IPCFS: Chapter 42 Part 2

These remarks were pieced together to create a clear image of Ji Li’s family.

An honest and kind uncle who adopted the son abandoned by his sister. Ji Li was raised by his family and was very obedient since he was a child, but his aunt and cousin completely ignored him.

The mother and son not only suppressed him in terms of food and clothing, but they also did everything possible to take money from Ji Li. It was simply outrageous!

It was 9 o’clock in the evening, and the peak traffic period. The melon eating netizens online instantly shifted the direction of public opinion.

-F*k, Ji Li is so pitiful. Not only does he have an unreliable mother, but even his aunt is a vampire!

-I didn’t think that Ji Li would openly hit people as a star, and now the truth has been revealed. Very good, from today onwards, I have become Ji Li’s fan! Little brother, cheer up~

-Wuwuwu, my Ji Li baby, come and give Mom a hug. Those relatives can go away! Don’t try to hurt our baby!

-How could Ji Li not have a mother! I am, I am! Let’s make up for this missing motherly love!

-This passerby has real compassion and affection for Ji Li. I am used to seeing those with character settings of a rich second generation, or rich brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry. Suddenly, there is Ji Li who is an ordinary person, and I feel like the distance is suddenly closer.

-Everyone is feeling pity and distress for Ji Li, but as an aside, he looks too good ahhh! He looks good from small to big! In particular, in the photo with his teacher, his skin looks too good after zooming in!

-The sister upstairs has spoken my heartfelt words! From the middle school graduation photo to now, he obviously has a natural appearance that has never had plastic surgery. He is so beautiful that I would do anything for him!

-I’m envious. His bare skin is really good.

-Before his debut, he was so child-like and had such good manners. He was a bit dull and cute. Then after debuting, he became handsome, beautiful and charming. He has completely changed! The temperament is very different, but they all hit the spot!


The original hot search was still in a high position, but after someone clicked in to take a look, they would see clarifications and statements occupying the top spots. Comments such as ‘I’m distressed for Ji Li’, ‘Ji Li is so good-looking’ and ‘the aunt should get lost’ swept through the real-time comments area.

Some fans took advantage of this trend to release the previously saved drama and road shots. They were all casual and natural, but Ji Li was too good-looking from a 360 degree angle.

Many passersby who entered to eat melons immediately fell into the pit after seeing the photos.

Thank you, thank you, I’ve received these photos.

The insults filling Ji Li’s Weibo were deleted one by one, and the compliments and comforting remarks became popular again.

In Chaoying Culture, everyone saw that Ji Li’s data had risen and improved in real-time, and the last traces of tension in their hearts finally dissipated.

Baozi saw Ji Li’s fans break through two million and directly jumped up from his seat with joy. “Ahhhh, Brother Ji is awesome!”

Ji Li sat in his seat and laughed softly, “Stop it.”

“There is no need to stop it. Celebrate when it is time to celebrate.” Tao Mingyang and Yu Fuya came in from outside with a lot of drinks. “Everyone has worked hard. Today’s wave of reverse marketing was executed beautifully.”

Xie Kefang and Ji Youlai wanted to suck Ji Li’s blood and steal money, but they were directly sent to the police station by Ji Li. This directly saved them from any worries.

Their peers wanted to use Ji Li to suppress Chaoying, but they took advantage of this wave of public opinion to instead push Ji Li to a higher position and gain more popularity.

This high-level hot search without spending any money allowed them to reap the maximum data benefits. The passersby who originally followed Ji Li to scold him became Ji Li’s potential fans.

In this battle, they played around in the movie and television fan circle, and this allowed more people to have an impression of the name ‘Ji Li.’ His life experience even became a great weapon to gain passersby fans.

All of these gains came from Ji Li’s initiative at the meeting.

If they had followed the usual public relations model of the entertainment industry, they would’ve first suppressed the hot search and withdrawn the news. Then they would’ve used the water army and fans to wash away the malicious comments. Not only would Chaoying have to spend a lot on the public relations fees, but Ji Li was bound to lose some popularity along the way. The gains weren’t worth the loss.

