IPCFS: Chapter 41 Part 2

A small rental house in the western suburbs of Shanghai.

At this moment, Ji Youlai was ecstatic about the rapidly rising amount of money that appeared in the backend of the trading website.

“Xiao Lai, come and help your mother.”

Xie Kefang yelled from where she was lying on the bed. Ji Youlai glanced over and said impatiently, “You have been annoying me all day.”

He stood up, walked over to the bed, and helped Xie Kefang, who was lying in bed. “You should’ve stayed in the hospital where there were nurses who could assist you.”

On the night of the incident, Xie Kefang accidentally broke her back. She was bedridden and had limited mobility. In desperation, she could only call her son Ji Youlai to help assist her.

Xie Kefang’s back stiffened, and with difficulty, she adjusted herself to a comfortable leaning position. “I just wanted to save money on the medical bills to leave you with more money to use for investing.”

Ji Youlai’s anger subsided a little bit when he heard this.

Xie Kefang wasn’t annoyed by his attitude and asked with a smile, “Does anyone want to buy Ji Li’s cheap things? Can you make money from them?”

“Of course people want it! I told you a long time ago that today’s star-chasing girls are brainless. They think it is fragrant even if a star poops,” Ji Youlai spoke in a vulgar manner.

He grabbed the computer and showed the backend data to Xie Kefang. “See? The amount has  almost reached 100,000.”

“Oh, that much?” Xie Kefang’s eyes widened with disbelief.

She poked the zeros after the decimal point with her finger. The more she counted, the happier she became. “Oh, my son is so smart. That ingrate refused to give us any money, but you still found a way to earn it!”

“So quickly take this money, invest it, and become a big boss.”

“What is the hurry? Wait until the auction ends at 6 o’clock, and this money will go straight into my pocket.”

Ji Youlai placed the laptop at the end of the bed and continued to show off. “I told you this morning that I sold your medical record photo to an entertainment company that is hostile to Ji Li. And guess what?”

Xie Kefang listened carefully.

Ji Youlai made a gesture. “30,000 yuan! I received 30,000 yuan in exchange for letting them use a photo of your medical record to ruin Ji Li!”

Xie Kefang’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the news. “What a living Bodhisattva. Is it so easy to earn money from stars these days?”

“Yes, Mom. That is why I changed my mind. I won’t be a big boss any longer,” Ji Youlai paused and arrogantly patted his chest. “Isn’t my face more suitable for the entertainment industry than Ji Li?”

“If he can make one million, then I can definitely make 10 million!”

Xie Kefang followed his fantasy, and her eyes were full of greed and anticipation. “Yes, yes, my son is so handsome that little girls must like you! You will definitely become more famous than Ji Li!”

Ji Youlai was praised by her and became even more arrogant. He continued to paint a big picture.

“Once the time comes, I’ll buy you the biggest villa and hire servants for you, so you can be an old lady at ease at home. Dad is heartless. Let him squat in the fields and do farm work!”

In fact, as early as three months ago, Xie Kefang and Ji Aiguo had divorced. At this time, her relationship as relatives with Ji Li was no longer relevant.

Xie Kefang snorted angrily. “Who cares about what he does? The two of us can enjoy happiness.”

Then she was immersed in the fantasy of being a rich woman again. She even felt that her back injury didn’t hurt.

Ji Youlai laughed and sat back at the desk with the laptop. He rubbed his hands together, and his face was full of excitement. “Wait a few minutes, and I’ll be able to withdraw the money.”

In the evening, it was exactly 6 o’clock.

Ji Youlai refreshed the backend and clicked to withdraw.

Unexpectedly, a warning notification popped up on the web interface: It has been detected that this account is involved in illegal behavior, and the current amount has been frozen!

Ji Youlai was stunned for several seconds. He frantically refreshed the backend, but the result didn’t change.

The transaction amount of nearly 100,000 was displayed as a frozen gray-white color.

Ji Youlai’s chest heaved violently. He had been preparing for this transaction for three or four days before finally putting it on the shelves to be auctioned!

One hour, two hours after it was listed… for most of the day, the webpage showed no violations. Now the auction was over and it was up to the last withdrawal step, but there was a problem?

Ji Youlai became angrier the more he thought about it, and he slammed the mouse against the wall. “Why?!”

Xie Kefang was frightened by him. “My good son, what happened?”

She had just finished speaking when there was a knock on the door of the rental house.

The knocks came one after another, like a drum beating heavily in Ji Youlai’s heart. It made him more and more irritable.

Ji Youlai abruptly got up and opened the door while scolding. “What knocking? Are you in a hurry to reincarnate? Who doesn’t have f*king eyes and…”

The next second, the scolding suddenly stopped.

Ji Youlai saw the person who appeared at the door and was stunned.

Ji Li was standing at the door. He raised his eyes slowly, the ends of his eyes red with anger like a red-hot barb that could hook a person’s heart out of their chest at any time.

The young man exuded an inviolable coldness that made Ji Youlai instinctively tremble. What was going on? He hadn’t seen Ji Li for half a year. How could the idiot in his memory change so much?

