IPCFS: Chapter 23

Song Song was a diehard fan of He Ling. She had been following him since he was a trainee and it had been three years since then. On last year’s debut night, He Ling tragically missed out on a group position and abused his entire fan circle.

Song Song and her star-chasing sisters were directly abused into poison. While protecting He Ling, they insulted his opponents like crazy and kept biting.

In their eyes, no one could compare to their treasure He Ling. All stars of the same age who were involved with their idol were just sucking his blood.

Therefore, the moment the news of ‘Ji Li robbing the role through a relationship’ came out, they gathered a small group of fans and abused the other person all night long.

They were active in all the major forums and various Weibos, crazily filling them with black materials and articles on Ji Li. They wished they could tear apart this hateful Ji Li through the screen.

They stayed up all night and the result was an unexpected reversal.

Their idol was acting self-important? Ji Li was the god of the video whom they first crazily bragged about?

Song Song and the others had offended many fan circles. At this moment, the ridicule of other fans almost overwhelmed them.

“Song Song, what next? Should we keep a low profile?”

“What low profile? Didn’t you see my brother’s deleted Weibo last night? We should believe in what he said! Ji Li and Qin Yue must have a relationship!”

Song Song completely ignored the feeling of being slapped in the face and insisted on defending her idol. “It must be Ji Li who spent money to bring this rhythm. We can’t give up!”

“However, the internal group management of the support club told us to stop temporarily. They are contacting the company’s officials to find out the situation.”

“We can’t stop! The management of the support club is run by a group of people who are weak in public and only strong in private. What type of battle haven’t we taken the lead in? If we admit defeat now, our brother will be even more wronged! He only has us, understood?”

Song Song indignantly preached to the small group of poison and ordered, “Quickly start spreading Qin Yue and Ji Li’s black material now!”

Not long after she sent this message, there was a link from a star chasing sister: What f**ing spreading? I have fed a dog for a year. Now I will take off my fan and retreat.

The next second, the other person quickly withdrew from the group.

Song Song couldn’t react. She secretly scolded the unsettled fans who couldn’t stand firm and had withdrawn from the group while clicking on the link sent by the other person.

It didn’t take long for her to be stunned silly.

The link was from a very accurate gossip blogger. He had broken the romance and gossip news of many celebrities in the circle.

The text content this time was short but explosive.

#He Ling sleeping with others at a drinking party?# My god, it is so amazing! He Ling was filmed participating in a drinking/sleeping party of the investment circle. The intimate video of him with his wealthy backer behind the scenes is exposed? The amount of information is too large. I will slow down. You guys talk first.

Two gifs were attached below.

In front of a wine table, He Ling accompanied a middle-aged man in a suit, letting the man’s salty pig hands touch his face at will.

In the dim underground garage, He Ling was pressed against a car door by the drunk man who buried his head in He Ling’s neck.

Some netizens deliberately took screenshots of the gifs and adjusted the brightness.

The wealthy backer’s face wasn’t seen clearly but He Ling’s face was revealed to everyone.

-F*k, f*k, the internal entertainment hasn’t had such a strong melon in a long time! He Ling is a rising idol, right?

-Any Zeros here? Look at your own idol? How can you usually curse other people’s idols? (Ling=zero))

-The wealthy backer was discovered! It is Zheng Wei, 52 years old from Shengyu Investment. He has a family and his son is almost as old as He Ling. Moreover, Shengyu Investment is one of the investors of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth.

-Let me use my side account to tell the truth. He Ling stole the role from someone else and entered the crew using money. In order to match his schedule, the crew specifically postponed Xie Yan’s scenes.

-Upstairs, I know this melon! The newcomer replaced by He Ling is called Sheng Mingyan! Previously, a sister filmed him going to Hengcheng to join the group and cheered for him in his new drama. As a result, he was replaced in less than three days. His fans were distressed!

The netizens became more excited as they talked and many melons were confirmed one by one.

For idols in the rising period, romance wasn’t allowed, let alone a scandal like He Ling’s one. This was a complete disqualification as an idol.

It might be a hot topic on the rising hot search but the news soon spread.

This proof was too strong and there was no defense at all. It wasn’t just that. Qin Yue’s studio, which had been keeping a low profile, suddenly issued a statement.

All reports that slandered Qin Yue and Ji Li for having an improper relationship were screenshotted by the studio. They had to be deleted in one day or else they would be prosecuted through lawful means.

The forum ‘Uncle Fan’ who first broke the news immediately deleted the post and wrote an apology post.

