IPCFS: Chapter 29 Part 1

Qin Yue quickly caught up with Ji Li.

The other person clearly heard his footsteps but didn’t stop. Instead, he childishly walked faster.

“Wait.” Qin Yue helplessly grabbed his arm. “Ji Li.”

Ji Li sighed softly before turning around sullenly.

Qin Yue looked into the eyes that were about to cry. He clearly knew that the other person hadn’t emerged from the role but his heart still trembled.

“Brother Yue, don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” Ji Li often encountered this situation while filming. His previous agent and directors had laughed at him and called him a fool.

Originally, he had filmed many scenes and was able to quickly adapt to the ups and downs of the roles. However, since replacing the original owner, his ‘empathy’ ability seemed to be inexplicably stronger.

Song Zhao was like this and Xie Yan was also like this. Every time he acted in a big turning point scene, he felt very uncomfortable.

Ji Li said stiffly, “I’ll be fine by myself. I’ll be out of the scene soon.”

Before his last words finished, he was pulled into the arms of the other person.

The strange but warm embrace provoked Ji Li’s heart. The man’s arms were strong as they circled him tightly.

Suddenly, Ji Li seemed to be able to hear the other person’s strong heartbeat. Before he could react, he felt the side of his neck being tapped lightly.

Qin Yue chuckled and apologized, “I apologize to your Xie Yan for Xie Chenyuan. Don’t be sad, okay? You know that your royal uncle has something to bear on his own.”

Qin Yue’s voice was very good and gave a feeling of pampering that was different from the character.

“…I know, but he made Xie Yan sad.” Ji Li had completely recovered at this moment and he responded with a hum.

He withdrew from the man’s arms, his cheeks faintly flushed.

Qin Yue saw clarity in the other person’s eyes and his heartstrings relaxed slightly. He rarely had the attitude of a senior as he advised, “Ji Li, acting is acting. You can’t empathize with the role too deeply.”

It was easy to get into trouble.

Ji Li had always been used to it but he suddenly felt a bit guilty at this moment. He covered his lips and spoke vaguely, “..I just need to eat some ice cream and I’ll be fine.”

Qin Yue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this answer. He was about to say something else when Major General came rushing over from around the corner.

“Bark!” Major General’s tail swung wildly as he pounced directly on Qin Yue’s body.

Qin Yue took two steps back and rubbed the dog’s head. “Quiet. Sit!”

Major General whimpered and sat down obediently at his feet.

Qi An slowly came around the corner while panting. “Didn’t I say that your Major General is becoming more and more troublesome? Taking him for a walk can tire me out half to death.”

“How can you be so exaggerated?” Qin Yue wondered.

“A German shepherd like Major General is generally energetic.” Ji Li spoke casually as he leaned down and patted the dog. “Major General, long time no see.”

Major General recognized Ji Li’s small and rubbed against the young man’s palm as if to please him.


Suddenly, the crying of a cat was heard. Major General pricked his ears and the moment he confirmed the direction, he headed straight to Ji Li’s lounge.

Ji Li remembered that Snow Cake was still in the lounge and hurriedly followed. He was originally worried that the cat and dog would fight each other but when he entered the door, he saw—

Snow Cake was vigilantly standing still in place while Major General flopped in a completely limp manner by Snow Cake’s side. He was flatteringly rubbing the tip of his nose against the cat’s little paws.

Snow Cake’s eyes flickered before he raised his tender front paw and covered the tip of Major General’s nose.

“Is this the cat that Major General brought back last time?” Qin Yue approached and easily identified it.

“Yes, I didn’t want to send him to the pet store so I just kept him myself. I call him Snow Cake.”

Qi An also came closer to watch the fun. “He is really good to raise. Is he a long-haired white cat? Last time, he was too small to see.” 

As the three of them spoke, Major General had already wrapped around Snow Cake and was licking the cat’s fur with his tongue. Snow Cake was served warmly and comfortably without struggling at all.

“The two of them are quite fated. It is right for them to get together.” Qi An joked.

“Snow Cake is also a boy.” Ji Li smiled and invited the two of them into his lounge. “Brother Yue, come and sit down. Let them stay and play for a while.”

The lounge arranged by the crew wouldn’t have idle people trying to enter so the privacy wasn’t bad.

Qin Yue nodded before his eyes inadvertently fell onto the script on the table.

Ji Li poured water for the two of them. The moment he turned around, he noticed Qin Yue’s gaze. “Brother Yue?”

The TV drama was about to end and Ji Li got the movie script yesterday. He brought it to the crew today because he planned to take the time to read it.

Qin Yue asked straight away, “Is this your next job?”

“Yes, it is the third male lead in a movie. Sister Yu has already signed the contract for me and I will enter the crew in the middle of next month.” Ji Li told the truth.

Qi An frowned slightly when he saw the names of the director and screenwriter on the cover and he couldn’t hold back from asking, “How could Sister Yu sign such a resource for you? I have a small impression of this director but this screenwriter…”

He never heard of them.

He finished speaking and glanced at his friend.

Agents like him had been soaking in the ‘sea of resources’ for many years and knew people from all walks of life. The director might not be that famous but he had never heard of the screenwriter at all.

Was such a resource reliable?

Qin Yue met his gaze silently but he also had some doubts about this movie resource in his heart.

Based on Ji Li’s talent and qualifications, it was too much for him to be in such a low-cost movie.

