IPCFS: Chapter 42 Part 1

Winter nights always got dark very quickly.

The sky had completely darkened by the time Xie Kefang and her son were dealt with.

Ji Li was afraid of the cold and sat back in the car with a cold air around him. The tip of his nose was slightly red from the cold.

Qin Yue immediately turned on the heater in the car, tore open a set of hand warmers, and stuck them to the back of Ji Li’s exposed hand.

Ji Li was stunned for a moment and looked down at the sudden warmth.

Qin Yue glanced at him, tone casual and ordinary. “Use it if you are afraid of the cold.”

“Thank you, Brother Yue.” Ji Li didn’t deliberately act polite with this person. He pulled down the zipper of his coat and carefully stuck the hand warmers inside.

Qin Yue glimpsed Ji Li’s childish movements, and a smile overflowed in his eyes. “Are you still cold?”

Ji Li’s smile was very warm. “It isn’t cold, it is warm.”

Yu Fuya finished talking with the police officers and lawyers and quickly sat in the car. She got straight to the point. “Ji Youlai has confessed. He sent the photo directly to an anonymous email. I have asked the company to check it.”


After the meeting at the company, they had all acted separately.

Qi An and Baozi stayed at Chaoying to monitor the dynamics and layout of public opinion on the Internet in real time. Meanwhile, Ji Li personally went to deal with Xie Kefang and her son, who were hiding and sucking his blood.

Yu Fuya was his agent, so she had to follow him. “Qin Yue, we have really troubled you this time. You helped us contact the police officers in this area.”

Qin Yue took off his mask and started the car. “Sister Yu, why are you being polite to me?”

He was worried about Ji Li and afraid that he would be bullied by this mother and son duo. Thus, he offered to follow them. However, as a public figure, he still needed to be cautious.

It was just that the power behind Qin Yue shouldn’t be underestimated. Even if the paparazzi secretly photographed him and Ji Li, they wouldn’t dare spread it so easily on the Internet.

Yu Fuya saw all the gunpowder on Weibo at the moment and immediately stopped her artist. “Ji Li, you don’t need to log into Weibo. The public relations department will handle the matter. Just leave it alone.”

“Sister Yu, don’t worry, my mental state is stable.” Ji Li smiled and took out his mobile phone.

He could guess what Yu Fuya was worried about, but he really wasn’t afraid of anyone’s criticisms and insults.

What was the saying? It is only when you can withstand slander that you can afford praise.

Moreover, this public opinion was condoned and acquiesced by him in order to ‘make trouble’. The good drama had just begun. How could he ignore it as the involved party?

Ji Li opened Weibo, and his phone was frozen for a while due to the thousands of pop-up messages. He waited patiently before opening the comments page.

It was as he expected. There were insults pouring in one after another, all surrounding his ‘violent beating.’

Three hours ago, a Weibo marketing account had posted the expose post from the China Entertainment Forum.

The revelation involved special words such as ‘a violent beating caused serious injuries,’ so the amount of views rose steadily.

However, under the suggestion of Ji Li, the public relations department of Chaoying didn’t spend money to suppress the posts. They instead used the company’s marketing account system to send this hot topic to the reserve position of the hot search.

There were a total of 50 hot search positions on Weibo while those outside the top 50 were the reserve positions. This position was relatively low and could be used without spending a lot of money, but this didn’t mean there were no fans or passersby paying attention to it.

Chaoying used this simple step to first increase the melon of its own artist from the ‘movie and television circle’ to the level of the public.

Sure enough, the issue of a ‘celebrity hitting people’ caused the hot search topic to rise rapidly.

It rose to the top 40 on the hot search list in one hour. Then it rose to the top 20 within two hours.

Now it had climbed to third place on the hot search, with 300 million topic views and 80,000 comments.

Yu Fuya saw that this data was lower than the regular data for third place and sneered, “As expected, some of our peers couldn’t resist and spent money to buy the high ranking hot search for you.”

“Let them go.”

Ji Li calmly opened his mouth and read the comments under the hot search.

-Oh my god, who is this scumbag?

-I feel nauseous and want to vomit. He is indeed an artist who thinks he can become popular while acting badly!

