IPCFS: Chapter 41 Part 1


“Sister Yu, are you with Ji Li right now?” Department Leader Sun Ying’s tone was serious.

Yu Fuya had a bad feeling and she glanced at Ji Li. “Yes, I am with him. What’s wrong?”

Sun Ying directly brought up the issue. “There is a whistleblower post on the Internet that says that Ji Li pushed and beat his relative in public until she received a serious injury. There are videos of him pushing her and photos of her injury online. What is going on?”

The expose post was published in the last half an hour and was posted on the most popular Chinese Entertainment Forum.

Chaoying’s PR department had members who monitored the online news, so they discovered the news early on.

—New star Ji Li openly attacked his relative in a restaurant and seriously injured her!

In this anonymous forum, it was forbidden to directly name the celebrity.

However, the poster risked being banned and directly revealed the news without concealing any details in the title. It was obviously crafted to quickly attract the attention of netizens.

The written content of the post was very exaggerated.

[Ji Li of Chaoying Culture beat someone in public! In addition, the middle-aged woman who was beaten was his own aunt! I learned that Ji Li was an orphan who was raised by his uncle and aunt ever since he was a child.

The couple is very honest in nature. Ji Li was the son of the uncle’s sister, so they didn’t dare mistreat him or scold him during his childhood. They would give away all of their best supplies to Ji Li first, and even their own son could only take the leftover supplies from Ji Li.

Ever since Ji Li made his debut, he has cut off all contact with his family.

I heard that there was an accident at home some time ago. Because the family lacked money, the aunt had to go find him for some monetary assistance. As a result, she was kicked away by Ji Li immediately after having spoken a few words! The main point is that she was kicked!

I asked my connections for more information and it seems that she has a fractured back. She will be bedridden for a few months as a result of the injury.

Chaoying prevented the news from being broadcasted. Damn capital entertainment company! Is such an artist unafraid of being condemned by heaven?]

In addition to the indignant text, there was a clear 15 second video attached at the bottom of the post.

A young man in a cap kicked a woman away. She was pulled up from the ground only to collapse again.

At the end of the video, a bit of Ji Li’s face was revealed. This was enough for people to recognize his identity. There was also a photo of Xie Kefang’s diagnosis at the hospital that was from seven days ago.

The post quickly filled with comments.

-F*k! I knew it! Some time ago, this Ji Li was on the hot search three, four, five or six times due to a role. I knew that he must have someone supporting him behind the scenes! Even if it isn’t a certain movie emperor, he must have a financial backer!

-Violent beating? Hitting a woman? If such a star isn’t banned, then it is proof the company is supporting him!

-Severely injuring his aunt? How did Ji Li get away with it? He was too stingy to give away any money after he became a star? What a modern example of a shameless ingrate.

-This is a neutral passerby. Ji Li doesn’t look like he can beat people? There might be a reversal.

-The person above is a Ji Li fan! What noble passerby? This side profile is unmistakably Ji Li himself. Don’t pretend to be blind. Both the fans and the star will feign ignorance. Vomit.

-His Weibo fans are in the early millions. He should be removed from the entertainment circle.

-I quite like Ji Li’s appearance. I didn’t expect him to be like this…

-I’m disappointed. There is video and photo evidence. There is no need to whitewash. Sure enough, I have to pay for liking the wrong person. I thought I could raise an actor!

The Chinese Entertainment Forum was originally the first place for star-chasing fans to eat melons. This post was mixed with many water army accounts that were driving the rhythm. So even though it was a weekday, the popularity of the post rose rapidly.

Yu Fuya read this expose and was so angry that she almost smashed her phone on the spot. “Nonsense! When did our Chaoying block the news?”

Ji Li’s eyes were cold, and his expression also wasn’t relaxed.

He hadn’t hurt Xie Kefang at all that day. “Xie Kefang’s injury has nothing to do with me, but her diagnosis is clear. All her personal information is correct, and it doesn’t look fake.”

To put it bluntly, the source of this photo was likely to be Xie Kefang.

“Brother Ji, we definitely believe you,” Baozi replied. “The most urgent thing is to pull Xie Kefang out from behind it.”

Otherwise, there was no doubt that this woman would make more trouble.

In any case, Ji Li was used to seeing storms, so he quickly suppressed the anxiety in his heart. “Baozi is right. Let’s take care of it first.”

Yu Fuya also settled her mind. “We will go directly downstairs to the PR department and discuss it in person. This will allow us to solve it faster.”

Different situations called for different actions. They weren’t at fault, and there was nothing to be afraid of.

The three of them quickly headed over to the elevator.

Not long after, the elevator doors opened, and they happened to see some familiar faces inside.

Tao Mingyang looked at Yu Fuya and immediately noticed that something was wrong. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Go first.” Yu Fuya pushed Ji Li inside.

Qin Yue sensed the serious atmosphere around the three people and imperceptibly raised an eyebrow. “Ji Li, what happened?”

Ji Li shook his head. “There have been some false revelations about me on the Internet. We are planning to go to the PR department to discuss and deal with it.”

Yu Fuya saw that all of the people present were acquaintances, so she simply explained the matter. “Ji Li’s blood-sucking aunt from the countryside has caused a lot of trouble…”

The elevator soon stopped on the floor of the PR department.

Tao Mingyang learned of the situation and took the lead in walking out. He immediately said to the employees, “Find the members of the Internet Publicity Department and the others. We will have a collective meeting in five minutes.”

“Yes, President Tao.”

