IPCFS: Chapter 46 Part 2

Baozi took advantage of the fact that no one was around to approach and whispered, “Brother Ji, let me tell you something.”

“What is it? You are acting so mysteriously.”

“Right now, rumors are spreading in the company that you are the new prince of Chaoying, and the position of number one brother of the company will be yours sooner or later.”

Ji Li heard this and refuted it without thinking. “Don’t listen to other people’s nonsense. If you hear someone saying this in the future, then as my assistant, you must come forward in time to refute it.”

Baozi had always believed his words and hurriedly nodded. At the same time, he was a bit confused. “Why? Brother Ji, isn’t it good for you to be the prince and number one brother?”

“Good for what? Most of the audience rushed to the movie theater for Brother Yue and Teacher Yuan. I just had good luck and starred in a small supporting role with the perfect personality. I gained a wave of popularity through the momentum of the box office rise. How can I be worthy of such a high title?”

“Our company has produced many movie emperors and powerful artists in the past, and there has never been anything like the number one brother. How can I be called that? If it is spread to the outside world, then I will be laughed at.”

Ji Li lived a very sober life and didn’t become arrogant due to his sudden popularity.

He needed to be more low-key at a critical juncture like this. It was only by maintaining a humble heart that he could go further in the entertainment industry.

“Brother Ji, you are too modest. If the role of Song Zhao was changed to another person, there is no way it would have received such praise.” Baozi sighed sincerely.

In fact, since the release of the movie, there were many audience members who watched it again for the role of Song Zhao. Such achievements were closely related to the efforts and sweat of the young man.

Baozi paused and took the initiative to reassure him. “You can rest assured, I will do things modestly as your assistant.”

Ji Li’s lips curved up while his eyes gradually became distant.

If he remembered correctly, the real Chaoying ‘Prince’ and future ‘number one brother’ in the novel was the original protagonist, Ji Yunqi. It wasn’t a cannon fodder character like him.

Based on the timing, the other person should be making his movie debut, right?

He was just thinking this when the familiar sound of high heels came from outside.

Yu Fuya pushed open the door and handed a program invitation to Ji Li with a smile. “There is a live program promotion for the movie. Do you have any interest in participating in it? If you are interested, then I’ll help you get in.”

Ji Li took the electronic device and glanced at the content of the program invitation.

The location of the live broadcast was in the city. It invited the movie’s actors to talk about interesting things that occured while filming, interact during games, and also communicate with online fans.

Yu Fuya added, “Yuan Yifei has already decided to attend, and Qin Yue’s team is still in communication. For the time being, his willingness to participate isn’t certain.”

Ji Li thought for a moment before responding, “The live broadcast is for the promotion of the movie, so let’s accept the offer.”

He was a supporting actor and was obliged to cooperate with any publicity of the movie.

Yu Fuya’s thoughts were the same as his and she bluntly replied, “Okay. The initial time is set for 5 o’clock in the afternoon the day after tomorrow. I will contact the program team for the details.”



Two days later, the backstage lounge of the show.

There were still 40 minutes to go before the show began. Ji Li had finished styling and was leaning back against the sofa while slowly swiping through the website on his phone.

Country and the World was still popular, and the weekend box office easily went over 100 million. This movie was popular, so it started a CP war inside and outside the movie.

The original novel was undoubtedly a positive work, but during the serialization period, Song Yi and Cao Shijing gained a lot of CP fans with a wide imagination.

After all, this monarch and minister pair grew up together and supported each other in a chaotic world. The feeling of sharing weal and woe was hard for ordinary people to get. Even if the relationship between the two of them fell apart in the later period, the drama of ‘loving and killing each other’ was never tiring in the minds of netizens.

This was also the third cooperation between the old partners, Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei, and it was full of popularity with the audience. It could be said that from the beginning of this movie, the CP of the monarch and minister firmly occupied the hearts of the audience.

No one thought that after the movie was released, they would be caught off guard by something unexpected. Yes, the CP of the Song brothers, Song Yi and Song Zhao, was also popular!

