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IPCFS: Chapter 24

After eating with Qin Yue and Qi An, Ji Li returned to the hotel. He leaned against the sofa and stroked Snow Cake in his arms while staring at the WeChat business card that Qi An had sent him.

There was no fancy nickname ID. It was a concise and clear three character name.

Yu Fuya.

Under the business card were a few words from Qi An.

-Ji Li, Sister Yu is my career teacher. She managed countless popular artists and was a gold medal agent in the early years. However, she retired to spend time with her family in recent years and has rarely appeared in public.

-Now it seems that she intends to make a comeback with an artist. Whether you can get her or not depends on your own ability.

Ji Li stared at the black rose on the WeChat profile picture and fell into contemplation.

Suddenly, his doorbell rang. “Brother Ji, are you in the room?”

Snow Cake on his lap heard the movement and quickly raised his small head vigilantly. Ji Li touched him and spoke to Baozi at the door. “Yes, come in directly.”

The latter had his room key card. He received a response and opened the door quickly. “Brother Ji, I brought you some fresh fruit from downstairs. They have all been cut so have a taste.”

“Baozi, you came at the right time. I have something to ask you.” Ji Li was straightforward.

“Brother Ji, you say it.” Baozi sat down opposite Ji Li in good spirits.

Ji Li stroked the screen of his phone and asked lightly, “Have you ever heard of Yu Fuya?”

“I naturally know such a famous agent.” Baozi nodded. How could there be anything about the entertainment circle that he didn’t know?

Ji Li stuck a fork in a watermelon piece on the table for Baozi and said with a smile, “Okay, tell me.”

“It is a long story!”

Baozi straightened up and swallowed the watermelon in one gulp. “I think Yu Fuya is in her early 40s this year? She got married three years ago and spent that time with her family. Despite her age, she is a mythical agent in the early years of the entertainment industry.”

Yu Fuya joined the circle of agents as soon as she graduated.

“Her eyes are very sharp. Before she turned 30, she brought out a movie emperor and a movie queen. Most of the actors and actresses she spotted and arranged into crews when newcomers are now popular.”

“That’s right! If I remember correctly, even Teacher Qin Yue was managed by her for a bit when he first debuted? At that time, Qi An was barely an intern agent. However, no matter how strong she is, even she can have the wrong vision.”

Ji Li was becoming more interested. “Continue.”

“It happened 10 years ago. Chaoying Culture signed two new actors at the time, Qin Yue and Zhu Xusheng.” Baozi started to search on his phone as he talked.

Ji Li didn’t urge him and just nodded.

He had known previously that Qin Yue first started his career in Chaoying Culture. Later, his five year contract expired. He separated from his original company in a good manner and set up his own company, Yuexing Culture.

To this day, the two companies had maintained a good cooperative relationship.

“Brother Ji, look at this.” Baozi handed over the news he found to Ji Li.

Ji Li quickly scanned it and his expression showed surprise. “Yu Fuya and Zhu Xusheng had a relationship?”

“Yes, it was a sensation when the romance was revealed!” Baozi told him the story.

At that time, Chaoying was very optimistic about Qi An and Zhu Xusheng. However, the former had Qi An, a ‘good friend agent.’ Therefore, Yu Fuya focused on the latter.

The two of them secretly dated for half a year. As a result, they were photographed in private and their relationship was exposed.

At that time, Zhu Xusheng was on the rise and Yu Fuya was a well-known agent. The relationship with a nine year age difference caused a stir in the entertainment industry.

Fans were in an uproar and accused Yu Fuya of forcing a relationship and having too close physical contact with Zhu Xusheng by taking advantage of her position.

Ji Li pursed his lips without commenting.

No matter what, Zhu Xusheng was a young and strong man. How could he let Yu Fuya force him to take intimate photos? The latter was obviously a career-oriented strong woman. She should know about this type of workplace taboo best.

Looking back on it, even if she wanted to act against someone, shouldn’t it be Brother Qin?

Qin Yue was much more handsome than Zhu Xusheng in the photo.

Ji Li thought darkly.

“It is obvious to anyone with clear eyes that they were in a relationship. As a result, guess what?” Baozi clicked his tongue and shook his head.

Ji Li’s eyes flashed slightly as he made a guess. “Zhu Xusheng didn’t deny his fans’ words and pushed the blame onto the woman?”

