IPCFS: Chapter 43 Part 2

The filming of the next scene continued quickly.

Ji Li knelt stiffly on the ground, and his mouth twitched in a bitter manner. “Why? You obviously promised me that you would only secretly send her off!”

“Ah Yu, why? You said you would listen to me obediently.”

Feng Cheng came over and knelt down numbly in front of him. “Suian, I’m sorry. I couldn’t go back from the moment she died.”

He rubbed the hem of his suit and murmured, “Tiantian kept saying that she wanted to see how I look in a suit. I didn’t expect it to be on such an occasion.”

After less than two months of filming time, Feng Cheng’s temperament had greatly changed.

In the past, he still carried a bit of the air of a wanton teenager, while now he had a sense of helpless vicissitudes all over his body.

The assistant director in front of the monitor saw this scene, and his heart became sour. Then Ji Li’s next question pushed this feeling to the extreme.

“Ah Yu, we can’t fight our fate, right?”

The young man’s expression had become hollow, and the sadness in his voice was conveyed to the fullest.

Opposite him, Feng Cheng had red eyes and a miserable smile.

The loud sirens pierced through the dark cloudy sky and seemed like the countdown to their end.

The desire for death in Feng Cheng’s eyes decreased for a moment. “Suian, leave me alone and live your own life. Ah Huai is gone and Tiantian is gone. I just hope that you will be well.”

Xiang Suian, the good friend who accompanied him for many years, was the only one left in the world that he was reluctant to part with.


Ji Li’s mouth twitched and a suppressed cry overflowed in his throat.

He got up from the ground, turned his back to his friend, and walked away step by step.

Feng Cheng watched him leave.

The young man walked a few meters before stopping.

Over the sound of the rainstorm, his hoarse and solemn farewell was heard, “Ah Yu, goodbye.”

It was just like many years ago on a gravel road covered with the light of the sunset. The teenager returning home from school told him, “Ah Yu, see you tomorrow.”

The smile that erased the rain and spring breeze had remained in Feng Cheng’s heart for many years.

The teenager hoped he would be well, but he never was.

Feng Cheng raised his head and looked at Ji Li’s figure moving away. The collapse in his heart finally broke out and he fell to his knees and cried.

Time passed slowly. No matter how long their lives had moved in parallel, there would always be a day when they parted ways.

In the end, their group had completely and utterly dispersed.


Wang Zhang immediately shouted, “Cut!”

The staff members rushed up and surrounded Ji Li and Feng Cheng.

Yu Fuya wrapped a thick bath towel and blanket around Ji Li’s body out of fear that he might get a cold. “Ji Li, are you okay?”

Baozi came up and handed over what he had already prepared. “Brother Ji, hurry and take the hand warmers to warm up.”

Ji Li was surrounded by the crowd and responded slowly and vaguely. He looked back and saw that Feng Cheng had entered the scene too deeply. He was still kneeling in place and crying uncontrollably.

Ji Li also hadn’t emerged from the scene. He saw this, and he couldn’t help his nose becoming sore. He was almost manipulated by the character’s emotions to start crying again.

He was in a trance when a heavy bath towel wrapped around his head.

Ji Li, who was trembling from the cold, raised his head and met the man’s worried eyes. He cocked his head. “…Brother Yue?”

“Don’t say anything else. Go to the RV and take a hot shower right away.”

Qin Yue’s broad palm touched his head through the bath towel. Then he turned his head and explained to the staff members to the side, “I brought two cars here. Let Feng Cheng also go there to get away from the cold.”

Qin Yue was the investor of this movie and Feng Cheng’s boss. Today was the day that filming ended, and his sudden appearance didn’t arouse anyone’s suspicion.

Changing out of the wet clothes wouldn’t take away the cold that had soaked into their bodies. They had to find a way to warm up.

“Qin Yue, you are still thoughtful.” Yu Fuya helped to speak for Ji Li. “Baozi, get a clean change of clothes and quickly take Ji Li there.”

“Yes, Sister Yu!”


20 minutes later, the heated RV fully shut out all the cold air outside.

After taking a shower, Ji Li sat in the RV while wrapped in a thick blanket. He drank the ginger tea that Baozi had prepared for him while Major General lay at his feet. His thick belly was covering the young man’s bare ankles in a warm manner.

Qin Yue entered the car and saw this scene.

His pet was extraordinarily well-behaved as he clung to the young man, grinning stupidly.

Qin Yue smiled brightly and approached. It wasn’t until he stopped at the edge of the sofa that Ji Li slowly raised his head.

“Brother Yue, are you here?”

Qin Yue saw the young man’s eyes full of mixed emotions and knew what was going on. “You still haven’t fully emerged from the scene?”

Ji Li didn’t deny it. “Yes, a little bit.”

His heart was blocked, but he wasn’t too deep into the act like he was with ‘Xie Yan.’

Ji Li put down the cup of ginger tea once he finished speaking.

In fact, he didn’t really like the taste of ginger. He just drank it because he thought of Baozi’s heart.

It would be great if there was ice cream. After so many years of experience, he found that only cold ice cream could suppress the discomfort in his heart.

He was just thinking this when Qin Yue asked tacitly, “You aren’t using ice cream this time?”

Ji Li sighed dejectedly. “I want it, but Sister Yu and Baozi won’t let me eat it.”

Before filming, Ji Li had deliberately mentioned this matter, but both of them refused his request on the grounds of the cold weather.

This management was even stricter than Ji Li’s previous team. He liked the sweetness and cold so he wanted to cry.

