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IPCFS: Chapter 18

Everybody’s curiosity was raised.

“You sit down first. I’ll see the situation.” Yao Chuan got up. The director personally went to control the trial play.

Qin Yue suppressed his curiosity and sat calmly.

He had his own sense of measure in everything he did. Coming to the crew was a temporary intention and it was a coincidence that he met Ji Li during the filming.

If he showed too much attention to Ji Li in front of outsiders, he was afraid it would attract gossip and it wouldn’t be good for them.

Not far away, Ji Li cooperated with the trial scenes again and again. Every one of his actions wasn’t sloppy.

In fact, Ji Li had shot many wire scenes before. Due to the needs of the role, he had also gone to a formal martial arts class. For him, such a scene wasn’t too difficult.

It wasn’t long before Yao Chuan called out to the crowd to get ready to start.

Ji Li stood in place and went through the plot again in his mind. After Xie Yan ‘saved’ the hero, he encountered a group of professional assassins. He broke through the encirclement and suppressed them using his excellent skills.

The plot of this scene was very clear and it was also the highlight moment of shaping the character.

In the hidden lines laid out by the script, these assassins were all sent by the palace.

King Jin Xie Yan had failed to seize the throne five years ago. He had avoided death due to holding the late emperor’s edict but there were always people who wanted to kill him. In the past, he was secretly poisoned as an assassination attempt. This time, they actually sent people to surround him.

His treason plan had just begun and there couldn’t be any mistakes.

As for these assassins, he would let them go to the next life. This was the best warning for those behind the scenes.

Ji Li finished the construction in his heart. Once his eyes opened again, sharpness and coldness coexisted in his eyes.

Ji Li’s expression was obscured by the veil but outsiders clearly felt the change in his aura. Yao Chuan stared at the figure on the monitor and unknowingly squeezed the walkie-talkie.

Fight scenes were always difficult to shoot and the things that could convey emotion were covered by the veil. Even if there were close-ups on the character’s face, they would have to be made up by He Ling later.

As a result, Ji Li’s difficulty was even greater.

Since it was a stand-in scene, Yao Chuan only briefly explained the surface scene to Ji Li.

He didn’t expect that the other person would know the script so thoroughly that he immediately grasped the character in this scene.

The current aura was right but the next martial arts moves had to keep up.

Yao Chuan thought this and immediately called out, “Action.”


The assassins rushed up in an instant.

The wind of the knife filled with killing intent came and caused the white gauze of the veil to flutter.

Just then, Ji Li was pulled off the ground quickly by the wire. He quickly adjusted his posture and his entire figure moved in a straight line toward an assassin.

The assassin stabbed at him with a sword. Just as it was about to touch Xie Yan’s forehead, the latter suddenly flicked his sleeve.

The special bone fan hidden in the sleeve made a flexible circle at his fingertips. The fan surface resisted the cold tip of the sword and cleverly struck the blade to turn it.

The sharp blade cut through the assassin’s throat and blood splashed out on the spot.

Ji Li’s body flipped gently through the air and fell behind the assassin. His white clothes were flawless and didn’t have a single touch of red.

Everyone was stunned by the scene. The mouths of several staff members were so wide that an egg could be stuffed inside.

This this this… was this what normal people could do?

Was Ji Li involved in hanging wires? This series of actions was difficult enough to shoot several times. How could he change his posture in an instant, as if he was bringing his own kung fu?

Every action was just right and he worked seamlessly with the martial arts group performers.

In addition, was that fan dancing in his hand?

“During the break, I saw that he was holding a plastic folding fan. I thought he was afraid of the heat. Was he actually preparing for this role?” A staff member was surprised. 

Upon hearing this, Qin Yue looked away from the monitor toward Ji Li who was filming. The light in his eyes gradually deepened.

Wang Ruixiang had always been striving for perfection in martial arts. In order to match Xie Yan’s image of ‘gentle on the outside with a dark heart on the inside’, his team had placed a lot of design effort into the bone fan.

