IPCFS: Chapter 45 Part 2

After the two and a half hour movie was played, the lights in the movie theater turned on again. The lead actor Qin Yue took the lead to stand up. He led the actors to bow deeply to the audience and thank them.

There was thunderous applause.

Every audience member had faces full of emotion after watching the movie. Many girls were holding crumpled tissues in their hands, and their eyes were red with tears.

There was no doubt that this was a movie that could hit people’s hearts.

It wasn’t known who shouted from within the crowd. “Screenwriter, come out for me! Who allowed you to write Song Zhao to death! Return my tears! Give me back my Zhao’er!”

The audience was stunned for three seconds, before a more intense chorus erupted.

After watching the movie, the character they resonated with first wasn’t Song Yi or Cao Shijing, but Song Zhao played by Ji Li. This was completely unexpected, but also reasonable.

Country and the World followed the original novel, and the ending of all the characters was clear. Combined with the publicity of the trailer, the audience who came to watch the movie had a fixed idea of the appearance and ending of every actor in the movie.

Among all of the fixed roles, Song Zhao played by Ji Li was the only uncertainty. His role was written later, and he didn’t appear in the trailer.

Before the finished movie was seen by everyone, if the movie makers revealed that there were expanded Song Zhao scenes, they were afraid that a large number of fans of the original book would have the preconceived notion that the young man was ‘adding scenes.’ This would result in a one-sided evaluation and negative impact.

Now, after watching the movie, they could only say that it was good. A great addition!

This brotherly plotline not only enriched the spiritual journey of the protagonist Song Yi, but also let them see his rare and warm side in the war-torn era.

It was only then that everyone fully reacted–the producer and crew didn’t dislike Ji Li’s Song Zhao, they instead valued it too much. Therefore, they were reluctant to disclose it in advance!

“Ji Li temporarily filled in a missing role in the crew, but his acting skills are worth everyone’s expectations.”

They also understood that what Director Zheng Anxing said during the interview weren’t empty words but sincere praise!

Ji Li was a newcomer temporarily filling in the role, but he could perform at this level!

It wasn’t just that. His portrayal of Song Zhao was more touching and deeper than many of the roles in the movie. There were less than 10 minutes of footage, but the young man made Song Zhao memorable in the hearts of the audience!

Was this not acting? Unable to act?

The opposite was the truth.

Ji Li used his superb acting skills to give those who didn’t like him a slap on the face.

In the movie theater, all the movie critics had a common understanding: this movie would definitely become popular. The acting skills of all the actors were impeccable, while Ji Li, who played Song Zhao, might become the movie’s biggest dark horse.

“Ji Li, jiayou!”

“Ji Li, you acted very well! I will watch it a second time for Song Zhao’er!”

The Ji Li fan who raised his banner before the opening was crying with excitement. She could finally shout out proudly.

See! This was the newcomer actor she followed!

In the early interviews, he was quiet and didn’t act like a demon. He was despised and ridiculed, but he didn’t act arrogantly. He worked silently until this moment when he spoke with his works.

Ji Li smiled warmly at her and bowed deeply.

Baozi couldn’t bear it any longer and jumped up from his position. “Brother Ji, you are the best!”

Ji Li looked back and smiled helplessly and cutely at the little assistant who was always at the front line of excitement.

Many people’s eyes were focused on Ji Li’s body. There was no way for them to separate him from his character.

“Wu wu wu, Mom, Ji Li is really cute!”

“Don’t say it, I already have a character filter for him! I want to ask him if he is still hungry. Forget roast lamb, I will buy whatever he wants to eat for him!”

“Is the movie ending with Song Yi’s memories? I really want to see the brothers reunited.”

“I originally stood on the side of the king when reading the original novel, but now I want to stand on the side of the brothers. They have acted too well!”

“I came to see Brother Yue and Yuanbao. I didn’t expect Ji Li to act in such a surprising manner.”

“I didn’t like Ji Li very much before and thought his popularity was just marketing. Now after watching his role, my opinion has completely changed.”

