IPCFS: Chapter 45 Part 1

The movie Country and the World mainly revolved around the entanglement between Song Yi, the first general of the nation, and Cao Shijing, the king of the nation.

The moment the movie started, there were the beacon fires of war.

Song Yi had lost his relatives in the fires of war when he was a teenager. During his escape, he accidentally met the housekeeper of the Cao family, a royal nobleman. He saw that Song Yi was tall and handsome, so he took Song Yi back to the palace.

It was in the Cao mansion that the monarch and subordinate met for the first time in their lives.

Cao Shijing’s older sister was the queen of the nation at the time, and she was very favored. She even elevated the status of the Cao family in the nation. Father Cao saw that Cao Shijing liked Song Yi, a servant of a similar age. Therefore, he promoted the latter as a companion.

Cao Shijing had lofty ambitions since he was a child, and military strategy and martial arts were all things to learn. Song Yi followed him in the name of ‘accompanying him’ and learned to ride horses, shoot arrows and scheme. He showed a high level of martial arts talent.

Father Cao saw that Song Yi was talented and took the initiative to find him a job in the military. After all, if Song Yi succeeded, then it would be more helpful for his son.

The young actors for the two protagonists were casted very well, and the scenes were arranged in a complete and compact manner. This allowed the audience to understand the entire background of the story in the shortest possible amount of time.

The scene changed, and they heard a voice before they saw the person speaking.


It was Cao Shijing’s courtesy name.

The moment this word came out, there was a burst of excitement in the theater. It was because Qin Yue’s voice was too recognizable.

Ever since his original debut, this man had used his original voice when filming rather than dubbing. There was no doubt about his skill with delivering lines. Even if it was just a simple word, they could hear the joy hidden in his heart.

Ji Li’s gaze lowered while watching the movie, and he couldn’t help looking at Qin Yue in the front row. In the darkness, the man’s facial features were reflected in his eyes, and this made people’s heartbeat slow down.

Then his attention was soon drawn back to the scene on the big screen. Song Yi and Cao Shijing had finally shown up.

Ji Li had seen Qin Yue’s appearance in the movie on the set, but it was his first time seeing the appearance of the other lead actor, Yuan Yifei, in costume.

In ancient costume, the latter had an indescribable gentle beauty, but his eyes were like a sharp arrow ready to be launched. This was truly worthy of the emperor who looked educated on the outside, but was crazy on the inside in the original novel.

The story continued.

The years of war didn’t stop. The reigning king suddenly died, and the nation fell into unprecedented chaos. The Cao family, which was originally close to the previous king, became the target of everyone. Even the always safe Queen Cao was assassinated in the palace.

Under such circumstances, the Cao family couldn’t sit still.

Cao Shijing, who had already taken control of his family, joined forces with Song Yi to raise an army and forcibly suppressed various people eager to move. He finally ascended to the throne as the new king and unified the fragmented nation.

The original work was powerful, and the screenwriter’s ability wasn’t bad. Director Zheng Anxing masterfully controlled the rhythm of the movie. The mysteries of the court and the battlefield were particularly gripping.

At every critical juncture, the surprise and gasps of the audience could be heard.

Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei continued to exert their strength as the two leading actors. All the familiar veterans appeared one after another and continued to exert their strength. Within one and a half hours, the audience couldn’t feel any boring parts.

If this rhythm continued, the movie Country and the World would definitely be the box office champion without a doubt.

However, some audience members still had some doubts in their hearts. What about Ji Li? Why hadn’t he appeared yet?

Baozi was overly nervous when watching the movie, and he secretly asked Yu Fuya, “Sister Yu, when will Brother Ji appear?”

Yu Fuya also had a tense heart. “I don’t know. It should be soon.”

Ji Li was still alone when he filmed the movie, and the two of them had no idea of how much content he filmed and how much plot was retained in the finished movie.

After the livestream had ended, there were more derogatory comments about Ji Li on the Internet. They mocked him for using the hype of the red carpet, sitting on the cold bench in the interview, and being an extra with only five or six seconds of footage.

All types of speculation were full of malice.

They believed in Ji Li’s acting skills, but they also hoped that the young man would use this role to ruthlessly slap the faces of the brainless sunspots.

The camera shifted to a city sign—the closed off border.

Ji Li froze and his heartbeat unknowingly increased. The Song Zhao played by him had finally appeared.

The refugees and beggars gathered at the city gate were chaotic and ruthless in the face of the relief food provided by the army. The food residue that fell on the ground was cherished in his hands and he ate it frantically without caring about the dirt and dust.

The little beggar’s red eyes were too shocking.

The audience couldn’t help sighing in shock when they saw this scene. They were worried about this little beggar with a dirty face.

How hungry was this?

Could he eat it regardless of the dirt and sand?

Baozi quickly recognized the little beggar played by Ji Li and was excited.

This was Brother Ji!

See? His Brother Ji could arouse the emotions of the audience as soon as he appeared on the stage!

Song Yi came to the border city and it wasn’t until the brief glance between him and the beggar that someone in the audience reacted. “F*k, is that little beggar Song Zhao?”

The cry came suddenly and was like a loud reminder in the movie theater. The audience reacted one after another, and a more intense shock surged in their hearts.

Oh my god!

This beggar was actually Song Zhao. Wasn’t this the role played by Ji Li as rumored on the Internet?

He dressed up so ugly and dirty to the extent that they couldn’t recognize him at all? Compared to the stunning appearance of the young man who walked on the red carpet today, this beggar’s outfit completely blocked the charm of his appearance!

It was the first time he starred in a movie, and he was willing to give up his most popular appearance? This type of boldness was really not something that ordinary newcomers could do. It was amazing!

