IPCFS: Chapter 2

For this assessment, the original owner had practiced very hard. He tried to figure it out and remembered all the video clips. However, the clip playing now wasn’t in his memory at all.

Ji Li glanced at Zhao Jinfeng and guessed the ‘fishy’ part of this. The temporary change of the assessment content was to make the original owner mess up and fail the assessment.

It was a pity that the other side’s wishful thinking was wrong. When it came to acting, Ji Li had never been surprised by anyone.

Ji Li retracted his thoughts and stared intently at the footage playing on the screen. He wanted to capture the key part of this role in the shortest possible time.

“Brother Qiao, isn’t this The Awakening by Movie Emperor Qin? It is such a difficult clip but they didn’t previously mention that it was part of the assessment content?” A trainee muttered.

“Of course it isn’t part of the assessment content previously set.” Lin Qiao glanced at Ji Li standing in the center with a hint of playfulness. “I just want that country bumpkin to be unable to act.”

Zhao Jinfeng took his money and deliberately wanted to make things difficult for Ji Li in the assessment. After failing the assessment three times, the other side would have to leave the company in accordance with the rules of the past trainees.

The several trainees gathered here exchanged looks and immediately understood the meaning of the words. They started gloating. “It turns out to be Brother Qiao’s handwriting? It seems there is a good show to see.”

This clip was taken from the movie The Awakened. It had been released for 10 days but it was still in the top three domestic high quality movies on a ratings website.

Zheng Yi, the protagonist of the movie, accepted the task of the organization and disguised himself as a vagrant. As an underground, undercover agent, he wandered around the town for a long time, ‘pretending to be crazy’ while passing on information.

During this time, he unexpectedly met the female heroine who was a dancer. The other person never disliked this ‘stupid’ appearance and offered him gentle help again and again.

It was just that the good times didn’t last long. The important contact point of the organization was discovered and the underground members suffered heavy casualties. At the critical moment, Zheng Yi suddenly discovered that the leader of this annihilation operation was the heroine he liked.

The goodwill of the other person was a disguise and the previous approaches were all temptations.

The clip that was currently playing on the screen was a classic scene from the movie.

In order to protect the last clues of the organization, Zheng Yi had to personally kill the female heroine of the enemy party. Just then, the gangster who used to bully him in the past bumped into him again.

The numb Zheng Yi was kicked twice by the opponent in a teasing manner. He finally couldn’t bear it anymore and fought back. The long-term depression found a way to be vented and the madness, pain and disbelief in his heart reached the peak in this impulsive violence.


That year, Qin Yue was a newcomer and used this movie to win the double Best Actor Award at the Baixiang Awards and Huayu Awards. His brilliant acting in this section of the movie was directly enshrined.

This clip had appeared in actor selection reality shows in recent years. Many actors competed to imitate it but no one had ever been able to surpass Qin Yue’s performance. This showed the difficulty of this segment.

Wang Zhang saw this clip and some interest finally returned to his eyes. He had cooperated with Qin Yue before. The other party had always been an actor friend he admired and valued.

“Ji Li?” Wang Zhang re-examined the young man in front of him and was surprised to find something. “You are in line with this role’s needs.”

In the scene, the protagonist encountered a rainy day and his clothes were dirty, messy and damp.

Before Ji Li could answer, Song Lan walked in through the door. “Director Wang, I’m sorry. It should be a staff member who made a mistake with the assessment clip. Or shall we…”

“What’s wrong? As an actor, the most indispensable thing is the ability to perform on the spot!” Wang Zhang interrupted Song Lan with a wave of his hand. “Your President Meng went to the trouble of inviting me over here. I am just a tool person for scoring?”

His eyes were so sharp. How could he not tell that this assessment piece was an ‘accident’? It was just that he liked this accident. It was better than letting him watch those clips that had been rehearsed earlier.

Song Lan saw through Wang Zhang’s emotions and sighed silently. It would be fine if the other trainees had drawn it but the one who ran into this scene was Ji Li. As the head of the trainees, how could she not know the other party’s acting skills? Putting it nicely, he ‘still wasn’t enlightened yet.’ If she put it badly, he was simply ‘a puddle of mud.’

Song Lan tried to explain again. “Director Wang, Ji Li is just a trainee after all. How can he compare to Teacher Qin?”