Such words appeared in the whispered discussions of the audience members in the movie theater.

He could make a good actor and virtual role into one, being loved and sought after or hated and condemned… this was the charm of acting.

Qin Yue looked at the young man’s back and smiled briefly and happily. This was right. The star he had acknowledged should shine in front of everyone’s eyes.

Originally, there would be a new round of the press conference after the screening.

However, Yu Fuya said a simple goodbye to Qin Yue before taking her baby artist away, not letting him go to the nonsensical interview.

The backstage interview area.

The entertainment reporters waited until the end, but they didn’t find the figure they wanted. They couldn’t help being disappointed. “Teacher Qin Yue, what about Ji Li? Didn’t he come? We have some questions we want to ask him.”

Qin Yue heard this and had a rare sullen expression. “…Contract him yourself. It isn’t that we didn’t give you the opportunity to interview him. It is that you didn’t grasp it yourself.”

As professional entertainment reporters, they completely lacked professionalism. They were one-sided with their personal preferences and ignored a hard-working and motivated newcomer.

The entertainment reporters were stunned by Qin Yue’s attitude. They saw him leaving without looking back and didn’t know what to say.

Yuan Yifei, who was still standing in the interview area, pushed his glasses while his smile didn’t reach his eyes. “Everyone, what is the saying? Don’t bully the young man when he is unknown. The young man will always have a high ambition.”

In the media interviews before the screening, the entertainment reporters only asked a few questions of Ji Li due to ‘insufficient publicity materials’ in the early stage. It was justified using this excuse.

However, they simply looked down on the ‘supporting role’ Ji Li in their hearts. This was contempt on the surface.

Both Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei had experienced this situation in their newcomer period, so they were even more displeased for Ji Li.


The Ji Li fan couldn’t hold back her excitement after watching the movie, and she shared it on Weibo. “Everyone, rest assured. Baby Ji Li acted very well! Be sure to watch it. His appearance is definitely worth the ticket price!”

Ever since the livestream ended, the Ji Li fans had been worried.

The young man was good looking and attracted a lot of popularity with his appearance. It was just his acting skills that were still unknown. They were afraid that this young man would have less of a role in the movie, and were even more afraid that he wouldn’t act well against this group of veterans. Then this would be caught, and he would be ridiculed by black fans.

Now this sister’s evaluation came out, and it made their hearts settle a bit.

Some black fans chased them to this Weibo. “I’m laughing to death. No actual content was said, and you just said he acted well? Isn’t this filter too thick? The movie is over, right? Apart from you, who else on the Internet is praising Ji Li?”

As a result, as soon as the movie ended, the black fans were slapped in the face by the newly released comments of the movie critics.

“Before watching the movie, I was looking forward to the stars and director combo of Qin Yue, Yuan Yifei and Zheng Anxing. Sure enough, the trailer was just an appetizer, and the movie is a super feast.”

“Director Zheng is very good at telling stories with the camera. There is a majestic atmosphere, and every frame pokes at people’s hearts. The third collaboration of the ‘Full Moon (Yue Yuan)’ group doesn’t make people feel any tiredness, and the movie was full of tension…”

“Finally, there is the newcomer Ji Li. His character didn’t appear in the trailer, but he is definitely the finishing touch that the producer deliberately held back. The side plotline of the Song brothers is added too wonderfully.”

The fans of the original book who read the screening said, “The screenwriter’s skills are very strong. Such a long novel was condensed into a two and a half hour movie, and there was no abrupt pacing. There is no need to doubt Teacher Qin Yue’s acting skills. Yuan Yifei played a crazy, beautiful emperor in the later stage, and it was too emotional! Song Zhao’s plotline caused me to cry a lot of tears. Brother Ji Li is too good!”

The ordinary viewers who saw the movie said, “Ahhhh! I rushed to see Full Moon, and as a result, I completely became a mother fan due to Ji Li’s role. He is so pitiful and cute wu wu wu. Once the movie is released, I will go and watch it again!”

