IPCFS: Chapter 36 Part 2

In front of the camera, Ji Li’s heart-wrenching, silent cry resonated through the monitoring screen to everyone present. It caused everyone to forget their surrounding environment and follow him with their hearts.

Feng Cheng and Wei Lai looked at each other, completely shocked by Ji Li’s acting skills.


Too strong!

His acting skills were obviously no lie, but Ji Li was able to use his own style to vividly portray his character’s heart.

The filming continued.

Song Xingshen and Wei Guofu, two veteran actors, were acting together and created full tension.

They showed the cruel picture of a disgusting man and a woman begging for mercy. One was strong and the other was weak. This directly impacted the moral bottom line of the onlookers.

If they didn’t know that this was acting, someone probably would’ve immediately rushed over and beat up the scumbag.

They just had this thought when the door of the room was slammed open.

Xiang Suian, played by Ji Li, couldn’t bear it any longer and rushed back into the living room. He tried his best to push his stepfather away and roared, “Go away! Don’t touch my mother!”

His stepfather fell onto the ground that was covered with soup and vegetable residue. He was stunned for a few seconds before he got up and kicked angrily at the young man who was struggling to untie the rope.

“D*mn, little bast*rd! How dare you push me?”

“Your mother is a sl*t and you are also one! Die for me!”

Xiang Suian’s back was violently kicked, and the blue veins on his forehead appeared due to severe pain. He gritted his teeth and got up, quickly protecting Mother Xiang with his thin body.

He looked up at his hateful stepfather, his body tense to the point of trembling. He was like a dying baby beast protecting his precious possessions. “…I won’t allow you to hit her! I forbid it!”

“I’m not allowed to hit her?”

The man wrapped the leather belt around the palm of his hand and stared at the young man with heinous killing intent. “Okay! Then I’ll kill you first!”

Wei Guofu’s image as a ‘domestic violence scumbag’ was too strong. It was so strong that people felt fear and hatred even though he was just acting.

The staff present were shocked by his demeanor, and they were all worried for Ji Li.

The waving belt fell down again and again, making people tremble.

Ji Li gritted his teeth and held on. He didn’t make a single cry of pain as he tightened the arms protecting his mother little by little.


Don’t hurt her!

Even if I die, I won’t let you hurt her again!

Song Xingchen felt the strong feelings transmitted by the young man, and the tip of her nose was filled with the sourness of her heart.

After holding back for a long time, Mother Xiang finally broke down and cried out. She reached out in a powerless manner and begged, “Don’t hit the child. Old Li, I beg you not to hit the child…”

“I was wrong, I was wrong. Please don’t hit him…”

“Help An An. Who can come… and save my An An?!”

The pained cries for forgiveness were drowned out in the night.

Suddenly, a small photo fell out of the pocket of his school uniform jacket.

Ji Li’s gaze drifted to it for a moment before returning to the ground.

It was a photo of a family of three taken when Father Xiang was still alive. As a child, he happily rested in his father’s arms while his mother was snuggled up next to her husband and caressing the child’s tender face with one hand.

At that time, his father’s embrace was very warm, and his mother’s touch was gentle.

He didn’t feel any fear or suffering.

The camera slowly approached, and the tears that the young man had been accumulating for a long time finally fell. He trembled and reached out with his fingers to touch one corner of the photo.

The light in his eyes faded a bit, and the corners of his bleeding mouth curved up.

Dad, if I die, you will definitely come to pick me up, right?

The young man’s tense body suddenly lost strength, and he completely fainted on the ground.


The scene should end here.

The entire set was quiet, and everyone’s heart was worried.

Song Xingchen looked at the young man who had fallen to the ground, and in a momentary trance, she couldn’t tell if she was inside or outside the scene.

Her emotions were still there, and she couldn’t stop her tears from bursting out.

“An An?”

Song Xingchen reached out her hand to test Ji Li’s breathing. She confirmed that he was still alive and her body collapsed.

Wang Zhang got the scene he wanted so he shouted “Cut!” and took everyone out of the plot.

Yu Fuya couldn’t stand it any longer and immediately ran up. “Ji Li?”

At this moment, she finally knew what the mentality of a mother was like.

She clearly knew that the other person was acting, but when she saw Wei Guofu ‘hitting the person’ with a belt, she almost couldn’t help going up and kicking the man’s ‘private area’!

She had to say that Mother Xiang was too cowardly. She actually led this unfortunate life and caused Xiang Suian to suffer with her! Yet when thinking about it, sometimes cowardice when dealing with domestic violence was actually the fact that the victim couldn’t resist at all.

Ji Li quickly got up from the ground with Yu Fuya’s support.

“Brother Ji, hurry up and drink some hot water slowly.” Baozi came up and handed him the hot water that had been poured in advance.

It was early winter and the air was cold. He couldn’t buy ice cream for Brother Ji to eat or this person might hurt his stomach.

