IPCFS: Chapter 148 Part 2

He turned his attention back to the phone webpage. The top pop-up box was entertainment news related to Ji Li. He clicked on it and saw similar praise.

Even so, Qin Yue read it proudly and seriously. He used his newly registered side account to like it.

After lunch, he posted a long-form movie analysis  ‘On the Acting Details of Ji Li in the Movie Demon Monk’ to his fan account.

It was in his usual movie review format.

The matter of his identity was already semi-revealed, but he still had to put on a pretense to the end. Taking 10,000 steps back, Ji Li’s acting skills were indeed worth praising.

Qin Yue’s fan account already had 700,000-800,000 followers. Not long after this long Weibo was sent, comments started popping up.

-Hahaha, I have been waiting!

-Big shot, my identity hasn’t been revealed, so the long comment can still be meticulous [dog head.JPG].

-Teacher Qin, stop pretending! I know it is you on the other end of the screen!

-Let me welcome everyone to watch the serious movie review full of exaggerated praise by the ordinary big shot Qin.

Qin Yue saw these teasing comments but had no intention of refuting it.

It was as fans said. This fan account had almost become an open secret. There were even CP fans who speculated on the timeline when he and Ji Li got together based on the Weibo posts he accidentally posted about his private life.

He ate attentively and quickly. He didn’t check the comments under this Weibo post until ten minutes later. The content of the top comment had changed.

-Big shot, please evaluate the rival scenes in the movie? In particular, the actor with a lot of scenes with Ji Li and has a strong sense of CP with him [running for my life with a pot lid.JPG.]

The Weibo comment had thousands of likes, and there were a bunch of people laughing in the replies.

-Hahahahaha. Xu Yanzhi: An actor with a lot of scenes? Why don’t you just report my ID number to him?

-Sister is really daring! Beware of the big, dark shark!

-Xiao Xu: Thank you for the invitation, the people shipping candy have already started to become afraid.

-If you want to eat sugar, then you have to be bold! Sisters, I am here to commit a crime. Big shot, what do you think of the male CP of Ji Li x Xu Yanzhi? [Big speaker.JPG]


Qin Yue saw these fan comments and remembered the movie CPs that were making a lot of noise recently. His eyes couldn’t help changing, and he clearly typed a reply.

“The acting skills are all very good, but there is no need to form a CP.”

The moment this reply was issued, it soon caused a stronger degree of ridicule. The Chinese Rose group was smashed with sugar, and their smiles were soaring into the sky.

-Hahahahaha, a jealous boyfriend scene? Yes!

-The movie actor behind the screen who doesn’t want to be named: Yes, it isn’t necessary.

-Help! If this big shot really is Brother Yue, then it is too cute! Killing CPs online!

-Hahaha Ji Li has recently been away doing movie promotions. Is Brother Yue at home alone? Come back soon, Baby! Caring for the old man starts with you!

-Lonely old man? The sisters in front are too daring, hahaha! Yuexing lawyer letter warning!

-No no no, it is very likely that Major General and Snow Cake are still stuck together. Brother Yue is indeed the worst one.


The CP fans were joking while Qin Yue received a call from Qi An.


“I’ve seen it all. Teacher Qin Yue, how dare you reply to the fans with your star chasing account? Aren’t you afraid they won’t know it is you under the star chasing identity?”

Qin Yue took a sip of water. “Do the fans know there is a difference? I’ll be careful.”

Qi An gave a low laugh. There was nothing he could do about his friend who was deeply in love. “Today is Valentine’s Day. Will Ji Li be unable to come back in time?”

“Yes, he will be back the day after tomorrow.”

“Don’t say that I don’t take care of my old friends. Come to my house for a drink? I have a new batch of wines that taste good.”

Ji Li wasn’t around, so any holiday was boring. He heard that the other person had a movie promotion in the evening. It was estimated that it would be after 10 o’clock when he finished.

Qin Yue thought about it and simply agreed.


6 o’clock in the evening, Shanghai Airport.

Ji Li quickly got into Yu Fuya’s car with a piece of carry-on luggage. He took off his hat, mask, and sunglasses, showing a relaxed smile.

Yu Fuya watched him fasten his seatbelt before leaving the lane. “Are you sure that you won’t be caught by Qin Yue when going home at this point?”

Ji Li had already made a decision and was full of confidence. “No, I asked Qi An to pull him away.”’

Today was Valentine’s Day. Ji Li and Qin Yue weren’t fans of the holiday, but according to Yuan Yifei, they were lovers. They occasionally needed to share some romantic flirtations.

Otherwise, no matter how strong their feelings, they would lose their taste.

Counting the amount of time from the early publicity of ‘Demon Monk’ until now, the two of them hadn’t enjoyed their private life for almost a month.

In any case, the last stop of the crew’s publicity roadshow was Shanghai. Ji Li asked the director for some leave and calculated the time to come back early.

He concealed this matter from Qin Yue and said he still had to ‘work on Valentine’s Day’, just to give him a surprise.

Yu Fuya glanced at his black duffel bag. “What’s in it? It doesn’t look light.”

“Cough, nothing.”

Ji Li tightened his grip on the duffel bag as if to cover up its contents, and he spoke in a somewhat unnatural tone.

Yu Fuya saw through him right away and teased, “I have been here before. It is normal for you little couples to have some fun. However, there is the last promotion of the movie the day after tomorrow. Tell Qin Yue to take it easy.

