IPCFS: Chapter 28 Part 2

This scene was very big and used a lot of extras. A group of people was busy making arrangements and it was already close to noon.

Once the preparations were over, the person who played the empress finally arrived in full costume.

Her name was Weng Meini She acted in a popular, long palace fighting drama called Exquisite Bones six years ago. It was the ratings champion for nearly five months and her role as the heroine was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Then not long after, Weng Meini announced that she would marry into a rich family. She became pregnant and had children. It took a lot of effort for the crew to invite her to play the role of empress this time.

Brief greetings were exchanged before everyone entered the audition stage.

Yao Chuan was afraid of consuming too many emotions so he only had them speak their lines twice and walk through the scene once.

The irrelevant staff retreated and Ji Li stood in the middle of the hall, surrounded by soldiers with swords.

Yao Chuan sat in front of the monitor and gave an order.

“The empress is here—” The eunuch’s shrill voice was heard.

From the side hall in the rear, Weng Meini walked over calmly in a phoenix robe. Her face in the camera was so beautiful that it was incomparable. In just a few steps, she showed the dignity and grandeur of a mother.

“Sister Meini is worthy of being a veteran of palace fighting dramas. Her momentum is steady as soon as she appears.” The production assistant sighed.

Ji Li’s eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a bit of a sharp light. He didn’t panic at all even though he was surrounded by guards.

“Empress, what are you doing here?”

“Bold unfilial son. The emperor has just died. You dare to take this false will to impatiently seize power and ascend the throne? Who gave you the courage?!”

Weng Meini flicked her sleeves in a domineering manner and questioned loudly.

Ji Li narrowed his eyes and the long swords around him reflected his even colder expression. “Who are you pretending for?”

The moment he finished speaking, Ji Li pulled the hand of a guard and swept through the surrounding obstacles. The long sword quickly and accurately cut everyone’s neck. Blood splattered on the spot.

IN the blink of an eye, Ji Li killed those surrounding him, grabbed a sword and charged directly at the empress.

The empress was shocked. At the critical moment, the sharp blade stopped in front of her.

The blood of another person fell from the corner of Ji Li’s raised lips. “…Since you are afraid of death, why do you have to look for death?”

His tone was understated but the aura that erupted was completely different. It was full of cruel killing intent.

Weng Meini was shocked and instinctively took half a step back. Ji Li saw her sudden move and pushed the sword forward again.

“I’ve always wanted to find you to settle accounts. Back then, my mother was framed and forced to enter the cold palace. The discipline grandmother who raised me was poisoned and killed…”

Ji Li’s tone sank every time he made a point.

“Empress, how many sins did you secretly commit for the sake of my 11th brother? Don’t talk about me. How many people have you killed for 11th brother to fight for the throne?”

Weng Meini had underestimated the expressiveness of this newcomer actor. She only reacted at this time and had to secretly sigh.

“Che’er is the legitimate son! What type of goods are you? The emperor doubted you in every way before he died. How could he give you a will to succeed the throne?”

Weng Meini took half a step forward, letting the sharp sword rest against her body. Her eyes were fierce. “If you have the ability to kill me in front of everyone then do it!”

“I want to see who will dare to acknowledge you, this dog emperor, in the future!”

In front of the monitor, Yao Chuan saw this scene and was a bit surprised.

Weng Meini’s acting skills were good but the limitations of the palace role meant she was always a bit upright and unable to let go.

She had just been affected by the fully immersed Ji Li and forced out a sense of madness that came with the role.

Yao Chuan said that the most deeply hidden and ruthless person in the entire drama was the empress.

The most poisonous female heart—this sentence was more appropriate for the empress. She was the main cause behind Xie Chenyuan and Xie Yan’s relationship deteriorating.

Just as he was speaking, an arrow was shot from outside the hall.

“Okay, it is over! The actors are in good shame. Props teacher, hurry and install the props for Ji Li! Hurry.”

“Yes, Director.”

The props that had been prepared immediately poured in.

Ji Li closed his eyes to stabilize his emotions while allowing the prop teachers to fiddle with him. His left shoulder and clothes were processed and a fake arrow with blood was pressed into place.

10 minutes later, the filming continued.

Ji Li looked pained and pressed a hand against his left shoulder, blood staining his clothes red. Just now, a short arrow pierced a bloody hole in his shoulder.

“Empress, be careful.” The eunuch took the opportunity to protect his master and was overjoyed. “It is the prince. The prince has rushed over with his soldiers!”

Neat footsteps were heard from outside the temple.

Xie Chenyuan met the disbelieving eyes of the young man the moment he entered the hall.

His gaze fell on the other person’s injured shoulder. Pain flashed in his eyes as he said softly, “No one should do anything without my orders.”

The leader of the guards was stunned when he heard this. “Yes.”

Xie Yan didn’t hear the conversation between the two of them clearly. He clearly had the winning ticket in his hand but at this moment, it was a mess.

Just as he was about to step forward, he saw the guards brought by this man rush up and mercilessly swing their swords to hold him in place.

Weng Meini straightened her clothes, revealing a cheerful look of victory. “King Duan, you really came in time.”

