IPCFS: Chapter 43 Part 1

At first glance, the video that was leaked was secretly filmed.

In an underground garage, a man held a plump woman in his arms and occasionally tilted his head to kiss her. Then, within a few seconds, they wandered to the side of a black luxury car.

The man in the video put the drunk woman into the car and got in.

The fixed scene fast-forwarded a few minutes. Then the black car shook occasionally, and indescribable noises started in the car.

The person filming couldn’t help exclaiming, “F*k, are they doing it outside?”

“I can make a lot of money from this material.”

The sound was processed so that his original voice couldn’t be heard at all.

There were tens of thousands of paparazzi these days. Even if the voice could be heard, the whistleblower couldn’t be found at all.

Most importantly, the video captured the man’s face—Zhu Xusheng.

Back then, the other person came from Chaoying and he had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. His facial features were also very handsome. His condition wasn’t as good as his peak period when he was 27 or 28 years old, but he still looked unforgettable.

Weibo exploded the moment this video came out.

Who was Zhu Xusheng? He became popular in the movie and television industry the moment he debuted. He developed his popularity and works and was now one of the shareholders of Jincheng. He had some status.

Many people had been comparing him with Qin Yue. Both were existences that were admired by countless movie and television freshmen.

Then what about now?

Zhu Xusheng actually had this type of video exposed!

-F*k, what is going on today? It is melon after melon!

-Ever since Zhu Xusheng moved to Jincheng Pictures, didn’t he have extra rumored girlfriends rather than shooting a drama? His relationship news is countless. The company has issued a statement two or three times that it is fake. Now it has been completely overturned, right?

-There are so many f*ks that I’m speechless. Who is this woman? She looks very drunk. Are we sure it is voluntary? Not to mention, this type of thing was done in a semi-public venue. Even if they didn’t do it, won’t they be going back to do it after drunk driving?

-Hahahahaha,our brother is very low key and doesn’t want the fans to cause trouble, so I will just say one word today: cool!

-Upstairs sister, I understand you. What twin stars? They were unbound a long time ago. This person’s career is declining every day, and he can only brag about his former glory over and over again.

-@Jincheng Pictures @Zhu Xusheng, hurry up and clarify!

-My friend has been a Zhu fan for 10 years and is now trembling with anger. If this person was serious about announcing his relationship, then who would care so much?


In the private box, all the small entertainers who accompanied them at the drinking party had dispersed.

Jin Xianliang and Zhu Xusheng sat opposite each other, expressions ugly. This revelation had been posted for less than half an hour, and the popularity had already exploded.

Zhu Xusheng’s public relations team rushed over, and all their phones were being blasted. It was all from media reporters. 

One person was unable to explain the situation. “Mr Jin, Brother Zhu, we already tried to use money to suppress the news, but the popularity can’t be removed.

This hot search headline was very attractive, not to mention it was about the famous Zhu Xusheng.

No matter how much money Jincheng spent, it wouldn’t be enough to withdraw the popularity spontaneously accumulated by netizens. If this topic was forced to disappear from the hot search list, then there would probably be a fiercer backlash in public opinion.

“Mr Jin, I checked and found that the marketing account that initially broke the news is under the umbrella of Chaoying.”

It was obviously done intentionally for their artist.

The moment Jin Xianliang heard this, he picked up the wine glass on the table and threw it hard at the wall behind Zhu Xusheng. The wine splashed on the latter’s body, and the atmosphere became solemn.

The PR team looked at each other and didn’t dare say a word.

“I told you to pay more attention to this. Do you take my words with deaf ears? I told you a long time ago that not all paparazzi will come to us to exchange the videos they filmed for money!”

“It’s so good! The moment Chaoying got this video, they had to kill you and send our Jincheng to death!”

Jin Xianliang was so angry that his heart was beating wildly.

Zhu Xusheng was currently the most famous person in Jincheng. As a public figure, he actually took a drunk woman to have car s*x.

If this wasn’t a scandal, then what was a scandal?

The moment this matter broke out, he was afraid that Jincheng’s market share value would be shaken many times.

Zhu Xusheng knew that he was wrong. His eyes were ugly and he couldn’t speak.

“Mr Jin, please calm down first. The top priority is to think of a solution.” Zhu Xusheng’s current agent rushed out to ease the situation, and he poured warm water for all of them.

“Xusheng, who is the female artist in the video? Should we contact her and pretend it is a dating relationship? As for the thing in the car, it can’t be seen anyway. We can just say that it was deliberately edited and misleading. This should be able to ease the situation a bit.”

Netizens were fools without opinions, so they should be able to pass over this matter after a while.

Jin Xianliang obviously thought this was feasible and nodded. “Who is that woman?”

Zhu Xusheng’s original drunkenness had disappeared, and he rubbed his swollen temples. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Jin Xianliang and the agent exclaimed in unison.

“I might not have done this type of thing 20 times, but I’ve done it at least 10 times. These women all felt pretty much the same. How can I tell who is who?”

Zhu Xusheng’s answer was very frank since it involved public relations.

It had been more than a day or two since he became crazy about s*x.

This gentleman’s personality was designed for fans and viewers to see, but anyone who had some position in the circle would know his personality well.


The group heard this and fell silent in unison. Some team members even showed contempt in their eyes.

What was this?

On Friday night, they were suddenly summoned after work, and it was in order to deal with such a scumbag.

The agent wiped the sweat on his forehead and changed his mind. “Then we will find an artist with a similar figure and let her cooperate with you to clarify.”’

He had just finished speaking when the leader of the public relations team solemnly opened his mouth. “It is too late.”

“What is too late?”’

