IPCFS: Chapter 30 Part 2

Ji Li returned to the hotel. It was already early in the morning by the time he finished washing up.

He looked at the photos sent by the photographer and the stills that the crew allowed to be released. He carefully selected 18 photos and sent them to Weibo at one time: Thank you for the care and help of the entire crew. Xie Yan has finished. 

Ji Li thought that everyone had gone to bed early since it was the early morning of a working day.

Unexpectedly, his Weibo had just been posted and the reposts, comments and likes rose steadily.

-Happy finish! It has been a hard two months. Looking forward to your Xie Yan.

Ahhhhhhh I see the cake! Happy finish! Isn’t the chibi version cute?

Have a good rest. Mother loves you and is looking forward to your next work.

Happy finish to Xie Yan. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Brother, do you have time to send more selfies after finishing filming? Love you love you.

I love it! 18 fresh photos at one time! @Chaoying Culture @Sister Yu isn’t a Mother, I am asking the company and agent to arrange some magazine shoots for the handsome guy! A lot of materials is good!

Ji Li hadn’t expected so many people to stay up late in order to wait for his finishing Weibo post. He felt touched and apologetic.

He thought about how he didn’t need to get up early tomorrow and simply replied to some fans in the comment area.

“It isn’t hard. The cake is delicious and cute. Thank you for looking forward to it. I’m not too good at taking selfies. I’ll learn…”

The content of the reply was simple but it still aroused great enthusiasm among fans. The number of comments quickly increased.

The WeChat pop-up box jumped out on the screen. It was from Yu Fuya.

[There is no need to reply too much. Keep the content simply and be careful of being criticized by sunspots as ‘fawning over fans.’]

Ji Li replied that he understood.

Immediately after, he searched for the director and screenwriter’s Weibo pages and clicked to follow.

Ji Li thought about it for a moment but still took the initiative to search and follow Qin Yue’s Weibo. In any case, the two of them had cooperated in a few scenes. There should be no big problem with a newcomer following a senior in the circle, right?

Snow Cake meowed and jumped onto the bed, rubbing hard against Ji Li.

Baozi had already taken him to the pet store in the evening to take a bath so his entire body was fragrant at this time.

Ji Li couldn’t help back his heart of ‘rubbing the cat.’ He immediately threw away his phone and started to tease Snow Cake.

One person and one cat made trouble for around 10 minutes before getting ready to go to bed. Before going to bed, Ji Li couldn’t help picking up his phone to look at Weibo for a while.

Then he became stunned.

Qin Yue not only followed him back but he also left a message in the comment area of his post.

Happy finish, Yan’er. [Good night]

It was obviously with the personality of his role but there was an indescribable special feeling.

This comment was sent five minutes ago. At this time, it was sent to the first hot comments by fans on both sides and there were thousands of comments added below.

Ji Li hurriedly opened it to take a look.

Ahhh I caught a Brother Yue! Brother Yue, you should post on Weibo yourself. Happy finish, Ji Li!

Thank you Teacher Qin Yue for taking care of our Ji Li. Looking forward to your cooperation!

Wu wu wu, he called out Yan’er. They are Yan’er and Imperial Uncle. Thank you for taking on the role perfectly!

I’m okay again! The uncle and nephew CP is real~

If I remember correctly, Brother Yue never celebrated the finishing day of other actors right?

A certain Yue fan upstairs, you are right but we can’t ship real people~

Ji Li scrolled for a while and found that the two fans were getting along happily without any extreme remarks.

At most, some fans of the original CP were happily enjoying the ‘Yan’er.’

Ji Li thought about it and replied with a [good night] meme.

It was an appropriate answer that didn’t involve too much flattery.

He turned off Weibo, opened the WeChat interface and slowly typed: Good night, Brother Yue.

The reply was quick like he had been waiting for the chat message. However, the reply wasn’t a text message but a short three second voice message.

Ji Li clicked on it. There was the vague background sound of a vehicle driving while a low ‘good night’ entered his eardrums.

It came and was stuck in his heart.

Ji Li’s eyes shook and a ghost made him replay it again.

The man’s voice was very good and seemed to be mixed with a laugh that made people feel numb.

Ji Li couldn’t help his lips curving. Then he slowly returned to his senses and threw away the phone like it was hot. Suddenly, he rolled up the quilt. The movement was so big that Snow Cake was about to fall out of bed.

Snow Cake grabbed onto the quilt in a panic and waited until he was stable before poking out his doubtful little head.


Ji Li didn’t have time to pay attention to the cat. He was touching the tip of his hot ear.

He buried his head in a pillow and chanted, “Hurry up and get out of the act. You are Ji Li, not Xie Yan…”

After a while, he picked up the phone again and clicked on the three seconds voice message.

It was a simple good night, nothing special.

Very good and normal.

Ji Li lay back on the bed in a contented manner, turning off the lights to go to sleep.

The next afternoon, Ji Li followed Yu Fuya back to the city.

Due to the termination of the contract, he definitely couldn’t live in the original Dream Media dormitory. The owner of Chaoying was quite generous. After listening to Yu Fuya explain Ji Li’s situation, he immediately rented an apartment with good confidentiality.

The place might be small but it was adequate.

Ji Li looked around and casually asked, “Sister Yu, how much is the yearly rent? Did you pay for it in advance or is the company giving it to me?”

“The company approved the rent. You can live in peace without worrying about paying it back.” It was also the first time Yu Fuya had come to this place and she murmured with satisfaction, “Old Tao is much more reliable than when he was younger.”

“Old Tao?”

“The executive director of Chaoying Culture and your boss, Tao Mingyang.”

