IPCFS: Chapter 35 Part 1

Due to the sudden change, the crew suspended the day’s filming.

In the lounge, Ji Li looked at  Qin Yue in front of him and sincerely thanked him. “Brother Yue, you have helped me once again. If not, I really would’ve had to resign from the role of the third male lead.”

Qin Yue’s stern look when dealing with outsiders was completely gone, and his lips lightly curved up. “You helped me, or else I would have not only lost this Yuexing investment, but also lost a wave of reputation.”

Qin Yue’s emotional intelligence was very high. The words that he used made the unilateral ‘favor’ become a ‘cooperation with mutual benefits.’

The two people looked at each other and smiled.

Ji Li slowly picked up the milk tea and took a sip.

Qin Yue covered the smile in his eyes and mentioned one more thing, “In fact, you could’ve told me about the script earlier. There was no need to let Screenwriter Mu make a special trip.”

“I asked him to go to you personally so that I could save some unnecessary trouble,” Ji Li confessed.

He didn’t intend to hide his true thoughts in front of Qin Yue.

Qin Yue understood the meaning of these words and smiled without saying a word.

He had invested in the movie, and the other person was one of the actors in the movie. The fabrication of black materials from some time ago had just ended, and it wasn’t suitable for them to have too much involvement.

It was indeed appropriate for Screenwriter Mu to come forward to find him as the screenwriter of the original work.

Of course, the important thing was that the three of them were in agreement about the script.

Ji Li lived a real and transparent life. Even if he had some subtle thoughts, he wouldn’t make others feel disgusted.

Qin Yue thought of this, and a faint smile flashed in his eyes.

Ji Li asked, “Brother Yue, you have changed three important people this time. What did the producer say?”

There might’ve been a lot of turmoil in less than two days after the filming started, but he still attached great importance to this movie and this role. He hoped that the new director, screenwriter, and male protagonist could take it seriously.

“All the replacements have been found. Director Wang Zhang will take over this movie. His filming style is very suitable for such a reversal in the plot.”

Ji Li remembered Wang Zhang and his eyes lit up instantly. “I met Director Zhang once when I was still a trainee at Dream Media.”

On the first day when he replaced the original owner of this body, he met Wang Zhang who came to assess the trainees.

Qin Yue answered, “I know. You also acted out a scene from my movie.’

Ji Li was surprised. “Brother Yue, how do you know about this?”

“Wang Zhang showed me your assessment video.”

Qin Yue gave words of affirmation. “The version that you acted out is much better than the original version. The emotional handling of the character is much more mature than I was back then.”

This was the movie scene that made many people applaud Qin Yue back then.

Now Qin Yue could directly throw away such a ‘glorious’ scene and applaud the new scene that Ji Li had interpreted.

Ji Li heard this, and a subtle and unclear emotion filled his heart.

He suddenly felt that their sincere understanding of acting was something that they shared in the depths of their souls.

“The original script is already very complete, and there is no need for any major changes. The on-site screenwriter position will be handed over to Mu Suian. I asked Ms Ji Yueming to read the script, and she is willing to be named the chief screenwriter of this movie.”

Ji Yueming was the second sister of the original protagonist, Ji Yunqi, and one of the best in the screenwriting circle.

There was a heavyweight director and screenwriter involved. The production team of this movie looked a lot better on the surface.

Ji Li nodded and was very convinced by Qin Yue’s arrangement.

“What about the male protagonist?”

“The protagonist will be one of the actors from my company. His name is Feng Cheng and he is talented and willing to learn.”

Keep the goods within one’s own family.

Rather than letting an artist from another company occupy the male lead position and act bossy and arrogant, it was better to let an artist from Yuexing take the position. At least they knew the bottom line.

In the next second, there was a knock on the lounge door, and Qi An opened the door.

