IPCFS: Chapter 149 Part 2


Qin Yue’s eyes suddenly froze, and he quickly reacted to the meaning behind Ji Lis’ words. His clenched hands conveyed tension, and he almost couldn’t suppress the ecstasy in his heart.

“Are you ready to make it public?”

Ji Li saw his expression and corrected him with a chuckle. “It is us who will make it public.”

Now he was no longer the newcomer with no backing, nor was he an unstable actor in his rising period.

He still valued the career he loved and he valued Qin Yue, who would accompany him all his life.

“It isn’t just making it public. Qin Yue, let’s get married. I seriously want to live with you for the rest of my life. In the past three years of dating, I know that you have been accommodating me for my career.”

“But I don’t want to drag it out and keep you waiting. Our Teacher Qin Yue is over 30 years old and hasn’t gotten married. I feel that it is too pitiful when thinking about it.”

The second half of the sentence was obviously ridicule.

Qin Yue raised their clasped hands and kissed Ji Li’s ring. “Are you sure? I’ll take it seriously.”

“I don’t joke around when it comes to such serious matters.” Ji Li scratched his palm and deliberately accused, “On the contrary, it is you who is joking around. Why aren’t you in a hurry at all?”

“I took the initiative to propose marriage and even made the suggestion to get married. Don’t you have these ideas at all?”

“Who said that?” Qin Yue didn’t want Ji Li to think this and immediately refuted him. “Baby, you wait here for me.”

He opened the suitcase at the entrance, took out a tablet, and walked back while tapping on it. “I will let you see the treasures I have collected over the past two years.”

There was a sense of pride in his voice as he said this.


The moment Ji Li saw the content, he was both stunned and full of happiness.

From the preliminary steps required to register a marriage abroad to the various churches suitable for marriage in various countries, the invitation gifts needed for the wedding and various processes of the wedding…

Qin Yue had sorted all of this out and collected it in an electronic note that was jaw-dropping in detail.

Ji Li looked at the excited Qin Yue and couldn’t help kissing him.

“Qin Yue, I love you very much.”

Qin Yue was pleased by his sudden confession and kissed him affectionately.

He had this idea for a long time and secretly prepared everything, just waiting for his lover to nod and agree one day.

Qin Yue said cautiously, “Ji Li, it is my turn to ask you.”

“Do you want to live with me for the rest of your life?”

Ji Li approached. Along with the sound of his warm breathing, he agreed with one word. “Yes.”


Due to Ji Li’s words, the PR team gave up on trying to take down Qin Yue’s hot search topic.

Netizens speculated enthusiastically and discussed it excitedly. Until the next afternoon, the hot search topic was still tenaciously hanging on.

Su Qi, who was an old fan of Qin Yue and manager of the Chinese Rose CP group, had fallen into indescribable ecstasy since yesterday.

Her main master she had liked for over ten years was likely to get married? His marriage partner might also be the other person in the CP?

Su Qi felt that this was even more exciting than when she married her husband!

Starting from yesterday, she had been chatting excitedly with the sisters of the CP management group, including the big CP fan Fang Yue.

As an old manager who had been sticking to the CP pit, she had been constantly searching for all sorts of sugar found by netizens in various places, from Weibo to the forums. Then she shared them with her sisters in the CP group.

Su Qi was idle in the afternoon and sent out a unified warning to Qin Yue’s official fan group.

She asked Qin Yue’s fans not to spread rumors at will and to use the hot search to do more movie promotions.

As for the good news of the ‘marriage’, she asked fans not to listen to the imagination of the CP fans. Fans should wait patiently until Brother Yue personally admitted the marriage.

She spoke these sentimental and reasonable words. Then Su Qi opened the forum account she used recently and clicked to search for Chinese Rose.

After more than two years of actual combat training, she was able to quickly switch between the dual identities of being a ‘Yue fan’ and Chinese Rose CP fan.’ This battle was well fought.

Su Qi searched according to the time of the latest release and soon found a new post: Look! The ring that Qin Yue wore on his hand yesterday, Ji Li seems to have the same style!

The moment this title came out, Su Qi immediately clicked on the post.

“This is a screenshot taken from Ji Li’s magazine VLOG. The content in the video is less than one second and the enlarged image is a bit blurry, but I feel that it is the same style.”

“Warning: If it is just an accessory prop for the magazine shoot, then don’t blame me. It is good to have more candy to imagine things.”

In the second part, there was a video gif. It was from when Ji Li was filming magazine content. There was a turning motion and a necklace was thrown out from his collar. There seemed to be an arc-shaped item on it.

Su Qi immediately opened the screenshot of the poster. It could be seen that they had tried their best to capture this.

However, based on Su Qi’s many years of experience in the fandom and her ever-increasing CP ability, she immediately confirmed that this was definitely the same ring and not an accessory given by the magazine!

It had to be known that everything shown in the magazine shoot was sponsored by special brands that ranged from the clothes, pants, shoes, rings, necklace, and earrings. The benefit of using stars was that they could advertise the products in the magazine shoot.

