IPCFS: Chapter 34 Part 2

The group all turned to stare in unison and their expressions changed.

Qin Yue, who was wearing a black trench coat, stood at the door of the lounge. His eyes were dark, and there was an aura of anger and arrogance. The movie’s chief producer, Chen Rao, stood beside him, head lowered due to a guilty conscience.

If nothing else, the two of them were a million miles apart when it came to aura.

The anger in Ji Li’s eyes disappeared the moment he saw Qin Yue. He nodded slightly at the other person and didn’t deliberately show their close relationship in front of outsiders.

Qin Yue secretly looked at Ji Li’s state and his heartstrings slightly relaxed.

“Director Guo, allow me to formally introduce you. This is the representative of our movie’s investors, Qin Yue,” Chen Rao told the group in the lounge.

Qin Yue unexpectedly came to him this morning to inquire about the script. He threw the messed up, new version of the script to Chen Rao.

Chen Rao had long heard about the deletion and modification of the script, but he hadn’t expected the content to change so outrageously. He couldn’t even think of a way to explain the changes and was brought to the crew by the resolute Qin Yue.

The reason why Qin Yue invested in this movie was both for the script and commercial gains, and to help Ji Li and push him up.

Yuexing invested in too many projects every year and Qin Yue couldn’t keep an eye on every production. He hadn’t expected that the entire crew would be unreliable to this point!

If this was the case, it would be better for him to put in more effort and completely take over the production!

At this moment, Chen Rao didn’t have the aura of a producer at all as he said softly, “Mr Qin, if you have something to say, then say it directly. I will listen to you.”

Qin Yue and Yuexing were the biggest investors in the movie and the most important ones. If Qin Yue withdrew his investment, then the subsequent investors who followed him would probably do the same.

He understood the truth that the investors were the most annoying god and father.

Guo Minsheng clenched his sweaty palms. He was about to come forward to apologize when he was sharply interrupted by Qin Yue.

“I don’t need your polite words. I’m here to do three things.”

“First, I invested in the original script. A good product has been changed into something rotten, which is enough to prove that the screenwriter’s ability isn’t good.”

Qin Yue stared at Wang Yongwei and struck. “So Mr Wang Yongwei, please take the initiative to leave the crew.”

Wang Yongwei’s face was slightly red. He obviously hadn’t expected the change to come so quickly.

One second, he had still been dreaming of being the ‘chief screenwriter’ and ordering Ji Li around. The next second, the investor Qin Yue publicly degraded and fired him.

Qin Yue saw his unwillingness and sneered, “Don’t worry, I have already handed these two scripts to the teachers in the screenwriting circle to see. If they think that your new version of the script is excellent, I will personally invite you back in the crew.”

Wang Yongwei heard this and the blood in his face instantly drained. His heart was filled with panic.

He was well aware of his real level. If these two scripts were passed to the screenwriting circle for comparison, then he wouldn’t be able to mix in it in the future!

Where did he offend Qin Yue? This way of doing things was too heartless!

Wang Yongwei didn’t dare to speak despite his anger. He took two deep breaths and rushed out the door.

Ji Li watched this scene. His gaze involuntarily shifted to Qin Yue and he felt both surprised and vague admiration.

He hadn’t expected that this man would be so decisive in his investments in addition to his dedication and high standards when filming.

He was like a completely different person, and he had a charm that was separate from an actor.

Qin Yue keenly noticed Ji Li’s shining eyes and his lips slightly curved up.

Guo Minsheng was unaware of this scene. He wiped the sweat on his forehead while feeling uneasy.

The next second, he heard Qin Yue speak.

“Secondly, Director Guo Minsheng allowed an actor and screenwriter to delete, modify and add scenes. This is enough to prove that you have no leadership ability. Therefore, I will ask Director Guo to rest for a while. As for filming, I will ask another director to take over.”


Guo Minsheng was shocked. He obviously hadn’t expected that the fire would soon burn himself.


