IPCFS: Chapter 147 Part 1 – Extra Four Assorted Citrus

It was the end of the year in a flash.

After a full year of post-production, it was finally announced that the fourth part of the ‘Godslayer’ series, ‘Demon Monk’, would be released on New Year’s Eve of the Spring Festival, strongly participating in the box office competition during the Spring Festival holiday.

The premiere was held one day earlier.

Even at this juncture of the New Year’s Day holiday, the movie tickets were snapped up in an instant.

There was no doubt about Director Xu Cheng’s connections and strength. This time, the premiere of the movie was specially arranged in the capital, and countless celebrities in the entertainment industry were invited to attned.

Not only was there a special red carpet, but there was also a live broadcast session. It could be said that there was enough momentum from the publicity.

“Absolutely! This is the first time I’ve seen a premiere of this scale. Isn’t the organizer afraid that they won’t be able to make any money?”

“The invited guests are all looking at the face of Director Xu Cheng and Ji Li. There is no need for any appearance fee. With the traffic fees and fan rewards for the online broadcast, as well as the star effect from this large-scale publicity, it feels like there will be no loss.”

“I’m late! Who is here?”

“Guests such as Qin Yue, Yuan Yifei, Ji Yunqi, Qi Heng, and Feng Cheng are here. Those who managed to grab the premiere movie ticket today really made money.”

“It feels like Director Xu Cheng’s ‘Demon Monk’ is aiming for a box office of five million. As the leading actor, Ji Li is making a huge amount of money! He hasn’t won any domestic big awards yet, but he is about to squeeze into the ranks of actors with over 10 billion box office.”

“Come on! The plot and rhythm of the third ‘Flower Demon’ has already gone downhill. Director Xu Cheng is still resting on his laurels, while Ji Li is a Best Actor who relies on selling CP. At a glance, this movie looks like it will collapse!”

Occasionally, there were a few sour words mixed in the live broadcast.  Fans from all walks of life rolled their eyes, but they never fell into the trap of arguing with the keyboard warriors.


Could this movie be ridiculed even before it was released?

Wasn’t the one week pre-sales box office of 150 million yuan enough to slap them in their faces?

Of course, these black fans were soon given an ‘electronic ticket’, kicked out of the live broadcast room, and pulled into the blacklist, so they were unable to watch the stream.


At 7 o’clock in the evening, the premiere ceremony of ‘Demon Monk’ officially began.

The largest movie screening hall in the imperial capital was currently full of people. Even the small aisles on both sides had been arranged with temporary small benches for watching the movie.

Qin Yue and the other guests were arranged to sit in the second row. The live broadcast camera swept over their bodies and caused the netizens to scream.

“I feel like Brother Yue is becoming more and more handsome! Help!”

“I’m already in sugar eating mode!”

“Hahaha let’s make a bet! Guess if Qin Yue will send a movie review full of praise this time!”

“Hahahaha, the above person should shut up! Don’t expose this little public secret.”

Since two and a half months ago, a new wave of discussion was triggered after Ji Li’s live broadcast ended.

#Qin Yue asked Ji Li to raise his dog#

#Qin Yue and Ji Li are suspected of living together#

#Qin Yue’s side account is suspected to be exposed#

Topics such as these exploded on the hot search. A bunch of CP fans, pure fans, and melon-eating fans were busy picking up clues.

Major General being ‘fostered’ in Ji Li’s house was a sure thing. Besides that, someone else discovered something.

The big fan had revealed where he was several times, and it completely matched Qin Yue’s itinerary.

Someone found the same decoration from his Weibo as a picture posted on Qin Yue’s main account.

This time, there was complete turmoil.

Yuexing immediately denied it. The big shot also denied it after the storm passed and posted Weibo praise as usual, but in the hearts of CP fans and passersby, it wasn’t real proof, but it was better than real proof.

Chinese Rose was locked up!

Throw the key into outer space!

As for the pure fans of the two parties involved, they reached a tacit consensus after recovering from the huge shock.

The fans who couldn’t accept it took off their fan status.

Fans who didn’t want to admit it turned a blind eye and continued to like it.

However, more fans agreed to the relationship between the two of them and rationalized it to themselves.

Forget it, it was better for Brother Yue’s other half to be Ji Li. At the very least, there was nothing to pick on about his appearance, personality and strength!

They lost in terms of gender, so there was nothing they could do. They could only bless these two sourly in their hearts.

Forget it, it was better for it to be Teacher Qin Yue than for Baby Ji Li to be deceived by others.

At the very least, the other person was handsome, wealthy, and capable. He also understood the exaggerated praise of the fan circle. There was nothing to pick on about his personality, and he was the best boyfriend recognized by the fan circle.

Sure enough, their baby’s vision and charm received full marks!

However, there were also black fans and malicious people who took advantage of this opportunity to criticize Qin Yue and Ji Li. They said that as public figures, their feelings were too public and ‘polluted the social atmosphere’ in an attempt to persuade the relevant departments to remove their works and completely blacklist them.

Obviously, such a smelly theory didn’t pass.

