IPCFS: Chapter 52 Part 2

Ji Li was just thinking this when a group of people came out of the lounge next door. In addition to the familiar Qin Yue, there was also an elegant middle-aged woman who intimately followed Ying Yuanjing.

Qin Yue saw Ji Li. He was about to step forward when he was preempted by Adolphe beside him. The latter saw the young man in ancient clothes and shouted “Perfect!” with an obsessive look.

Qin Yue’s face tensed for a moment, and a trace of displeasure appeared in his heart.

If he didn’t know that Adolphe was married and that his fanaticism with Ji Li was purely in pursuit of beauty, he would’ve definitely intercepted it.

Qi An saw his friend’s reaction and covered the corners of his raised mouth.

Ying Yuanjing approached his wife with a proud look. “Ji Li, let me introduce you. This is my wife Sun Linqiu. She is also the core developer of this goose pear tent perfume.”

Ji Li smiled and nodded. “Hello.”

“Mrs Ying, I didn’t lie to you, did I? Doesn’t cutie Ji Li meet our perfume needs? Look at this face and this temperament. It is clean and unique, sexy and seductive. It can make people taste the pure and ignorant sweetness, but it also has the ability to make people fall in love.”

Adolphe said wildly while dancing. It had only taken him a short time to become the master of giving Ji Li exaggerated praise.

These facts proved that foreigners had more impact when praising people.

Ji Li’s cheeks were a bit hot when he heard this.

For a while, Ying Yuanjing shook his head, obviously unable to understand.

His wife Sun Linqiu smiled knowingly and encouraged him. “Good luck with filming. I believe you can interpret the feeling we want.”

Ji Li bowed his head, his eyes confident and calm.

He had done his homework in advance. Ying was promoting the two basic notes of the perfume—pear and agarwood.

The top note was a sweet, but not greasy, pear fragrance, representing the sense of purity when young and ignorant. The base note was the heavy, but not thick, agarwood. There was a sense of maturity after going through life.

“Ji Li, act according to the plot of the script. Our camera positions are all set, and I will have people capture your acting in real time.”

Adolphe had his own set of cognitions when filming advertisements.

As long as the preliminary work was in place, the actors could act it out one time to give people the greatest sense of realism.

“Don’t be nervous, little cutie. If it doesn’t work the first time, we can repeat it as many times as necessary until you find the feeling.”

“Yes, Director Adolphe.”

Ji Li finished speaking and walked to one side of the filming set.

In front of everyone, he took off his down jacket and revealed the tulle ‘nightgown’ specially made for the advertisement. This immediately caused a strong inhalation sound to be heard at the scene.

The middle section of the nightgown was fastened by a rope, and the close-fitting fabric outlined the proportions of the young man. He had long legs, a slender waist, and vaguely visible traces of abs.

Further up was the delicate collarbone. Wasn’t there a saying about how fish could be raised inside the collarbone? This arc was so beautiful.

The most eye-catching thing was the face that had been carefully made up.

At this moment, Ji Li was a beauty that transcended gender!

Yu Fuya heard the cries caused by her ‘baby’ and her face was full of pride.

Four or five months ago, Ji Li wasn’t satisfied with his figure. In addition to filming, he invited a special fitness personal trainer to start training him. No matter how hard and tired he usually was, he wouldn’t miss a class.

There would naturally be praise in exchange for self-discipline.

If every artist in the entertainment industry could be so motivated and worry-free, then an agent would be one of the happiest professions.

“Oh my god, Qin. If I didn’t already have a wife and daughter, I would’ve wanted to pursue him!” Adolphe was so fascinated by Ji Li that his eyes were about to fall out. Of course, these words were just his way of giving exaggerated praise.

Unfortunately, the man next to him didn’t hear his words at all.

Qin Yue was focused on the young man who was preparing for filming, and his eyes gradually darkened.

The eyes of everyone at the scene were focused on Ji Li, and no one realized that the man’s eyes overflowed with an almost rare possessiveness.


The long-awaited filming finally began. The three cameras started filming at the same time.

After the extremely rich wine banquet in the deep forest, the aristocratic little lord finally returned to his bedroom. He bathed and wore only a silk gauze robe as thin as cicada wings as he slowly walked toward the big bed.

The body camera moved down the back of the young man to zoom in on his ankle.

Under the robe was a slender and snow-white ankle. It was a bit pink due to the cold. The young man stepped on the ground full of fallen flowers. The round and small toes were glued to a few petals that were reluctant to leave.

It was such a simple shot, but the photographer behind the camera equipment held his breath.

Oh my god, too fascinating!

He wasn’t a foot con, but he wanted to use his hands to hold the young man’s ankle, so as to prevent his feet from getting wet and cold from the cold and give him the most delicate warmth.

Ji Li walked to the bed. The flickering candlelight passed through the bed curtain and cast a misty light on his delicate and flawless face. He knelt down on one knee, half on the edge of the bed. He lifted the curtain that obstructed his vision and slowly crawled from the edge of the bed.

He lay on his side on the soft quilt, holding his superior chin with one hand. The dressing gown on his body slipped down like silk, revealing half of a slightly wet shoulder.

The agarwood lit on the couch was misty, and the fruit aroma of the sweet pears on the table was refreshing and charming.

The lens froze.

The young man squinted slightly and casually glanced at the camera while smiling faintly.

