IPCFS: Chapter 149 Part 1 – Extra Six Succulent Grapes

‘Demon Monk’ received an extension key before the end of its release. It was extended for another month and finally won a super high box office of 3.8 billion. This directly won the box office championship for the entire year.

In addition, ‘Special Operations II’ was released during the summer holiday and triggered a frenzy of anti-drugs movies. Chen Xi was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the Chinese anti-drug officials made an exception and signed a contract with Ji Li to be the image ambassador for three years.

The wonderful confrontation between Ji Li and Best Actor Chu Haikuo in the movie attracted a lot of praise inside the circle. Some people said that this was the most emotional rivalry scene in recent years.

The movie received good box office results and allowed Ji Li to directly enter the circle of ‘actors with a box office of over ten billion.’

He became the second actor in this circle to ‘exceed 10 billion at the box office’ before the age of 30. As for the other actor, it was naturally Qin Yue back then.

A year later, Ji Li won two important actor trophies at the One Hundred Images Awards and the Peak Movies Awards in one go with ‘Demon Monk’ and ‘Special Operations II.’

There was an equally good response to ‘Reverse Hunting’ after its release, so it was nominated for the China Entertainment Awards, one of the three major movie award festivals.

The role of Mu Qin in ‘Reverse Hunting’ ultimately failed to win a new Best Actor trophy for Ji Li, but it broke through all the nominated movies and won ‘Best Picture’, which was another type of affirmation.



After the wrap-up party with the crew, Ji Li dragged his exhausted body back to the business car.

In the year of a busy harvest, he hadn’t been idle. He filmed two movies, one overseas and one in China. He also took time to guest star in a TV drama where Ji Yunqi was the male lead.

Now his value had risen sharply. In less than five years after his debut, he could already be called ‘Teacher’ by the newcomers in the circle.

Ji Li had already negotiated with Chaoying. Once his contract ended, he would set up his own studio, but it would still be attached to Chaoying. It was just that the profit sharing would change slightly.

Tao Mingyang naturally accepted his proposal. Most artists who became popular argued to set up their own company. There weren’t many like Ji Li, who cared about friendship with the old company.

Rather than forcing Ji Li to stay in the company and breaking the friendship between the two of them, it was better to go along with him.

After all, Ji Li was the strongest golden signboard created by Chaoying.

“Brother Ji, what are your plans next? Are you going to take a break before picking a script?”

Baozi picked up his tablet which had the various job invitations clearly recorded. Of course, they were all waiting for Ji Li to nod or shake his head.

“Let’s put them all over for now. I want to take a good rest for the season.” Ji Li always needed a combination of work and rest. Now he could afford to be more relaxed than when he first debuted.

Baozi didn’t object. “Okay, I will contact them and refuse them all tomorrow.”

Ji Li nodded and turned to check Weibo using his side account.

Ten days ago, ‘Doomsday Evolution, produced and starring Qin Yue, was finally released after nearly a year and a half of post-production.

Less than a week after its release, it had smashed the box office.

The overall score was rated as high as 9.0 points, and many people said in surprise after watching the entire movie, “China finally released a true doomsday disaster movie!”

Currently, Qin Yue’s name was hanging high on the Weibo hot search. However, the hot topic wasn’t related to the movie this time. They were simple and blunt words.

#Qin Yue wedding ring on ring finger#

Ji Li’s eyes slightly changed. He quickly opened the topic to view it. The most popular content came from an official media account on Weibo.

“Qin Yue returned to the capital in the evening. Some netizens photographed a wedding ring on his left ring finger! Qin Yue disclosed that he had a stable relationship two years ago. Could it be that something good is coming?”

It was accompanied by three photographs.

There was an airport photo of Qin Yue, the wedding ring on his ring finger, and the ring brand dug up by sharp-eyed netizens, which was a private, exclusive wedding ring series.

Ji Li’s eyes became more focused. When he bought the ring, the information about his identity was hidden, and his name shouldn’t have been released just like this.

However, his name actually appeared under this Weibo.

-@Ji Li, what do you say?

-Get married! Get married! Brother Yue should also get married! By the way, I will play a small advertisement. Everyone, support the new movie ‘Doomsday Evolution’ that is being released!

-Wu wu wu, is it him? Please let it be him. I am very happy to eat candy every day, but I’m really afraid that this last game will be empty [big cry.jpg].

-I feel like his other half isn’t Ji Li. Qin Yue has been in a public relationship for two years, and the former has never expressed his stance publicly.

-The CP fan above should get lost! Ji Li has never expressed his position from the beginning to the end. Teacher Qin’s other half is someone else. You are destroying other people’s feelings this way!

-Sisters of the Chinese Rose CP, go back. Don’t dance around under these Weibo posts! No matter what, we all hope that Teacher Qin Yue can be happy!


Ji Li saw these comments and instinctively touched his necklace.

It was still cold to the touch.

Ever since his proposal, the ring had been worn on his body like this. Apart from some specific neck and shoulder styles he had worn for work, for the rest of the time, Ji Li hadn’t taken the ring off.

Over time, this ring became an inseparable part of him.

