IPCFS: Chapter 49 Part 1

The final trailer of the drama was released and there was strong positive feedback.

-Ahhhh Wife Miaomaio! The costume looks so good! She is definitely the number one person in ancient costumes among the 95 flowers!

-I’m looking forward to Zhou Qingming. The treasure actor that I have been paying attention to for so long must shine this time!

-Qi Li fans should come quickly! Our poor, cute, sad, and hateful Yan’er is finally coming! He looks really good in white!

-Absolutely! The makeup of every actor looks very good and passersby have said that they are looking forward to it. It is a really eye-catching costume drama filled with handsome men and beautiful women.

-In addition to the lead actors, the other actors are also very good! In my lifetime, I can actually see Weng Meini acting in a palace fighting drama. I am so excited! This is definitely the best configuration that I have seen for costume dramas in recent years. I must chase after it!

-Hahahahaha, this mother fan is satisfied and I have entered the Xie Yan pit. Zhao’er’s beggar costume in the movie still confirmed the baby’s appearance. I am expecting our little immortal boy Yan’er to kill a wave of new fans with his appearance.

-I have to say that Ji Li has had good luck this year. The movie has just become popular, and there is immediately a TV drama to follow. It seems that his popularity will be maintained for a while.


All types of remarks appeared under the official Weibo of the TV drama.

However, the most active group of people was none other than Ji Li’s fans. They were really crazy with happiness. It was just like the passerby netizen had said before.

Before the movie went offline, the TV series was scheduled to be aired. As long as the TV drama was edited at the right pace, then the weekly airing was conducive to the continuous rise and fermentation of popularity.

Xie Yan might’ve been a villain, but his character had a strong sense of contradiction.

Based on the past rules of what the audience loved, such a character was likely to explode.

If the TV drama was announced before the movie was released, fans would have been worried that Ji Li couldn’t play such a complicated character.

Now there was the pitiful ‘Song Zhao’ leading the way, and they were completely reassured about the young man’s acting skills!

“I have already reserved a box of tissues, and I will donate all of them to our Yan’er!”

“Sister is right. I have to prepare some tissues as well. I went to read the original book for our treasure before, and I cried for Xie Yan many times.”

“Hey, according to the original ending of the book, our baby will have to ‘die’ in the TV drama again? Wuwuwu, I am crying in advance.”

“Will the TV drama change the ending? I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait for it to air right away and to see the end in one breath!”

Ji Li used Baozi’s Weibo side account and silently browsed through the comments of fans and netizens. A smile unknowingly appeared on his face.

In particular, he felt that all his previous efforts were worth it when he saw his fans so excited.

An actor had to rely on his works to speak. Fans gave him a lot of love, and he had to give back with his works and characters.

He was just thinking about this when Yu Fuya walked into the lounge. “Ji Li, get ready. Tomorrow night, you and I will go to a dinner party with the aim of communication in the circle.”

Ji Li raised an eyebrow with a bit of surprise. “A dinner party in the circle?”

Yu Fuya handed over the invitation letter she got earlier and took the initiative to explain, “The party  is organized by Qi Shanhai, the vice chairman of the China Entertainment Association. This person is also the boss of a movie production company and has some reputation.”

There were both positive and negative comments about him and the reason was simple.

In the flashy entertainment industry, there were always some relationship transactions that people were willing to do. This Qi Shanhai was the leader when it came to these relationships. Nothing was taboo, and he ate both men and women.

Every year, many newcomers were willing to climb into his bed in exchange for resources.

Baozi, who usually loved gossip, approached, closed the door and whispered, “I heard that at the beginning of last year, Meng Kejia became ‘acquainted’ with Qi Shanhai through this dinner party…”

As a result, in less than a month, she starred in the latter’s big budget movie ‘Mountain of Fantasy’ and was nominated for Best Actress at the Baixiang Awards in September of this year.

She went from being an unknown little artist to being a well-known female artist in the movie industry. Her promotion speed was like a rocket.

Yu Fuya nodded slightly and acquiesced to this fact.

She looked at Ji Li and added confidently, “You don’t have to care about that. We won’t do such things.”

Ji Li had Chaoying behind him. No matter whether it was Yu Fuya or Tao Mingyang, they wouldn’t allow ‘transactions’ of this nature to happen to their own artist.

The reason why Yu Fuya asked Ji Li to go was entirely due to the communicative nature of this dinner party.

“Many directors, producers and advertisers are invited to attend this type of dinner party every time.”

It had to be known that in the entertainment industry, networking was a key weapon. Every time they met someone and obtained a business card, it could be a new opportunity.

Therefore, countless artists squeezed their heads to try and get an invitation to such a dinner party.

Meanwhile, Ji Li had the help of Yu Fuya and she could easily get an invitation without much effort.

“There are quite a few acquaintances I know on the invitation list of the dinner party. Follow me tomorrow night and I will introduce you to some of the bigshots in the movie industry and let them meet you face to face.