She had seen Ji Li’s set of photos from when she bought the first-tier magazine. There was no introduction to the ‘necklace’ at the bottom of the magazine.

Moreover, if it was a necklace sponsored by the brand, then why would he hide it completely inside his clothes? In this video, it was clear that it was accidentally thrown out!

The more Su Qi thought about it, the more excited she became. She felt more and more like she had discovered the truth.

She took a screenshot of the content in the post, wrote her observations down eloquently, and sent them to the CP management group.

“Sisters! Come out and eat candy! Chinese Rose is absolutely real!”

After saying this, she returned to this forum post and liked the poster.




A series of replies from the management group popped up in the upper part of her phone, all of which were ellipses representing speechlessness.

Su Qi didn’t understand for a while until she caught a glimpse of the group name where the messages came from.

Qin Yue’s fan management group.

Su Qi was so frightened that she hurriedly looked at the group history. Then she almost cried on the spot.

She was so dizzy from eating sugar that she actually sent ‘Chinese Rose’s sugar’ to the fan management group by mistake!

The group leader of the management group, i.e, an official staff member of Yuexing, asked her, “Qiqi, are you a CP fan of Chinese Rose?”

Su Qi saw this question and was so embarrassed that she scratched at the ground with her toes.

She suddenly imagined a death scene where she exposed herself in a battle and was shot to death.


Was it too late for her to withdraw the message now? Would it make her seem even guiltier?

Finally, Su Qi withdrew the message and sent a kneeling meme. “I was wrong. Should I just resign from fan management? I swear, I’ve never danced CP outside!”

The group was silent for a while, but the official staff member of Yuexing replied, “Forget it, don’t take this as an example!”


Don’t take it as an example?

Su Qi was stunned by these words before waking up.

The other person was an official staff member of Yuexing! That person had always been here to lead the management of the fans. The thoughts of the other person also represented the thoughts of Qin Yue himself and Yuexing!

She accidentally shipped CP on the surface but actually got an understated sentence of ‘Forget it, don’t take this as an example?’

“Ahhhh thank you! I understand! I understand!”

Su Qi rolled around happily on her sofa. She had a hunch that Brother Yue and Ji Li were definitely going to have a good event!


Facts proved that a woman’s premonition shouldn’t be underestimated, let alone the premonition of a CP fan.

At 6 o’clock in the evening, Ji Li suddenly posted a photo Weibo with his handwritten letter attached to it.

[Hello everyone, I am Ji Li.

As everyone has guessed, I already have a lover I want to spend my life with. We met, got acquainted, and fell in love with each other in a very pure way. We confirmed each other’s intentions by getting along day after day.

I am very fortunate to have the support of countless fans, movie fans, the company’s team, directors, and crews in my career as an actor.

I am also fortunate to be able to have him accompany me hand in hand as we spend a lifetime together on the road of life in the future.

I hope everyone will focus on my movie and television works and give us enough space for our private life together, thank you.]

Ji Li generously admitted his relationship and didn’t shy away from using the word ‘he.’

The moment this relationship Weibo came out, all types of data soared and instantly detonated the hot search.

-I’ve been waiting for this day! Ji Li, I wish you happiness! I am a fan of yours, and I will always support you as long as you have works!

-Can I ask now? Does this ‘he’ refer to Teacher Qin Yue?

-Ji Li, from the time you played Xie Yan, I watched you get to where you are today. True love in the entertainment industry is rare, but true love has nothing to do with gender. I support your frank admission and wish you all the best for the rest of your life!

-I’m going to cry wu wu wu! It is Chinese Rose! It must be Chinese Rose! The CP I ship is really real!

-I was shocked, but there is no way for me to refute it. You two are too awesome!

-F*k, is this the first male couple in the entertainment industry to publicly reveal their relationship? I am convinced. I bless you, bless you!

The popularity of this Weibo lasted for five days. Apart from a few abusive messages, most fans and netizens digested and accepted this relationship.

Facts proved that sometimes the public didn’t criticize celebrities for falling in love. They criticized celebrities whose requirements and thresholds were too low.

In the flashy entertainment industry, there were too many trainees who couldn’t sing, dance, or act. They just wanted to debut to become popular. There were too many star artists who relied on the support of fans and wanted to fall in love before even breaking out.

Meanwhile, Qin Yue and Ji Li were different.

Since their debut, the two of them were still diligent in the acting industry. Each of their works was wonderful, and there weren’t any substantial black spots in their private matters.

They were both so good that it was difficult for an average person to match with them.

That being the case, what rights and qualifications did outsiders have to refute their relationship?

The Chinese Rose CP group expanded again and had an unshakable status in the fan circle. Not shipping real husbands with natural sugar? They would be big fools!

Less than half a month passed after Ji Li announced his relationship when a bombshell revelation was dropped on an anonymous forum.

“Breaking! Qin Yue and Ji Li will get married in Iceland at the end of September!”

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