Ji Li’s clothing was a thin coat and he was a bit cold after lying on the ground for so long. He quickly took a sip of hot water before looking at Song Xingchen, who was surrounded by assistants.

“Teacher Song, did I pull you too hard in the scene? Are you okay?”

Song Xingchen wasn’t fully out of the performance yet. She heard this concern and her heart felt warm yet bitter. She stepped forward, patted Ji Li’s reddened little face and told him softly, “I’m fine, but you…”

She glanced at Wei Guofu and tried to dilute the heaviness of the scene with a joking tone, “Did Old Wei hurt you?”

Ji Li didn’t care about this small pain at all. “No, Teacher Wei’s strength was well controlled.”

Wei Guofu patted him on the shoulder. “A young man like you has good tenacity.”

Song Xingchen nodded and smiled. She unabashedly praised her ‘own son’. “The performance wasn’t bad.”

In front of everyone, the two veteran actors praised Ji Li vigorously. They obviously liked this new junior.

The staff members present saw this scene and all felt it was reasonable.

They were now all watching Ji Li with the filter of the character. Who didn’t like such a person with excellent acting skills and a humble attitude?

Outside the set, Wang Zhang picked up the megaphone and shouted, “Come and watch the replay!”

All three were strict about acting. They immediately set off when they heard this.

Feng Cheng, who had been watching on the set, sighed in a convinced manner. “I suddenly feel very pressured but also motivated. What about you?”

Wei Lai nodded sympathetically. “Go back and study the script well. After a while, we will be filming the highlights of our role, and we can’t be much worse than him.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled in unison.

Qin Yue heard this as he was passing by, and his eyes flashed in agreement.

The environment of a good crew should be like this.

Even if there was a comparison between fellow actors, it might be benign and positive.

Ji Li focused on his own role and invisibly became a driving force for others to move forward. This was the charm of a good actor.

Qi An found Qin Yue standing by the river bank with a lit cigarette in his hand.

Qin Yue’s face was submerged in the darkness of the night, and the cigarette was burning with a sense of loneliness.

Qi An approached and asked, “Why are you smoking?”

“Wang Zhang gave it to me and I used it to relieve fatigue.” Qin Yue’s movement of flicking away the ashes was beautiful. He looked at the swaying river and slowly opened his mouth.

“Qi An, I actually had the idea of retiring from the circle while filming Country and the World.”

Qi An smiled slightly and took out the cigarette he carried with him, lighting it with the spark from this friend’s cigarette. “I know. I have worked with you for so many years and I’m your nominal agent. How could I not see it?”

Qin Yue had taken 10 years to become an unshakable figure in the entertainment industry.

Everyone swore that no one could break Qin Yue’s record, and even he thought so.

Yet no matter how powerful the person, there would always be a day when they became tired.

Qin Yue’s family background was far more powerful than others imagined. He could make some proud achievements in other circles even if he wasn’t in the entertainment industry.

Originally, he had thought about starting in another field, but now this idea had been completely dispelled.

Qi An took a puff of the cigarette and asked with a smile, “Isn’t it interesting as long as Ji Li is in the entertainment industry?”

Qin Yue couldn’t help smiling. “He is the only person so far who can bring me into the performance.”

This situation didn’t only exist when the two of them were acting together.

Just now, Qin Yue had the perspective of a bystander, but his emotions fluctuated with Ji Li’s interpretation.

This feeling was very novel and was even a bit appetizing for him.

Qin Yue didn’t want to retire and leave the circle.

He wanted to occupy the top position in this circle and watch Ji Li, who was destined to be a dazzling star, climb to the position beside him.

Qi An smiled and didn’t say anything. He only gave a reminder once the cigarettes in their hands were all burned out.

“It is 7:30. Isn’t it time to go and catch the plane?”

“Change the ticket. I want to see him finish the last scene tonight.”

Qi An got the expected answer and hummed in agreement. “Okay.”

The time was 8 o’clock, but the work of the set didn’t end. Everyone was waiting for the last scene tonight.

It was the exact same ‘domestic violence’ scene, but Ji Li was going to play Xiang Suian who had been reborn many times.

Wang Zhang’s directing style was extroverted. He didn’t require the actors to interpret it according to his standards, but he gave them space for ‘free interpretation.’ They could act freely according to the characteristics of the role.

In Wang Zhang’s view, the core of creating the character was the actor, not the director or other people.

Therefore, in the next scene, apart from a few necessary camera details, he gave Ji Li the greatest amount of free space when it came to other filming content.

In the lounge, Ji Li and Screenwriter Mu were talking about something.

10 minutes later, the two of them walked back in unison.

Wang Zhang saw Ji Li’s figure and got straight to the point. “Xiao Ji, are you ready?”

Ji Li nodded silently and walked to the initial filming position.

It was the same one-shot approach, but this time the crew paid more attention to Ji Li’s on-the-stop acting and the cooperation of the experienced cameramen.

Everything was ready.

Under the anticipation of all the staff members on the set, the last scene for the night finally began.

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