IPCFS: Chapter 150 – Extra Seven Kumquat Lemon

In Iceland at the end of September, the intoxicating sunset covered the entire sky.

A very well-designed church stood on the seaside peninsula, overlooking the sea that blended with the sky in the distance.

Ji Yunqi walked out of a specially arranged pick-up car, saw the minimalist Nordic-style church, and sighed. “Why did they have to choose this place for their wedding? Isn’t it too simple?”

“Don’t you want it to be more gorgeous because you are a rich man?” Yuan Yifei retorted with a smile. “I think this is very good. It is simple and low-key. It fits Ji Li and Qin Yue’s personalities.”

Qi Heng, who came with him, responded without raising his eyes. “Yes, Brother is right.”

“Get lost.” Ji Yunqi kicked over the bowl of dog food. “Since the beginning, your eyes have been glued to Yuan Bao’s body. Have you even glanced at the church?”

Qi Heng was already accustomed to Ji Yunqi’s true nature in private and instead took Yuan Yifei’s hand.

“Brother, shall we go in? The outside wind is cold. I’m afraid you will catch a cold.”

Yuan Yifei’s lips curved up as he answered.

The two of them had been together for almost two years. The resistance they encountered along the way wasn’t small, but it was good for them to break through adversity and stick together.

Ji Yunqi ate a lot of dog food and didn’t want to see it. He couldn’t help clicking his tongue.

Yuan Yifei’s mind returned and he seriously instructed his friend, “Today is Qin Yue and Ji Li’s wedding ceremony. You had better drink less so that you don’t get drunk and act crazily again!”

“You still have the nerve to say that to me?” You can’t drink a lot either.” Ji Yunqi dismissed his worry.

“I can’t drink.” Yuan Yifei raised his hand where his fingers were clasped with Qi Heng’s, and there was playful provocation in his eyes. “But I have a boyfriend with me. I’m not afraid of causing trouble.”


It didn’t hurt much, but it was extremely insulting.

Ji Yunqi rewarded them by raising his middle finger. Then he took the lead to walk inside the church.

Yuan Yifei and Qi Heng looked at each other tacitly and also walked in.


Ji Li and Qin Yue didn’t have big personalities, so the wedding was very low-key.

All the guests gathered together. There were no more than 30 people, and they were all friends and directors who were from the circle.

Many guests had already come to the church.

Zheng Anxing, Wang Zhang, and other directors gathered together and chatted in a lively manner.

“If you ask me, I am half a matchmaker. If I hadn’t chosen Ji Li to play Song Zhao, their interaction might not have come so quickly,” Zheng Anxing said.

Wang Zhang heard this and raised his chin. “According to your words, I must have some credit when it comes to their feelings.”

“Why do you say that?”

“In the beginning when Ji Li was still in Dream Media, I sent his assessment video over to Qin Yue to watch.”

Yao Chuan retorted, “According to the meaning of your words, doesn’t my drama have the biggest achievement with respect to their relationship?”

“You guys, don’t put the credit on yourselves. Let me say it. It is thanks to the movie directed by Cameron,” Screenwriter Fang Zhixing laughed and interrupted.

The directors talked in a lively manner, while the young actors spontaneously gathered together.

“By the way, both side’s parents didn’t come?” Feng Cheng looked around and asked in a low voice.

He didn’t know about their family relationships, but he felt that parents should always be present on occasions like weddings.

Yuan Yifei picked up the champagne glass on the side and played with it, casually explaining on behalf of Ji Li.

“According to Ji Li’s wishes, only friends in the circle have been invited for this wedding ceremony. As for the elders of the family, they will find another time to hold a family party in the future.”

In fact, he had heard Ji Li say the real reason in the group.

Qin Yue’s grandfather, Elder Qin, was an old-fashioned and serious person. He couldn’t accept his grandson’s gay lover, let alone the fact that they were getting married.

In addition, the other person had always thought that Qin Yue’s work in the entertainment industry wasn’t a serious job. His attitude was cold.

Once Qin Yue and Ji Li announced their relationship, he was so angry that he wanted to expel Qin Yue from the family tree. Inviting him to this wedding would simply be the equivalent of causing a disaster like a volcanic eruption.

In the end, Qin Yue’s mother gave a suggestion to let the two juniors Qin Yue and Ji Li decide their lives as they wished. It wasn’t too late to wait until later to slowly convince Elder Qin and Father Qin.

Therefore, no relatives came to the wedding, but Qin Yue’s mother and brother both sent their blessings and wedding gifts.

Qin Yue and Ji Li really wanted to get married and they were naturally strong enough. They naturally didn’t care about the so-called external resistance.

