IPCFS: Chapter 48 Part 2

In this happy atmosphere, the one and a half hour broadcast finally ended.

The online viewership ratings quickly appeared. The number of viewers in the highest time period exceeded 60 million, which set a new record since the program started airing.

The live broadcast was cut off, but the netizens gathered there were still reluctant to part.

Someone made a long speech in the comments area.

“I haven’t seen such a joyful live broadcast for a long time. The host did his homework in advance, the director didn’t deliberately pretend to be serious, Yuan Yifei wasn’t acting like a big beauty, and Ji Li was very cute and generous. The one who truly surprised me was Teacher Qin Yue. I have been his old fan for many years and this is the first time I’ve seen such a vivid side to him.”

“Finally, I would like to thank the program team for the gift arrangement. This allowed us to fulfill the regrets of the Song brothers in the movie. Regardless of any CP, I hope that they can be happy in a parallel time and space.”

“Maybe in a parallel time and space, they really exist. Cao Shijing is the king with strong self-confidence, and Song Yi returned to his hometown to live peacefully with Zhao’er. Of course, the other flesh and blood characters in the movie…”

“All in all, thank you to all the leading actors for bringing us such a good story in this flashy era of junk food movies.”

Soon after this long comment was sent, it received nearly 100,000 likes and many people left messages below it. They said that the original poster’s words spoke to their hearts.

They were actor fans, movie audiences, or ordinary people.

The reason why they were crazily filling the screen and ridiculing the actors in the live broadcast actually stemmed from their real love for the movie.

The live broadcast of the show with the main creators hung high on the hot search rankings, and there was another round of the three actors gaining Weibo fans.

Netizens left messages one after another, expressing their satisfaction with the live broadcast promotion.

In addition to the public comments made by netizens, there was also a group of CP fans who were rapidly expanding in private.

The fans who originally only shipped the Song brothers in the movie now switched to the camp of the real CP.

Only 30 minutes after the live broadcast, a video editor quickly cut the interaction of Qin Yue x Ji Li in the show and posted it on several social media sites.

The hot search for the movie promotional program was still at the top, and this video quickly attracted the attention of netizens.

F*k, who knew that Qin Yue could look at people so affectionately?

F*k, was Ji Li’s personality so cute?

F*k, it who knew that the eyes of the two people could look so sweet when staring at each other?

It didn’t matter if it was deliberate marketing for the movie. There was a lot of alcohol today for them to get drunk on. If they didn’t drink it at this time, when would they?

A lot of people clicked on it casually and forwarded it with a smile.

-It is so sweet! Really sweet! Brother Yue’s eyes were almost glued to Ji Li’s body the entire time!

-I am using a side account to say this. I am a fan of Brother Yue, but I found that he is really different toward Ji Li! It is a feeling that I’ve never seen before. Even if everyone’s best looking CP is the Full Moon CP, I think that Brother Yue has never been so ‘sticky’ to Yuanbao.

-The upstairs person is right! I’ve been shipping the Full Moon CP for four years and I still can’t resist a ‘betrayal’ tonight. Brother Yue and Yuanbao are more like friends who can chat. Meanwhile, he is really fishy with Ji Li.

-As a reminder so that black fans don’t try to say that Ji Li is hyping the CP, tonight’s sugar points were almost all contributed by Brother Yue!

-To be honest, I have a small group for the Full Moon CP. After tonight’s live broadcast, I have changed to the Chinese Rose (Yue Ji) CP. The two of them are too well matched! I’m looking forward to Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth even more now!

-Looking forward to the TV drama +1. @Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth official Weibo, I advise you to hurry up and go online! I can’t wait to ship the Royal Uncle and Xie Yan! Even if I know it is a tragedy, I am still willing to enter the pit for the sake of Chinese Rose!

-Ahhhh I’m late! Did Brother Yue and Ji Li also act in a TV drama? Oh my god, there is still after-sales work for a real person CP? I am so happy!

