IPCFS: Chapter 147 Part 2

Listening to the cheers around him, possessiveness and pride appeared in his deep eyes.

He knew better than anyone that all of Ji Li’s roles were unique and attractive existences. He was born to shine and was intoxicating on the big screen.

It was just that as a lover, he occasionally wanted to cherish this treasure alone. Of course, he could only think this. He wouldn’t hinder Ji Li in doing what he loved.

Compared with other people’s amazement and praise, Xu Yanzhi felt even more amazed from where he sat next to Ji Li.

“Do you see what is good about his performance?” On the right, Xu Cheng asked in a low voice.

“Eye contact. Ji Li’s gaze is completely connected with the monster created through post-production.”

Why were the audience members intoxicated? It was because Ji Li and the snake demon’s eye direction was consistent.

Ordinary acting against a missing object could easily cause problems with any line of sight deviation.

An example would be if the actor was looking at the front right while the monster added in later was looking at the upper right. If there was a slight deviation, and the line of sight of the two wasn’t close, the audience would naturally notice this discrepancy when watching the scene.

But in this scene, Ji Li’s control of his line of sight was accurate from the beginning to the end. It was so precise that it was simply amazing!

“I later heard from the visual team that Ji Li contacted them to check the first draft of their special effects dynamics the day before the official filming of the scene.”

Ji Li was capable and hard working. Behind the scenes of his seemingly amazing performance, the hard work he put in was by no means less than others.

If such an actor wasn’t successful, then who could succeed?

Xu Cheng took this opportunity to teach his nephew a bit more. Ji Li was the best positive teaching material.

A faint light flashed in Xu Yanzhi’s eyes as he obviously noted this. At the same time, his worship rose to another level.

The movie continued.

Chen Yi’s killing intent toward the snake demon was fully displayed. He picked up the hat on the ground and completely destroyed the other person’s body.

It was only then that the audience watching the movie understood why Chen Yi was called a demon monk.

Using his appearance as a bargaining chip for deception, and using demon techniques as a weapon for protection, this person who was seemingly born into a Buddhist family was probably the most devilish one.

The title of the movie finally appeared on the screen. The gold letters on  black background were dotted with falling beads of blood.

Demon Monk.

The calligraphy was round and smooth. It was very attractive to the eye. In addition, next to the main title, two red-framed seals were displayed.


Ji Li’s inscription.

The seal in the lower right corner immediately attracted the attention of Ji Li’s fans, who cheered in surprise and pride.

“Look! The title of the movie was written by Ji Li! His calligraphy is so beautiful!”

“Oh my god! I boasted that the title font was beautiful this time. I didn’t expect it to be written by Ji Li!”

“Wu wu wu, Baby Ji Li’s writing is very good-looking.”

Some people at the scene had an extra layer of good feelings after knowing this even if they weren’t Ji Li’s fans. The saying that boys with good handwriting got extra points really made sense.

The story of the movie continued.

Chen Yi walked through the forest and met Yan Su, the prince of the Zhongdu Country played by Xu Yanzhi.

From birth, Yan Su was recognized as a person who was a reincarnation of a god and Buddha and devoted himself to Buddha. He almost died in the mountain forest for the sake of a wolf cub.

Chen Yi rescued him, but they had huge differences in their ideas of good and evil, human and demon.

In a rage, Chen Yi revealed his ‘demon’ self and evilly and seductively forced Yan Su to admit that his point of view was the right one.

Many CP fans at the scene came for Chinese Rose, but watching the interaction between the two characters in the movie, they almost couldn’t hold back their howling.

Ahhhh  I like this seduction!

Wu wu wu, how can Ji Li match with anyone? His sense of drama conveyed with Xu Yanzhi is absolutely amazing!

Driven by Ji Li, the tension presented was very exciting. The audience learned excitedly in a short amount of time that—

The relationship between these two was by no means simple!


The narrative rhythm of the movie was tight.