“Someone has already found the identity of the woman in the video.”  The team leader directly posted the screenshot of the news in the WeChat group chat.

A vast number of netizens revealed the identity of the other person in the video through the details of the clothes, her hair length, her figure and other clues.

The other person was an actress called Duan Yaling.

At the beginning of the year, she collaborated with Zhu Xusheng on a public welfare short drama.

The expressions of everyone in the box changed when they saw the news.

As the party involved, Zhu Xusheng seemed electrocuted and instantly leaned back against the sofa. It had always been smooth sailing for him since he debuted, but now he finally felt unprecedented despair.

He was finished. What should he do now?

Jin Xianliang was trembling with anger. He had thought that the current situation was extremely bad, but he never expected Zhu Xusheng’s actions would lead them to a deeper abyss.

“Look at how good you are! You can lay your hands on a married woman as well!”

Yes, Duan Yaling was married last year and her husband was Li Guotan, a giant in the production circle.

If this person was offended, then there was no need to think about even being involved in the movie circle.

At this point, the Weibo hot search was completely paralyzed.


Two days later, Shanghai’s central cemetery.

The movie Time Lobbyist finally ushered in the last scene on the schedule.

This scene was the opening scene of the movie.

After another rebirth, everyone had returned to their original starting point.

In the end, the female protagonist couldn’t escape her fate of a violent death. The male protagonist still held the short knife and stabbed her scumbag husband in front of everyone.

The scene being filmed was the last face-to-face talk between the third male lead Xiang Suian and the male protagonist, Cheng Yu.

In order to create an environment of ‘heavy rain’, the crew deliberately mobilized a sprinkler truck.

Ji Li had a large cotton coat around him and was pacing around to keep warm. Underneath the coat, he was wearing only a thin costume.

Yu Fuya saw the weather and looked at him with some concern. “It is winter and it is already cold. You still have to wear short sleeves to film in the rain. Can your body bear it?”

“Brother Ji! This is the brown sugar ginger water I cooked for you in the morning. Hurry and drink some first!”

Baozi hurried over and carefully handed him a cup of steaming ginger water.

“Thank you.” Ji Li took it with a smile, suppressing the anxiety in his heart.

He was afraid of the cold, and he was even more afraid of filming different seasonal scenes in winter. It wasn’t that he couldn’t endure hardships. He was just worried that his frozen limbs would affect his state while filming.

The production assistant came over and asked, “Ji Li, can you do it? We have to film quickly.”

Compared to Ji Li, who wasn’t frozen yet, Feng Cheng had just filmed a scene.

At this time, he was wrapped in a blanket to keep warm, but the clothes on his body were wet and cold. There was a possibility he would catch a cold if the time was dragged out.

“I can do it.”

Ji Li drank the ginger water that Baozi boiled in one gulp. Then he took off his cotton coat and walked to the filming position.

The chill in the air swept through his body and he instinctively shivered.

Today’s scenes had all been practiced before filming started, which could save some time when they would be freezing. Wang Zhang and the staff members didn’t delay and quietly shouted to get ready.

The artificial rain suddenly fell and quickly froze into bean-sized particles that struck Ji Li’s body.

In the trance state caused by the cold, Ji Li heard the sound of filming starting. Then the group of people holding black umbrellas screamed and retreated.

“Run away!”

“Someone stabbed a person with a knife!”

In the midst of the chaotic screams, some of the fleeing guests slammed into Ji Li’s shoulder. This completely removed the confusion in the young man’s eyes.

Ji Li reacted quickly. He used trembling hands to push away the crowd in front of him, shouting hoarsely, “Let me through, let me through!”

The torrential rain blurred the man’s vision. He relied on instinct to desperately squeeze forward, as if this was the only way he could grab onto that small chance to change things.

Finally, his vision expanded—

In the torrential rain, a badly injured man fell into a pool of blood and struggled to crawl away.

He recognized Ji Li, who had suddenly appeared, and a glimmer of hope lit up in his desperate eyes. “Save me, I beg you to save me… I-I don’t want to die…”

Before he could react, someone stepped on his back.

The man’s cry for help abruptly stopped when the knife fell.

Ji Li raised his trembling eyelids and saw an all too familiar face.

The man was rarely dressed in a black suit, and the hair that hadn’t been cut for a long time was wet from the rain and stuck to his face. The eyes shown through the gaps in the hair revealed a desperate desire to die.

Ji Li’s pupils shrank and his heart was flooded with a pain that couldn’t be resolved.

It was Cheng Yu.

The Cheng Yu who was rescued from hell and worked hard to climb up.

How could he become like this?

“Suian, I can save enough money for a house down payment after another year of working. Once the time comes, I will propose to Tiantian.”

“Suian, I broke up with Tiantian. I am the one who delayed her for seven years. It is long enough.”

“Suian, I still couldn’t hold back… I dressed up as her favorite bunny doll and ran to her wedding. Say, when she passed by the doll holding the bouquet of flowers, do you think she thought of me a little bit?”

“Suian, I met her at the hospital entrance today. How did she get sick? Why didn’t her husband accompany her to the hospital?”

“…Suian, someone told me that she, she is dead.”

The camera zoomed in and the young man’s eyes dimmed a bit. Suddenly, tears mixed with the mottled rain.

These were all verbal flashbacks that would be inserted during editing later. At that time, the emotions of the viewers would deepen little by little along with Xiang Suian’s recollections.

Now Ji Li could fully express the character’s heart through subtle changes in his eyes.

Wang Zhang carefully saw the close-up of his eyes and there were only these words in his heart:

Excellent in every respect!

The young man’s empathetic-style performance didn’t need guidance from him as the ‘director’ at all.

Proofreader: Azure

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