Qi An stood at the edge of the group and whispered to his friend, “Ji Li’s trick was to borrow this force to fight. I am now convinced. Not only does he have long-term vision, but he also has great courage.”

If the degree of marketing regarding today’s matter wasn’t done well, then this ‘black material’ would have been completely stuck to Ji Li.

Any other inexperienced actor in this situation would have never dared to fight for their future like Ji Li.

Qin Yue smiled slightly, obviously agreeing with his friend’s words.

Ji Li might’ve only debuted for half a year, but his style of acting was like he had been part of this entertainment circle for many years.

He was just thinking this when Ji Li walked over with two cups of hot coffee. “Brother Yue, Brother Qi, I have troubled you today.”

Ji Li deliberately handed one of the cups to Qin Yue. “Brother Yue, your American style coffee has no milk.”

Qi An slightly raised an eyebrow. “How do you know he doesn’t like sweet things?”

“It was written on the coffee cup in his hand when I saw Brother Yue at noon today,” Ji Li answered.

Ji Li’s observations were very meticulous. Even if the other person didn’t say anything, he could remember everything about their daily interactions.

Qin Yue’s eyes moved slightly. “Thank you.”

The two of them took the hot drink from Ji Li’s hands and Qi An shrugged meaningfully. “There is no need to speak so politely about today’s events. Back then, both Qin Yue and I came from Chaoying Culture. President Tao and Sister Yu helped us a lot.”

Just then, Tao Mingyang and Yu Fuya walked over.

The group of people looked at each other and smiled.

Qin Yue opened his mouth to mention another serious matter, “Which companies bought the Weibo hot search?”

Qi An understood and passed the list of companies he had just obtained over to Yu Fuya. “I finally got the list from Weibo’s internal staff. You can use it to kill a wave of them.”

In fact, the fight between the Chinese entertainment companies was more intense than the outside world imagined.

In the eyes of many of their peers, the old Chaoying was a difficult bone to gnaw on. They secretly waited for it to have an accident and to decline.

Yu Fuya glanced at it before handing her phone to Tao Mingyang. “I knew that Jincheng Pictures would have something to do with this. Jin Xianliang and Zhu Xusheng are a pair of miserable days.”

On the list, Jincheng Pictures was ranked first.

Chaoying and Jincheng were old companies that were considered evenly matched. Ever since the incident with Zhu Xusheng, the two companies had been at odds and had been fighting openly and secretly.

Later, Chaoying was silent for two or three years, and Jincheng calmed down a bit.

Now Chaoying had Ji Li, a newcomer with good momentum. He even had a conflict with Cai Yishu of Jincheng. This caused the competition between the two of them to surge to another level.

Tao Mingyang frowned with displeasure and spoke in a slightly arrogant and domineering manner, “Our Chaoying should pay them back.”

Qin Yue took a sip of his coffee that was bitter and sweet. “I have some materials. I can give them to you for free.”

Chang’an Shili Road was the most prosperous and extravagant section of the city.

The private box of a bar was filled with charming murmurs from a group of women.

Jin Xianliang quickly walked in from the outside and threw his mobile phone onto the table. The phone knocked against a wine glass and the loud noise caused everyone in the box to become startled.

Zhu Xusheng leaned happily against a young artist who accompanied him to drink and casually glanced over. “President Jin, what are you bothered about?”

“I raised a bunch of useless trash in the PR department. I told them to kill the momentum of Chaoying and Ji Li. Now look at what they have done.”

The video of Ji Li ‘hitting’ someone had been inadvertently seen by Jin Xianliang’s assistant in his circle of friends, and he told his boss about it.

Jin Xianliang and Zhu Xusheng came up with a crooked idea.

They originally just wanted to make a simple ‘black revelation’ to suppress the external impression of Ji Li and Chaoying.

Even if the other party spent money to withdraw it, this revelation would become a ‘real melon’ and would later be brought out from time to time to mislead some unsuspecting netizens.