He finally came across a movie with a big investment. How could he say that he wouldn’t direct it?

“Mr Qin, Old Rao, filming for the movie hasn’t started yet…” Guo Minsheng was at a loss for words and couldn’t find a good excuse.

He supported the male lead Cai Yishu in adding scenes and ignored Ji Li’s important scenes being deleted. This was a dereliction of duty that couldn’t be ignored.

Chen Rao, who he had been cooperating with for many years, shook his head at Guo Minsheng. The meaning was obvious.

As the general producer, he needed to be responsible for the entire crew. Between giving up a third-tier director or giving up the biggest investor—the answer was self-evident.

After the past two days, Ji Li already understood the reason why Guo Minsheng hadn’t entered the mainstream circle of directors. “…If you don’t have your own opinion on the script, then you don’t deserve to sit in the director’s position.”

Qin Yue nodded silently, obviously agreeing with Ji Li’s words.

After investing in this movie, he had found someone to investigate Director Guo Minsheng.

The debut movie that the other person shot in his early years had a bit of aura, but in the later years he never showed that talent and he became what he was today.

The directing circle and acting circle had one thing in common—if you couldn’t stick to your original intention or work hard, then you would definitely go downhill.

Even if he had resolutely opposed the deletion of the script, he probably still couldn’t have escaped the fate of being dismissed.

Guo Minsheng was hit by this blow and he felt extremely regretful!

After so many years, he finally got a movie with a good investment, but he missed the opportunity himself!

Guo Minsheng wanted to say something but stopped. Finally, he was defeated by the denial in their eyes and left in a daze.

In the lounge, two people left in succession and they were the director and screenwriter.

The makeup team sensed that something was wrong and quickly slipped away.

Yu Fuya and Baozi took this time to squeeze in from outside and stood next to Ji Li.

Baozi asked, “Brother Ji, were you bullied?”

Yu Fuya glanced meaningfully at Cai Yishu and rolled up her sleeves. “If anyone dares to bully you, then I, Yu Fuya, won’t be polite.”

Cai Yishu met her gaze, realized his isolated position again, and secretly cursed.

Where did his agent You Meng go? Why hadn’t she come back at this time?!

Cai Yishu held his red wrist and gritted his teeth. “I didn’t expect to meet Teacher Qin Yue here. Ji Li told you about the script, right? I didn’t expect you to really…”

“I was the one who told him! I personally went to Shanghai to find Teacher Qin Yue!” Mu Suian finally shouted from behind Qin Yue.

He stepped forward and stared angrily at Cai Yishu with bloodshot eyes. The grief of the past few days turned into courage. “Cai Yishu, you don’t understand this story at all, and you don’t understand Cheng Yu. I will do everything I can to ensure that you won’t play him!”

Mu Suian stood in front of Cai Yishu and declared in a trembling voice, “It is because you don’t deserve it!”

An actor being accused of being unworthy of interpreting the role?

These words were enough to degrade Cai Yishu to dust.

Cai Yishu’s face was ashen, and his hands that were in clenched fists trembled uncontrollably due to his fierce anger.

It had been smooth sailing after his debut, and he had never been ‘humiliated’ like this. The most hateful thing was that the other person was just an unknown screenwriter.

“Shut up!”

Cai Yishu lost control and aimed at Mu Suian with a strong punch. “You alone think you can replace my male lead?”

At the critical moment, Ji Li quickly pulled Mu Suian behind him and deftly kicked at Cai Yishu’s ankle. The other person lost his center of balance and fell backwards, falling hard on the ground.


Cai Yishu couldn’t hold it in this time and cried out in pain.

Baozi was stunned by Ji Li’s skills and unknowingly shouted the words in his heart, “Brother Ji! You kicked so beautifully!”

Then he covered his mouth.

Ji Li slyly winked at him, but his words were serious. “He fell by himself. It had nothing to do with me.”