Baozi slapped his thigh. “That’s it! At that time, there were many similar reports stating that Yu Fuya was using unspoken rules in the workplace… A man should part with no hard feelings. If he does this then he is secretly ‘scumming’ the woman.”

“Was he instructed by Chaoying Culture?” Ji Li asked.

“It shouldn’t be. Not long after this incident happened, he broke off his contract with Chaoying and signed with Jincheng Films. He is still the number one brother of that company. Every few years, there is gossip about his relationship but he dares to be so presumptuous due to his works.”

Baozi took another bite of the watermelon and spoke in a vague voice, “Zhu Xusheng’s fans have always been calling him and Teacher Qin Yue as from the same family but based on his scum male attribute, he isn’t even worthy of carrying Teacher Qin Yue’s shoes.”

“How good is Teacher Qin Yue? Since his debut, there have been no messy scandals.”

Ji Li chuckled and slowly peeled a sweet grape.

“Yu Fuya was silent for a while. Then she managed Jiang Ying until she announced her marriage three years ago.”

At the age of 38, Yu Fuya finally gave up her career. She married a husband outside the circle and stayed home with her family. She hadn’t appeared in public since then.

Baozi roughly finished talking about what he knew and asked, “Brother Ji, why are you asking about her?”

Ji Li didn’t hide it. “Baozi, I plan to terminate the contract with Dream Media and I want to ask Yu Fuya to be my agent. What do you think?”

Baozi was stunned for a few seconds when he heard this. This time, the company’s public relations attitude was too hurtful. He could understand Brother Ji wanted to terminate the contract but…

“You want Yu Fuya as your agent? Will it work?” Baozi was surprised and expectant.

“How do I know if I don’t try?” Ji Li placed the WeChat business card in front of Baozi. Then he added her as a friend with a calm expression.

He believed in the candidate recommended by Qin Yue and Qi An. Yu Fuya was previously career-oriented and she fit his requirements for an agent. In addition, the cooperation and choices went both ways.

Baozi nodded expectantly. “Brother Ji, I will support you no matter what you do! If you leave Dream Media then I will follow you!”

Snow Cake lying on Ji Li’s lap also made a sound.

Ji Li’s heart warmed and his lips curved as he answered, “Yes.”


He Ling had never acted out a complete scene so Ji Li’s temporary addition didn’t affect the progress of the crew.

Xie Yan didn’t have many group scenes in the early stages and individual scenes didn’t affect other people. The first few days after Ji Li entered the crew were quite easy.

10 days later, it was the end of the month when the crew all got a holiday.

Ji Li took advantage of this holiday to return to the city without telling the company. He sat in the reserved box of the restaurant and waited silently.

Not long after the agreed upon time, a woman in a black dress opened the door and walked in. She had shoulder-length hair and the makeup on her face was simple and competent. Even so, her temperament wasn’t concealed.

“Sister Yu.” Ji Li recognized her and got up. “I am Ji Li.”

“I know. I investigated you before I came.” Yu Fuya glanced at the time. “Sorry, I’m six minutes late.”

Yu Fuya didn’t directly take a seat. She stood by the table and sized Ji Li up. “You look good. You look better in real life than in photos.”

Ji Li’s lips gently curved and he invited her to take a seat.

Yu Fuya sat down and quickly ordered a bottle of strong whiskey. Then she opened her bag to look for cigarettes. “Wait a minute, I need to take a breather.”

She glanced over the blood-red notebook in the bag and her expression became gloomy in an instant as she threw it on the table.

Ji Li saw that it was a divorce certificate.

Yu Fuya lit an e-cigarette and hummed as she looked into the man’s eyes. “The fresh and hot divorce certificate came out just half an hour ago.”

Just in time, the waiter brought the alcohol.

Ji Li silently poured a glass for Yu Fuya before saying, “Sister Yu, I will celebrate your return to being single.”

Yu Fuya looked at him and asked, “How do you know that I am celebrating, not drowning my sorrows?”

Ji Li poured himself a glass and answered calmly, “If you wanted to use alcohol to drown your sorrows, you would’ve stood me up today.”

Yu Fuya shrugged. She drank the strong and spicy whiskey and cursed. “Love is a dog thing. I’ve had enough of it. Whoever wants it can have it.”

She thought she could give up her career for love and have a happy married life. However, she had an accidental miscarriage a year ago and the long-hidden conflict between the couple finally broke out.

