IPCFS: Chapter 35 Part 2

The adjustment of the shooting schedule wasn’t a trivial matter. It wasn’t until noon of the third day that Ji Li got his official first day filming notice.

There were a total of four scenes and Ji Li’s alone accounted for three. In particular, the two scheduled scenes in the evening weren’t easy.

Yu Fuya stared at the content of the scene written on the notice and was a bit worried.

“On the first day of re-shooting, Director Wang wants to shoot your role’s highlights? Ji Li, are you in good shape? Do I need to go and discuss this with him again?”

Generally speaking, a character’s main scenes were left to the middle and late stages of filming.

It was because by that time, the actor would have entered an idealized ‘role’ state. Their empathy for their character would be strong, and the filming effect would be better.

“Sister Yu, there’s no need to discuss this. I can film,” Ji Li answered decisively. He flipped the pages in the script to the scene that he remembered by heart.

“Feng Cheng and the others have only just received the original script. Director Wang Zhang must’ve considered this and pushed my role forward.”

Ji Li made a reasonable guess. After all, he had the original script for the longest time out of the five people.

Yu Fuya realized this and nodded. “Okay.”

She had confidence in Ji Li’s acting skills. The other person said that there was no problem, so there must be no problem.

Modern dramas didn’t require their actors to wear headgear like dramas set in ancient times, so they saved a lot of time in hair and makeup.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Ji Li arrived on set on time.

He saw Qin Yue standing beside Wang Zhang in the distance. The two of them were seriously discussing something.

“Director Wang, good afternoon,” Ji Li greeted the director first before his gaze fell on Qin Yue. “Brother Yue, are you going to stay in the crew?”

Wang Zhang rolled up his script and preemptively said, “He had me take over this ‘rotten’ mess, so I naturally forced him to stay and help for a while.”

Qin Yue explained with a slight smile, “My plane leaves at 9 o’clock in the evening. Once the filming here is on the right track, I can leave with confidence.”

Ji Li nodded.

He heard that, in addition to filming, Qin Yue was busy with managing the company’s affairs.

He was the biggest investor, but he temporarily took a three day absence from the company to help the crew. This could already be considered the biggest benevolence.

Not long after, Feng Cheng and Wei Lai finished their makeup and came over, one after another.

“Director, Teacher Qin Yue, good afternoon.”

“Come on, let’s try the scenes,” Wang Zhang tapped the script and encouraged them. “Try to pass the first scene in one take, and this will bring a good omen for the entire crew!”

Today’s scene was a three-person scene, and it was filming their daily life after school.

This scene was relaxed, and the lines were simple. It mainly highlighted the true friendship between the three boys.

Filming daily scenes wasn’t difficult, and Ji Li and the others were all actors with filming experience. They briefly walked through the scene before entering the state of official filming.

Five minutes later, everything was ready.

Wang Zhang sat in front of the monitor and shouted the first ‘start’ of the movie.

The setting sun shone on the river in town, and the sparkling water looked very gentle.

On a moss-covered cobblestone path, the wheels of a bicycle flew past.

Cheng Yu, played by Feng Cheng, slammed on the brakes flexibly, and he hooked his fingers at the two teenagers in front of him. “Hey, collect a toll.”

Ji Li stared at the teenager who suddenly appeared, and a hint of joy flashed in his eyes.

Today was the first day of their third year of high school, but the other person skipped the morning classes. It wasn’t known where he went to fight, so Ji Li was nervous all day. Fortunately, this person wasn’t injured this time.

The camera captured Ji Li’s subtle emotions in this moment.

Wang Zhang sat in front of the monitor and laughed, “This boy really understands the inner relationships of the characters.”

Compared to the second male lead Fang Huai, who had strict tutors and was good at learning, the living environment of the protagonist Cheng Yu and the third male lead Xiang Suian were actually more similar, so the inner worlds of the two of them were closer.

Fang Huai, played by Wei Lai, stopped and slapped his unruly friend’s palm. “Where did you get the bicycle?”

Feng Cheng laughed and squeezed himself between the two of them.

He hooked his arms around his friends while raising his chin. “Others used it to pay off the debt. Brother Yang said that he would lend it to me to ride for two days. How about it? Do you want me to take you for a ride?”

Fang Huai and Xiang Suian smiled at each other and walked away directly. “We’re going home to study.”

Cheng Yu stared at the backs of the two people and muttered angrily, “These two old-fashioned people only know how to study. It isn’t interesting.”

“Don’t blame us for not reminding you. Tomorrow, all third year students will be having a unified examination. Your parents will be called if you miss the exam.”

“F*k!” Cheng Yu exploded and quickly followed on his bicycle. “What exam? What is on the exam? Eh, wait for me…”

The scene progressed smoothly.

Feng Cheng and Wei Lai were immersed in their roles and fought back and forth.

Ji Li followed his friends with a slight smile in his eyes. Among the three boys, Xiang Suian had always been the quietest one.

“Fang Huai, it is almost 6 o’clock,” Ji Li glanced at his watch and reminded them warmly.