There were other comments like:

“Qin Yue can do it, Yuan Yifei can’t do it, Ji Li can do it!”

“Help, it has been half an hour since it ended, and I am still thinking about Zhao’er played by Brother Ji Li. I cried too much.”

“Ji Li’s acting skills are actually very delicate! Hurry up and release it. I want to take my friends to watch it a second time and discuss it well.”

“Ji Li really exceeded expectations. In the previous livestream, it is said that he added scenes. I just want to say, if he really used his resources to add scenes, then I want to ask the screenwriter to add more scenes for him! I feel so sorry for Song Zhao!”

“Sunspots, don’t jump around. Country and the World will definitely give this year’s movies a good start!”

The results of the post-event survey from those who participated in the screening were also revealed.

For the question about the most impressive actor in the entire movie, Ji Li was ranked third after the two leading actors. Among the supporting roles, his support far exceeded the other veterans, and he strongly reached the top.

There was no doubt that after the release of the movie, Ji Li and the Song Zhao played by him would definitely gain more love.

The black fans were dumbfounded by the large number of comments and could only say brainless statements like ‘they are all Ji Li’s water army.’ However, they were completely ignored.

It was all Ji Li’s water army. Ask the other fans who had watched screenings in the past if they were willing to be a water army? How could they make up such a thing?

Ji Li’s fans were very happy and couldn’t wait until New Year’s Day where it would be convenient to rush to the movie theater to see their baby’s wonderful acting skills for the first time.


The screening of Country and the World was very successful. In just three days, the number of pre-sales for the movie on New Year’s Day increased a lot.

Song Zhao, played by Ji Li, became the most anticipated supporting role among the many movies.

On the Internet, there were too many interviews and reports on Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei, but there were no interviews with Ji Li about his role. The lack of news made the movie netizens feel unbearable.

The reporters who ignored Ji Li on that day felt regretful in hindsight.

If they had known the young man’s role would be so popular, they would’ve asked more questions and written more articles. Then would there be a need to worry about views and clicks?

As they were scolded by their editor-in-chief, they called Chaoying for an interview request and were unanimously rejected.

You want to interview Ji Li now? Sorry, he isn’t available.

Can we spare half an hour for an interview? You will personally come to the company next week for an interview in person? Sorry, we don’t have time.

Chaoying’s attitude of protection was obvious, and they unceremoniously refused all the invitations.

At this moment, the entertainment reporters were so remorseful that their intestines were blue. Their careless neglect at the beginning caused them to miss the rise of a new star in the movie world!

Chaoying Culture, the artist lounge.

Yu Fuya rejected several media reporters again. The anger she had been holding back for a few days was completely released. “Now you want to come for an interview? Who cares about you?!”

Baozi was vaguely worried. “Sister Yu, this is cool, but it won’t offend the media, right? Moreover, Brother Ji needs interviews for exposure.”

After all, the movie hadn’t been released, and it was impossible to accept no media interviews during the release period, right?

“The media in the entertainment industry is accustomed to storms. As long as Ji Li’s role can stand out, even if we refuse them 100 times, they will stick to it 101 times.”

Besides, they didn’t necessarily need the interview exposure of these small magazines.

Yu Fuya turned on her mobile phone and showed the two people the schedule that had just been determined.

Baozi looked at it and was overjoyed. “Brother Ji, it is an interview with the monthly magazine, Movie Magazine!”

You know, this magazine was the weather vane in the movie and television industry.

The actors who could get interviews with this magazine were either top stars in the circle or reserves who were about to burst in popularity due to a movie role. Many people couldn’t get an interview with them no matter how hard they tried.

Ji Li was also a bit surprised after hearing Baozi’s explanation.

Yu Fuya raised an eyebrow at the two of them and flicked her hair back in a handsome manner. “This old lady’s connections aren’t a joke. Our family’s Ji Li must be matched with the best media interviews!”

Those small media companies that didn’t have a long-term vision, let them regret it together!

Proofread: Azure

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