In the seemingly light and elegant movements, there was a fierce and decisive killing force.

Obviously, Ji Li digested these movements well.

This bone fan seemed to grow from his hand. The opening and closing of the fan blades was clear and neat while his fingertips were flexible and light. Even the movement of swinging the fan and cutting the throat was just right.

There was tight pressure around his body but his superior figure wasn’t restrained at all.

Every time Ji Li made an action, everyone’s eyes were shocked.

The last martial arts group performer rushed up. Ji Li jumped up and directly grabbed him by the neck with a scissors kick.

The two people worked hard at the same time, one bright and one dark. Ji Li did a half turn in the air. The group performer cooperated by turning sideways and falling down like his neck had been twisted.

The extremely difficult moves were perfectly digested and the martial arts director Wang Ruixiang couldn’t help clenching his fists and shouting, “Okay!”

He had thought this scene would be easy but he didn’t think it would go so smoothly!

The filming staff were completely stunned and someone instinctively covered his neck. “Did Ji Li open a cheat? He hasn’t really killed someone, right?”

“What nonsense! Still, he is too cool.” The male staff members were also convinced by him.

“Absolutely. I finally believe that Xie Yan’s martial arts were awesome in the novel.”

Fang Zhixing looked at his friend of many years and couldn’t help expressing his true thoughts. “Old Yao, if possible, I really want to change to Ji Li playing Xie Yan. No one is more suitable than him.”

Yao Chuan glanced at him and sighed.

He thought that this action scene would need to be filmed several times but Ji Li’s performance ability completely exceeded his expectations.

Ji Li landed back on the ground with ease. His veiled hat, which had always been firmly worn, suddenly fell off.

Ji Li had a simple ponytail tied tightly with a white ribbon. The incessant mountain wind blew his hair and scattered the white ribbon around him, setting off his beautiful face like an immortal.

At this moment, it seemed like even time had slowed down.

“Hello, I’m going to die.” The stylist watching from the sidelines covered her chest and breathed hard.

“Ahhh, fuck, there is another immortal in the world.” There were people around her who agreed.

“I think I will fall in love with him even as a man.”

“Go away, don’t rob us.”

Ji Li had no idea about the discussion and instinctively lowered his head.

He was a stand-in and couldn’t show his face.

“Cut!” Yao Chuan finally spoke.

Ji Li picked up the hat and spoke in a self-reproaching manner. “Director, do you need to shoot it again?”

Yao Chuan considered it for a moment. “I have to take a few more close-up action shots. As for the last landing action… let’s shoot it again as well.”

Ji Li got the expected answer and nodded calmly. Then he turned to the staff members and bowed. “Teachers, you will have to work hard a few more times.”

“What is so hard? Ji Li, you just performed very well.”

“That’s right.”

The staff responded. Compared to He Ling who had to go back and forth over a dozen times simply for jumping off a tree, Ji Li’s well-coordinated and effort saving action scene had won a great deal of admiration from them.

Everyone felt this as they went to the close-up supplementary shooting of the action scene.

Qin Yue looked at the modest and hard-working Ji Li and the light in his eyes became deeper.

He finally understood why the martial arts instructor was so excited before the filming started. Ji Li’s smooth action performance would definitely earn a lot of attention after it was aired.

“It is unfortunate. If Ji Li was the actual actor then that last scene without the hat wouldn’t need to be remade.” Qi An spoke with regret from the side.

“The series of actions plus the final beauty can kill a large number of star chasing girls. Now after the drama is aired, it will be cheap benefits for that idol actor called He Ling.”

Qin Yue heard this and frowned.

Yes, excellent and hard working actors struggled for many years without success while actors with no acting skills gained a lot of popularity. As for the stand-in behind these actors, the pain and tiredness were theirs while the success and cheers belonged to someone else.

