IPCFS: Chapter 40 Part 2

Xie Kefang stared at the backs of the two people leaving, and her face turned blue.

She never expected that in less than half a year, the young man who had always been honest and obedient would become so heartless!

She promised Ji Youlai that she would retrieve the money from Ji Li. Now, she had not only failed to get the money, she was also threatened by Ji Li…

How could she explain this?

“Xiao Li, if one million isn’t possible, then 100,000 is also okay! Your cousin really is in urgent need…”

Xie Kefang was extremely anxious and planned to persuade him using subtle arguments.

As a result, in the next second, her feet slipped on the stones and she fell straight backwards.

There was a slight cracking sound from her body.

Before Xie Kefang could react, the pain completely overwhelmed her.

Her face instantly turned pale and she weakly opened her mouth to call for help. It was just that her always loud voice was gone, and she could only make a whimpering cry of pain.

In the quiet darkness of the night, no one noticed her existence at all.

On the other side, Ji Yunqi stood in the corner and witnessed the whole process.

He didn’t return to the restaurant until Ji Li and Baozi left to pay for the wine glass.

The front desk manager saw him and walked up to him to ask, “Third Young Master, the Western dishes are getting cold. Would you like me to ask the chefs to prepare new ones for you?”

Ji Yunqi waved his hand, his expression very casual. “It doesn’t matter. You can go make arrangements.”

The manager didn’t dare to be too sloppy and personally sent him back to the private seating area.

He had just closed the door of the private seating area, but before he could leave, he heard Ji Yunqi’s cry of excitement from the inside.

“Ahhhhhh, he was too cool just now!”


The manager was stunned for a few seconds, before he carefully knocked on the door to investigate. “Third Young Master? Are you alright?”

The movement inside stopped. Then the answer he received was as arrogant as ever. “It is fine. Hurry up and make the dinner arrangements. I’m going to starve to death.”

The manager was relieved and quickly went to prepare things.

Ji Yunqi cracked the door open and confirmed that the manager had gone far away before falling back onto the sofa in the private room to reminisce about what he had just witnessed.

Old Mrs. Ji developed a small hobby within the past two years. She liked to stay at home and watch strange TV series about ‘family affairs.’ As her grandson, Ji Yunqi was often dragged in to watch with her.

Every episode, he saw the most extreme relatives on TV. He felt suffocation through the screen watching the sections where the protagonist of the TV series had to endure their relatives….

Now he just witnessed Xie Kefang’s extreme behavior and Ji Li’s direct response…

His mind and body were satisfied even though he just watched the situation unfold.

Ji Yunqi opened his WeChat Moments and hummed a tune as he sent a message: Life is really good. Tonight, I met someone who is cooler than me!

Ji Yunqi waited a long time before receiving his sibling’s comments.

Eldest Brother: ?

Second Sister: Haha, who can compare to you, the cool king?

He happily replied to Ji Yueming: I’m willing to make way for him for a second!

The cool king Ji Yunqi sat up straight. He pretended to take out a pair of ‘sunglasses’ from his pocket and put them on his face.

A satisfied thumbs up appeared. “Very good. I give myself full marks for this performance without a real object.”

A week later, Chaoying Culture.

Ji Li had just arrived at the company when he saw a familiar figure at the elevator entrance.

Qin Yue wore a long camel-colored trench coat that fully showcased his proud figure. His hair was cut shorter than the last time they had seen each other, and he looked more capable.

The man’s well-defined side profile was as eye-catching as ever. He was holding a cup of coffee and his slender fingers were beautifully curved.

It had to be said that the other person’s outfit completely fit Ji Li’s aesthetics.

Ji Li’s eyes lit up. “Brother Yue.”

Qin Yue turned sideways and met Ji Li’s bright smile. Ji Li was wearing a black down jacket with a white turtleneck sweater underneath.

He looked warm and must have been very warm to hug.

Qin Yue instinctively pushed up his silver framed glasses to cover up the flash of light in his eyes. Then he smiled. “I haven’t seen you in a while.”

Qi An took half a step back and suppressed his inner desire to complain.

How big was this entertainment industry? Some actors couldn’t even see each other once a year.

The last time they met Ji Li was at most one month and a half ago. How could it have been a long time since they hadn’t seen each other?

Ji Li stood beside him and asked, “Why did you come to Chaoying?”

Qin Yue replied, “There is a movie and television project that is being prepared and I’m meeting with President Tao to talk about it.”

Ji Li heard the words ‘movie and television project’ and curiosity flashed in his eyes. However, he had a sense of measure. Some projects hadn’t been officially announced, and as an artist, he couldn’t ask.

Baozi followed and politely greeted the two men.

The elevator door opened and the four men walked inside.

Qin Yue stood beside Ji Li and watched him wrap himself up tightly. For some reason, he felt it was a bit cute. “Are you afraid of the cold?”

“Yes.” Ji Li turned to the side and pursed his lips in embarrassment.