He admitted that he took the money from He Ling’s team and inappropriately slandered Ji Li and Qin Yue. He was very ashamed of his behavior and was willing to accept criticism and accusations from major netizens.

One wave hadn’t settled when another rose.

He Ling’s personal setting completely collapsed. Passersby, black fans, family fans and even the long suffering Qin Yue fans strongly criticized him on major social media and the situation became uncontrollable.

Song Song stiffly closed various web pages and clicked on her own star chasing group.

The small group, which had always been lively, fell into a weird silence. Before long, people withdrew from the group one after another. In the end, only her friend Xiao Ying was left.

-Song Song, I feel that my face is very painful. I am ashamed, truly ashamed and I even feel sorry for Ji Li. I am now in a trance like I have woken up from a dream. For such a disqualified idol, I have become unlike myself in the past two years.

-Sorry, I’m leaving first.

The moment the two messages were sent out, Xiao Ying decisively retreated from the group.

They were essentially He Ling’s girlfriend fans. Now He Ling appeared in the appearance most unacceptable to them. He was raised by a wealthy backer and the other person was a middle-aged, greasy uncle?

Oh, it was a big joke.

Song Song stroked her own cheeks that were hot from shame and finally came back to her senses. There was no need for the black fans to laugh at her. She already felt ashamed.

They were so focused on He Ling that they became unlike themselves. Then in the end, the other person gave all the fans the loudest slap.


The development of the situation seemed out of control. He Ling’s fan clubs announced their closure one by one and even the official support club issued a stop notice.

His Weibo fans, which had risen, now dropped by nearly 200,000 in just three hours.

He Ling witnessed all of this and his heart was finally completely occupied with panic.

He called the number of his wealthy backer over and over until he finally connected after dozens of busy tones.

Before He Ling could ask for help, Zheng Wei’s angry accusations swept over. “You still dare to call me? I’m almost messed up by you! I told you to film obediently and don’t be troublesome yet you dared to post a self-righteous Weibo to control the rhythm!”

“The current result is good. Qin Yue actually came out in person. Forget you. It is hard for me to even protect myself!”

Originally, the breaking news videos were suppressed by him early in the morning. As a result, Qin Yue acted and directly revealed it.

Now it was on the hot search and his personal identity was clearly discovered by omnipotent netizens. It wasn’t just his wife and children who called to quarrel with him. The other senior executives of the company were also angry at him…

Don’t mention how aggrieved Zheng Wei felt. If he knew this long ago, he wouldn’t have been tempted by a mindless thing like He Ling. It was just a few times in bed but the other person almost killed him!

He Ling’s heart trembled after he heard this. “Q-Qin Yue? He is just a movie emperor. How can he fight against a capitalist like you?”

Zheng Wei sneered. “Bulls**t! The person in the circle you can’t provoke the most is Qin Yue! Stop contacting me. I won’t protect you. Let’s see how far you can go.”

The call was mercilessly hung up.

He Ling felt blocked in his heart. He couldn’t get rid of the awkwardness and wanted to cry, but he had no tears.

Sun Yong came back from outside. He Ling saw him and seemed to grab at his last life saving straw. He changed from his old arrogance and humbly held Sun Yong’s sleeve. “Brother Yong, what did the company say?”

“Can they suppress my news? As long as the incident can be calmed down, I can do anything! Yes, I can even send a long Weibo apology to Ji Li!”

How could He Ling still care about face? He just wanted the storm to end as soon as possible.

Sun Yong shook off the hand impatiently, voice trembling with anger. “It is the first time I made an error of judgment in my life. I actually chose trash like you. Help you? My job is going to be killed by you!”

The company’s personnel department had called and said it received many reports that Sun Yong had used his position to facilitate illegal activities. The department asked him to resign immediately and accept the review of relevant personnel.

If the messy things he did before were found out then he probably wouldn’t be able to avoid prison!

He had nowhere to run now!

Sun Yong was upset and lit a cigarette, viciously leaving behind the words, “The company said that your leg injury is serious. You have to recover for one or two years so the team for you will be disbanded first. Wait until you are completely healed before talking about it again.”

If he was given another chance, he would’ve never signed trash like He Ling! He should’ve held Ji Li well. He actually let go of the big prize while grabbing at trifles and as a result, this trifle was actually mouse feces!

He regretted it!

The blood on He Ling’s face completely faded as he watched Sun Yong leave. What type of injury needed a year or two to recover? The company was planning to hide him in this disguised manner!

He Ling couldn’t understand it. How did he become like this in less than a day?