Ji Youlai pursed his dry lips. “W-What are you going to do?”

“What am I going to do?”

Ji Li’s mouth twitched with a touch of coldness. Then he kicked out at a lightning fast speed and struck the other person’s abdomen.

Ji Youlai fell backwards, and his back fell against the short dining table.

The table full of food scraps hadn’t been cleaned up. Countless food and vegetable scraps mixed together and fell on him, adding to the mess.

He curled up in a pained manner on the ground, looking miserable and unable to get up.

Ji Li showed a satisfied expression. “That’s right, garbage should stay with garbage.”

Xie Kefang saw this scene and felt angry and distressed. “Ji Li! Why did you hit my son? I… oh!” She was so angry that she moved forward. As a result, she pulled her back injury. She gasped and fell down.

“You took my warning with deaf ears and now you are asking me why?” Ji Li saw a long-handled umbrella at the door and picked it up casually, asking in a cold voice.

“You want to earn my money? Do you deserve it?” He approached quickly and hit Ji Youlai’s knee cap hard. It was almost with the force of breaking a bone.


Ji Youlai screamed uncontrollably.

Xie Kefang was so anxious that she fell directly from the bed. Her body made another cracking sound and she instantly turned pale. She was completely still on the ground.

Don’t even talk about saving Ji Youlai. She was powerless to even help herself.

Ji Youlai crawled out of Ji Li’s hitting range. His knees felt unbearable pain and he trembled even as he stood up. He grabbed a knife on the table and pretended to threaten the other person. “Y-You, don’t come here!”

“You trespassed into a private home and violently hurt people! I will call the police and let the police arrest you!”

There was a flurry of footsteps from the corridor outside the door.

Ji Li threw the umbrella into the corner with a mocking smile on his face. “Oh? You are welcome to do so.”

In the blink of an eye, three uniformed police officers walked in.

Qin Yue and Yu Fuya followed closely behind. The latter saw the scene and quickly pulled Ji Li behind her to protect her cub.

The three of them had come here together from the company. Ji Li said he would go up first to deal with the mother and son personally. He had them temporarily stay downstairs to wait for the police.

The leading police officer saw the confrontation in the rental house and the knife Ji Youlai was holding. He immediately shouted with a serious expression, “What are you doing? Hurry up and put down the knife!”

Ji Youlai was originally chubby with a swollen face. He was frightened and immediately surrendered his weapon.

Qin Yue saw the unharmed Ji Li and glared at Ji Youlai coldly. Then he stepped forward and kicked the knife underneath the bed.

He saw the computer interface on the table and handed it to the leading police officer. “I’m sorry to trouble you. The company’s lawyer will arrive later, and he will handle the entire process.”

They deliberately waited for the transaction to be completed according to Ji Li’s wishes. Then the company was asked to freeze Ji Youlai’s account. This way, there was more definite financial evidence.

The leading police officer already understood the general situation and spoke sternly to Ji Youlai.

“Ji Youlai, right? Come to the police station with us. You sold another person’s property without their permission, and the transaction amount is as high as 100,000. This constitutes a crime of misappropriation.”

The personal information registered on the website was clear, and the frozen transaction amount in the backend was also clear.

The evidence was solid. As long as Chaoying’s lawyers resolutely prosecuted him, Ji Youlai would probably be sentenced to three to five years in prison.

Ji Youlai heard this and shook his head desperately while retorting, “I-I didn’t get the money! If you don’t believe me…look, the money hasn’t even reached my pocket yet!”

The police officer almost laughed when he heard this. “Does this mean you aren’t guilty of the crime if you didn’t get the money? Then I ask you, would you have run away with the money if the website hadn’t frozen the transaction?”

“T-That, Ji Li is my cousin. I am selling my own family’s things…” Ji Youlai’s voice became weaker before eventually stopping when he met Ji Li’s cold eyes.

Yu Fuya glared back angrily. “Bah, who is your cousin? Don’t blow your own trumpet.”

Ji Youlai had been spoiled by Xie Kefang from childhood, but he was a coward in front of outsiders.

He saw that his situation was disadvantageous and fell on his knees next to Xie Kefang, who had fainted. He cried out in a panic, “Mom! Mom! Wake up!”

“Oh… it hurts…” Xie Kefang was woken up by his pushes and raised her eyelids with difficulty.

She met Ji Youlai’s panicked, red eyes.

Xie Kefang was stunned for a few seconds before she remembered the situation that occurred before she fainted. The insults in her mouth were swallowed down the moment she saw the police officers.

“Stop crying for your parents. You have to bear responsibility for your own actions.”

The police officers easily guessed the mind of a person like Ji Youlai, and they unceremoniously pulled him up from the ground.

No matter how slow Xie Kefang was, she could easily understand what was going on.

She saw the coldly watching Ji Li and crawled over without hesitation. “You asked the police to arrest Xiao Lai? Ji Li, how can you be so heartless? He is your cousin! You ate and lived with him since you were a child! Now that you are rising up, you don’t even have a little bit of brotherhood?”