This was the first time Qin Yue saw Ji Li’s sly appearance and a slight, surprised smile flashed in his eyes.

A few seconds later, he looked back at Cai Yishu on the ground and spoke coldly, “With my identity, can I replace your male lead?”

Cai Yishu got up from the ground with shame and indignation on his face. “Teacher Qin Yue, I have signed an actor’s contract. Even the producer has no right to fire me casually.”

If Qin Yue dared to openly fire him, then it meant that he was not taking Jincheng Pictures, who were behind him, seriously.

Qin Yue raised an eyebrow slightly and asked, “Do you really think that in the face of capital, you can keep your role just by relying on a paper contract?”

The moment he finished speaking, You Meng and Qi An walked in one after another.

Qi An whistled lightly, “Ms You, please take away the artist under your hand, thank you.”

You Meng pursed her lips and told Cai Yishu, “Cai Cai, let’s go. The male protagonist of this movie isn’t suitable for you. The company will arrange a new job for you.”

Obviously, Qi An had just negotiated with her outside.

Cai Yishu couldn’t believe it. “Sister You, why are you doing this?”

Qi An sneered, “Why? Jincheng Pictures can support you, but it can also support others. Do you think that you are a member of capital just because you have the company as a backer?”

A small star who relied on traffic, how dare he be strong in front of real capital?

How many black materials had Jincheng been suppressing about its artists over the years? As long as Qin Yue wanted it, he could bring those black materials back to the world in minutes.

Qin Yue took the initiative to ask for a replacement, and the boss of Jincheng could only agree after weighing it.

After all, it wasn’t worth offending someone like Qin Yue in the movie and television industry for the sake of an arrogant artist with an inflated popularity.

Cai Yishu received the eyes of those around him, and his face was almost bleeding from humiliation.

He couldn’t stand the shock and ran out quickly.

The artist under her hand was suppressed, so You Meng’s expression didn’t look good. She gestured slightly to Qin Yue and was about to leave. Unexpectedly, Yu Fuya blocked her way.


Yu Fuya’s eyes swept over the surrounding people and she smiled meaningfully. “Very good. The rest are my own people.”

As she spoke, she took off her stiletto heels and threw them aside.

You Meng felt that something was wrong. “What do you want to do?”

“What?” Yu Fuya bluntly pulled her hair. “I will teach you how to be human!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Everyone, move to the side. If anyone comes to persuade me, this old lady will fight you.” Yu Fuya was obviously serious.

She was completely fed up with this You Meng!

“You crazy woman!” You Meng was shocked and angry. She grabbed at Yu Fuya’s clothes.


The next second, Yu Fuya slapped her loudly. It was so fast that people couldn’t react at all.

“The second me in the agent circle? Where did you get the qualifications? During the time when I brought up the movie emperor and queen back then, you didn’t even have any award-winning artists?”

“Do you think that you can sneer at me just because you climbed into the bed of Zhu Xusheng, that dog man? I’m telling you, he is the broken shoe that I lost. You can pick it up, but don’t hang around in front of me!”

“You are trash who has high standards but are incompetent. You dare to look down on my family’s Ji Li? The baby artist that I protect in my heart isn’t good? Who do you think you are? You dare to point fingers at my artist?”

“If he wants to stand in the C position of the group photo, then this old lady will put him there!”

 Yu Fuya pulled You Meng’s hair hard and made her cry without any pity.

She dragged the other person outside the lounge and yelled at her in front of the people on set who were watching, “Shameless woman, get lost as far as possible!”

All this happened too quickly and it was too fierce. Qin Yue and the others couldn’t persuade her at all.

It was too terrifying once a woman started to be ruthless!

Baozi shivered involuntarily as he listened to You Meng’s cries from within the lounge.

“Brother Ji, I understand now.”


“Sister Yu used to hit me on the forehead. She wasn’t hitting me…” Baozi shook his head solemnly. “This was her kind caress.”

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