He wanted to make Ji Li completely unable to stay in the circle but now the person who had his future ruined was himself. He couldn’t cry even if he wanted to cry.


In the evening, a box in a restaurant.

Ji Li raised his wine glass and sincerely thanked the two opposite people. “Brother Qin, Mr Qi, this time, public opinion on the Internet was resolved thanks to your secret help. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to solve the trouble of He Ling so smoothly.”

“It is just a matter of raising my hand.” Qin Yue clinked their glasses together.

Qi An glanced at his friend. “Yes, this false news involves Qin Yue so our team’s public relations will definitely deal with it.”

If there was anyone to blame, he could only blame He Ling for not having a brain and provoking the number one unprovoked person.

Ji Li’s lips curved. “In any case, I have to thank you for your help. According to what I said before, I will treat you to this meal tonight.”

Qi An accepted it as natural. “Yes, then I won’t be polite.”

The moment he spoke, Qin Yue glanced at him and asked, “Aren’t you embarrassed to let a newcomer treat you?”

Qi An laughed but didn’t refute it. Instead, he brought the topic to Ji Li. “By the way, I have one thing I’ve been holding in my heart for a long time. I will ask you for an answer before I have to leave Hengcheng tomorrow morning.”

“What is it?” Ji Li cast a focused look over.

“Ji Li, Qin Yue and I are quite optimistic about you. After all, Dream Media’s movie and television resources are a bit lacking. Do you want to…” Qi An shook his wine glass. “Come to our Yuexing Culture?”

Ji Li’s eyes narrowed slightly before he smiled at them. “Brother Qin, do you want to dig me to your company?”

“Yes, our Yuexing has always looked at talented actors but I won’t force it. It depends on your personal wish.”

Qin Yue instinctively squeezed the glass at the young man’s smile. He had a vague intuition in his heart that after this incident, the other person wouldn’t agree.

Ji Li drank the alcohol before putting down the glass and replying solemnly, “In fact, before yesterday, Yuexing has always been my first choice. However, I’m sorry but I can only refuse your invitation at this time.”

Qin Yue heard the expected answer and asked, “Because of that false news?”

“Yes,” Ji Li responded. He knew the current situation immediately. “If I really choose Yuexing then in the hearts of the netizens, the fake materials will become real.”

Currently, there was He Ling’s scandal but netizens always liked this type of chaotic news. If he chose to quit and sign with Yuexing at this juncture, the rumors would definitely make a comeback.

There were many girlfriend fans among Qin Yue’s fans and Ji Li didn’t want to provoke them for the time being.

Ji Li liked to speak with strength. He didn’t want his future star path to be accompanied by endless rumors.

“I heard that Yuexing has worked with the studios of many powerful actors?” Ji Li paused slightly, his eyes flashing with confidence. “Give me a few more years. If I have the chance to set up a studio then I will find you to cooperate.”

Qin Yue smiled and didn’t force it. “Okay. I will wait for that day.”

Qi An sighed with regret. “So what next? You aren’t going to stay with Dream Media, are you?”

“Of course not.” Ji Li wasn’t so stupid.

The Internet turmoil had made him completely disappointed in the company. A company that couldn’t protect their own artists wasn’t a place where he could stay for very long.

“The contract I signed with the company isn’t very good. I’m afraid it isn’t so easy to terminate the contract. Next, I will have to find a good company or at the very least, a good agent.”

In front of them, Ji Li made no secret of his true thoughts.

Qin Yue nodded imperceptibly and shifted his gaze to his friend. His meaning was obvious.

Qi An had been an agent for so many years and he had a wide range of news and contacts in this area.

Qi An received his gaze and smiled. “Qin Yue guessed your thoughts before we came and asked me to help you find the best agent. However, it depends on whether you can invite this person or not.”

Ji Li’s spirit was immediately raised and he blurted out, “Who is it?”

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2 years ago

Just imagine you are Zheng Wei’s son and your father found a male lover with almost the same age as yourself. It’s… kinda.. …. creepy :’D

And Sun Yong, the prison would be a nice end for you, wouldn’t it? :3

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

2 years ago

Its not just creepy its disgusting! Not only did he cheat on his wife, he slept with someone the same age his son? Weird n suspicioua behavior for sure…

9 months ago

Mini theater:

Yue-gege: signalling with eyes
Qi An: siiiiiiigh
Yue-gege: sending more signals whispering: go on tell him how awesome his future hubby is!
Qi An: sigh whispering:fine, fine,stop staring at me… it’s disgusting.
Yue-gege: snorting with contempt