Her former husband complained about her more and more. Yu Fuya couldn’t bear it and finally chose to divorce him.

Some time ago, she casually mentioned in her Moments that she had the idea of coming back to manage people. As a result, that kid Qi An moved fast and immediately found her a newcomer.

If it was a year and a half earlier, she might not have agreed to meet. It could only be said that the timing of her collision with Ji Li was too coincidental.

“Let’s talk about business.” Yu Fuya extinguished the e-cigarette and knocked on her empty glass. “Qi An asked me to talk to you. He said he originally wanted to sign you but you refused?”

She poured herself another glass of alcohol.

“I’ve seen clips of your acting. I can understand why Qin Yue was attracted and wanted to sign you to his company.”

“Ji Li, I’m interested in you.”

Yu Fuya clearly showed her attitude with these few words.

He was a newcomer who wasn’t deeply involved in the circle and had a relatively clean background. Combined with his good looks and talent then he would be a potential stock that could burst after feeding him a few resources as long as he didn’t become a monster in the follow-up.

Now she was disappointed in love and divorced. She just wanted to return to her career.

Bringing a newcomer to the top was the best comeback method Yu Fuya could think of. Of course, she could only be the best support. It still depended on whether Ji Li was strong enough.

“The choice is mutual. Since we’ve met, I won’t speak much polite nonsense.”

Yu Fuya’s eyes were sharp and she raised a serious point. “During our cooperation, you can’t touch anything regarding relationships before you win the best male lead. You can’t even be ambiguous with others.”

Ji Li’s lips curved and he simply replied, “Sister Yu, I have no interest in love. However, I also have requirements.”

Yu Fuya slightly raised an eyebrow. “Tell me.”

“You can arrange other activities and events in the future but I will have the greatest freedom to choose when it comes to picking television or movie scripts.” Ji Li spoke bluntly, his face not showing the fear of a newcomer.

“Of course, if you have good movie and television resources then I will happily accept it.”

“Are you so confident about your vision?” Yu Fuya wasn’t in a hurry to agree.

Ji Li raised his glass slightly. “Otherwise? Don’t you agree with your vision when picking people?”

Yu Fuya was taken aback before chuckling lightly. Her depressed heartstrings relaxed for the first time in ages. “Very good. It seems we have something in common when it comes to personality.”

The other person’s self-confidence was very measured and his conversation was frank. She preferred such a blunt attitude to the artists who were obedient on the surface but rebellious behind her back.

Ji Li’s mindset was obviously mature and he was clear about his needs.

It was clear that there was an age gap of almost 20 years but Yu Fuya didn’t feel like there was a generation gap between them.

The two of them touched their glasses together. It was wishing them a happy cooperation in advance.

Ji Li roughly talked about the contract he signed with Dream Media. “I haven’t found my next company. I’m afraid I will have to trouble Sister Yu.”

His current personality and qualification weren’t enough to set up a personal studio. Finding a large company with deep qualifications was the best protection.

“Leave it to me to deal with the termination of the contract. You should just stay in the crew and act well.” Yu Fuya quickly and easily decided things. “As for the next company, go to my old place.”

Ji Li was startled. “Chaoying Culture?”

Yu Fuya nodded. “I am one of the investment shareholders of Chaoying and it will be easier to do things in my own house. Why? Do you have other ideas?”

“No, I will listen to your arrangements,” Ji Li responded calmly while a trace of complexity passed through his eyes.

If he remembered correctly, the company that the original protagonist Ji Yunqi belonged to when he debuted was Chaoying Culture.

He didn’t expect that after going around, his ‘cannon fodder’ would actually bump into the same company as the protagonist of the original novel.

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i’ve completely forgotten about the original plot…

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Again, I really hope that if the original protagonist is a decent human being then our Ji Li won’t block his way towards stardom, since our Ji Li is way too capable. I mean, the two should be able to coexist peacefully. But who knows, in a previous chapter a screenwriter or a director mentioned the work that the original protagonist was supposed to star in, almost like saying they wanted Ji Li to act in it instead.

1 year ago
Reply to  KisakiTsubasa

It is too suspicious that protagonist is “Ji” Yunqi and MC is “Ji” Li. I just hope there is no plot of lost child, or newly recognised outside child and original protagonist antagonistic against MC that took his life 😂.

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