IPCFS: Chapter 44 Part 2

Ji Li thought about it before looking at the huge movie posted on the wall by the door.

In the upper center were Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei. The rest were images of the characters in the movie. Of course, there was also the movie name in vigorous and powerful golden writing.

Ji Li searched carefully for a while before finally finding Song Zhao in one of the small grids.

His blackened face, the beggar costume, the absence of the actor’s name, and the fact that his box was slightly obscured by the title of the movie meant that it was no wonder no one recognized him.

Ji Li’s eyes narrowed in disbelief, and he looked at the big screen showing the situation of the red carpet outside the venue in real time.

The red carpet ceremony was arranged appropriately, and the whole process went smoothly, making it so that people weren’t impatient at all when waiting.

Approximately 30 minutes later, there was an explosion of cheers almost simultaneously outside and inside the hall.


“—Brother Yue!”


Ji Li looked at it and found that Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei had stepped out of the car one after another. The two of them got on the red carpet side by side and were the finale of the red carpet.

Qin Yue was wearing a pure black suit. The fabric of the clothing seemed to have a thin layer of sparkles and it shone under the lights.

God might’ve been particularly eccentric when creating this man. No matter what angle one looked from, his handsome facial features could be regarded as a perfectly carved work of art. Combined with his excellent body proportions and innate bearing, there was really an urge for people to bow down to him.

Ji Li stared at Qin Yue on the big screen, and his always calm eyes showed a rare warmth.

A man’s appreciation of men was always more direct.

Yuan Yifei next to Qin Yue was equally eye-catching.

His hair was dyed brown and was longer than the last time they met. The gold wire glasses framed the bridge of his nose, and the broken diamond mirror chains that fell on both sides glowed with a charming light. A dark blue long suit lined his slim body, but the inside had a thin wool lining, which allowed his collarbone to faintly be seen.

There was both a sense of extreme abstinence yet extreme seduction.

The entertainment circle had never lacked dazzling starlight, but Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei were undoubtedly the two brightest stars in this galaxy.

The deafening cheers followed one after another, as if they could overturn the roof of the screening hall. This lasted until the two of them entered the screening hall and the fans outside stopped a bit.

There were 30 minutes to account for a media interview before the movie premiered.

All of the actors involved in filming were invited to the stage, including Ji Li.

As a result, after taking the stage, Ji Li encountered an ‘embarrassing’ situation in the eyes of ordinary people. Not only was he on the edge of the live stream screen, but none of the reporters asked him any questions.

There were more than a dozen actors on the stage, and a young newcomer could only stand on the edge. The panoramic camera position arranged by the live stream occasionally shook, and this would ‘cut’ half his body out of the camera.

Most of the media attention was on Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei. The rest of the participating actors expected this and sent money to some media companies in advance so that questions would be asked about them in a timely manner, winning appropriate exposure.

However, Ji Li refused to ‘deliberately arrange questions’ beforehand, and didn’t let Yu Fuya spend money to arrange it.

For Ji Li, good actors and good works couldn’t be faked by reporters asking questions or news results. It had to look at real acting skills.

He now had no words and just relied on the popularity caused by his appearance. It was normal not to get the attention of the industry on a stage where big actors gathered.

Ji Li stood calmly and modestly on the edge, but the barrage was already a mess.

-He wants to use the hype of the red carpet and movie interview? Chaoying and Ji Li’s skins are thick enough to boil lard!

-Hahahaha does he really think he is a big star because he was on the hot search several times? He dares to embarrass himself on this occasion. Let alone Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei, of the actors there, which actor isn’t better than your Ji Li?

-Ji Li isn’t stepping down? Are his feet stuck with nails? Isn’t he embarrassed? Shame on him!

-Don’t laugh. I heard that he is playing Song Zhao, so it is normal for him to be on stage. Can’t you be more tolerant of newcomer actors? It is good to look at a number of handsome guys.

-F*k? Song Zhao? That Song Zhao who only lived in dialogue in the original work? Why does he have a role? I can’t tell, is Ji Li someone who relies on his resources to add extra scenes?

-Come on, he is definitely someone who relies on his resources to add extra scenes. Who isn’t good-looking on the interview stage? He is the most annoying one there.