It was obviously a very indulgent and seductive pose, but there was a pure and harmless face attached to it. He could arouse the most primal impulses, but they didn’t dare approach presumptuously lest they defile him.

JI Li had a good grasp of the complexity of this contradiction.

He reached out a finger and dipped it so there was a drop of wine on it. He put it in front of his nose and sniffed it, revealing a satisfied and intoxicated look. Then he took the glass cup full of fruit wine, raised his head and drank it.

The wine that he was too late to swallow slid down the graceful curve of his neck and was finally covered by his clothes. It was hidden in the body that hooked people’s attention.

The visual impact was overwhelming!

The female staff members at the scene all had red cheeks due to Ji Li, and many male staff members were also breathing heavily.

Foreigners had always been open when it came to s*x, and Ji Li made people want to fight with him on the spot!

Adolphe stared at Ji Li on the monitor with fiery eyes, and the words of praise from his mouth never stopped.

What else should he direct as a director?

Every frame of the young man was perfect! Shocking! Impeccably clean!

Some people had seen Ji Li filming more than once, but the feelings that the other person brought every time were unique.

Qi An shook his head emotionally and shifted his gaze to his friend.

Qin Yue stood in place like a sculpture. His eyes never left the young man from the beginning to end. The veins on his forehead bulged slightly, and even his breathing was scorching hot.

Qin Yue had always thought that his rationality was higher than his emotions.

It was why he could enter the act quickly when shaping a character for filming while also quickly exiting from the immersion. The same was true for the ‘love’ that other people mentioned. It was better to have nothing than to have a shoddy option.

For the first time in so many years, Qin Yue had a deep understanding—Ji Li had a fatal attraction to him from the day Ji Li appeared.

At this moment, he had no other thoughts and his awareness was a mess.

The filming continued.

After drinking a few cups of the fruit wine, a hazy drunkenness appeared in the young man’s eyes. His eyelids drooped twice, and he looked like he wasn’t fully happy. He swayed and propped himself up, showing a lazy style.

The young man picked up the jug and poured it, but there wasn’t a drop of wine left. He exhaled in a disgruntled manner and casually dropped the empty jug at his feet.

This drunken and willful nature made people feel he was even cuter.

Under the candlelight, the young man’s skin glowed with a beautiful luster. He ignorantly picked up a round and lovely pear beside him. He sniffed the sweet, fruity scent and held it to his lips.

The sweet pear juice burst at the corners of his mouth, and the young man licked it in a contented manner. The thin lips were dyed with a red and seductive hue. It was so gorgeous that people wanted to get closer and take a bite.

Ji Li nibbled on the small half of the pear. Then he curled up on the soft quilt and fell asleep.

The incense beside the bed continued to diffuse. The camera slowly retreated and stopped.


This concluded the content of the advertisement script.

However, Adolphe was so forgetful that he didn’t shout ‘cut.’ It wasn’t just him. Almost everyone was immersed in the visual feast brought to them by Ji Li and were unable to pull away from it.

Sun Linqiu glanced at her husband with very bright eyes. “Our company has really found the right spokesperson.”

The advertising script set by Barry Adolph didn’t have any detailed descriptions of the perfume, but there were traces of fragrance everywhere.

The beauty lay in bed, and the brocade veil added fragrance.

In these short three minutes, Ji Li expressed her heart’s desire to the fullest. The development of this goose pear tent perfume had exhausted seven or eight years of hard work and she valued it more than anyone.

Before this, Sun Linqiu never thought that anyone could understand her hard work so well.

The aesthetic director understood her perfume, and the spokesperson Ji Li also understood it. Sun Linqiu was a woman, and she understood how powerful the latter’s filming was.

Ji Yunzheng stood at the door of the studio and silently watched all of this.

He was a little late due to a temporary business call. Now, he saw the feedback from the employees around him and understood everything.

This advertisement might become the most successful and sensational film in China’s perfume industry!

Ji Yunzheng remembered Ji Yunqi patting his chest and swearing an assurance. Then a slight happy smile appeared on Ji Yunzheng’s face.

His brother’s aesthetics were really good.


Ji Li waited for a while, but he didn’t hear the director calling to end filming.

In a daze, he braced himself and got up, only to find that burning gazes were focused on him, as if to burn a hole in his body.

Almost instantly, Ji Li understood the meaning of the staff members’ eyes and a crimson color rose on his cheeks.

Before he could take a step, he saw Qin Yue holding a quilt and approaching quickly.

“Brother Yue?”

Qin Yue stood in front of him and accurately blocked the gazes of the rest of the filming crew. “Adolphe is crazy and is pulling Sister Yu to ask Party A to film another perfume advertisement for you.”

Ji Li heard this and understood.

Why didn’t he hear the end of the filming just now, and why did his jacket appear in this man’s hands?

He was just thinking this when Qin Yue helped him zip up the jacket to the top.

Suddenly, the young man’s tempting body was covered up.

Perhaps it was due to the filming of the advertisement, but Ji Li felt a bit dizzy.

He raised his neck and tried to pull the zipper down a bit, his voice low. “Brother Yue, the zipper is too tight. Loosen it a bit.”

However, Qin Yue unexpectedly grabbed the back of his cold hand and stopped his movements.

The man’s palms were very hot, and his voice was rarely dry and hoarse. “You will get used to it after a while. Be obedient and don’t catch a cold.”

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