise, and the enthusiasm of fans to spend money was at its peak. In addition, this was likely to be his first endorsement since Ji Li’s debut. Everyone was looking forward to it.

Around 30 minutes later, Ji Li went online and reposted Adolphe’s Weibo. “The cooperation with Director Adolphe was very pleasant. I look forward to the commercial~”

This was an indirect admission that he had filmed an advertisement for an endorsement.

The enthusiasm of the fans exploded for the next several days. Under his Weibo, they actively speculated about the endorsement product while giving the young man exaggerated praise. Some people even dared to say:

There is the strength of Director Adolphe, so it is likely to be a luxury brand!

After three days of eager anticipation by the fans, the official Weibo of Ying’s Perfume officially announced its spokesperson and attached two high definition large photos of Ji Li holding the perfume.

-Inheritance of ancient methods, the mysterious fragrance of the deep palace thousands of years ago. Join hands with the brand’s full line spokesperson @Ji Li. Every second with you is spent with a romantic heart.

In addition, they released a pre-sales link for the spokesperson’s collector’s edition.

There were 1,000 limited edition bottles. The pre-sales would open at 8 p.m. and the delivery period was one month. If they successfully purchased the perfume gift box, then they would receive Ji Li’s endorsement photo and a unique signature blessing.

The comments below were quickly overtaken by fans.

-Ahhh I’ve been waiting! I never expected it to be the endorsement of a domestic brand Chinese style perfume. I’m looking forward to it!

-Great, I originally thought that Ji Li would endorse male products, and it might not be much use if I buy it as a girl. Now I don’t need to worry at all. See you at 8 o’clock in the evening!

-It is limited to 1,000 bottles? It is over. It is time to fight with character and hand speed again.

-I don’t lack perfume when I go out, but I must grab this. It has Ji Li’s signature blessing. It is decided!

-The perfume packaging is too beautiful. It is aesthetically pleasing. Support domestic products!

Fans expressed their welcome of Ji Li’s first endorsement with the warmest remarks.

At the same time, there were still black fans who took the opportunity to come to the comments and sneer.

-Hahaha, I’m laughing extremely hard. Don’t the fans feel ashamed? Didn’t you guess that it was a luxury endorsement two days ago? The result is that it is a small domestic brand with no reputation?

-It seems that Ji Li has no commercial value at all. Xu Ziming, who is from his former company and debuted at the same time as him, just officially announced that he is the spokesperson of the luxury Nocolan sub-brand just yesterday. The commercial value of the two people is simply different.

-Tsk tsk, is this popularity in the mouths of fans? So funny.

-A single bottle is selling for 600 yuan? Don’t try to take advantage of sentiment for the domestic style. This is probably a small factory and it is purely scamming money from fans!

Some extreme fans were instigated by the remarks of the black fans and wavered in their position.

They went to the official Weibo of Chaoying Culture and scolded the company and management team for being unprofessional and unable to correctly control Ji Li’s commercial value, which was a complete waste of his popularity.

Here, there seemed to be a water army deliberately driving the rhythm.

Fortunately, Chaoying and Ji Li had anticipated this situation in advance and immediately issued three business announcements for other brands. This proved that his commercial value wasn’t just this.

Ying’s Perfume also added another benefit. The brand’s spokesperson Ji Li would hold a fan meeting. Those who managed to grab a pre-sales quota would be able to get a free ticket to the fan meeting.

The two pieces of information quickly calmed the anxious minds of some fans.

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