After all, they would spend the rest of their lives together hand in hand.


The wedding ceremony started on time.

The moment the priest in white robes took to the stage, the audience clapped and welcomed him.

“Thank you for coming to the wedding ceremony of Mr. Qin Yue and Mr. Ji Li. Let us pray to God together so that he will bless the couple today.”

After the priest’s brief opening, Qin Yue and Ji Li walked into the church together.

The two of them deliberately didn’t distinguish between black and white colors. They both chose black suits that were made from the same designer.

The details were changed to fit their figure, and the floral accessories at their collar were very chic. They were two Chinese roses inlaid with rare, natural red diamonds.

Yuan Yifei was well versed in the fan circle and obviously noticed this small detail. He said with a low smile, “Now they really are the Chinese Rose couple.”

Chinese roses, Yue and Ji, eternal and passionate love.

It could only be said that these two were a natural pair. How else could the flower language derived from their names be so appropriate?

Qin Yue and Ji Li didn’t care much about formalities. The wedding ceremony was simple, but the necessary wedding vows weren’t left behind.

-Thank you for meeting me in the vast sea of people, and letting me find the place where my soul belongs.

–Thank you for understanding my love, respecting my choices, and participating in my life.

-No matter whether you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, young or old, you will be the only love of my life.

The moment the two people said the words ‘I do’ to each other, the blessings of the audience reached its peak.

The always calm Ji Li actually had the urge to cry the moment when they exchanged rings.

After wandering around for so long, his heart followed Qin Yue and truly settled in this world.

Qin Yue saw Ji Li’s reddened eyes and swore an oath that only the two of them could hear. “Ji Li, I will hold your hand tightly for the rest of my life.”

“Yes, I will as well.”

The congratulatory toast led by Ji Yunqi buffered the feelings of joy and tears between the two.

Ji Li looked at Ji Yunqi and suspiciously raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure you don’t want to play a bit longer and save this drink for later? There is really will be no one to take care of you if you get drunk tonight.”


Ji Yunqi was repeatedly blocked from drinking alcohol and left the crowd in a disheartened manner. Then he sent a WeChat message to his older brother.

“Brother! Once I come back from Iceland this time, I am going to learn how to drink!”

There was a quick reply on WeChat. “No, a child like you shouldn’t touch alcohol.”


I am already a big kid!

Ji Yunqi was so angry that he sent an emoticon: [puffer fish swelling up.jpg].

His mouth was capable, but he was very cowardly in his heart.

Ji Yunqi reluctantly picked up the juice and took a sip.


Ji Li and Qin Yue were today’s protagonists and were completely surrounded by everyone.

Yu Fuya saw their glamorous appearance and turned around to wipe her tears. Her heart was full of reluctance about ‘marrying off a son.’

Qin Yue, the big-tailed wolf, finally snatched the little lamb back to his nest.

Apart from this reluctance, Yu Fuya was a bit moved. She had seen through her own love and was heartbroken by a scumbag over the years, but she still envied the love between Ji Li and Qin Yue to her bones.

“Fuya.” Tao Mingyang walked to her side and handed her a tissue.

Yu Fuya was stunned for a few seconds before letting out a low laugh with an unknown meaning.

Tao Mingyang asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Fuya took his tissue and sighed, “We have known each other for 20 years, and we are still single.”

“How about we try to reconcile?” Tao Mingyang took the opportunity to throw out a sentence.

The wanton eyes that always made him look like a playboy showed a bit of tension at this moment.

Soon, this sentence was beaten back by Yu Fuya. “It isn’t dark yet. Are you already drunk?”

Tao Mingyang seemed to have expected her answer. He covered his inner loss with a smile and casually grabbed two glasses of champagne. “Let’s go and bless them.”



After finishing everything at the wedding ceremony, the two of them returned to their wedding room for a short time.

It was the small attic where ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ was filmed. The elderly homeowner readily agreed when he heard their reason for borrowing it.

Qin Yue asked the workers to renovate it before the wedding. It was still the structure of a wooden house, but the internal heating and other conditions were much better.

In order to help Ji Li refuse the wine, Qin Yue drank a lot of alcohol in his stead due to Yao Chuan and the others. He actually became a big drunk even though he was always good at drinking.

The moment the two of them entered the room, Qin Yue hugged Ji Li and didn’t let go.

Qin Yue’s arms were very tight as if he was afraid of losing something precious.

Ji Li’s breathing was hot. Before he could make a sound, he felt wetness against the shoulders of his shirt.

Ji Li realized this and whispered in surprise, “What’s wrong?”