“Qin Yue, Wang Zhang and Feng Cheng have got off the plane and are coming over now. They called and said that they will arrive in 30 minutes. Do you want to call the remaining cast in the crew to have a meeting?”

The director had changed, and many people in the movie crew had to change. The schedule had to be rearranged, and even the director and actors had to start cultivating their tacit cooperation all over again.

Everythingmust be overturned and re-started.

Fortunately, it had been less than two days since filming started. The number of scenes filmed was low, and this minimized the consumption of manpower and material resources.

Qin Yue replied, “Yes, inform them of the arrangement.”


30 minutes later, Director Wang Zhang and the actor of the male lead, Feng Cheng, arrived at the crew’s meeting room.

The two of them might’ve temporarily been pulled over by Qin Yue, but they were both happy to accept the new job.

Coincidentally, apart from Ji Li, the other four leading actors had more or less participated in the movie and television works directed by Wang Zhang.

Wang Zhang didn’t need to speak politely at all when seeing these actors.

In front of everyone, he walked straight to Ji Li’s side and asked with a smile, “Do you remember me?”

Ji Li didn’t feel any embarrassment and greeted the other person with a smile, “Director Wang Zhang, I haven’t seen you in a long time. I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to work with you so soon.”

There wasn’t any of the original embarrassment and frustration. The young man at this moment was calm and eye-catching so that Wang Zhang’s favorability rose sharply.

“Yes, this collaboration came so suddenly.”

Wang Zhang paused and added, “I went to a director’s meeting the other day and Director Zheng Anxing also mentioned you to me.”

As directors, they saw countless actors every year. The only newcomer who could leave a deep impression on both of them at the same time was Ji Li.

Wang Zhang didn’t hide his expectations for Ji Li. “In the next filming, you must perform well.”

Ji Li responded seriously, “Director Wang, I will do my best to play this role well.”

Apart from Cai Yishu, the other leading actors in the crew weren’t those who liked making trouble.

At this moment, they saw the interaction between Wang Zhang and Ji Li, but didn’t have the slightest bit of resentment or jealousy. Instead, they were looking forward to the next cooperation.

Feng Chen said in a friendly manner, “I joined the crew last, and I’m not familiar with the script. I will have to trouble everyone to take care of me.”

His boss was sitting in the main seat, so Feng Cheng naturally showed 120,000 points worth of spirit.

Yuexing was a company that valued acting skills the most in the industry. The company had countless veteran actors and talented stars under them.

The company never engaged in a fancy trainee selection system. Qin Yue had strict requirements and the newcomers who entered the company every year were selected by him from the students.

Feng Cheng joined last year, and the company had been honing his skills with supporting roles in big-budget movies.

This time, the male protagonist role of a movie came suddenly, so he valued and cherished it very much.

“I will gather the team to arrange the filming activities overnight and strive for business to continue as usual.”

“As the investor, I don’t want anyone to compromise my interests due to personal reasons. As a senior in the industry, I hope everyone will focus on filming.”

“I don’t want there to be a second Cai Yishu in this crew.”

Qin Yue’s speech was very concise, but full of energy.

Several actors nodded like they were mashing garlic. All of them were convinced.

Ji Li saw this scene and his lips curved slightly. It seemed that Qin Yue’s legendary status and worship in the movie and television industry was real.

Wang Zhang took the script and patted it in a vigorous and resolute manner. “Okay, long story short, let’s hurry and seize the time we have to read over the script. In particular, Xiao Feng should get familiar with the original script as soon as possible.”

Before filming started, the actors sat together and readthe script. It played an indispensable part in helping the actors familiarize themselves with the plot, find the feelings of the characters, and get along with each other’s roles as soon as possible.

Previously, Guo Minsheng ignored this important matter directly. It could be shown how perfunctory he was when it came to filming.

Now that they had heard Wang Zhang’s instructions, the actors were so excited that they called their assistants to get the original script.

Ji Li took out the original script that he carried with him. He opened to the first page full of notes and waited with a satisfied gaze for everyone to start.