“Mr Qi, don’t underestimate this screenwriter. I think this script is of high quality and the narrative angle is very novel.” Ji Li took a sip of water and admitted frankly, “The investment might be a bit small but my heart is really caught by the movie script.”

“I am a newcomer and I can’t always expect to get resources that are both a big investment and a good script. It is enough for me to choose one of the two.”

The look in Ji Li’s eyes was difficult to ignore when he talked about the quality of the script.

A good script?

Qin Yue’s curiosity was aroused and he pondered on it for a few seconds. “Ji Li, do you mind if I read your script?”

“Of course, it doesn’t matter.” Ji Li generously handed over the script.

He might’ve signed a contract and was obliged to keep the contents of the script confidential to keep it from being leaked, but the person who asked to read the script was Qin Yue. He could rest assured.

Based on this person’s character, it was impossible for him to commit out of line behavior that would harm other people’s interests.

Qin Yue opened the first page of the script and deliberately looked at the ‘third male lead’ that Ji Li mentioned. Then he read the main text.

Qi An wasn’t surprised by his seriousness and continued to chat with Ji Li.

Around 20 minutes later, Yu Fuya came in from outside with the styling team. “Ji Li, are you better? Preparations for the next scene have to start.”

Baozi saw the cat and dog on the ground and was startled. “Oh, how did our Brother Cake get licked like this?”

Ji Li and the others heard this and looked down in unison.

Snow Cake was still nestled against Major General but all the fur on his body was licked wet. He was almost drowned by the saliva of Major General’s ‘friendship’.

Qin Yue was stunned for two seconds before he couldn’t help laughing. “Sorry, this dog is messing around again.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Ji Li also found it interesting.

Qin Yue handed the script back and got up. “We’ll go back first. You prepare. I’ll see you later.”

There was another rival scene arranged by the crew for this evening.


Major General reluctantly replied when called by Qin Yue. Before leaving, he touched Snow Cake affectionately with his nose.

The latter licked his mouth politely. Major General wagged his tail happily before following behind his master.

Qi An walked with them and joked, “Our Major General is amazing. The beggar kitten he picked up in the beginning became his partner the second time they met?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Qin Yue glanced at him and said seriously, “Help me contact the executive producer of the movie just now and ask for the complete script.”

Qi An was shocked. “Do you want to act in it? Ji Li don’t be blindly impulsive just because Ji Li said the script is good.”

“I am this old. How can I impulsively act in a youth movie?” Qin Yue retorted and patted his friend’s shoulder. “I just read a bit of the opening and the content isn’t bad. If the full script is appropriate then our Yuexing can invest a bit.”

As long as the investment was in place and the actors and early publicity were suitable, youth movies had a certain niche market.

Control the investment to a reasonable range and he could make a steady profit without losing money.

Qi An wasn’t only a qualified agent. He was also an excellent and shrewd businessman. He quickly understood what his friend meant and nodded. “Okay, I’ll ask later.”


The two rival scenes that Qin Yue and Ji Li completed were memories of five years ago. The content of the afternoon filming had returned to the normal point in time.

After the Xuan family was exterminated, the male protagonist Xuan Ming became estranged from the others and disappeared for a while. Under Xie Yan’s deliberate misdirection, the heroine and the others aimed the cause of the murder case at the empress dowager in the deep palace and the eunuchs beside her.

Xie Yan saw that the time was ripe and secretly summoned his subordinates. He planned to enter the palace to take the lives of the dog emperor and the emperor dowager.

What he didn’t know was that the male and female protagonists had already secretly resolved the misunderstanding and found evidence that Xie Yan was committing evil and colluding with the enemy country.

The two of them acted separately. The male protagonist exposed Xie Yan’s crimes in front of the emperor and empress dowager and set up a trap with the palace guards. The female protagonist pretended to enter the palace to ‘assassinate’ the empress dowager and used skills to lead Xie Yan and the others to accompany her into the palace.

Finally, the two sides collided. Xie Yan, who had been disguised for a long time, revealed his true face.

The halo of the male protagonist was always useful.

Xie Yan’s subordinates were repelled and he couldn’t withstand the siege of the crowd. He was seriously injured but stubbornly resisted due to the obsession in his heart. Eventually, he disappeared…

At 6 o’clock in the evening, the business of the set continued.

JI Li changed into the clothing for the last scene. He touched the blood-stained clothes tattered from sword cuts with mixed feelings. It wasn’t just that. Even his underwear and bare skin were filled in one by one by the careful crew.

In the description of the script, Xie Yan was surrounded and suppressed and ended up covered with wounds. He was almost dyed into a bloody person.

Ji Li stood outside the sleeping hall and looked at Qin Yue, who was preparing inside the hall. Then he sighed lightly.

In the script, everyone thought that Xie Yan was struggling to escape and wanted to wait until next time to make a comeback. They didn’t want to give such an evil person the slightest chance so they searched every corner.

However, they were all wrong.

Xie Yan never thought about escaping from the beginning and he didn’t even think about living. He just wanted to die by Xie Chenyuan’s side, even if he could only see the other person’s cold and disgusted eyes before dying.

In the distance, Yao Chuan shouted into the megaphone, “Ji Li, is your condition okay?”

Ji Li came back to his senses and found that the staff members around him had already cleared the scene and left.

He temporarily suppressed the thoughts in his heart and made an ‘okay’ gesture to Yao Chuan. Then he immediately headed to his designated starting position for filming.

In 30 seconds, Yao Chuan’s ‘action’ rang out.

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