“What comparison? Qin Yue was in his early 20s when he appeared in this movie.” Wang Zhang patted Ji Li’s profile and directly got to the point. “Speak for yourself. Do you want to act? Are you going to take the test or not?’

“Director Wang, Sister Song Lan, I want to do the assessment,” Ji Li replied in a light voice. He stared at the image on the screen, something flashing in his eyes. “I will play this part.”

Outsiders enjoyed the lively scene while insiders saw the essence.

They might have never met but Ji Li appreciated this movie’s lead actor very much. His emotions were relaxed and he had a wonderful interpretation of the inner contradiction of the character.

As an actor, Ji Li naturally had to challenge the roles that interested him.

The trainees heard Ji Li’s response and all had the mentality of watching a show. Someone laughed. “Is this Ji Li pushed to do something beyond his ability?”

“Director Wang has spoken. Does he dare to say that he won’t act?”

“As far as his muddy acting skills are concerned, he has to agree now and he will be a joke later.”

“I can’t wait to see him be a joke hahaha…”

Song Lan glanced over in a displeased manner. The trainees fell quiet in an instant and didn’t dare talk any longer.

“Director.” In the crowd, Lin Qiao suddenly raised his hand. “Isn’t there a gangster character in this scene? Can I play it for Ji Li?”

The trainees on both sides of Lin Qiao looked at each other and mentally lit a candle for Ji Li. Brother Qiao’s trick was too ruthless!

Who didn’t know that Ji Li usually avoided Lin Qiao when seeing him? Ji Li didn’t even dare say anything when bullied. Now they had to act together. Even if Ji Li’s character would fight back in the end, they were afraid Ji Li wouldn’t have the courage to hit Brother Qiao, right?

“I’m looking forward to the next scene more and more.”

“Who isn’t? It is simply a joke for that country bumpkin to get into the act.”

As they were whispering, Lin Qiao had already received the director’s permission. He walked to Ji Li’s side and blatantly pretended. “Act well and don’t feel pressured.”

He was acting as a gangster and the kicking and punching must be real. He must make up for the loss he suffered in the bathroom.

Ji Li had long understood Lin Qiao’s intentions. He glanced at this person indifferently before requesting, “Director, I want to see the content before and after and review the movie clip.”

“Yes, I will give you five minutes of preparation time.” Wang Zhang readily agreed.

Song Lan shook her head silently and returned to her original position. Things had come to this point and she could only hope that Ji Li could withstand the pressure. He didn’t need to be able to act well but he shouldn’t embarrass the company too much.

The five minutes of preparation time passed in a flash.

“Director, it doesn’t matter if I really kick him?” Lin Qiao flexed his muscles and suppressed the excitement in his heart.”

Wang Zhang nodded and ordered, “Just control your strength.”

Ji Li lowered his head without saying a word and knelt on the ground without hesitation. It was clear he had already substituted himself into the situation.

The lonely figure and the deliberately ‘collapse’ instantly gave people an indescribable sense of despair.

Wang Zhang’s eyes lit up. “Let’s start.” 

Lin Qiao swaggered over, suddenly stopping as he passed by Ji Li. He bent down to meet the latter’s numb face and opened his mouth in a taunting manner, “Dog stuff, is that you?”

Dog stuff was what the street gangsters called this tramp. The other party was a fool and didn’t know how to fight back after being beaten. Every time they hit him, they could vent their anger.

“You are blocking my way. Get lost.” Lin Qiao ordered while kicking Ji Li’s knee with the toe of his shoe.

Ji Li was silent with his head still lowered. If someone took a closer look, they would find that his hands that were originally spread out on the ground had their veins bulging, as if he was suppressing an extremely strong force.

Lin Qiao was immersed in his own bullying scene and didn’t realize this at all. Just now, he controlled his strength when kicking the knee but the next one wouldn’t be so measured.

Lin Qiao couldn’t wait for the next line. “Are you deaf? I told you to get lost. Didn’t you hear me?”

AS e spoke, he stretched out his foot and kicked. Unexpectedly, the kneeling Ji Li awakened like a wild leopard. He caught Lin Qiao’s leg with his elbow and fought back fiercely.

Lin Qiao was brought down by him and slammed into the ground. The loud noise of the fall caused everyone in the training room to take a breath. Then they saw Ji Li’s unexpected movements.

The other party was still immersed in the scene. He pressed on top of Lin Qiao’s body, his right hand directly choking the other person.