Ji Li responded imperceptibly and with a bit of shyness after being revealed.

Qin Yue hadn’t returned home by the time he arrived at the new villa.

Ji Li hugged and touched the two pets for a long time before entering the bathroom. He washed up, took a deep breath, and opened the duffle bag.

It wasn’t filled with some shady equipment but the black robe costume of the demon monk.

Then again, this was Yuan Yifei’s idea to him in a private chat.

The two people with little experience in love got together and came up with a very surprising Valentine’s Day surprise: role playing.

However, for Ji Li, role playing was even more shameful and embarrassing than ordinary toys.

Ji Li had always been serious on the surface. It was only after being with Qin Yue that he naturally became a bit addicted to the tenderness between lovers.

The first time Ji Li had this idea, he wanted to refuse. Then he remembered when they were recording the reality show in Iceland, he and Qin Yue did a short role play in private.

Ji Li could tell that Qin Yue was very interested in the ‘demon monk’, especially when he was jealous and said ‘my demon monk’ during the filming of the movie.

Using the character to conquer his lover?

Ji Li suddenly had an idea and asked the crew for this costume. As the biggest contributor to the box office, the communication process of asking for the costume was very smooth.

Ji Li changed into the costume and looked at himself in the mirror.

For the first time in his life, he felt excitement and shyness bubbling up in his heart. It was as if he had unlocked another side of himself that had been hidden for a long time.

This was his other side that could only be seen by Qin Yue.

Ji Li was just thinking this when the bathroom door opened.

The unprepared Ji Li turned around. The moment he looked at Qin Yue in surprise, his originally calm mood was replaced by nervousness.

“…Why did you come back all of a sudden? Y-You scared me.”

“The password of this house is only known by you and me. What are you afraid of?” Qin Yue leaned against the bathroom door and glanced at Ji Li from head to toe with interest.

He went to drink with Qi An but kept thinking about Ji Li in his heart. He was waiting for his lover who was far away to make a video call with him after finishing work.

So before 9 o’clock, Qin Yue got up and rushed home. Then he ran into such a big surprise.

“Li Bao, what were you going to do?”

Ji Li always felt that Qin Yue’s gaze was fiery, as if wanting to burn through him. At this moment, he was obviously wearing a costume, but it was even more humiliating than wearing nothing.

“I wasn’t going to do anything. I was just trying on clothes.” Ji Li suddenly lost his confidence and denied it. “Do you want to use the bathroom? Then I’ll go out and change clothes.”

Qin Yue looked at his lover who looked like he was ‘fleeing’ and quickly imprisoned Ji Li to his side and in front of the wall. He rubbed against Ji Li’s nose and asked.

“What are you hiding for? I thought you were wearing it for me to see.”

As he said this, he restlessly massaged Ji Li’s waist.

Ji Li breathed sensitively. He quietly shrank away from Qin Yue and didn’t move. “You know, yet you are deliberately laughing at me?”

“Who laughed at you? I’m clearly appreciating you.”

Qin Yue lowered his head and pressed closer. The slight coolness of his lips seemed to caress the tip of Ji Li’s nose before sliding down to rub against his soft lips.

He drank a bit of wine with Qi An. The faint smell of wine was a bit astringent and confusing, but it wasn’t offensive.

The breaths of the two of them were intertwined. Perhaps it had been too long since he received Qin Yue’s caress, but Ji Li wanted to impulsively kiss him. He didn’t expect to be avoided by the other person.

“Be honest, why did you suddenly hide from me and come back? Who do you want to seduce in costume?”

After being questioned by Qin Yue, Ji Li’s original delicate thoughts rose up again.

What rules were needed between lovers?

Ji Li suddenly let go completely. His fingertips ran down Qin Yue’s Adam’s apple, and he unbuttoned Qin Yue’s shirt.

“I ran back to spend the holiday with you. Who do you think I am wearing it for?”

He used the unique tone of the demon monk in the movie. The ending tone rose up, making people’s hearts tremble along with it.

Qin Yue was provoked by him and simply kissed him.

He was calm when restrained, fanatical when indulgent.

The surrounding air heated up. The corners of Ji Li’s ears teared up due to the lack of oxygen, but he refused to accept defeat and stop.

Just now, for the sake of convenience, Ji Li only put on the coat of the robe. This time, there was a fierce kiss, and the necklace that he couldn’t get off moved slightly.

Qin Yue touched this slight coolness. His eyes occupied by desire regained a trace of clarity, and he stopped to touch the side of Ji Li’s neck in a soothing manner.

“Qin Yue?”

Qin Yue was deeply seduced. “This ring has been worn for so long. It is time to change your words and call me Husband.”

Ji Li caught a glimpse of the costume on his body and spoke a seductive sentence. “Then you have to make me call you that using your ability.”

Qin Yue was provoked by him and replied in an angry yet fond manner, “Just wait. Sooner or later, there will be a time when you call me that.”

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Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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I! Love! Them! So! Much! My heart can’t take how adorable and in love they are ahhaha, absolutely filled with emotion. Qi An is a great friend, helping them get this set up like that. Actually, all of their friends are so good with supporting them, too cute. I hope Yuan Yifei had a great Valentine’s Day as well~
Thank you so much for translating! <3