-Isn’t Ji Li too muddled? It has only been half a year since he debuted, and he gained more than one million fans before his work was even broadcasted. He also had positive hot searches several times. Looking at his face, he should have a good future.

-Does it matter how good-looking he is when he has a poor character? He will be destroyed, no matter how promising.

-Why do I always feel like this matter will be reversed? The hot search position rose too quickly. Did Ji Li do it?

-I heard that the news was suppressed by Chaoying for a week, and it was only revealed today. Oh my god, why would Chaoying protect such a violent criminal?

-Chaoying Culture can’t go back any longer. It has been going downhill, and now it has started to praise an artist with such a bad character? I am an old fan of the Chinese movie and television industry, and I miss the original Chaoying Culture twin stars too much. During the period when Qin Yue and Zhu Xusheng were there, how many people wanted to join Chaoying Culture?

-Please don’t bring our Brother Yue into this hot search discussion, okay? He has been filming diligently for many years. In addition, what nonsense about the Chaoying twin stars? A certain person is unworthy. Don’t come and bind him with our Brother Yue!

-Great. I finally saw the reality star version of a thankless ingrate today.

Ji Li’s psychological quality was very strong, and he happily shared with Qin Yue while reading the comments, “Brother Yue, your ‘Chaoying twin stars’ seems to be missed by many people.”

Qin Yue saw that Ji Li’s mentality was stable and couldn’t help smiling. “It was all seven or eight years ago.”

Yu Fuya saw that Ji Li could still find interesting stories that had nothing to do with him from the bunch of insults and shook her head before sighing with relief, “You have a really big heart. I was worried about you.”

Ji Li smiled and didn’t refute it.

A good-looking new actor beat his relative in public and caused a serious injury?

Such a topic full of twists, turns and reversals could best become the talk of people over a meal.

The various data of Ji Li’s Weibo account was invisibly driven. The number of fans had increased by nearly 300,000 compared to before, even if they were those following his Weibo to curse at him.

Nevertheless, what was that saying in the entertainment industry?

Black and red was still red. (TL: Red= popularity)

In addition, their ‘black history’ this time was nothing at all.

Ji Li glanced at the time on the screen of his phone and saw that it was only 7 o’clock in the evening. “Sister Yu, call the company and have them get ready.”

He leaned back against his seat and looked at the mottled light and shadows outside the car. “The foreplay has lasted so long. It is time for the main movie.”


It was Friday night and peak traffic time.

Ji Li’s black hot search had risen and firmly occupied the first place. Previously, it might’ve been bought by their peers, but now there was a real discussion.

The topic of #Ji Li’s violent beating was followed by the bright ‘explosive’ word.

From the afternoon’s explosion to the evening’s heated discussion, Chaoying Culture and Ji Li didn’t come forward to respond from the beginning to the end.

The colder they dealt with it, the more they aroused the attention of netizens.

The most straightforward feedback was that Ji Li’s fans rose instead of falling and was about to break through the two million mark.

The latest daily promotional photos sent two days ago had been flooded with insults and malicious words. Among those who commented, there were the water armies of other companies driving the rhythm, as well as the poisonous fans of other actors.

Occasionally, passersby would stand up to speak for Ji Li, but they would be angrily lectured at and attacked by others.

The situation continued until 8 p.m. Ji Li’s company, Chaoying Culture, finally issued a statement. The surprising thing was that—

The company’s statement didn’t deal with his ‘violent beating,’ but focused on the ‘online sale of personal goods.’

What was this?

Netizens rushed in to see the details.

@Chaoying Culture Official: Thank you to the majority of netizens, fans, and friends for your interest in Ji Li.

Today, the bidding and sale of Ji Li’s personal items circulated on a trading website. This was an unauthorized sale of another’s private property, and has seriously infringed on the personal privacy of the artist Ji Li. The company has collected the materials and reported it to the police. We will seriously pursue the legal liability of the infringers.

We solemnly declare the details as follows: First, the infringers are Ji Li’s aunt and cousin. The police have now filed a case, and they have been taken away for questioning. Second, the transaction amount involved in this case has been frozen and will be returned to the accounts of the netizens who bought them within one day. Third, the fault of the incident isn’t with the artist itself, but after communicating with Ji Li, the company will enclose a letter of apology written by Ji Li in addition to refunding the money.