More and more netizens poured into the official Weibo of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth and strongly urged the TV drama to be launched quickly because they couldn’t wait!


In the lounge, Baozi saw the edited video on the Internet and secretly shared it with Ji Li. “Brother Ji, someone has started to ship you and Brother Yue’s real person CP.”

Ji Li glanced at the title of the video.

[Qin Yue x Ji Li show’s sugar collection. Indulge your eyes and smile.]

Very good. He just needed to look at the title to know it was the product of a CP fan.

Ji Li remembered the incident in the afternoon and told Baozi seriously, “Watch less of these CP videos and analysis. Be careful that the main owners won’t crack down on the fakes in person one day.”


Baozi nodded instinctively before reacting. “No, Brother Ji, you are one of the main owners of the video. Shouldn’t you know yourself that it isn’t true?”

Ji Li was stunned for half a second before replying, “Then it must be a fake.”

Qin Yue was just a senior he had cooperated twice with. It was impossible for Qin Yue’s team to agree to hype up this type of thing while Ji Li only wanted to engage in his career.

The netizens would ship for a while. Then once these so-called ‘sugar’ points disappeared, the popularity would soon subside.

Yu Fuya pushed open the door and said, “Ji Li, the shuttle bus is already parked outside. Let’s go.”

“Yes, Sister Yu.”

The three of them had just walked into the parking lot when they happened to meet Qin Yue’s team, who had finished work.

The two sides met face to face and Ji Li took the initiative to say a greeting. “Brother Yue, see you next time.”

“Yes, it was hard work today. Rest early.”

“Yes, you too.”

Ji Li and the others drove away and Qi An came up to Qin Yue. “Say, is the sun coming out of the west? You didn’t interact much with Yuan Yifei today, but instead kept having a lively time with Ji Li…”

“Now there are many clips of the two of you on the Internet and there is a group of Full Moon CP fans making trouble in private.”

Qi An had two assistants as part of his agent team and they took control of the news on the Internet as soon as the live broadcast ended.

“Isn’t it good? Proper marketing can increase the box office sales during the movie’s release.” Qin Yue was very measured about his performance on the show.

He entered the business car with long legs and calmly confided the truth, “I don’t really want to go to the CP side. It is best to ‘kill’ the CP fans early.”

Otherwise, before they went further, what if Ji Li saw a few fake romance news posts and entered the wrong CP pit?

Qin Yue couldn’t help laughing when he remembered the interesting incident in the lounge in the afternoon.

Qi An didn’t understand this laugh and tsked. “Forget it. During the release of the movie, the fans shouldn’t think too much of it. You should pay attention to restraining yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I know it,” Qin Yue responded.

He had debuted for so many years and had his own understanding of what to do and what not to do.

Qin Yue admitted that he had a good impression of Ji Li, but it wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t let go of the young man at all.

He knew that the latter was focused on work. He wasn’t stupid enough to do something stupid to make things embarrassing for Ji Li.

Therefore, he had maintained a sense of measure and decency in their contact so far.

The days ahead were long. No matter whether it developed into a good friendship or a further relationship, there was no need to rush at this moment.


Country and the World had been released for more than half a month and the accumulated box office had reached 2.3 billion.

The follow-up popularity had dropped slightly, but the professional judgment of the industry showed that the daily box office income was more than 50 million yuan.

In any case, the final box office was something to be proud of.

Ji Li’s number of fans had exceeded 5 million. Thanks to the popularity of the movie, his fans were currently very sticky. Even if it was a daily publicity Weibo post, there were tens of thousands of reposts and comments.

In addition to the fans’ exaggerated praise, there were some sour black fans or jealous people jumping under his Weibo every day.

“Isn’t he just relying on the movie to gain popularity? Do you really think that you are popular? Just wait and see. Once the movie goes offline, such a person won’t be heard about again.”

Not long after this mocking comment, a bombshell was dropped.