The Ji Li fans who watched the live stream were angry and distressed when they saw these ridiculing comments.

In fact, they weren’t forcibly whitewashing him at all. They even kept such a low profile that they didn’t dare to openly send a barrage about Ji Li. Even so, they were still being framed by brainless trolls.

Whitewashing was nonsense? It was clear that they were reversing black and white!

Initially, when Ji Li accepted this movie, he was still being squeezed in Dream Media. How could he use resources?

Oh, there wasn’t even a second of footage for someone who used their resources? Even a person whose brain was kicked by a donkey knew this was impossible!

Fans received the news that Ji Li was playing Song Zhao in the movie, but he wasn’t present in the final trailer and the movie wasn’t out. They didn’t dare refute it casually out of fear of saying bad things and having it be screenshotted to be used as a black material.

Therefore, they could only silently cheer for Ji Li in their hearts and hoped that their child could have a bright performance in the movie.

On the other hand, Qin Yue was the center of attention, but he noticed the obviously ‘snubbed’ Ji Li and his heart strings faintly tensed up.

The interview position was related to the actor’s position and popularity. As the lead actor and producer, he couldn’t ignore the other hard-working actors and veterans to openly arrange Ji Li in the middle.

However, he could help lead the exposure of the interview.

Therefore, Qin Yue intentionally drove the topic toward Ji Li. Yuan Yifei and Zheng Anxing noticed his motives and helped with guiding the topic.

The other actors might not have been clear about the direction, but as the director and lead actor, they were the ones who understood Ji Li’s acting skills the best.

The reason why Ji Li wasn’t allowed to appear in the trailer was to give the audience the greatest surprise regarding the ‘Song Brothers’ plot line.

Finally, a reporter stood up and casually asked a question.

“Hello Ji Li, this is your first public appearance after the ‘violent beating’ incident, and it is on such a large-scale occasion. How are you feeling? Has your status been affected by the false accusations some time ago?”

Yu Fuya was sitting in her seat, and she almost exploded when she heard this.

What was this silly question? There was no such thing as professionalism!

At the interview site of a movie screening, they actually put aside questions related to the movie and asked about the previous false accusations? How was it so easy to get a press card these days?

Sure enough, discussions broke out at the scene.

Ji Li took the microphone from the hand of the actor next to him and replied with a smile, “Since it is a false accusation, how can it affect my state? I feel honored to be on the same stage as so many actors and teachers today.”

Another entertainment reporter saw the real-time dynamics of the live stream and asked, “Some netizens are saying that you took advantage of your resources to enter the crew. What do you think about this controversy?”

Qin Yue frowned imperceptibly and stopped it before Ji Li could. “Please don’t ask questions that have nothing to do with the screening.”

How did the organizer handle things?

Could any bad reporters be allowed in?

He wanted Ji Li to talk about his role in the movie and raise people’s expectations, rather than stand on the stage and let the entertainment reporter casually ridicule him and be belittled by the netizens.

As the director, Zheng Anxing took the initiative to ease the topic. “Ji Li temporarily filled a missing role in the crew, but his acting skills are worth everyone’s expectations.”

The reporters present looked at each other, but they didn’t believe the director’s words in their hearts.

Ji Li’s popularity had been on the rise recently, but he was still an unknown newcomer in the movie industry.

Just by watching the trailer, it was obvious that he didn’t have a large role in the movie. At most, he had a small role with some lines. It wasn’t worth their energy to interview him and write about him.

It was better to use this time to dig for more information from Qin Yue and the other actors.

To put it bluntly, the focus after the release of the movie was the main actors. It was simply impossible for Ji Li to stand out in a group of powerful and old veterans.

The netizens watching the live stream saw this scene, and the barrage area was equally wonderful.

-Hahaha did Ji Li arrange the reporters stupid question? Didn’t you see Teacher Qin Yue’s expression change?

-Right? Does he still want to rely on the previous hot search to attract attention? There are no other highlights, right?

-I dare to guarantee that Ji Li is just an extra in this movie, and there is a maximum of five or six seconds of footage. He was definitely forced into this screening by Chaoying.