Yu Fuya glanced at the time on her watch. “By the way, it is still early. If you aren’t tired, do you want to follow me to the company to report in? In addition, meet up with the important manager of the company.”

Ji Li should’ve gone to the company to report a long time ago.

However, the time during filming was right and Yao Chuan was a strict director who didn’t easily approve leaves. So until now, Ji Li hadn’t officially visited the headquarters of Chaoying Culture.

Ji Li answered quickly, “I’m not tired. Let’s go now.”


Half an hour later, the three people arrived at the company.

Yu Fuya temporarily settled Ji Li and Baozi in the reception room on the first floor. “You sit down here. I can’t get through to Old Xu’s phone so I will go upstairs first to see the situation.”

“Okay, Sister Yu.”

The two of them sat obediently in the reception room and waited.

A front desk receptionist brought them coffee. Before leaving, he took out a phone and secretly took a photo.

Ji Li pretended not to be aware of it. It wasn’t until the other person left that he asked Baozi. “Sister Yu isn’t here so hurry and tell me the history of the company. The more detailed it is, the better.”

Baozi had taken a sip of his coffee and almost choked at the words.

He looked at Ji Li with disbelief. “…Brother Ji, do you really not know anything?”

Originally, some trainees said that Brother Ji had lived in the countryside since he was a child and hadn’t been exposed to a lot of information about the entertainment circle. Was this true?

It didn’t seem like it at all based on Brother Ji’s conversational abilities and temperament.

Ji Li nodded honestly. “Frankly, I know very little.”

After all, the original novel was written around the protagonist’s star path. The description of the behind the scenes of these companies was very brief.

Ji Li trusted Yu Fuya’s suggestion and he heard that Qin Yue had been in this company before. Most importantly, how bad could a company be when the protagonist of the original novel stayed in it?

Thus, he simply jumped ship and signed a contract.

Ji Li had been busy filming for two months and he really forgot to check the company’s details.

Baozi nodded and quickly took an ‘entertainment encyclopedia’ posture. Then he gave him a detailed lesson.

Chaoying Culture had been established for nearly 50 years and was one of the few established companies in the Chinese entertainment industry. The number of outstanding actors that the company produced was endless.

The current executive director, Tao Mingyang was Yu Fuya’s university alumnus.

After graduation, the two of them joined forces to work together, one managing the company while the other managed the artists. Eight or nine years ago, the leadership of the two people meant that Chaoying Culture had a peak period that other companies were extremely envious of.

In the company, there was the more senior movie emperor Fang Mo and the movie queen Yao Kexing. Then there were Qin Yue and Zhu Xusheng, who were known as the ‘Chaoying Twin Stars’ at that time.

The former won the Best Actor award a year after his debut and won the TV emperor with a TV drama. The latter’s performance was worse but he still had a super high popularity.

Add the popular actress Shi Meng, the young Zhong Yuesheng and the new little flower Sun Yinger…

There was no one who wasn’t sought after among the artists pushed out by Chaoying. You know, in the vast entertainment industry, it was already very powerful for each company to produce a popular star.

At that time, Chaoying Culture was in full swing and there were many jealous eyes on them. The entire circle would be aware of the slightest movement.

Baozi looked around and lowered his voice. “The most typical example is the love affair between Sister Yu ad Zhu Xusheng.”

In addition to the fans making trouble, the promotion of their peers was indispensable to the sister-brother love problem spreading.

Some people wanted Yu Fuya to step down because of this matter. This way, Tao Mingyang would lose his helper and Chaoying would go downhill.

Ji Li understood the depth of the water and asked, “What happened after that?”

“Zhu Xusheng made trouble ad jumped ship, the movie emperor Fang Mo disappeared, the movie queen Yao Kexing announced that she was married and would quit the circle…”

Qin Yue and the company got along well but after the contract was finished, he founded Yuexing Culture with Qi An.” 

“By the way, you know Shi Meng right? Teacher Qin Yue terminated the contract once the contract period finished but she took advantage of the contract period to make trouble and cancel the contract.”

Baozi lowered his voice again. “Not only that, she took away a group of newcomers that the company had been training and set up her own studio.”

In fact, this matter was a bit unkind. However, they were choices that everyone was making for their own interests. It was difficult to say if they were right or wrong.

At the same time, Yu Fuya returned to her family due to marriage.

The old artists were almost all gone and the newcomers weren’t rising. Chaoying Culture hadn’t caught up in the last two years and there were signs of decline.

“Now in addition to Jiang Yinger, there is a new brother Wei Lai that they had been paying attention to in the past two years. It is just that the latter can’t make waves and it is a bit too much to call him a first-tier star.”

Baozi said everything he knew before quietly cheering Ji Li up.

“Brother Ji, jiayou! I think that you coming to this company is very good. Based on your strength, you can definitely become a brother of the company and then you will be able to get any resources you want!”

Ji Li’s lips curved and he gently stopped Baozi. “You don’t have to draw a big picture for me. Let’s take it slowly.”

Baozi laughed but didn’t refute it.

Five minutes later, Yu Fuya sent them a WeChat message asking them to go directly to the 12th floor.

The two of them quickly entered the elevator, which slowly rose and stepped on the 8th floor.

Baozi glanced at the floor number. “This floor seems to be reserved for the trainees of the movie and television department.”

The moment he finished speaking, a figure appeared as the elevator doors slowly opened.

Ji Li’s eyes lowered slightly and he noticed the name tag on the other person’s chest.

Chaoying Trainee—

Ji Yunqi.

#The original male protagonist is online! There is no hiding from the plot line that is supposed to come~

Ji Li who is focused on the career path: It is impossible to be emotional. I’m just not out of the act yet. (Brother Yue silently lighting a cigarette.gif)

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