The above is hereby explained.


Below this statement was the attached case registration and seal certificate of the public security bureau located in the western suburbs of Shanghai, as well as screenshots of the website sales.

-Ahhh, the company is finally alive! Hurry up and clarify it for my brother! I’m going crazy with distress!

-Am I stupid? Wasn’t it said that Ji Li’s aunt was seriously injured and hospitalized by him? Now his aunt and cousin have popped up and sold his personal belongings without his permission?

-The police father has confirmed it. It shouldn’t be fake, right?

-Very good, a neutral passerby finally smells a reversal.

-A handwritten apology letter? My Ji Li cub is so good. Wuwuwu, this clearly isn’t his fault!

-F*k, I can understand selling school uniforms, notebooks, etc, but what is going on with the underwear? Is there no bottom line when making money?

-Hehe, don’t change the subject. Now you want to shift the blame to the aunt? What happened to Ji Li hitting her in the restaurant? Don’t you want to explain that?

-To the professional black fan upstairs, the explanation has come. @Norman Food and Beverages, you are welcome to watch the full version of the video. It is fair and comfortable!

The passersby were quickly attracted by the comment and clicked into the official Weibo of Norman Food and Beverages.

@Norman Food and Beverages: We didn’t intend to get involved with an incident in another industry, but we didn’t expect things to become so big. Fortunately, the surveillance footage of that day was saved. It has now been released for everyone to judge for themselves what transpired. In addition, everyone is welcome to come to Norman to eat~

It was a complete 10 minute video and the angle was right in front of the bathroom door.

The netizens watched it and were all stunned by Xie Kefang’s shamelessness.

Stalking and blocking people, being shrewish and making a scene, and asking for one million?

Did she think that money would be blown in by the wind?

In addition, what about Ji Li kicking her and seriously injuring her? it was all about the angle!

Throughout the video, the young man only used a bit of strength to break free. Xie Kefang herself was fine when she was driven out of the restaurant!

Soon, another comment shot to the top.

-I want to ask, who stole the video from my Moments? I was there that day, and the 15 second video was what I posted in my Moments a week ago [cover my face.JPG.] This is a screenshot of my Moments on my personal page. I didn’t intend to frame Brother Ji Li at all!

The netizen who wrote this comment was a pure passerby.

She had witnessed everything that day and could finally stand up and speak. The content of the screenshot of her Moments was completely different from the previous black hot search.

“Tonight I was eating dinner at a restaurant and met a woman relying on a little brother asking for money. It is the first time I have seen someone so obviously trying to scam others.”

The time, video, and GPS positioning all matched the revelations.

The moment the truth broke free from the rampant maliciousness, more well-intentioned words finally became popular.

-I was Ji Li’s middle school classmate. To be honest, Ji Li was a very well-behaved person. He didn’t like to talk, but he was a very good person. His aunt was weirdly snobby and that expose post completely reversed things. All his clothes and belongings were his cousin’s leftovers. I will post Ji Li’s graduation photo. You can distinguish it for yourself.

-I am from the same university as Ji Li, and we previously worked a part-time job together outside of the university. His aunt often took his salary behind his back when the salary was paid at the end of each month. The first time I saw this happen, I was half-dead with anger.

-I am puzzled. Why scold Ji Li? We went to the same school. I might not have expected him to enter into the entertainment industry, but I never expected him to appear in this kind of hot search. He isn’t the type of person to be violent. This hot search is blackening him.

-Let me mention a bit of gossip. Ji Li was tricked into the entertainment industry by his aunt. His aunt ‘sold’ him and used his contract signing money on her own son.

-As a person from the same neighborhood, I will stand up and tell the truth: Ji Li and his uncle are very good, but his aunt and cousin are completely bad. Ji Li is pitiful, and he hasn’t had any parents since he was a child.

-The couple divorced some time ago. In terms of a blood relationship, that woman Xie Kefang and Ji Li share no relationship at all.

-My mother was Ji Li’s high school teacher. She said that Ji Li was a good student and looked good. Haha, apart from his standoffish, quiet nature, he completely fit the standard of a good student. I will show everyone a photo of Ji Li and my mother.

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