IPCFS: Chapter 44 Part 1

Ji Li was able to act as Song Zhao in Country and the World purely by chance.

After filming had finished, he quickly entered a routine, continuously filming new TV dramas and movies. It could be said that he had been acting without pause for almost half a year.

He didn’t have much access to the latest information in the entertainment industry.

Some time ago, the first version of the trailer was launched, and it caused a high degree of heated discussion.

The movie emperor Qin Yue was a box office guarantee, and Yuan Yifei was a top actor. Director Zheng Anxing was a major director of commercial ancient costume movies. In addition, there were many veteran actors and big names officially announced as actors in the movie.

In just one week, this movie rushed to first place for the most anticipated movie on New Year’s Day.

The pre-sales of the movie hadn’t begun but the industry had already determined that Country and the World would be the biggest box office killer among the movies releasing on New Year’s Day.

In fact, the movie had already been in post-production when Ji Li filmed Song Zhao’s role.

Many of the early scenes were already in the editing stage. After filming was completed, the crew was equally efficient and it took less than a year to complete the sample movie. The producer sent it to the general administration for review and successfully obtained the dragon label and movie key.

This efficiency was unexpectedly fast.

Ji Li was stunned when he heard Qin Yue’s invitation but he willingly agreed.

Going to participate in the first screening meant he could see the finished movie earlier.

Song Zhao was the first role after his debut. He wanted to check the results, even if it was only a small role.

On December 20th, the movie screening arrived as scheduled.

Qin Yue had prepared for this movie for nearly three years so the screening ceremony was also very grand.

Not only was there a red carpet ceremony for the actors  and media interviews, but there was also a live broadcast for the entire process except the actual movie screening.

The location was set at the largest science and technology museum in the capital.

The producers booked the hotel rooms next to the theater in advance so that the actors participating in the screening ceremony could dress up and wait while resting.

Baozi stood by the window and looked at the crowd and flickering lights not far away. He felt a bit nervous in his heart. “Brother Ji, Sister Yu, this is definitely the largest screening I have ever seen.”

As a freelance entertainment media person, Baozi had been invited to participate in screening ceremonies of many movies. It was just that this was the first time he had encountered such a big battle.

Yuexing had built a hall that could accommodate 500 people. All the actors, media magazines, industry filmmakers and the lucky fan audience members would gather to witness the premiere of the movie.

Ji Li was surrounded by the makeup team and was still making the final styling choices. He smiled lightly when he heard this. “Brother Yue is quite courageous. The average producer wouldn’t dare to do this.”

In fact, this was a very bold and risky step for Qin Yue to take.

The reason for an early screening of the movie was to spread word of mouth before the official release and to attract more audience members to enter the theater and watch the movie when it was officially released.

It had to be known that there were thousands of people and thousands of faces. Everyone watched a movie from different angles and their thinking was different. This meant the evaluation was also different.

So many people were invited at once, but if a small number of them had derogatory comments like ‘this movie is ugly’ and the ‘rhythm isn’t good’, there would be a certain risk of a blow to the box office after the movie was released.

“Qin Yue has the courage to do this which shows that he is very confident in the movie. His vision has never been wrong,” Yu Fuya said.

Back when she was a newcomer, she saw Qin Yue’s extraordinary ability to act. After so many years, the other person’s actual performance had proved this to the public.

“Yes, when has a movie starring Teacher Qin Yue ever failed?” Even the makeup team couldn’t help speaking.

Yu Fuya walked back with two luxury watches and handed them to Ji Li. “Choose one? Which one do you think is suitable?”

The styling teacher looked at the two watches that were worth tens of millions and was surprised. “Sister Yu, where did you get these? The luxury brands were willing to let us borrow them?”

“What borrowing? I directly had Old Tao give them to me,” Yu Fuya spoke happily.

Ji Li was currently a newcomer actor at best and the brands that could be borrowed from when attending an event was limited. The watch dealers who were willing to sponsor and let an artist borrow a watch were the most luxurious brands.