Baozi noticed his expression and told him, “Brother Ji, don’t worry. I have already contacted the Yuexing team and we are ready to slowly reduce the popularity of the hot topic.”

It was just that Qin Yue’s fame was too great and he had released a new work recently. As a result, the popularity would not disappear for a while.

“It’s okay. Let the netizens go.” Ji Li’s attitude toward this matter was quite relaxed.

The comments of netizens weren’t extreme. On the contrary, it could be seen that even though the relationship wasn’t completely revealed, everyone was very tolerant of the relationship between the two of them.

Ji Li took off his necklace, removed the ring that had been hanging for a long time, and put it on his ring finger. He carefully examined the ring on his finger through the light coming in from the car window.

It was a very low-key ring, but it was very attractive when worn on the hand.

Ji Li sighed softly before laughing. He had made his next big decision. “Baozi, allow the team to get ready. I’m going to release some big news and will cause you trouble.”

“Brother Ji, have you thought about it?”

Baozi’s eyes widened instantly. He knew what the other person was referring to as ‘big news.’

Ji Li glanced at him with a smile. “It will happen sooner or later.”


Ji Li arrived home and saw a small suitcase placed on the edge of the entrance.

“Qin Yue?”

“Li Bao.”

The calls of the two people rang out.

Qin Yue came out of the bedroom wearing a bathrobe and quickly approached him. “I was just about to call you. How was the crew’s finale party?”

“Not bad.” Ji Li stood in place and waited for Qin Yue to approach. Then he stuck to this person like a child. “Qin Yue, I missed you a bit.”

It was said that love made people young.

Ji Li felt that his mentality was going backward the more he lived. Over the past two years, he was almost spoiled by Qin Yue like a child.

Qin Yue picked Ji Li up and placed him on the edge of the dining table. “Do you want to eat ice cream? I specially bought it for you on the way back.”

Ji Li took the opportunity to kiss his thin lips. “Yes.”

From the beginning of Song Zhao’s role, Qin Yue kept his habit of eating ice cream after finishing filming in mind.

Ji Li originally only loved to eat ice cream when he was sad. Now it had become a specific and tacit ritual between the two of them.

“I just saw your news at the airport and guessed you were coming back tonight.”

Qin Yue retrieved the ice cream from the freezer and took Ji Li’s hand as they returned to the living room. Ji Li continued to question him.

“Why did you suddenly come back?”

“The largest MNC movie and television company in North America and the Towers Movie and Television Group in Europe said they wanted to buy the overseas rights of ‘Doomsday Evolution’, so I rushed back to meet with them in person.”

A rare hint of pride overflowed in Qin Yue’s always calm eyes when he said this.

‘Doomsday Evolution’ was his longest-prepared project since his debut. The three major steps of pre-preparation, filming, and post-production took five years when added together.

From the very beginning, Qin Yue had been aiming to be the top Chinese disaster movie. Now the domestic box office was a hit, and he could sell it overseas, which could be regarded as completing a goal for himself and the movie side.

“Teacher Qin Yue is really amazing. Come, I will reward you with a bite of ice cream,” Ji Li teased while digging out a spoonful of ice cream. He felt happy for his lover from the bottom of his heart.

Qin Yue stepped forward and took a bite. “I still want to ask you, when will Best Actor Ji have some time? Yuexing and I want to invite you to film the second part.”

The second part of ‘Doomsday Evolution’ was a big drama, and Qin Yue had long set the male protagonist role for Ji Li.

“Is your filming schedule over? Open a back door for your own person?” Qin Yue approached while asking the other person to feed him another bite of ice cream.

Ji Li couldn’t help laughing. “When are you going to film the second part?”

Qin Yue replied, “At the beginning of next year. It will take half a year to prepare the preliminary settings.”

“The timing is just right. It won’t delay my big event in the second half of the year.”

“What big event?”

Ji Li handed the remaining ice cream to the eager Major General and asked Qin Yue, “You tell me first. What is going on with this hot search?”

Qin Yue heard this and showed a guilty conscience.

He hugged Ji Li first and apologized in a low voice. “I came back temporarily and didn’t think about using the exclusive VIP passage.”

Qin Yue’s fan circle was quite good and wouldn’t go to wait at the airport when Qin Yue was in private.

It was just that some people weren’t as good. Some passengers on the same flight recognized Qin Yue, took a few photos to show off, and posted them on the Internet. The ring was pinpointed out by sharp-eyed people.

“Baby, I was afraid I would lose it if I took the ring off too often. Shall I also place it on a necklace and wear it on my body?”

Qin Yue cherished this ring so much that he couldn’t wait to weld it directly onto his ring finger. However, he had to take care of Ji Li’s public appearance for the past two years, so he never wore it in public.

“It is a ring. Why do you want to use it as a necklace?”

Ji Li reached out and smiled secretly as he deliberately tempted the other person. “I’m ready to wear it directly on my hand.”

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Thank you for the chapter ❤️

10 months ago

!!! Look how wonderfully successful they are! It’s kind of cool that since they drew so much attention initially with a gay film they sort of…set which side they were on early on internationally, so coming out, even tacitly, shouldn’t affect their career in that direction too much
Thank you so much for translating! <3