The long-lost brothers met again in the vast sea of people. The younger brother recognized his older brother with one glance, and risked his life to reunite. Was it touching? It was touching!

After the two met, the older brother and younger brother fed each other and imagined the future. Was it sweet? It was sweet!

Later, the younger brother blocked a sword with his body and died in the arms of his older brother. The latter went crazy and didn’t hesitate to be hostile to the king. Was it abusive? It was abusive!

There was this type of sweet, abusive and bloody CP element. If the Song brothers couldn’t be popular, then which CP could be popular?

As a result, the number of CP fans entering the pit was increasing every day. Based on the momentum of the past two days, it could actually be on an equal footing with the ‘monarch and his minister’ CP.

Many marketing accounts launched round after round of CP voting to take advantage of the popularity of the movie: “The movie Country and the World is being screened. Who are you supporting out of the two CPS? The ‘Monarch and his minister’ VS ‘The Brothers’?”

It could be said that the CP fans opened a bloody battle mode.

-The monarch and minister! I will say it a hundred times, it is the monarch! Song Zhao is the younger brother, right? Everyone, wake up!

-What about being brothers? isn’t it fragrant? Zhao’er is so cute! Cold on the outside and tender on the inside, the great general x the timid on the outside, sticky little beggar on the inside. I ship them!

-The loyal dog in the early stage and tough general who blackened in the later stage x gentleman in the early stage and mad ruler in the later stage. Whoever ships it will be addicted! The business group can do it well!

-What is this? How come you rotten women ship everything? They are filming a serious movie. I am disgusted to death.

-Upstairs, no one forced you to click in. What do our actions have to do with you?

-What monarch and minister? Cao Shijing wanted to kill Song Yi while Zhao’er blocked the sword for Song Yi. Who is the true love? Don’t be blind.

-Oh wow? True love? If you want to talk about true love then it can only be the Full Moon CP [dog’s head.jpg.]

-Hahaha, the sister upstairs said it all. The Full Moon is racing high! Full Moon is the realest [call.]

-The monarch and minister and brothers in the movie are all from the past. Come and see the Full Moon! It comes with a gift package for entering the pit [website link]


“Full Moon?”

Ji Li stared at the unfamiliar CP name for a few seconds. Then, he couldn’t hold back his curiosity and clicked on the webpage link sent by the fan.

The title of the webpage soon entered his eyes: Qin Yue X Yuan Yifei. You can’t help talking about the five blood reds of the Full Moon CP!

Ji Li was stunned before reacting quickly.

It turned out to be the real CP of Brother Yue and Teacher Yuan?

A magical new world suddenly appeared in front of him. Ji Li thought that his working hours hadn’t started, so he simply read through the contents.

Yuan Yifei was brought out by Qin Yue. The latter’s first work after being a producer was the former’s first lead role. The two of them had cooperated in three movies over the past eight years.

There were many coincidences between the two of them on Weibo, such as Yuan Yifei showing off his senior membership card for a golf club on Weibo while Qin Yue sent a photo of playing golf on a different day.

The two of them wore many of the same style clothing at the airport such as hats, sunglasses, pants, shoes… they were the same style but different colors, different series, but the same color, etc. It was reasonably suspected by the CP fans that they shared the same wardrobe!

The two of them celebrated each other’s birthdays, mentioned each other in public interviews, and got along really well in private.

The year before, Qin Yue was injured and hospitalized while filming. Someone saw Yuan Yifei enter his VIP room and not come out for three or four hours…

If this was about another male and female star, then that would have been real evidence of love!

The comments below were also very emotional. Many fans shared various small details they found, and some ‘industry’ people said:

“The two of them have been together for six or seven years. Everyone in the circle knows it!”

“Both parties have already met the other’s parents, and they are waiting until after the age of 40 to get married!”

They swore by it as if they had witnessed it with their own eyes.

Yet in the eyes of the CP fans, this was the same as giving sugar. It was so sweet to ship it and their imagination was even sweeter.

Perhaps it was because the background music of the website was too sweet, or because the analysis of the CP fans was too detailed. The more that Ji Li looked, the more he felt a sense of epiphany.