Yu Fuya was thinking about how it was Ji Li’s first time attending a red carpet. She was afraid that her child would be wronged, so she squeezed her friends without thinking and took the opportunity to ask for two watches.

Of course, they would be returned once they were used.

Tao Mingyang was so obsessed with appearances. If she didn’t return them, he would probably cry in front of her.

In front of the shocked and envious eyes of everyone, Ji Li reached around the two top luxury watches and picked up a sponsored light luxury watch on the table. It was a dark blue dial with a few broken diamonds shining on it. “I want this one.”

To be honest, he really liked this niche light luxury watch called ‘A Grain of Galaxy.’ Its uniqueness poked at his heart.

Yu Fuya froze. “What’s wrong? Don’t you like the two pieces I brought you?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it. It is just that I can’t use it for the time being.”’

Ji Li asked the staff member to help him wear the style he chose. He calmly and rationally analyzed it. “How long has it been since I debuted? My Weibo fans are rising quickly but how can I compare with the celebrities invited today?”

Besides, Song Zhao was a character he shaped but he was just a small supporting role. If the luxury watch was too conspicuous then some people would say he was deliberately stealing the limelight.

Yu Fuya smiled and let him go.

“You are living too rationally. In this glamorous entertainment industry, there are many actors trying their best to show their high-profile and gorgeous side. Meanwhile, you are completely the opposite.”

He was mature in mind and wasn’t at all like a young man in his early 20s.

Yu Fuya properly put away the two watches, turned sideways and asked Baozi, “Have you checked with the person in charge of the vent? When do we leave?”

“It is in five minutes. Brother Ji can go down now.”

There was a special car from the hotel to the red carpet. Ji Li didn’t have much of a role in this movie and his status wasn’t as good as the other actors. Therefore, he was arranged at the beginning of the red carpet event.

Now was the time to go.

The red carpet ceremony for the screening had begun. The live stream on the video website was being carried out simultaneously and the number of fans watching the live stream had reached as high as one million. The barrage of the entire live stream room had exploded.

-Brother Yue, Brother Yue, Brother Yue! Yuanbao Yuanbao Yuanbao! Here I come!

-I’m looking forward to it too much ahhh. It is a pity that I didn’t grab the tickets for the screening.

-It is the third cooperation of Huahaoyueyuan! I can!

-Can the CP fan above stop it? Brother Yue and Yuanbao are just good cooperative partners.

-Stop arguing, stop arguing. Who can tell me when Teacher Qin Yue will appear on the red carpet?

-Wait, it must be the finale.

The black car slowly drove to the red carpet.

Ji Li sat in the car. Even through the reflective window glass, he could feel the wave of flashes outside. In the onlooker area outside the red carpet, in addition to the reporters, there were also fans and friends who came here.

At this moment, there was a deafening cheer. “Yuan Yifei! Yuan Yifei! Yuan Yifei!”

Yu Fuya sat in the back row and sighed. “Yuan Yifei has this top popularity. Ordinary people are really envious of it.”

Looking at the entire entertainment circle, only Qin Yue’s popularity could match his.

It was just that Qin Yue’s fans were very low-key and had always been reluctant to compete on such public occasions. It was just that they would definitely show their explosive support when there was a need.

Ji Li clenched his hands.

He hadn’t experienced such a red carpet occasion in a long time and it was also in a new identity. It was false to say that he wasn’t nervous.

Yu Fuya seemed to notice this and patted him on the shoulder from behind. “Ji Li, look well. Your true star career will begin with this red carpet. I believe in my own vision and I believe in you even more.”

Baozi quietly interjected. “Brother Ji, I believe in you too.”

Ji Li saw the sincere and trusting eyes of the two people and finally nodded.

The driver in the front row received instructions and gave a reminder, “Mr Ji, you can get out of the car.”’


The door was opened by the attendant.

Ji Li made a slight smile and stepped out with the most standard posture.