“Ji Li, thank you.” Qin Yue withdrew a slight distance, and there was a rare trace of water in his deep eyes.

It seemed that he cried because he was drunk.

“Thank me for what?”

“Thank you for being my partner.” Qin Yue still sounded tearful when he said this.

Five years ago, he saw Ji Li’s assessment video for the first time. He met Ji Li on the set for the first time, acted with him in front of the camera for the first time…

Step by step to the present, no one knew better than Qin Yue how the love filled his heart.

He hugged Ji Li again, especially greedy for his lover’s warmth. His tone was filled with an uncontrollable pride. “I finally turned my Li Bao into an exclusive legal partner.”

Ji Li had never seen Qin Yue like this before. He responded with a smile and coaxed Qin Yue like he was a child, “Yes, then you are quite powerful.”

“Do you know why I wanted to stay here?”

“Because of the movie?”

“No. It is because when we were filming…” Qin Yue took a deep breath and didn’t hide his true thoughts at all. “I wanted to f*k you hard on this bed.”

Ji Li smiled and took the initiative to approach his lips. “Then you can try it tonight.”

“Then what should you call me?” Qin Yue held their rings and insisted on getting that title. “Baby, we are married.”

Yes, they were married and had become legal husbands. There was nothing wrong with calling him a new title.

Ji Li leaned close to his ear and solemnly and affectionately replied, “Husband, happy marriage.”


Ever since Qin Yue and Ji Li went to Iceland to get married, it wasn’t only CP fans and fans of the two of them who were looking forward to it. Even ordinary netizens were looking forward to it.

Seeing that it was the end of September, netizens found the accounts of many directors and waited for someone to post photos of the wedding so their eyes could feast on it.

Unexpectedly, the confidentiality measures for the husbands were strict. Even the guests invited to the wedding were very strict.

Forget about any photos. Nothing about the wedding scene was revealed at all.

Just as everyone was feeling disappointed, the sharp-eyed CP fans found that Qin Yue and Ji Li were online at the same time and modified their Weibo status.


The simple word directly ignited a hot search in the entertainment industry.

Qin Yue and Ji Li were both powerful actors with absolute influence. Now the influence of these top husbands was unmatched in the entire circle.

Eventually, Director Yao Chuan couldn’t stand it, so he posted two blurry photos in order for the netizens to satiate their hunger.

“Director! You make movies so well. How can you shoot photos so badly? Wu wu wu, a bad review!”

The netizens cried about the shooting technique of these photos, but they still enthusiastically expressed their blessings.

Wu wu wu, what an immortal love! It is so beautiful!

It wasn’t just the domestic hot searches that were trending. They even rushed into the top three trending topics on overseas websites.

As the parties involved in the news, Ji Li and Qin Yue saw off all their friends in Iceland before going to Spain as they had agreed upon.

It wasn’t known where Qin Yue got a luxury RV from, but Major General and Snow Cake also came to join their two masters after a long plane flight.

“Qin Yue, when did you prepare this?” Ji Li was completely surprised.

“Didn’t you say that I was entirely in charge of the honeymoon trip?” Qin Yue was very proud.

He took Ji Li into the car to visit their temporary new house. The two furry pets circled around them in a lively manner.

“Honey, how about we travel together in an RV? I’ve planned it all.”

Qin Yue planned the RV trip for the next four months in advance. He wanted to take Ji Li and temporarily put aside the glitz of the entertainment industry and go on a trip for themselves.

This decision completely suited Ji Li’s inner preferences and he easily replied, “I will accompany you.”

The two of them bought some supplies at the local supermarket. Once everything was ready, they set foot on a new journey called a honeymoon.

The car was driving on the road, and the orange sunset came through the windows.

Ji Li looked at Qin Yue in the driver’s seat before glancing at Snow Cake and Major General in the RV. He found that everything was exactly as he dreamed of when he retired from the circle.

For the rest of his life, he had a cat, a dog, and a lover.

[End of the Extras]

TL: This is the full story! Thank you to everyone for following along and loving the characters. In addition, the author actually wrote the story of Yuan Yifei and Qi Heng as a free story. As a side story, it is a bit too long for me to pick up, especially as I’m not picking up new novels at the moment. However, all the chapters are free so you can easily mtl it if you want. The mtl version is pretty easy to understand.

I won’t link it directly due to various reasons, but you can copy the link and delete the spaces.

http:// www.jjwxc.net/ onebook.php? novelid=5435933

Also, sorry if some comments were deleted. For certain reasons, I had to delete the chapter and post it again, deleting the comments.

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