After Chen Yi and Yan Su separated, he soon arrived in the rumor-filled Zhongdu. He made up a false identity of being a ‘demon catcher monk from Tianzhi Valley’ and entered the relay station where many types of people were mixed together.

Here, like other demon hunters, he learned about the situation in the Zhongdu Country over the past month.

A large number of people and nobility in Zhongdu had disappeared. Half a month later, they turned into a rain of corpses and bones, which caused panic.

The new emperor who ascended to the throne decided that this was the work of the demon monk, so he summoned the world’s capable people and rewarded them with an attractive amount of money.

Unlike the other demon hunters who were greedy, sanctimonious, or righteous, Chen Yi was completely here to watch the fun.

Ever since he became a demon monk to the outside world, it seemed that he alone was responsible for all the disasters in the whole world. He wanted to see what type of monster was doing evil and placing the blame on him!

It was a pity that none of these demon hunters were useful. It was fine if they couldn’t catch the demon monk, but they instead teamed up to find someone to take the blame. The ‘demon monk’ who was pulled out to apologize was actually his acquaintance, Yan Su.

The new emperor had always been afraid that the oldest prince Yan Su would snatch the throne. Thus, he immediately believed the lies of the demon hunters and stirred up the hatred of the common people.

By the time Chen Yi saw Yan Su again, the other person had already changed out of his fine clothes and was thrown into a dungeon. It was at this time that the story of his first four lives was revealed to everyone.

Screenwriter Lan Lingmeng had been carefully polishing the script for two years, while Director Xu Cheng masterfully controlled the rhythm of the plot.

The story of four generations wasn’t long, but it still aroused tears from the audience.

Yan Su paid with his life, and they had been bound by four consecutive lives. Under such circumstances, how could the demon monk Chen Yi refuse to save him?

He rescued Yan Su, but his identity as the demon monk was learned by the people of Zhongdu. These people who were kept in the darkness believed that the two people joined forces to do evil. The new emperor took the opportunity to send people to shoot Yan Su down with an arrow.

He wanted to save Yan Su, but the other person still died because of him?

Chen Yi carried the trumped up charges and couldn’t bear it any longer. Just as he was about to erupt, the evil spirit appeared again. It was a nine-headed bird with a high cultivation.

It started to kill wildly and even invited Chen Yi to join it in its evil deeds. Unexpectedly, Chen Yi sneered and killed it, saving the surviving people of Zhongdu.

In Chen Yi’s mind, it was his choice whether to fall to be a demon or not. There was no need for any external force to instigate his fall into evil.

After this incident, the human world’s view of the demon monk Chen Yi changed. Everyone in the Zhongdu Country started to believe in Chen Yi.

The sealed Buddha power in Chen Yi showed signs of recovery, and he even reached his former peak in a short period of time.

The gods and Buddhas who did evil deeds to suppress Chen Yi panicked. They jointly activated an ancient illusion formation, trying to make the two souls in Chen Yi’s body kill each other.

The demon monk and holy monk, two Ji Lis with the same appearance but completely contradictory temperaments, appeared on the screen, and the exclamations of the audience rose one after another.

“My eyes can’t take it! So handsome!”

“Narcissus is the best!”

“Ji Li is awesome. This comparison is more obvious than on the posters!”

Yes, compared to the static look and feel of the poster, the dynamic Ji Li masterfully played the difference between the two characters, and the whole clip was a highlight.

Many movie critics even concluded in their hearts that Ji Li could win an award for this role! 

In the last half an hour, the climax of the story finally came.

The wishful thinking of the gods and Buddhas in the sky was wrong. Chen Yi not only survived but also merged the two souls into one.

After a hundred years, Chen Yi finally attacked the sky directly! He beat the gods and Buddhas who were full of lies to death.

What appeared in their bodies wasn’t a holy pill, but a demon pill that was dirtier than any monster. It was disgusting.

The climax of the plot and the special effects were perfectly coordinated. The people watching it were content! An audience member laughed and said, “Yes, this special effect is worth spending 100 yuan.”