Qin Yue’s hands hidden behind his back clenched for a moment. Then he walked toward the other party. “IF the empress hadn’t used herself as bait to let the 9th Prince lower his vigilance, how could my guards succeed so easily?”

9th Prince?”

It was unfamiliar to the point of being terribly cold.

Ji Li stared at the man opposite him, eyes turning red at an unexpected speed. He shook his head in a daze and asked doubtfully, “Royal uncle, why?”

The trembling voice made it easy to distinguish the grievances and injuries hidden inside.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Didn’t you clearly say that no matter what I do, you will always accompany me?

In the past, you would rush over even if I was just slightly injured? How can you be standing in the enemy camp and acting so indifferent to me?

Xu Miaomao watched Ji Li on the monitor screen and sighed secretly.

This young man really had a special magic when acting.

Even a short line could maximize the emotional ups and downs of his character itself when matched with his demeanor.

Just like now.

Even through the screen, Xu Miaomiao could feel Xie Yan’s grievances and she couldn’t help whimpering in her heart.

Da*mn, she only supported the uncle and nephew CP for a day and it already staged a live BE for her? This was too miserable!

Filming continued.

Qin Yue took out a roll of brocade cloth from his wide sleeves, full of aura.

“According to the secret edict of my imperial brother before his death, the 11th Prince will be appointed as the crown prince. An auspicious day of heaven will be chosen for him to ascend the throne. He is still young so King Duan is ordered to assist him to protect the nation.”

Qin Yue met the young man’s gaze, his face devoid of the gentle pampering of the past. This added a chilling disgust. “9th Prince, this king advises you to immediately restrain yourself. For the sake of the blood of the late emperor, the empress and I can spare your life.”

The long sword in Xie Yan’s hand suddenly fell to the ground.

Xie Yan gave a short laugh and forcefully pulled the arrow from his shoulder. The severe pain pulled him back to reality. He staggered two steps and laughed like crazy.

The guards blocking his surroundings didn’t have time to withdraw their swords and there were several more red holes in his body.

Xie Yan knew better than anyone that the will in his hand was written to him by the former emperor before he died, but so what?

He ‘longed’ so much for the throne because he wanted to protect a person.

The result? For the sake of power, the other person could push him down into the abyss of disaster.

Xie Yan wiped away the tears and blood on his face and numbly saluted the man opposite him. “This sinner is at the mercy of the king.”

After he finished speaking, he suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell to his knees.

Xie Chenyuan’s eyes trembled and the hands hidden in the sleeves almost bled.


The tense Yao Chuan finally sighed with relief and struck while the iron was hot. “Ji Li, you did a good job. We’ll make up a few more shots. Qin Yue, you should also take a few close-up shots.”

Ji Li got up from the ground with red eyes and nodded slowly.

The whole crew tossed and turned for nearly half an hour before Yao Chuan announced the end of this detail control.

Ji Li got up from the ground in an exhausted manner. His temples throbbed with pain and his eyes were sore and uncomfortable.

Baozi and Yu Fuya, who was waiting on one side of the set, rushed up immediately. “Brother Ji, are you okay?”

Ji Li didn’t say anything. He walked around them and carefully headed toward the lounge.

Qin Yue saw this situation and immediately walked over with a frown. “Ji Li.”

Ji Li paused. His brain swelled as he watched Qin Yue who was following him.

This man still had Xie Chenyuan’s appearance but he was no longer ruthless. The worry on his face was obvious.

Ji Li hadn’t withdrawn from his role so his eyes almost instantly turned red. He pursed his lips and threw out a wronged and unreasonable sentence. “What are you doing here?”

Then he soon realized that something was wrong. “Brother Yue, I’m sorry, I want to be alone.”

Ji Li finished speaking and ran away to the lounge.

Baozi and Yu Fuya were momentarily stunned when they saw this scene. The latter said, “Qin Yue, I’m sorry. This child probably isn’t out of the role.”

“I know,” Qin Yue answered helplessly. He was a bit uneasy about Ji Li being alone. “Don’t go over there first. I will have a good chat with him.”

Qin Yue definitely wouldn’t care if other actors were like this but he knew this young man and his ability to empathize with characters.

In the drama, Xie Yan was hurt by the betrayal of his close relative. This emotional influence was attached to the actor and it must be uncomfortable.

Qin Yue thought of this and immediately followed.

Yu Fuya and Baozi looked at each other in a confused manner, not understanding the relationship between the two.

“Sister Yu, what’s going on? Should we go over?”

“Wait a while and let Ji Li quietly recover.”

Xu Miaomiao unexpectedly caught this scene from the corner.

She had completely lost her vigilance as a fangirl of her idol. Instead, her eyes lit up and she almost stomped in place out of joy.

Thank you!

Like and follow, like and follow!

“Sister Miao, what are you thinking about? The production assistant asked us to move venues and prepare for filming.”

Xu Miaomiao’s assistant looked at the red glow on her face with a confused expression. “Is it hot?”

It was hot.

It was so hot!

Supporting this hot CP love, letting her bear it alone, she could do it!

Xu Miaomiao’s mind returned and she pretended to be serious. “Yes, I’ll go there now.”

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I love Xu Miaomiao. Secret Fan girling. Love this story! Thank you for translating