-Teacher Qin Yue is very generous. He took the initiative to throw the topic and camera to Ji Li, but Ji Li himself didn’t catch it.

-Can the water army driving the rhythm get out? Our Yue fans think that little brother Ji Li is very good! Why did Brother Yue make that expression? The reporters asked questions that have nothing to do with the movie. Can there be any mistakes?

-Don’t pretend. The clear-eyed people know at a glance that this is a water army sent by other movies being released in the Spring Festival holiday to drive the rhythm.

-Some sailors want to find people to fight with because they think it will affect the box office of the movie? I’m sorry, Qin Yue is the god of the movie circle! The box office champion has already been decided. Go and compete for second or third place.

The Yue fans in the barrage couldn’t stand it any longer and directly tore up the ‘stinky mad dog’ remarks for Ji Li.

However, more netizens had the mentality of watching a good play. For them, it was enough for the actors they supported to have a role in the show. Why should they care about a small actor like Ji Li who just entered the circle?

During the time when the netizens argued, the lead actors had completed the interview and the host invited them backstage to rest. After a short break, they would return to their seats and watch the premiere of the movie with the entire audience.

Qin Yue searched for Ji Li’s figure the moment he arrived backstage.

He stayed alone in the corner and didn’t chat casually like the other actors.

For some reason, Qin Yue felt a bit sad and regretful. He was obviously the one who invited Ji Li to come, but as a result, the other person suffered a cold reception.

He walked over quickly and said softly, “Ji Li, the interview session just now…”

The two of them looked at each other and Ji Li understood what the other man was thinking. “Brother Yue, I’m fine. The movie hasn’t been released yet, and I don’t care about the so-called interview exposure.”

The thing he cared about was everyone’s evaluation of the role of Song Zhao after this movie was released.

He was too young and didn’t have any qualifications. The reason he could come to the screening ceremony was basically because Qin Yue opened the ‘back door’ for him.

Qin Yue saw that this person’s expression wasn’t abnormal and felt slightly relieved. “Ji Li, just wait another three hours. They will understand once the movie is over.”


Qin Yue looked at him and said seriously, “Your role hasn’t been cut in the later stage.”

Ji Li heard this and immediately smiled brightly. “Thank you, Brother Yue.”

The biggest affirmation for a movie actor was that their scenes weren’t cut.

Ji Li firmly believed that Song Zhao was a wonderful role. He would be able to gain the affirmation of the audience as long as the movie retained his character’s scenes.

This was the success that an actor should pursue the most.

Qin Yue was hooked by his smile and instinctively reached out to adjust his bow tie. A watch that was all too familiar was revealed on his powerful wrist.

Ji Li raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Brother Yue, this watch…”

As he spoke, he revealed the watch hidden under his sleeve. It was the exact same dark blue Galaxy watch. The two of them unexpectedly wore the same model.

How could Qin Yue choose a light luxury watch with his identity and status?

Qin Yue easily saw the doubts in the other person’s eyes and happily smiled. “I wore this watch when I attended the premiere of my first movie and I really like the meaning.”

After so many years, Qin Yue would wear this watch every time he participated in the premiere of the movie.

For him, this watch had become a special mark.

Ji Li smiled and tapped on the watch. “What a coincidence.”

Today was his first work in this circle, and he also liked the meaning of this watch.

Such unexpected, subtle coincidences were even more unreasonable.

Suddenly, a staff member said in a loud voice, “Dear actors and teachers, you can enter.”

The group of actors entered the inner field of the movie theater, and the fans immediately cheered.

Ji Li followed the main group to his seat. Before he could sit down, a girl in the back row whispered, “Ji Li!”

Ji Li looked back, and a sweet-looking girl quietly held up his photo print, sincerely encouraging him. “Jiayou, I’m here for you.”

Even if you only have five or six seconds of footage as speculated on the Internet, I am still willing as your fan.

Ji Li read the subtext in her eyes. His heart surged with warmth, and he silently nodded with a smile.

His scenes were all preserved, and someone in this vast movie theater had come for his role.

That was enough.

The lights of the movie theater dimmed and the chatting gradually stopped.

In the silence, the first screening of Country and the World began.

Proofread: Azure

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