Qin Yue had just finished his business and originally planned to leave Chaoying. Now he suddenly felt a bit uneasy.

Qi An glanced at his friend and took the initiative to speak. “Can Qin Yue and I listen in to your meeting? In any case, we used to be part of Chaoying and perhaps we can offer some assistance to  Ji Li.”

Ji Li was surprised and his eyes fell on Qin Yue. “Will this take up too much of your time?”

Qin Yue followed the trend. “No, I have a wide network of contacts, and this might be a place where I can help you.”

The relationship between Yuexing and Chaoying had always been good, and Qin Yue and Qi An’s personalities couldn’t be faulted. Tao Mingyang had no worries at all. “Then let’s come together. With multiple people, we can develop multiple strategies.”

Five minutes later, all the staff members assembled in the meeting room.

Xiao Tao from the internet group was very powerful in collecting information. He spontaneously stood up to explain the situation. He connected the tablet to the projector and got straight to the point. “These are the two big problems.”

“First, according to the feedback from fans, someone is selling Ji Li’s past belongings on the star chasing trading website and has started an auction. As of now, the preliminary transaction amount has reached 70,000.”

In addition, the marketing accounts had taken screenshots of these transactions and spread them to Weibo.

“Secondly, there is the breaking news post of the Chinese Entertainment Forum that has already become a trending post. The content of the post involves the company, so we are temporarily unable to contact the forum to force the post to be deleted.

Ji Li’s breaking news involved ‘violently injuring someone.’ This was a sensitive topic, and the angry replies from the netizens were enough to show the negative impact. If the post was deleted at this juncture, it would just increase the negative public opinion.

At this time, deleting the post would just spread the speed of the revelation and it would become evidence of ‘Ji Li did hit someone.’ In the future, these old accounts would definitely be brought up again.

“Both matters are inseparable from Xie Kefang, but the former is a personal act while the latter is controlled by rivals.”

Qin Yue pointed out the key part of the two matters.

Qi An nodded in agreement and his mouth twitched as he looked at Tao Mingyang in the main seat. “It seems that some of your peers feel that the momentum of Ji Li’s development is too good. They are afraid that your Chaoying will have a future star and want to take the opportunity to strangle him in the cradle.”

Tao Mingyang frowned. “They are thinking too beautifully.”

Chaoying had been declining for two to three years and it wasn’t easy to obtain Ji Li.

Now someone wanted to ‘strangle’ Ji Li’s stardom and suppress their Chaoying Culture? It wouldn’t happen!

Yu Fuya sat up straight and expressed her thoughts about how to handle it from the perspective of an agent. “One thing at a time.”

“We have already guessed who is behind the online auction, but we need to check the IP address location, take screenshots of all the transaction interfaces, and directly report it to the police.”

Baozi told her, “Sister Yu, I have already taken screenshots and saved them. I am also recording the screen in real time.”

Yu Fuya nodded and continued, “Sun Ying, you will make a statement and guide fans to not buy it by mistake. In addition, contact the official person in charge of the website to remove it from the shelves as soon as possible.”

The named department leader bowed. “Yes, I understand.”

Qin Yue stared at the name of the trading website on the screen. “I can deal with the matter of removing the goods from the shelves.”

“I said there was something we could do to help.” Qi An whistled and stood up to make a call. “Yuexing has invested in this trading website previously and has some right to speak.”

Qin Yue saw his friend walk away, and his eyes fell on Ji Li again.

From the beginning, the other person had been sitting silently in his seat. His always smiling eyes were cold, and the calm expression made people unable to see his real emotions.

For some reason, it wasn’t reassuring.

Qin Yue had debuted for many years and had seen much bigger public opinion storms than this. However, Ji Li was different. He hadn’t been in the circle for a long time, and almost all his time was spent filming.

Would he feel sad when he encountered such ignorant abuse due to his brainless relatives who acted unscrupulously?

Qin Yue thought about it, and a small amount of worry appeared in his eyes.

Suddenly, Ji Li spoke from where he was sitting, “Everyone, excuse me. Can you please take a few minutes to listen to my true thoughts?”

Everyone’s eyes fell on him including Qi An who hadn’t made the phone call yet.

Tao Mingyang had always respected the views of his artists. “Say it.”

“When it comes to these two matters, I am not in the wrong. I’m not at fault at all.” Ji Li spoke very firmly and turned to persuade the busy employees. “There is no need for everyone to think about public relations solutions.”

Some staff members couldn’t understand his reasoning. “What does this mean?”

“I mean, why don’t we go with the flow?” Ji Li smiled and asked, “After all, do we want to waste the popularity of this public opinion?”

Everyone in the PR department looked at each other.

Tao Mingyang and Yu Fuya exchanged looks with a bit of surprise.

The two of them had worked together for a long time and brought out countless artists. Yet at present, those who could maintain a calm attitude in the face of such malicious public opinion, not hesitating to fall to the lowest point and then pursue ‘maximizing interests’…

Ji Li was the only one.

Qin Yue saw the young man’s confident and calm eyes and couldn’t help chuckling.

Yes, underneath Ji Li’s soft and gentle appearance was a bold and fearless heart. It was just like the matter of He Ling changing roles and Cai Yishu adding scenes previously. He wouldn’t be suppressed by public opinion or bullied by capital.

Qin Yue was just worrying on his own.

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Hmm. If Qin Yue hadn’t showed up so helpfully at that time then his course of action likely would have been a bit different. But having this stalwart bastion of stability Qin Yue around really helps make someone feel confident enough to do reckless things and rely on the reversal to explode in popularity.

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