Qin Yue was amused by the grievances in this person’s eyes. His heart softened and he called out, “Major General.”

“Bark!” Major General’s ears pricked up. He looked at his master and then the young man and almost instantly understood.

He straightened up, reached out and patted Ji Li’s knee with his paw.

Ji Li’s attention was drawn to him and he rubbed the dog’s head. “What’s wrong?”

The next second, Major Genera approached the RV’s freezer and opened the door with his paw. “Bark! Bark!”

Ji Li took a look and was instantly attracted by the mini ice cream cup inside. Surprise filled his eyes. “Brother Yue, why do you have ice cream in the freezer of your RV?”

Didn’t this man not like sweets?

“I bought it for you after you finished filming the TV series last time. There were still a few left in the freezer.”

Qin Yue responded casually. He took the initiative to hand it to the young man. “Take smaller bites and don’t be greedy.”

Major General leaned back, tail wagging eagerly as he stared at the ice cream in Ji Li’s hands.

Ji Li grabbed the ice cream cup and didn’t let it go. At the same time, he glanced at the window of the RV with a guilty conscience.

Qin Yue’s lips curved up at the young man’s small actions. “Sister Yu is discussing follow-up matters with the crew while Baozi is packing your carry-on luggage. They won’t be back for a while.”

Ji Li quickly opened the lid when he heard this and dug in with a plastic spoon.

Qin Yue sat down opposite him and was silent.

There was heating in the car, so the young man wouldn’t freeze.

It wasn’t until the cold ice cream filled his stomach that Ji Li felt that he had returned to normal. “Brother Yue, where did you get that information about Zhu Xusheng?”

After Zhu Xusheng’s scandal was exposed, the hot search had lasted a full three days.

People took advantage of this popularity, and scandals about his affairs with different female artists sprang up like mushrooms.

He had a gentlemanly character setting on the surface and love affairs in private. The filter of netizens about Zhu Xusheng was broken.

Jincheng issued a statement about how it was ‘false,’ but this didn’t stop the anger and ridicule of the netizens. Even this morning, the hot search terms related to him remained in the middle of the hot search list.

This wave of lethality was too ruthless, and Zhu Xusheng wouldn’t be able to appear in public for a long time. The relevant market value of Jincheng Pictures had also plummeted.

Jincheng was accustomed to ‘riding roughshod over people’ in recent years. This time, they finally fell.

Qin Yue replied bluntly, “Yuexing has a marketing company that has many materials about artists. Zhu Xusheng has always regarded me as his opponent, and once in a while, he will send paparazzi to try and discover any negative behavior I might do. I should always be prepared.”

To be honest, he disdained to regard Zhu Xusheng as his opponent.

However, the other person and his fans were cheeky and had pulled him hard over the years. They used ‘being opponents for many years’ as an excuse for hype, and this annoyed Qin Yue and his team.

Qin Yue saw that the two of them were in the same industry and didn’t want to publicly shed any pretenses of cordiality. It wasn’t until Ji Li was suppressed by them this time and a scandal created that he decided to release the material.

His actions were a bit ruthless, but if Zhu Xusheng hadn’t behaved inappropriately, he wouldn’t have been able to use such materials as a threat.

Ji Li nodded and contentedly fed himself another mouthful of ice cream.

Qin Yue looked at him. “This time, Chaoying wanted to vent their anger for you, and Tao finally became serious.”

The reason why Jincheng was unable to suppress this matter was because Chaoying was behind it. The industry was also clear about this.

There was the saying ‘the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out.’

This move of Chaoying was to deter their peers.

Wanting to use fake materials to attack artists of Chaoying? Then your artists must be ready to be counterattacked by us!

Ji Li smiled lightly and clearly understood. “Why is President Tao doing this for me? He is clearly doing this for Sister Yu.”

He finally saw to it that the scumbag Zhu Xusheng received retribution.

Yu Fuya had been so happy these days that she seemed to be floating. There was a happy rhythm every time she walked in her high heels.

Qin Yue met his eyes and pursed his lips.

Back then, the real relationship between Yu Fuya and Zhu Xusheng was exposed, and she suffered a lot of foul language from the Zhu fans.

Zhu Xusheng didn’t feel any responsibility as a man at all. Not only did he pretend that it had nothing to do with him, but he also jumped to Jincheng at that critical moment.

Due to this, Tao Mingyang had a lot of anger in his heart. This time, he took the opportunity to completely explode it!

Ji Li ate half of the cup of ice cream before stopping. He saw Qin Yue’s eyes of agreement and handed the remaining ice cream to the drooling Major General.

The dog finished licking up the ice cream and became even stickier toward Ji Li.

Qin Yue inquired, “This movie has finished filming. What are your next arrangements?”

Ji Li looked down at Major General and shook his head slightly. “I haven’t found a suitable script just yet. I will take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to rest for a while. Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth is about to be broadcasted. Perhaps I will have to cooperate with the publicity.”

Qin Yue’s eyes shook slightly, and he threw out an invitation, “Country and the World is scheduled on New Year’s day. There is a screening on the 20th of this month. If you are free, do you want to come?”

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1 year ago

Aww~ I’m happy to see Major General again :3 (But I have no idea if it is a good idea to give a dog ice cream :’D)

Thx for the ch ٩( >ヮ<)۶

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Lol that movie is too tragic for me. Haha personally, I’d rather watch a stupid but funny idol romance 🤣 I guess this kind of angsty movies is more challenging for an actor.