Qin Yue sat quietly in his seat, always paying attention to Ji Li out of the corner of his eye.

The other person was sitting upright with his hands folded over his script. His appearance of waiting was indescribably cute and well-behaved. His inner expectations and excitement could easily be distinguished.

Qin Yue hid his smile and suddenly felt that his investment was incomparably correct.

Putting aside the concept of time reincarnation, the story of Time Lobbyist was actually a very simple portrait of a group of youths.

The male protagonist Cheng Yu was an abandoned baby picked up by an old couple. He grew up eating the meals of many households in a small town since he was a child. Unlike the good students of previous youth dramas, Cheng Yu hadn’t studied well since he was a child and was a famous tyrant in the area.

The second male lead Fang Huai was an academic character with good looks. Outsiders envied and admired him, but few people knew that the expectations and control that his divorced, single parent mother had for him had reached the point of suffocating oppression.

The third male lead Xiang Suian was quiet and introverted. His life was plain and ordinary. He wasn’t as brazen and reckless as Cheng Yu, or as excellent as Fang Huai. He was more like the epitome of thousands of ordinary children.

The three boys who were completely different and seemed to have nothing to do with each other became chance acquaintances when they were young.

Then they became friends who talked about everything, accompanying each other year after year.

In their third year of high school, a beautiful and well-behaved transfer student came to town.

From that moment on, the gears of fate for the trio started to turn rapidly until there was only a desperate and irredeemable disintegration at the end.

The three-hour long script reading session ended with Ji Li’s last recitation.

Feng Cheng and Wei Lai looked at each other and signed in unison.

They had to admit that Ji Li’s line skills were too good.

It might have been just a simple script reading, but he didn’t relax in the slightest and even refined the character’s state at the end of each line of words.

Feng Cheng and Wei Lai were unknowingly led by him and put in 100% of their heart.

During their time reading it, they all entered the role without Wang Zhang’s deliberate guidance.

The performances of the two actresses also weren’t bad. Once Ji Li read the last line, their eyes were redder than the other.

Both of them had been arranged into the crew by their companies. The repeated script revisions meant that they were forced to see every scene in disorder.

Now that they read the original script, they realized how excellent and touching the story was.

Chang Shiran, who was playing the heroine, wiped away her tears. “Suddenly, I am looking forward to this story being released in movie theaters.”

This was the best youth movie script she had seen in recent years, bar none.

“Me too,” the actress of the second female lead responded spontaneously.

Wang Zhang nodded with satisfaction. “Do you see? This is the charm of a good script and a good story.”

Even without any pictures, just reading the text could leave a mark in people’s hearts.

The several lead actors glanced at each other before their eyes fell on Ji Li.

They heard that Ji Li was the first one to sign the contract? The movie was still a small production that no one cared about when the signing was first decided.

His vision for scripts was simply too brilliant!

At the end of the reading, Ji Li took out the thermos cup from his backpack and drank from it. He had been serious for three hours and now his mouth was dry.

The thermos contained iced milk tea which was specially disguised for him by Baozi out of fear that he would be too embarrassed to drink from a milk tea cup in front of everyone.

Ji Li happily took a few sips. Then he looked up and met everyone’s eyes.

He was sneakily drinking milk tea, so he had a guilty conscience and almost choked. “…Why are you all  looking at me?”

“They are praising you for your good vision in picking scripts.” Wang Zhang was amused by his reaction.

Then he looked around and said, “Okay, everyone has worked hard. We will go back to rest first. The information will be relayed to your assistants once the filming schedule is decided.”


“The director has also worked hard.”

The group responded.

Qin Yue had gone to a meeting with the production team next door not long after the script reading had started.

Every director’s shooting style was different, and the script concept before shooting was also different. Wang Zhang glanced at the time and took the lead in getting up. He still had a lot of work to do.

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