Unexpectedly, Chaoying didn’t suppress it and instead let a third-party marketing account move it to Weibo.

The first plan failed, so they came up with another plan.

They spent money to buy a low level hot search that would ruin people’s impression of Ji Li. Unexpectedly, it wasn’t just them. Their peers also stirred up the muddy water.

It was one after another. Chaoying didn’t have to spend anything, and this black topic became a high profile hot search.

It would be fine if this could ‘hammer’ Ji Li to death, but the reversal of the fake materials was too direct.

In addition, now netizens suspected that someone was secretly targeting Ji Li, and some comments vaguely pointed to Jincheng.

Zhu Xusheng had previously been enjoying himself so he was a bit surprised when he saw the news. “This newcomer called Ji Li has really good luck.”

After all, if this high level black hot search was placed on other newcomers, then they would’ve lost a layer of skin, even if they didn’t ‘die.’

Jin Xianliang glanced at him in a disapproving manner. “Don’t raise the ambition of others and destroy your own prestige.”

He had a similar family background to Tao Mingyang, and the two of them had grown up being compared to each other since childhood. Victory or defeat hadn’t been decided after so many years. He originally thought that in a few years, his Jincheng could beat Chaoying.

Yet halfway thought, Ji Li emerged.

The people in the industry were most sensitive to the so-called ‘emperor star.’ (Purple emperor star = artists who weren’t known before, but entered the public eye due to their works suddenly becoming popular or winning awards)

Based on Ji Li’s number of exposures and the speed at which he attracted fans after he debuted, it was only a matter of time before he became popular. Ji Li just needed to have decent acting skills and make no major mistakes, and it was impossible for him to not become popular in the future.

It was due to this that Jin Xianliang started to become anxious.

The benefits that a popular artist could bring to the company were considerable.

Jin Xianliang thought of this and glanced darkly at Zhu Xusheng again.

He spent a lot of effort to poach this person from Chaoying. The result? The momentum of the other person’s development in recent years was far inferior to that of Qin Yue. The current performance was completely inferior to the latter.

What Chaoying twin stars, what legendary twin movie emperors? They were all words that only the fans used to respect him.

Zhu Xusheng wasn’t very strong, and even Cai Yishu, who had been supported by the company for the past two years, was suppressed by the newly debuted Ji Li.

The first male lead of a movie was actually taken down by the third male lead?

It was too shameful to say this!

The more Jin Xianliang thought about it, the angrier he became and he directly scolded the person beside him.

“I told you to take it easy with playing around. Qin Yue has stabilized himself with a movie every year for the past two years, and his investments and productions haven’t fallen behind. Look at you. Ever since your last movie was released, it has been a year and a half since you joined the crew. Do you plan to do nothing and live on Jincheng?”

Zhu Xusheng frowned when he heard this.

His last movie was a literary and artistic movie that he invested in and starred in. It just happened to collide with the commercial movie filmed by Qin Yue. As a result, he completely lost in terms of box office and was ridiculed for a long time both inside and outside the industry.

“What are you saying? Didn’t I make money for Jincheng a few years ago?” Zhu Xusheng retorted. “I’m already reading the script. I have an idea so don’t rush me.”

He had been upgraded to a major shareholder of Jincheng two years ago and now had a bit of a say in the company.

Jin Xianliang suppressed the displeasure in his heart and resolutely closed the topic. “Forget it, I won’t talk about it. Let’s drink.”

Zhu Xusheng nodded and took the wine glass from the hand of the young artist accompanying him. Suddenly, the screen of his phone lit up.

The screen showed a Weibo link sent by You Meng along with the question: I’m asking you! What is going on with this?

“This You Meng is so annoying. Does she think she is a serious girlfriend just because she climbed into my bed?” Zhu Xusheng casually said as he clicked on the Weibo link.

The next second, the wine glass in his hand fell to the ground.

The first place hot search had been replaced.

The newly exploded hot search topic was very short, but it was so exaggerated that people couldn’t take their eyes off it at all: Zhu Xusheng’s car s*x.

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