“Brotherhood?” Ji Li coldly repeated this word and looked at Xie Kefang in a condescending manner.

“Why didn’t you mention brotherhood to him when he insulted me and beat me at will ever since I was a child? Why didn’t you mention brotherhood when he sold my private things online for a profit?”

“You have done so many bad things regardless of our relationship as relatives. Now that you know something has happened, you intend to morally guilt-trip me?”

This face was so thick that it could be used to boil oil!

Xie Kefang was refuted by his words and warned him using a different angle. “He is your uncle’s only son! Your uncle won’t forgive you when he finds out about this!”

Yes, she and Ji Youlai looked down on Ji Li and had been bullying him openly and covertly.

However, Ji Aiguo treated his nephew really well!

What was the saying? It wasn’t for the monk’s sake but for Buddha’s sake (Do something out of deference for others). Besides, this young man had always listened to his uncle the most!

“My uncle? Haven’t you divorced him? You and Ji Youlai thought he was useless and separated from him three months ago,” Ji Li pierced through her clumsy lies. “Do you need me to remind you of this?”

Xie Kefang and Ji Youlai, the mother and son, crashed into the muzzle of the gun without any fear of death. Ji Li planned to use this opportunity to thoroughly deal with them so as to avoid any future troubles.

Even so, he still took care of the original owner’s uncle. He made a special call before coming.

“These are the sins of their mother and son. Let them suffer on their own. I can’t control them.”

These were Ji Aiguo’s words on the phone.

This man was called a spineless coward by Xie Kefang for most of their marriage. He had been suppressed to the point where he didn’t care. What son and wife? Sometimes it was better to live alone.

Ji Youlai saw that the situation was becoming more unfavorable and struggled while shouting, “Mom! What should we do? I don’t want to be arrested! I don’t want to!”

Didn’t he just use a bit of his brain to use  Ji Li’s name to earn some fast money? How could it have developed to this point?

“Stop struggling!”

The police officers didn’t offer him a chance at all and forcibly removed him from the rental house.

What dream of becoming an entertainment superstar? At this moment, it was smashed into slag.

Xie Kefang heard her son’s miserable cry and was dumbfounded. Trepidation and remorse finally surged up little by little in her heart.

She crawled to Ji Li’s side and changed her previous attitude. Now she cried and begged for forgiveness, “Xiao Li, I know I was wrong! I shouldn’t have bothered you and wanted to take money from you.”

“I am begging you. Can you tell the police officers to let your brother go? He is still a freshman in university, and he doesn’t know anything!”

“No matter what happened, blame it all on me! I was wrong. I know I was wrong…”

“He is just a student, and he still has a great future ahead of him!”

Xie Kefang lay on the cold ground and her voice was hoarse from crying.

Ji Youlai was her precious son. How could she be willing to let him go to jail?

Ji Li threw another bombshell at her. “Don’t worry, he won’t be a freshman student any longer. Half a year ago, you spent money to buy him a student registration so that the school leaders would open the back door for him. I just reported it.”

The more Xie Kefang cared about something, the more he had to crush it so that this woman would no longer have the slightest hope.

Vicious hatred overflowed from Xie Kefang’s eyes when she heard this. “What? Who gave you permission to do that?”

Qin Yue stepped forward and slightly blocked Ji Li behind him. He said in a deep voice, “Since you can’t bear it, you can go in with your son. In any case, both of you have a share in this matter.”

The man was tall and his aura was terrifying. His eyes were deeper and colder than Ji Li’s.

Xie Kefang instantly shivered, and all her hatred disappeared.

The leading police officer was also aware of this possibility and spoke in an official manner, “Yes, we have to take them away together for questioning.”

Yu Fuya handed over her business card. “I’ll have to trouble you. I am Ji Li’s agent. If there is any need for our cooperation, then please feel free to contact us.”


One minute later.

Xie Kefang saw Ji Li’s ruthless and distant back and finally understood what it meant to be  ‘unable to survive the self-inflicted disaster.’ She pleaded with no success and instead sent herself in as well.

What big villa? What rich lady? It was just a bubble that shattered with one pinch.

Xie Kefang’s heart was filled with remorse and pain. Her eyes rolled and she completely fainted.

In the last second before she fell into darkness, she still couldn’t understand how she had fallen so low to this point.

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Thank you for you work!

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You deserve it shrugs

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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so…he actually beat up his cousin and the police didnt’ care? lol.

11 months ago
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The police think
“My eyes are open”

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Same, my 1st thought was how come the police officer was so chill with him doing that 😅

6 months ago
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Probably chucked as self-defense since the cousin was holding a knife while Ji Li wasn’t holding anything. Perhaps the police will question them later?

3 months ago
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He arrived first and orchestrated it so that he would be able to return to a distance that would not implicate himself in things. They didn’t see it and they’re unlikely to believe the words of someone with so many crimes and conspiracies hanging over their heads. Particularly when the brat was holding a knife. That was an unexpected boon.

3 months ago

No zuo no die. If you don’t do something stupid then you won’t have to bear the consequences. A bit more literally “you won’t die if you don’t seek death.”