After a long period of silence, the TV drama ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ had finally officially announced its release date under the earnest anticipation of the netizens.

@Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth official Weibo: Chaos in the court, strife in the rivers and lakes, a pure heart and a youthful conspiracy. Starting from January 20th, six episodes will be broadcast every week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. It has been refined and presented. Please watch it.

In the official list of actors who were mentioned, Ji Li rose from the original supporting role to third place. He was ranked after the male protagonist Zhou Qingming and the female protagonist Xu Miaomiao.

In less than half a year, Ji Li’s status in the circle had rapidly improved and he was recognized.

It must be known that everything in the entertainment industry was linked to interests. Ji Li’s recent popularity had soared to the sky and none of the audience members who watched the movie disapproved of him.

In this case, the TV drama officials would definitely not let go of this popularity.

In addition to the fixed airing date, the official Weibo also released a three minute final trailer. The fans of the actors and the book fans rushed in after hearing the news and quickly clicked on the trailer.

The writing style of the original novel was gorgeous, the interior of the imperial court was luxurious, and the river and lakes outside were dashing. All of this was described by the original author to the greatest extent.

Book fans wandered in the sea of the original author’s words and imagined various scenes and pictures in their minds.

Therefore, they had stricter expectations for this TV drama.

The producers of the TV drama were well aware of this and exhausted their thinking about the lens composition, the scene arrangement, the custom colors, etc. It could be called a top visual feast and was completely produced in accordance with movie standards.

The ultimate feeling was fully presented at the beginning of the trailer. It quickly relieved the worries of the book fans and attracted many of the netizens who casually clicked in to watch.

In terms of the main plot, the twists and turns of the murder case had a terrifying suspense, and there was excitement everywhere.

In terms of the actors, Zhou Qingming was a young hero of the rivers and lakes and Xu Miaomiao was a bright and beautiful princess of the third rank. They were a handsome man and a beautiful woman and the sense of CP shot straight off the screen.

In addition, the second male lead Yu Wen and the second female lead You Shuang were quarrelsome lovers and were full of laughter.

The trailer quickly played until the last minute.

Xie Yan, played by Ji Li, finally appeared. The young man’s neat martial arts made people unable to take their eyes off him. Sometimes he was warm and sometimes he was sharp. He completely lost the shadow of the little beggar from the movie.

Then the scene changed to the helpless murmuring of the female protagonist standing under the waves after a conflict broke out between the male and female protagonists.

“Xie Yan, have you ever loved someone?”

“Have you ever hated someone?”

The lonely young man stood in the rain with an umbrella and used silence as his answer.

The scene changed. In the deep palace, the male protagonist Xuan Ming held the sword, gritted his teeth and shouted, “Xie Yan! Why are you doing this?”

Xie Yan, who was opposing him, was covered in blood. He looked around at the cold blades and arrows facing him and laughed miserably. “Why? Because of hate.”

“—Because I hate him!” Another sentence was repeated in a heart-wrenching manner.

He hated this person so much that he didn’t hesitate to use the country as a gamble. He felt so much hate that he didn’t hesitate to use innocent people as chess pieces in exchange for a glimpse of the person in his heart.

He had reached the last step and he couldn’t turn back. The situation wouldn’t allow him to turn back!

The lines of both people were very infectious, especially Ji Li. No matter how simple the word ‘hate’ was, it was enough to make the netizens almost cry when watching the trailer.

Then the screen changed to a white picture that lasted a long time.

On the top of the mountain where the breeze blew, a former young Xie Yan rushed closer to the invisible figure with a bright smile.

“…Royal Uncle, I knew you were here!”

The man heard his cry and a trace of warm spread on his thin lips like melting spring water.


The three minute trailer was played.

After briefly savoring it, the fans of the cast cheered, the fans of the original novel were filled with buzz and the expectations of the casual netizens were raised to the highest point!

The TV drama Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth hadn’t even been aired yet, but the buzz had already spread quickly.

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