IPCFS: Chapter 30 Part 1

In the lounge.

Ji Li used a spoon to scoop up the ice cream. The redness in his eyes hadn’t completely faded and he occasionally gave a small hiccup.

Still, his mood had calmed down a lot. At the very least, it wasn’t like when he just finished filming and was out of his mind.

Baozi looked at the ice creams on the table and muttered in his heart.

Yu Fuya walked in from outside and glanced at the mesmerized Ji Li. “Where did the ice cream come from?”

Baozi explained for him. “Teacher Qin Yue asked someone to bring it. Brother Ji hasn’t finished eating yet.”

The ice creams on the table were arranged in a long line and there were all types.

Yu Fuya didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She could only jokingly say, “Where did he get so much ice cream on a night like this? You were upset by the character in the drama so you let the real person Qin Yue come to compensate you?”

Ji Li took a bite, his voice hoarse. “Brother Yue knows that I was in a bad mood after filming so he asked me to eat ice cream to recover.”

“It is fine to eat ice cream but you can’t eat too much at night. Be careful of hurting your stomach.” Yu Fuya forcibly pulled away the other ice creams on the table with the heart of a mother fan. “I’ll put it in the freezer and you can eat it next time.”

Ji Li preemptively picked up another one. “I’ll eat two.”

Yu Fuya once again didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “It’s strange. How does Qin Yue know you are like this?”

“I want to ask that too! I am Brother Ji’s assistant but I didn’t know he loved to eat ice cream. Meanwhile., Teacher Qin Yue knew it clearly. He is about to steal my job,” Baozi complained.

Yu Fuya playfully patted Baozi’s head. “What type of vinegar are you eating?”

Ji Li told the two of them about the day when the movie he filmed with Qin Yu finished filming. “Baozi, the next time I shoot a scene, you can help buy me ice cream in advance.”

“Okay, Brother Ji!” Baozi had a task and was suddenly refreshed.

Ji Li spent around 10 minutes eating the two ice cream cups clean. There was no sweetness wasted.

He took a few deep breaths and finally suppressed the shadow of the character in his heart for the time being. “Okay. Let’s remove my makeup.”

Baozi heard this and immediately called for the styling assistant of the crew.

After another 30 minutes, a crew member came and knocked on the door. “Sister Yu, is Ji Li okay? Director Yao asked him to go over and cut a cake.”

Ji Li had just finished changing into his normal clothes. “Brother Yue and the others have finished filming?”

His role was completed but Xie Chenyuan, played by Qin Yue, and the empress dowager, played by Weng Meini, also had a confrontational highlight.

“Yes, it is over,” The production assistant answered.

Tonight’s filming went smoother than expected and the scene that was originally expected to be done at 2 o’clock in the morning was completed before 11 o’clock.

Ji Li and the others followed the production assistant. He had just entered the filming area when a few colorful fireworks startled him.

The staff members gathered around Ji Li and yelled, “Happy end of filming to Ji Li!”

“Happy end of filming to Xiao Ji!”

“Teacher Ji Li has worked hard! Xie Yan has also worked hard!”

Ji Li looked at the large bouquet of flowers tucked into his arms and was confused for a few seconds before smiling. “Thank you. You have also worked hard during this time.”

In any case, this was his first finishing ceremony after re-entering the entertainment industry.

He liked it and was very happy.

Fang Zhixing carried a small cake with chibi stencil versions of Xie Yan and Ji Li on it, which were very delicate and cute. “Ji Li, congratulations on finishing filming. Thank you for interpreting the perfect Xie Yan in my mind.”

“Thank you, Teacher Fang.”

Baozi had been squeezed to the outermost part of the crowd. Now he jumped up and shouted, “Brother Ji! This cake was sent to the crew by your fans!”

Ji Li heard this and his eyes staring at the cake became even brighter.

During this time, he was busy filming and he had indeed failed to take care of his fans on Weibo. He hadn’t expected them to send such a gift on the day he finished filming.

“Come come, collect the red envelope.” Yao Chuan took out a thick red envelope. He placed it properly in the young man’s pocket and patted it gently.

“Good boy. It has been hard during this time. Don’t think about taking any shortcuts. Stick to it and I will find you to film again when there is an opportunity in the future.”

Ji Li nodded, very touched by the elder’s words.

“Director, we can see in. In a few days, you should give us a red envelope that is as thick as Ji Li’s one.” Xu Miaomiao said while pulling a female supporting role You Shuang closer.

“Yes, Director Yao.” Wen Yu also squeezed in with his arm around Zhou Qingming’s shoulder.

The latter looked away from Ji Li somewhat unnaturally.

Yao Chuan snorted and asked the photographer to come and take a photo. The group of people excitedly pulled Ji Li to take dozens of photos before they were willing to release him.


Before Ji Li could take a step, Zhou Qingming stopped him.

Ji Li looked sideways at this person with some surprise. “What is it?”

Zhou Qingming’s eyes flashed slightly and a hint of hesitation appeared on his face. “I-I actually want to apologize to you.”

He looked at the staff members who were gradually dispersing and finally made up his mind to get closer. “Previously, I was too obsessed with the popularity of the role and I might’ve vented this emotion toward you on the set when I shouldn’t have done so. I’m sorry.”

The more Zhou Qingming spoke, the more embarrassed he felt.

He hadn’t apologized so formally to another actor since his debut.

Last time in the lounge, Yu Fuya had unceremoniously scolded him.

Zhou Qingming felt ashamed and embarrassed but he was also awakened by her words.

In the past 20 days, Zhou Qingming had pondered on his role from beginning to end. He visited Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing more often to discuss it and he refused to miss any small details.

After some hard work, he could detect his progress in acting even without others pointing it out.