It was with this feeling of amazement that the audience continued to immerse themselves in the plot.

They saw Song Zhao carefully sneak into the barracks. In the midst of the fear of suffocating, his face was red as he showed the scar to his brother Song Yi.

On the big screen, the young man’s slender arms obviously trembled. There was a hazy sense of fragile beauty from his scattered red eyes that made it impossible for people to ignore their pain and concern for him.

The two brothers recognized each other. Song Zhao washed away the dirt on his body and changed into clean and simple clothes. The sense of a humble youth plagued by the aftermath of the war was revealed.

Song Zhao was cautious at the table and didn’t dare to eat. His pitiful look made the audience shout in their hearts, ‘Song Yi, can’t you do it? Your brother wants to eat. Hurry up and give him a bite! Look at your hands, do you only know how to wield a sword? Forget it, if you can’t do it then I will!’

Later, Song Yi followed the urging of the audience to grab food for Song Zhao.

The group looked at Song Zhao’s cute appearance of wolfing down the food and they screamed in their hearts again, ‘Wu wu wu, let him eat! Let him eat! Forget a whole roasted lamb! As long as Zhao’er wants it then a whole flock of sheep can be roasted for him!’

The moment the two brothers were seen feeding each other, the screams of a few girls were heard in the movie theater. “Ah, I’m dead!”

The brief cheers were a bit nonsensical, but many sisters immediately understood and the laughter merged into the paragraph, ‘Thank you, thank you, I ship them!’

This was the benefit of watching movies together. Many emotions could affect each other.

The character aura between Qin Yue and Ji Li was very harmonious and made people fall into it invisibly. Everyone watched the Song brothers talk about resigning, returning to their hometown, and climbing trees to pick grapefruit and their hearts softened.

The change came unexpectedly.

Song Zhao blocked the assassin’s sword for Song Yi, and his blood stained Song Yi’s eyes. At the same time, the audience’s eyes turned red. They watched Song Zhao fall into his brother’s arms and watched the light in his eyes go out little by little…

Finally, a slight sob was heard. it didn’t take long for them to be connected in the darkness.


The two brothers had just reunited!

Zhao’er had lived such a hard life. From a young age, he was frightened and displaced from his home. He had a hard time getting a bit of sweetness, and it wasn’t easy to eat a full meal. Why did he have to get such an ending?

F*k, it was better to expose and condemn this screenwriter’s motives and thoughts!

Wu wu wu, even if their hearts were made of iron, it would be shattered into slag this time!

In the darkness, Qin Yue’s eyes were also a bit heavy.

He was the executive producer, so he had already seen these clips and it was more than once.

Even so, he would recall the scene on the day of filming every time he watched it. In addition, he always felt the despair of losing his loved one.

If Cao Shijing was an important figure in Song Yi’s life, then Song Zhao was the only salvation in Song Yi’s life. Once that salvation was destroyed, he started an endless slaughter.

The tragic deaths of those assassins were the beginning of his blackening.

There were more curses filling the movie theater when the audience found out that this assassination was done under Cao Shijing’s instructions.

Yuan Yifei looked at the crazy Song Yi killing people on the screen and felt a pain in his chest. He couldn’t help leaning over, “It is over, I think I’m going to be drowned by the spittle of the audience.”

Qin Yue glanced at him in an angry and amused manner. “Your Majesty, it is good that you know this.”

Qin Yue took advantage of the gap in speaking to look back and to the side. In the darkness, he caught a glimpse of the young man’s red eyes and his heart tightened.

Ji Li didn’t notice Qin Yue’s gaze. At this moment, he was infected by Qin Yue’s ‘blackening’ acting skills, and it felt like he had returned to the plot.

He was hurting for Song Yi, his brother who lived in the movie world.

Song Yi and Cao Shijing, who had been with each other for many years, finally separated after the king became suspicious, and Song Zhao was accidentally killed by the assassination.

Song Yi mobilized the Red Wing army under his command and led the refugees and victims along the road to the palace to denounce Cao Shijing, the king of the nation.

The two sides fought for many days. In the chaotic hall, they finally met again and killed each other. In the end, both fell in a pool of blood.

Song Yi’s cold eyes reflected Cao Shijing’s miserable smile as well as his inaudible whisper.

“Song Yi, I admit that I was wrong, but in my high position, I have to be afraid and guard against things.”

“If we die, the wars in the nation won’t be stopped. In this world, there will be thousands more Song Zhaos…”

The so-called world was divided and united.

If the heart of the person at the top changed, then the tens of millions of people below him had to follow. What about a famous general? If the roots were investigated, they were just ordinary people tainted by mortal greed.

The end of the movie showed a small house.

It was a house in late autumn, and there was a grapefruit tree full of fruit.

There was a sound as two or three grapefruits fell from the tree.

A high-spirited young voice came from the tree. “Zhao’er, pick them up one by one. I’ll climb up a bit more and pick more for you.”

Under the tree, there was a soft child’s voice. “Brother, one is enough for Zhao’er. Come down quickly. Don’t fall, or our parents will scold you.”

“Zhao’er, don’t be afraid. I will come down immediately.”

Proofread: Azure

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1 year ago

I guess there will be ice for JL after the show, eh? x’D

And now all the sunspots can burn in the flames of the real sun >D

Thx for the ch ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و

3 months ago

This is my… third time? I think, re-reading this and this part still gets me sniffling. This is one of those rare stories where each of the plots that the characters act out in their film careers are legitimately well thought out and could plausibly be expounded upon to create an entire off-shoot story all on its own. They’re very touching.

2 months ago
Reply to  Mndless

This is my second time reading this and I wholeheartedly agree 🤧🤧🤧 I hope this translation never disappear.