In an instant, those piled up in front of the red carpet rushed over. They shot their cameras wildly, regardless of who it was. It was only after a short but dazzling five or six seconds that the momentum somewhat eased.

It wasn’t until this moment that the crowd reacted.

Oh my god!

Was it Ji Li?

The young man wore a white suit today that was pure and clean enough to be tight. The black streamer at the bow tie was the only contrasting color.

This seemingly regular way of dressing highlighted Ji Li’s appearance to the greatest extent.

The young man’s eyes were very good-looking. Even under the bombardment of the flashes just now, he didn’t lose his demeanor. The slight smile in his eyes instantly attracted everyone’s favor.

The red and thin lip color and the slightly upward curve made people want to take a bite. On the high bridge of his nose, a small mole shone under the light.

The pure and soft temperament of his entire body added an indescribable and inexplicable charming desire. It was too amazing.

At almost the same time, a sigh popped into everyone’s mind.

This was a divine face! A really divine face!

For stars, nine out of ten of them were packaged by the lens. However, the shock brought by Ji Li far exceeded the beauty of the lens and made people unable to take their eyes off him.

The live discussion room slowed down for a few seconds before messages started to frantically fill the screen.

-Ahhh who is this person? He is so good looking, right?

-The above person, you are too slow! This is Ji Li, Ji Li! The one who has been on the hot search many times!

-Wu wu wu a Ji Li mother fan is leaving tears of excitement!

-Good looking is good looking, but is he on the red carpet list?

-He is there! He is on the second official list! He should be a celebrity guest invited to attend the screening, right?

-Haha, are you sure he isn’t here to rub the hype of the red carpet? Does Ji Li have a role in the movie? He didn’t seem to have appeared in the trailer, right?

-How come he is everywhere? At first glance, he must be using the hype of the red carpet.

Chaoying is supporting a violent star and must be confused.

The black fans and stinky netizens jumped out and started to sneer. However, they were soon controlled by the fans.

-Brother Yue is from Chaoying and Yuexing and Chaoying have a good relationship. This stinky water army, don’t jump out to blacken people.

-The guest list has been confirmed by the producer and it is impossible to allow a person to use the hype of the red carpet based on Brother Yue’s nature. Yue fans should pay attention to not be affected by the rhythm and to be friendly to newcomers.

-Ji Li fans want to thank Teacher Qin Yue for the red carpet opportunity. My child’s star career has just begun. Thank you to the other senior fans for the kindness. Thank you.

-Today’s protagonists are definitely Brother Yue and Yuanbao. We are just happy to be able to show up.

The barrage was lively while Ji Li had already reached the main stage. He took the golden marker from the young lady in charge of the ceremony and quickly wrote his name on the check-in page.

They were beautiful characters that were flowing and not lacking strength.

Due to the tight time of the red carpet, Ji Li simply said hello under the arrangement of the host and was introduced to the movie theater by the young lady.

Ji Li still caused a small commotion when entering the hall.

He found his place. It was the second row in the actor’s area. The first row in front of him to the left was marked with the sign ‘Qin Yue.’

He was quite close to Brother Yue.

Ji Li’s lips curved slightly as he thought this. Then he was soon attracted by the slight discussion from the rear.

The ones speaking were a few movie fans holding hand banners. “Ji Li? Why is he sitting in the actors’ area? The location is wrong, right? Shouldn’t he be sitting in the guest area?”

“I don’t know but he isn’t in the trailer.”

“I heard he is playing a small role? We’ll see in a moment.”

Before coming, Ji Li had seen the trailer and he indeed wasn’t in it.

The duration of the trailer was very short and the rhythm was tight. In addition to the two leading actors, the rest were filled with one or two second shots of old veterans and actors with big popularity.

The only clue related to Song Zhao was the blackening of Song Yi, played by Qin Yue, after the death of his little brother. It was just that the fans and audience hadn’t read the full script. It was normal that they didn’t know he existed.

Song Zhao’s role was originally small and the producer had to temporarily abandon it in the trailer. This was understandable.

Partially proofread: Azure

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