Zhou Qingming was glad and happy but he also felt ashamed and afraid.

In the past, he always thought it was bad luck that he never got the chance to get ahead. Now he became aware that the complacency and inertia in his heart caused him to miss many opportunities to go further.

“Ji Li, you acted very well.”

“I’m honored to be able to act with an actor like you.’

Zhou Qingming expressed these sincere words and felt his face burning.

 During this time, he often observed Ji Li’s acting skills on the spot in order to help find his own deficiencies. The more he did this with a normal heart, the more he could find the shining points of his acting skills when he was young.

Zhou Qingming didn’t express this to Ji Li in order to ask for forgiveness. He just wanted to apologize before the other person left. At the same time, he would use this incident to give them a chance to let go of unreasonable prejudices and start over.

After all, the entertainment industry was so big. It wasn’t known if there would be a chance to act together again in the future.

Ji Li was somewhat surprised.

In fact, Yu Fuya had told him that day that the other person wanted to throw dirty water on him behind his back.

Ji Li was accustomed to all means in the circle. He saw that the matter had been resolved so he didn’t take it too seriously, but his attitude toward Zhou Qingming was colder and more distant.

At this moment, Ji Li’s eyes easily saw through Zhou Qingming’s uneasiness hidden inside.

He was silent for a few seconds before smiling to dissolve everything that had happened in the past. “Thank you.”

The other person hadn’t caused any substantial harm to him. Zhou Qingming had the heart to apologize so he was happy to accept it.

In the entertainment industry, multiple friends were better than multiple enemies.

Zhou Qingming was stunned and his ears turned a bit red. “…Why are you thanking me? It is good that you didn’t take those things to heart.”

 “In fact, what really belongs to you won’t be robbed by others.”

Ji Li remembered the description of Zhou Qingming’s star path in the original novel and his lips curved up. “I have a premonition that you will become popular with this drama and win awards. Your future resources won’t be bad. Jiayou.”

He always believed that it was only when seeing actors clearly that he could go further.

Zhou Qingming saw his sincere eyes and finally revealed a long-lost smile. “Thank you! Ji Li, I am very happy to have met you. See you later.”

“Yes, see you later.”

Zhou Qingming had just left when Baozi rushed up. “Brother Ji! Did he come to provoke you? Were you bullied?”

Ji Li gave the bouquet to him and flicked his head. “Your imagination is so rich. It is a pity that you didn’t go to be a screenwriter.”

Baozi rubbed his head and laughed.

“Ji Li.”

Another call was heard. Ji Li turned to the person who came up to him and smiled generously. “Brother Yue, have you finished?”

Qin Yue nodded. He secretly looked at Ji Li’s state and only spoke after confirming that the other person was unharmed. “Ji Li, congratulations on finishing with filming.”

“Brother Yue, I was happy to act with you again.” Ji Li’s eyes lit up.

Perhaps it was due to preconceived notions but he felt that Qin Yue was the best actor in his heart at present. There was no one else.

Qin Yue smiled happily and suggested, “Shall we take a group photo?”

The photographer was wandering around. He heard this and immediately rushed up. “Teacher Qin Yue, I will help you shoot it.”

The photographer Xiao He was a fan of the original novel. During the early preparation stage of the crew, he asked someone he had a connection with and managed to join the crew. This was just in order to obtain first-hand information while filming.

If there was any magical change, he would reveal it in the fan group to resist it. However, he ‘miscalculated’. The adaptation not only respected the original work but even the casting was a first-class match.

To tell the truth, he was most satisfied with the scenes of Qin Yue and Ji Li.

At the same time as the filming took place, he was switching angles to take still shots. Every single photo of the two characters together was beautiful and sadistic.

Xiao He dared to bet that once this drama started the promotions and hadn’t even aired yet, the stills of the two people would be enough to kill the drama fans and book fans.

Ji Li stood next to Qin Yue and let Xiao He take the photo. Finally, he said, “Brother Xiao He, please send me a copy of all the photos later. I will post it on my Weibo.”

Filming was over so it was time for him to go online and interact with fans.

“Okay, I’ll sort them out and send them to you.”

“Thank you.”

Yu Fuya and Qi An walked over together from a distance. The latter called out, “Qin Yue, it is time to rush back to the city. We will be flying early tomorrow morning.”

Qin Yue nodded without any objection.

Ji Li heard this and took the initiative to bid farewell to Qin Yue. “Brother Yue, then I will also go back to the hotel first. We will have a chance to see each other again.”

“Yes, see you next time.”

One minute later.

It wasn’t until the young man’s figure disappeared from the set that Qin Yue slowly retracted his gaze. “Let’s go. Where is the RV parked?”

Qi An subtly patted his friend’s shoulder. “This child is just getting started. You have to hold back if you have any thoughts. Don’t delay him.”

Qin Yue glanced at this person and walked away without speaking.

Qi An quickly followed and questioned him quietly without giving up.

“Tell me the truth. Are you interested in Ji Li? After knowing he will be uncomfortable shooting the final scenes, you bought ice creams in advance and placed them in the freezer of the RV.”

“I’ve worked with you for so many years and I’ve never seen you care so much about other actors.”

“Eh, don’t remain silent. Qin Yue, wait for me!”

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1 year ago

It’s Qi An trying to get information from Qin Yue for me. Thank you for the translation

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Ahh I really love these characters, the way they’re handled is so nice
Thank you so much for translating! <3

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Thank you very much!~♡♡♡♡

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LOL I have to admit that I love how the author writes for this story. You can vividly see all of the actions and even what is happening on the periphery of the action. Of course 😀 it wouldn’t read as well with out a great translator! Thank you for your hard work!