He had always understood the cruelty of the entertainment circle but there had never been a moment when he felt it was so unfair for others.

After a while, Ji Li came back from filming. The long action scene caused a layer of sweat to form on his forehead but his eyes were as bright as before. “Brother Qin, you haven’t left yet?”

“Yes, Director Yao made a dinner appointment after work.” Qin Yue replied. Then his gaze suddenly stopped at one place. “Is your hand hurt?”

It was only now that Ji Li found there was a shallow cut on his wrist and it was bleeding.

He was afraid of getting his costume dirty so he hurriedly rolled up the sleeves. “It’s okay. I probably got it accidentally during the scene just now. I…”

“What is okay? It must be dealt with.” Qin Yue heard his indifferent tone and interrupted with a frown. “This will avoid the wound becoming infected.”

Ji Li was bewildered by the other person’s serious expression and couldn’t help feeling a wave of confusion.

“Brother Ji! I brought a small medicine box. Let me handle it for you!” It wasn’t known where Baozi came from.

Ji Li looked over. “Baozi, why are you here? Is He Ling here?”

Baozi approached Ji Li and checked his wrist. “He Ling didn’t come. He has been resting in the hotel and there is no place to use me. I was afraid it would be inconvenient for you to be on the set alone so I sneaked over.”

“Brother Ji, go to the dressing room? I’ll take care of it for you. Along the way, I can help you with the costume and other things.” Baozi had been an assistant for a while and he obviously had experience.

“Okay.” Ji Li responded before glancing at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue didn’t stop him. “Go ahead.”

After watching the other person leave, Qi An whispered to his friend, “I found that you seem to be paying a lot of attention to Ji Li?”

Qin Yue looked back, his tone plain. “No, you are thinking too much.”

“Others might not see it but can’t I see it?” Qi An obviously didn’t believe his words and tentatively asked, “Should I convince Ji Li to come to our company?”

Qin Yue thought about it. “I’m afraid you can’t convince him.”

“How can that be?” Qi An raised an eyebrow, obviously not believing it. “We might’ve only been established for a few years but we are well-known in the industry. Besides, didn’t he want your WeChat. That boy probably has some thoughts about our company.”

Qin Yue gave a noncommittal smile.

“What do you mean by that smile?” Qi An asked back. He had a good impression of Ji Li, a newcomer with both face value and acting skills. “If you have no objection, shall I ask him in private?”

“Do whatever you want.” Qin Yue slightly curved his lips up. “I can’t stop whatever you want to do.”

Qi An sighed. “Why do I feel like I’ve been tricked by you?”

“No, you are so smart. How can I get away with tricking you?”

“Stop it.”

Just then, Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing finished their work and walked over.

Yao Chuan said, “Let’s go. It has been hard for the two of you to wait for us all afternoon. I’ll treat you to dinner.”



By the time Ji Li and Baozi returned to the hotel, it was completely dark.

The two people left the elevator. Baozi looked down and searched on his phone for takeout. “Brother Ji, shall we have something to eat together? What would you like to eat?”

Just then, a scoff was heard. It wasn’t known when He Ling came but he was waiting at the door to their room. “As my assistant, isn’t it too much to serve others?”

Baozi saw his deep anger and called out in a panicked manner, “Young Master He.”

“Get lost, thing without a conscience.” He Ling scolded without looking at him.

“You…” Baozi’s face flushed and frustration rose in his heart. This wasn’t the first time he had experienced such inexplicable scolding.

Ji Li stood in front of the aggrieved Baozi. “He Ling, there is no need to speak so badly, right?”

“Speak badly? I can’t be better at being nice than you.” He Ling came forward, his eyes full of disgust. “Do you think I don’t know? How many people have you flattered on the crew after I didn’t see them for half a day?”

“I heard that Movie Emperor Qin came to visit the set and you got his WeChat? What do you plan to do next?” He Ling poked Ji Li’s shoulder hard and sneered maliciously. “Climb into his bed?”

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