Ji Li’s eyes were fixed on Lin Qiao. The two masseter muscles on the lower side of his face were taut and bulging while even his teeth were exerting force.

Lin Qiao finally reacted to the great pain and started to struggle hard. At almost the same time, Ji Li increased his strength with both hands. “Did I let you move?”

“After enduring it for so long, it is time for us to calculate the ledger.”

His breath leaked out from his tightly closed teeth and the veins on the back of Ji Li’s hands bulged, as if he could break the opponent’s neck with his bare hands in the next second.

Lin Qiao’s face was red and he felt that the air in his body was almost exhausted. As he struggled, he met the pair of eyes hidden under Ji Li’s messy hair. They were crazy and terribly red.

Shit! He was acting for real!

Lin Qiao realized this and struggled more violently. He didn’t expect that despite Ji Li’s thin appearance, the strength Ji Li showed at this moment would be so terrifying.

Lin Qiao’s hands were waving wildly while the kicking force of his legs became weaker. Just as he thought he was going to die, the man on top of him suddenly let go.

The air he longed for poured into his nose. Lin Qiao curled up and coughed fiercely. The only thing left in his mind was a sense of gratitude that he had survived.

Ji Li didn’t care about this person and stood up straight. He stared at the camera and it was as if he was looking out of the camera. The sharpness in his eyes was like an invisible iron hook, as if it could hook someone’s heart out of their chest alive.

After a few seconds of silence, Ji Li slowly sorted out his crumpled clothes. Along with these usual movements, the madness in his eyes finally dissipated bit by bit.


The trainee onlookers were stunned and completely forgot to help Lin Qiao who was still lying on the ground.

You know, they had all seen Ji Li’s previous assessments and it was capable of reaching the top acting joke of the year. Yet the situation just now wasn’t enough to be described as ‘acting well.’ It was divine!

If it was Qin Yue’s ‘violent’ counterattack in the movie then it gave people a relaxed, unrestrained impression. Meanwhile, the silent madness that Ji Li just performed made people instinctively feel uncomfortable.

It seemed that if he used a bit more strength in his hands, Lin Qiao would’ve been killed.

The trainees who had been laughing at Ji Li before were now silent with embarrassment. As bystanders, they clearly felt the charm of this role.

The other person’s performance was like a loud slap, slapping their faces fiercely!

Song Lan suppressed the surprise in her heart and sighed with relief for Ji Li.

To be honest, as long as the other person’s appearance was well packaged, he could definitely get a place in the circle. It was a pity that his acting skills in the past dragged him down. Don’t mention debuting, even graduating from the company training was difficult.

Unexpectedly, this piece of ‘mud’ had changed in a place she couldn’t see and had become a work of art.

Wang Zhang asked the staff to play back the video and watched Ji Li’s assessment clip. He wanted more and stood up.

Not bad. Rather than an uninspired imitation, this person performed a different type of charm.

Before he could speak, Lin Qiao, who had been lying on the ground for a long time, rose up in a panic. “Director Wang! Coach Zhao! Sister Song Lan! I want to complain!”

“Ji Li was taking revenge for himself!” Lin Qiao pointed to the swelling of his neck and gritted his teeth. “He clearly wanted my life! This is the ironclad proof!”

Ji Li had long pulled out of the acting state. He glanced at Lin Qiao’s neck and there was a flash of joy after the success in his eyes. He met this person’s furious eyes and dropped a light remark that caused Lin Qiao to choke up.

“I just got into the scene. You shouldn’t mind?”

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2 years ago

Aaaa I’m loving this!!!

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Jisatsu Kieru
2 years ago

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lin qiao is so shameless😒 he wanted to hurt him but then go hurt himself so now he wants to complain.

1 year ago

I’m troubled by the lack of stage combat and safety knowledge this supposedly experienced movie emperor has. When you “choke” someone on stage, you either put your hands lower (which in a theater is hard to see at a distance) or don’t put any pressure. There’s only a hair’s difference between fake choking and death, so you should never try to “choke someone out without killing them” like they do in novels and movies. It’s far too easy to collapse the windpipe, and the ambulance can’t get there fast enough to save their life if that happens. It’s way way riskier than going up on wires, jumping from a height, or pretty much any other stunt, and it’s just not done by professional actors. There is no grey area between making someone lightheaded and killing them, and by the time you realize you’re too close to the line, it’s because you already crossed it and it’s too late.

4 months ago

Thank you for the chapter!