“The scripts of the movies that I’ve received recently are quite average. I heard that there will be several big productions in the next year, so we can try our luck tomorrow night.”

After all, the impression that directors and producers would have after seeing Ji Li in person would always be better than Yu Fuya’s oral narration.

Ji Li had attended many such dinners before transmigrating into this book.

The difference was that at that time, he only needed to stand there to receive a lot of flattering eyes. Now his identity had changed and his position when participating would also change.

However, Ji Li didn’t feel that it was much of a difference.

Yu Fuya was right. Opportunities were won by one’s own initiative. Perhaps he could ‘pick up’ a good script.

Ji Li nodded in response. “Okay, Sister Yu.”

Yu Fuya saw his obedient nod and couldn’t help rubbing his head. “Then I’ll drive to pick you up tomorrow.”

Her artist was assertive in everything and could tell the good and the bad. This made her worry about him every day.

Recently, there was the character filter from the movie and Yu Fuya felt that she was on the road of no return as a mother fan.


The next day, at 7 o’clock in the evening.

Ji Li followed Yu Fuya into the luxurious banquet hall. For a while, the sense of ‘indulging in a life of luxury’ that only belonged to the entertainment industry rushed at him.

The guest artists in the hall were dressed in exquisite clothing and makeup. They did everything they could to gain a place in such a social occasion.

In comparison, Ji Li’s outfit was very simple.

In Yu Fuya’s words, his appearance and temperament were outstanding. Even if he simply stood there, he could attract the attention of a large number of people in the hall.

Ji Li had just entered when two voices were heard one after another.

“Ji Li, are you here too?”

“Sister Yu, what a coincidence.”

The two of them looked sideways and found that it was Ji Yunqi and his current agent.

Tonight, Ji Yunqi wore the black and white suit of a little prince. The ruffled neckline and sleeves added a sense of sophistication, and he had a natural aristocratic temperament.

He had already graduated from Chaoying’s movie and television training course. However, it was near the end of the year so the company hadn’t arranged many activities for him.

The Ji family took him as a treasure and found a famous agent in the circle, Yin Ning, from the early stages of the training.

The latter entered the circle a few years later than Yu Fuya, but the artists she looked after and their achievements were all good. She was also a close friend of Ji Yunqi’s second sister, Ji Yueming.

Two days ago, she changed from her former company and came to Chaoying to report.

Yin Ning brought Ji Yunqi here tonight in order to give this rich young master some insight into the entertainment circle.

It was a pity that the latter didn’t appreciate it at all. The moment he entered the banquet hall, he hid in a corner and drank secretly while complaining in a low voice.

Didn’t he just want to film well? He didn’t even have any works yet. How could he shyly go to ‘flatter’ the directors and producers? No, he couldn’t do it.

Yin Ning had no way to control Ji Yunqi and could only let him go.

Who made it so the Ji family had money? As long as Ji Yunqi wanted to film, his brother and sister could tailor make a big production movie for him in minutes.

Yu Fuya’s impression of Ying Ning was good. The two sides briefly exchanged greetings before she said, “Excuse me for now, I am going to take Ji Li to say hello to some directors.”

“Yes, please excuse us.”

Ji Li smiled shallowly and nodded slightly at Ji Yunqi. Then he turned to follow Yu Fuya to leave.

Ji Yunqi looked at the back of the young man, and a bit of regret flashed in his eyes. “It is a pity.”

“What is a pity?” Yin Ning asked.

“It is a pity that his acting skills are so good, but he has to come to this type of party.” Ji Yunqi had gone to the theater two days ago to see ‘Country and the World’ and was really provoked to tears by Song Zhao.

Of course, he wouldn’t mention such a shameful and humiliating thing like crying at a movie to the outside world!

He had to firmly maintain his cold and cool character!

Yin Nin pinched his face and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Do you think that everyone has a family background to support them like you? Now let me ask you, have you seen the character biographies and samples of ‘Special Operations’ thoroughly?”

“There will be an audition for the role next year. You must strive to win the role of the male lead.”

She heard that the behind the scenes producer of this movie was Qin Yue?

As long as Ji Yunqi succeeded in starring in it, more than half his future star path would be clear.

Ji Yunqi straightened his body and replied seriously, “I know. I’ve been reading it for the past two days. I like this male lead very much, and I will definitely work hard to win it.”

Yin Ning nodded. She believed in the young man’s hard work.

Once it came to business, Ji Yunqi was looking forward to it. “Sister Yin, what about the two other important roles in the script? When the time comes, will they be chosen together?”

“I heard that the roles have  already been decided. One is Yuan Yifei and the other is Bian Jin, who has cooperated with Yuexing before.”

Yin Ning mentioned the gossip she heard before instructing again, “Don’t worry about others first and take care of yourself.”

This filming opportunity was tempting, but as a rookie actor, he wanted to play as the protagonist of a big budget movie as soon as he debuted? It wasn’t an easy task.

Ji Yunqi nodded repeatedly to reassure her and hid to the side to drink again.

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