It was no wonder why Yuan Yifei had to visit the crew in person rather than resting on his break when Ji Li first started filming. It turned out to be like this!

Ji Li had been in the entertainment industry for a long time and had a high acceptance of other people’s relationships. He even recalled the image of the two of them together and nodded in agreement.

Brother Yue and Teacher Yuan were quite compatible in appearance, but he didn’t know if the revelations of the ‘industry fans’ had any reliability.

He was just thinking about it when Yuan Yifei, one of the protagonists, walked in with a cup of coffee.

The latter saw the young man and greeted him, “Ji Li, the heater in my lounge is broken. Can I come and sit here?”

Ji Li closed the website with a guilty conscience and got up to greet the other person. “Teacher Yuan, please sit down.”

Yuan Yifei sat calmly beside him and pursed his lips. “Don’t call me Teacher. I just debuted earlier than you, but I am only four years older than you. Call me by my name so I feel younger.”


Ji Li wasn’t hesitant in this regard. If he used his real age, then he was even older than Yuan Yifei.

Ever since the release of the movie, the two of them had been conducting offline promotions according to the arrangement of the movie makers. They had brief meetings and discussions previously. Now they sat together and naturally started chatting.

“Your recent development momentum is good. Do you have any schedule for what you’re filming next? Have you found a new script?”

Ji Li shook his head. “I haven’t found one yet. It isn’t easy to obtain a high quality script.”

Yuan Yifei nodded with clear eyes.

These past two years could be regarded as a ‘movie and television winter’. The quality of the existing scripts was uneven.

How many first-tier actors rushed forward if there was a high quality script? This young man’s career was just beginning. If his requirements for selecting a script were really high then it wouldn’t be easy to settle on one.

“How about I help you ask Qin Yue after the live broadcast is over?” Yuan Yifei opened his mouth and sincerely suggested. “Yuexing will start the casting of two new projects at the end of the month. Perhaps there will be a good role for you.”

Yuan Yifei spoke very casually, and it was as if he regarded Qin Yue like his own family.

Ji Li was infected by this tone and inexplicably thought about the contents of the post.

The pink bubbles in his mind popped up and the desire to ask for verification rose rapidly in his heart.

Yuan Yifei caught the curiosity that flashed in the young man’s eyes and he asked, “Ji Li, do you have something to ask me?”

Ji Li saw that his mind was seen through and covered his mouth in embarrassment, his ears turning red. “…No.”

“Your acting skills aren’t very good right now.” Yuan Yifei obviously didn’t believe Ji Li’s answer, and he pushed up his glasses with a calm and comfortable look. “Ask me directly. I am a very good speaker.”

To be honest, he had a feeling of closeness toward this young man ever since he watched him on set, and he always hoped to talk to Ji Li for a while.


Ji Li wandered on the edge of temptation while secretly wondering, ‘I must’ve been with Baozi for too long. Otherwise, why else would I have such a desire for gossip?’

Yuan Yifei raised an eyebrow and swore to answer while taking a sip of his coffee. “Of course.”

These days, were there any questions that couldn’t be handled?

Ji Li’s eyes brightened slightly and there seemed to be a small tentacle popping up from his head that sought verification. “Are you and Brother Yue really a couple?”


Yuan Yifei almost spit out the coffee in his mouth. He really couldn’t handle this question.

Who spread the rumors?

Yuan Yifei wasn’t such an aggressive person. How could he be paired with Qin Yue?


Qin Yue had just entered the lounge. He heard this and also couldn’t smile.

He walked quickly behind the young man and asked helplessly, “Where did you see such false things?”

Ji Li saw the attitude of the two people and knew that he had made a big mistake.

It was okay to ask in front of Yuan Yifei, but Qin Yue actually caught him? Ji Li’s ears turned red.

Ji Li had only stepped half a foot into the CP circle so he hurriedly rushed out of the pit. He told the truth with some embarrassment, “I accidentally saw a post about you.”

As he spoke, he felt it was a pity that this was a ‘fake melon.’ He softly murmured to himself, “…It was quite real.”

Proofread: Azure

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