Just as everyone thought the movie was coming to an end, the final reversal emerged.

The true identity of Yan Su, who helped Chen Yi, wasn’t simple at all. He was the one hiding the deepest secret.

He was the leader of the gods and Buddhas in the sky. Every time he saved people and died, it was a situation that was carefully arranged by him. Even the nine-headed bird in this life was part of his plan.

This was because Chen Yi’s Buddha heart was too pure. It was only natural that his evil heart after becoming a demon would also contain extremely strong energy.

He just wanted to lure Chen Yi to become a demon step by step in order to eventually occupy his cultivation base.

It had to be known that the few good thoughts Chen Yi had in the past one hundred years were due to Yan Su, but it turned out to be a scam?

The sudden truth was absurd and shocking. 

In the end, a fierce fight between the two of them was inevitable. They fought cultivation against cultivation and died together. Everything was burned and destroyed.

If the root of evil wasn’t completely pulled out, then how could there be the birth of new good in the world? Perhaps in the new round of prayers and beliefs, true gods and Buddhas would be born.

However, the Easter egg at the end gave Chen Yi a happy ending.

On the old land of the Su Dynasty, a new small country was born. Two temples stood quietly next to the clear spring of the back mountain.

The incense in the temple was lit.

In addition to the old men and women, there were a few young women who didn’t leave the pavilion. All of them knelt in front of the Buddha statue and were unwilling to leave for a long time.

Suddenly, a young novice monk came running over. “Master Chen Yi has left isolation!”

Following his excited shouts, a figure wearing a white robe with golden writing stepped in. “Ling Kong, don’t make noise.”

The clear voice that was like the mountain wind immediately soothed the restless crowd.

The cute little disciple turned around and replied in a soft voice that was like a mosquito. “Yes, Master.”

The camera rose slightly.

It was fixed on the pair of light brown eyes that looked ruthless and affectionate with a sense of compassion, indifference, and warmth.

After finishing a brief tribute, Chen Yi left under the reluctant eyes of many girls.

Once he arrived at the clear pool of water in the back mountain, his eyes suddenly darkened and he revealed a playful smile. “Don’t you find it annoying to recite scriptures every day?”

The clothes on his body changed and he turned into a demon monk again. It was as if he was talking to himself.

“I heard that there are monsters in Baili Town. Let’s go and see.”

The movie ended here. Everyone was immersed in the movie plot and couldn’t extricate themselves.

If the plot of the movie was 80 points, then the impeccable special effects pulled it to over 90 points.

There was no doubt that a blockbuster movie was scheduled for the Spring Festival period.

No matter whether it was the demon monk and Yan Su or the demon monk and holy monk, the characters in the movie were very distinct. There were many CP parties that could be derived from the movie at a glance.

“The CP in this movie is very good, no matter whether it is Narcissus or Yan Su and the demon monk. I now feel that even Ji Li and Xu Yanzhi are good.”

“Yes yes yes, Brother Yue, I’m sorry. Let’s rebel!”

“After the movie’s release is over, I will definitely roll back to the Chinese Rose pit!”

The CP girls in the third row muttered secretly. They didn’t expect that Qin Yue, who was sitting in the row above them, would suddenly look sideways.

It was a very brief look, and the fleeting gaze seemed to be just the illusion of CP fans.

The two girls shut up immediately. They took back their thoughts that were just about to wander out of the pit.


The master pushed them back into the pit.

What movie CP? Chinese Rose is the best in the world!

Proofreader: Azure

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10 months ago

Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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What great ending lines! I’m so glad the Easter egg gave Chen Yi a happy ending, after a life like that… It’s cool that there’s a good explanation for Yan Su’s being the “only survivor” that time too, the plot is actually quite tight. Qin Yue’s silently disapproving of fangirls shipping his husband is too funny, though. If you want to think about it that way, the Narcissus pairing even gets a canonical happy ending…
Thank you so much for translating! <3

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