He was afraid of the cold, and the original owner’s physique was completely the same as his former self.

He still had two more rain scenes to film before he completely finished filming. He was worried since it was in the middle of winter.

“When will the movie end?” Qin Yue continued to ask.

“If it goes well, it will be finished the day after tomorrow.”

The movie crew had moved back to Shanghai to shoot and all the character highlights had been completed. There were only a few days before the entire crew was finished.

Qin Yue lowered his head thoughtfully.

The elevator stopped on the 11th floor.

Baozi tiptoed around his backpack and gave a reminder. “Brother Ji, we have arrived.”

Yu Fuya had arranged an interview for an electronic magazine in the morning.

Ji Li smiled at Qin Yue and Qi An. “I still have work to do. I’ll go first.”


Qin Yue relaxed after Ji Li left, and the tight air around him eased.

Qi An was keenly aware of the other person’s emotions and asked with amusement, “Are you that happy when you meet him?”

Qin Yue pushed up his glasses and silently walked out of the elevator.

The electronic magazine’s questions had been sent in advance so the interview went well.

Once the interviewer left, Ji Li casually picked up a stack of thin documents from the cabinet. It was a biography of the movie script that had been sent yesterday.

Ji Li roughly read two pages before putting it back in a dissatisfied manner.

Yu Fuya finished sending off the interviewers. The moment she returned, she saw the young man’s expression. “What is it? Is the new script still not good?”

“Yes, it doesn’t quite match what I want.”

The character design was very flimsy. At first glance, it looked like the short biography of the script was written by applying the current most popular character template. It wasn’t clear what the final draft would look like.

“Don’t apply for it if it doesn’t work. In any case, we already planned to rest until the next year.” Yu Fuya comforted him.

Ji Li lowered his head. Before he could speak, Baozi held his laptop and ran over in a hurry.

“Brother Ji, it isn’t good! Something big has happened!”

Yu Fuya frowned. “Don’t just be startled and scared. Speak properly!”

“Sister Yu, something really terrible has happened.”

Baozi walked to the middle of the two of them and showed them the webpage on his laptop. “Look, someone is holding an online auction to sell Brother Ji’s personal belongings.”

Ji Li’s eyes immediately changed, and he scanned the content on the webpage.

The starting price for Ji Li’s middle school certificate was 100 yuan, the starting price for Ji Li middle school uniform jacket was 500 yuan, the starting price for Ji Li’s graduation photo was 800 yuan…

There were all types of items with the label ‘Ji Li.’ The most eye-catching one was: Ji Li’s underwear.

This item simply challenged the limits of a fan’s curiosity.

The comments area at the bottom of the page had doubting fans, shocked fans and fans of other artists waiting to see a good show…this auction was on top of the website’s single-day hot list.

In addition to his duties as an assistant, Baozi was also the intermediary between fans and the company. He quickly explained the origin to the two of them. “This was sent to me by the group leader of Brother Ji’s Weibo fan group…”

This was a second-hand website dedicated for merchandise trading between fans.

Celebrity signatures, posts and out-of-stock endorsement items could all be found on the website. These auction items were placed on the shelves at 12 noon, and the auction time was set for 6 o’clock in the evening.

The owner’s account was a newly registered one star account. At first glance, it was a person with bad intentions who was trying to make quick money.

“Don’t just think that this type of auction is absurd. Some fans will really be deceived. Brother Ji, look, there are already anonymous IDs bidding at the bottom of the auction page.”

The financial literacy level of the fan circle had always been uneven. There were academic masters with good academic qualifications who doubled up by chasing stars. There were also primary school students who were young and had an immature concept about spending money. Of course, there was also no shortage of rich people.

Baozi scrolled down on the bidding page and pointed out to Ji Li and Yu Fuya. “I just made a preliminary calculation. The highest bidding amount is at least 50,000.”

This absolutely could not happen.

Fans would definitely be angry when they found out they were deceived, and the one who would suffer was Ji Li.

Yu Fuya obviously had this thought as well and suppressed her anger. “The imitation items can’t be legitimate. I will have…”

“These items are legitimate,” Ji Li replied with an ugly expression.

There were photos of the items on a shelf. He searched through the original owner’s memory and found that they were the original owner’s former items.

“F*k. Brother Ji, is this your aunt who is acting like a ghost?” Baozi let out a rare curse when he heard this.

“Xie Kefang isn’t educated and doesn’t understand how to place these items on the online shelves. It must have been her son, Ji Youlai, who did it.” Ji Li almost immediately identified the culprit.

He underestimated this mother and son’s ability to act like demons!

He hadn’t expected that the other side wouldn’t change their ways. Ji Youlai couldn’t get money from him, so he actually enacted such a dirty idea!

“I will contact the PR department right away.” Yu Fuya couldn’t sit still and quickly stood up.

Before she could make a call, a call arrived from the leader of the public relations department first.

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