Wei Lai’s playful expression froze instantly, and he took a deep breath, “I’m going back first. What do you want to eat for breakfast tomorrow? I’ll bring it for you.”

“The usual three,” Feng Cheng snapped his fingers and urged. “Go back quickly, or your mother will turn  over the sky again.”

Fang Huai’s mother was very strict, and even the time to return home was set with only one minute of leeway.

If there was a situation where he arrived home late, Fang Huai couldn’t avoid a bitter ‘I am doing it for your own good.’

It wasn’t that he never tried to resist, but if he did resist he would just get the farce of the other person throwing a tantrum.

Feng Cheng hooked an arm around Ji Li’s shoulder and asked in a low voice, “Say, do you think Feng Huai will go crazy if he is forced by his mother again?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Ji Li pulled out two stacks of notes from his bag and handed it over.

“The notes for Fang Huai’s three subjects are above and mine are separate. I know that you get sleepy when studying, so I’ve circled the exam points in advance. Try to remember as much as you can.”

Feng Cheng flipped through the neatly handwritten notes and hummed, “I got it.”

These two people weren’t panicking about the exam and were instead worried about him.

Ji Li looked at the young man’s smiling face and said firmly, “Ah Yu, don’t mess around outside any longer.”

His voice was very soft, but it carried a sense of seriousness.

Cheng Yu was a child who grew up eating meals from many households. He had seen all types of situations in the world, and at this age, his temperament was wild and lonely.

Aside from the old couple who adopted him, the only people who could communicate with him were Xiang Suian and Fang Huai.

In order to make money early, Cheng Yu joined a gang of thugs in town and occasionally helped the boss, Brother Yang, in fights. He even risked his life.

He was seriously injured several times. He was afraid that the elderly couple would be worried, so he would hide in Xiang Suian’s room to recuperate.

Xiang Suian had seen all of Cheng Yu’s embarrassing states.

“…Ah Yu, your life shouldn’t be like this.”

In the glow of the setting sun, Ji Li’s eyes were light and focused, but Feng Cheng understood the true emotions in them.

I hope you are well.

Stay away from fights. Even if you have to live a normal life, it is fine as long as you are safe.

The emotions hidden in the depths of the script were silently refined by Ji Li.

Feng Cheng was touched by an indescribable emotion, and his heartbeat suddenly slowed down.

Somehow, he thought of Cheng Yu’s final ending—it was a cold prison day and night which was a loneliness more desperate than death.

His eyes dimmed for a moment and he blurted out, “My life has always been hell. There is nothing wrong with it.”


The unprovoked depression permeated the area for three seconds.

Feng Cheng sighed before returning to his dashing and wanton appearance, “Are you stressed out from your senior year? Why are you pretending to be deep in front of me?”

He tapped on Ji Li’s head with his notebook. “I’m going. Go home and study.”

Feng Cheng pushed off on his bicycle and moved forward.

Once he was a few meters away, the young man’s warm and serious farewell was heard. “Ah Yu, see you tomorrow.”

Feng Cheng turned his head to look back and saw the other person’s curved up lips. The smile was very faint and inexplicably gave him a burst of warmth like a spring breeze.

The haze in Feng Cheng’s eyes completely dissipated. He turned back and waved to Ji Li. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

The camera slowly zoomed out.

The town was shrouded in the afterglow of the setting sun, and the three teenagers walked along three different alleys toward their respective homes.

It was just like their future life trajectories. No matter how long they had been walking in parallel, there would be times when they turned around and parted ways.

The scene ended.

Wang Zhang glanced at Qin Yue beside him and praised with satisfaction, “Your company’s Feng Cheng has grown a lot in acting skills over the past six months.”

The emotional conveyance of that look just now was completely unexpected and was much better than the previous two test runs.

“It was Ji Li who brought him into the scene.” Qin Yue stared at Ji Li in the lower right corner of the monitor, and his tone raised unknowingly.

No matter whether it was a cooperative scene or a solo scene, the other person could bring him a different surprise every time.

Ji Li’s acting skills were far more exquisite and delicate than he imagined.

This time, Ji Li acted with his peers and it was obvious that he was the one who understood his role the best.

During the time when the three of them were acting, he might’ve been quiet and didn’t speak, but as long as the camera swept over him, the aura he released still declared his sense of existence.

It wasn’t too much or too little, it was just right.

Later, the three-person scene changed into a two-person scene and Ji Li changed his previous acting state.

He completely put Feng Cheng, the male protagonist, into the dominant position while he was in the secondary supporting position.

His acting state was restrained.

It wasn’t overwhelming, but at the key point in the plot, he easily conveyed the desired emotions and drove Feng Cheng into the scene.

Wang Zhang had excellent directing skills, and after thinking about it, he could feel Ji Li’s delicate sense of balance in this scene.

He exclaimed with surprise and sighed sincerely at Qin Yue, “It seems there will finally be a second you in the entertainment industry.”

“No,” Qin Yue shook his head slightly while his tone was light and pleasant. “It is that a unique Ji Li has appeared in the entertainment industry.”

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