The two of them had never acknowledged their relationship in public from the beginning to end. Even if there were publicity events, they were in line with the communication standards and didn’t showcase any large-scale intimate contact.

Secondly, the two of them and their fans had participated in countless public welfare activities. The amount of love they received was the best in the entertainment industry.

The positive remarks that they used to guide fans in the public could be regarded as the benchmark for other artists with positive energy. How could they be banned so easily?

With their strength, they could make a comeback in other circles even if they were banned.

This was hard power.

In the past three months, not only were Ji Li and Qin Yue not affected by the speculations, but the number of Chinese Rose CP members doubled again. More and more people were willing to stand up and support them.

In public occasions like the current premiere, countless sugar eating Chinese Rose CP girls were mixed in with the regular fans. They supported the CP they identified with and supported the works of their masters.


The appearance of Ji Li and the other main creators caused a burst of cheers. After a short reporter interview, they sat in their seats, excited and nervously waiting for the premiere of the movie.

The lights at the scene dimmed and the opening title page with the dragon logo and other credits appeared on the big screen.

Qin Yue looked at the little head of his lover in the front row, and his gaze subconsciously deepened. Perhaps his gaze was too warm, but Ji Li couldn’t help looking back in ‘warning.’

Xu Yanzhi, who was arranged to sit next to Ji Li, felt a bit apprehensive. Ever since he had faced Qin Yue in the RV that day, he had guessed the relationship between the two of them.

Xu Yanzhi instinctively turned sideways and asked, “Teacher Qin Yue, do you want me to change places with you?”

“No need.”

Qin Yue and Ji Li replied in unison. They weren’t clingy to that extent in front of everyone.

It was a whispered refusal, but some dog food could still be tasted. The close Yuan Yifei coughed lightly as a reminder.

“Teacher Yuan, is your throat uncomfortable?” Qi Heng took advantage of the darkness to approach him and asked if his cough was serious.

It was ‘Brother’ when the two of them got along in private, but it became the serious ‘Teacher’ in public.

Yuan Yifei noticed his slightly hot breath. This time, it was his turn to cover for himself. “It’s okay, my throat is a bit itchy.”

Ji Yunqi saw this and raised his head like he was immune.


Dog men.

He had long seen through them.



The subtle sound of breaking leaves heralded the opening of the movie.

The big screen showed a strange dense forest that was dark and quiet. There was a huge crisis hidden in it at first sight.

The audience couldn’t help raising their attention for fear of being suddenly frightened by some monster in the movie.

The mountain wind blew through the dust and fallen leaves on the ground, carrying a slight and eerie rustling sound that caused the atmosphere to severely tense up.

Suddenly, a figure broke through this unknown panic.

The lens rotated up.

There was a robe with gold characters against a black background. There was a dark red incantation that resembled a scorpion’s tail on the robe, and the occasional glimpse of the figure’s face when the veiled hat flew up.

The figure’s eyes were like silk and showed cold killing intent.

The red mole on the bridge of his nose transformed into thousands of bewitching colors.

His figure was powerful and inviolable. His appearance could tease people in an invisible manner.

Less than one minute after he appeared, the demon monk played by Ji Li attracted the attention of the entire audience.

Compared with the small picture on the monitor when filming, the big screen display of the cinema magnified the charm of the demon monk.

“My nosebleed is about to come out!”

“Why is Ji Li so good at acting? This is better than Yan’er’s first appearance. I hope that the ending will be better for his character.”

“I suddenly thought of Yan’er’s first appearance! I hope the ending will be better.”

“Concentrate on watching. Watch attentively!”’

The demon monk Chen Yi sensed the secret surveillance of the snake clan and walked toward an unfathomable black pool while pretending not to notice.


It had to be said that the post-production of the movie was done very well. The weird sound was heard again as if filling the surroundings in 360 degrees. This caused everyone to shudder.

Chen Yi crouched down, and his finger pointed to the surface of the water.


It was as if some switch had been triggered. Dozens of walls of water immediately rose from the surface of the pool.

Suddenly, a green water python monster roared and rushed toward Chen Yi with a thunderous momentum.

The post-production special effects of Godslayer had always been conscientious. This time, the visual dynamics of ‘Demon Monk’ reached a higher level.

Once the python demon roared, the camera swept over the monster’s sharp, densely packed teeth covered with corroded flesh and blood. This suddenly made people shudder!

Just as everyone thought the python demon was going to swallow Chen Yi, it suddenly stopped. The black snake’s pupils flashed for a moment and finally transformed into a monster with a human head and snake body.

This ‘human appearance’ was done through post-production. Her complexion was as pale as paper, and her eyes were completely black. This was more terrifying than ordinary monsters.

Chen Yi’s veiled hat fell to the ground, revealing a stunning face that seemed to be smiling. The female snake apparently took a fancy to him and seduced him with a drawn-out sound.

“Do you want to stay with me, little monk?”

“My hat has fallen off, and you can see what I look like.”

“Of course, otherwise I would’ve swallowed you in one gulp. It was your looks that saved your life.”

Chen Yi chuckled, and it made people’s bones feel numb when they heard it.

The monster was fascinated by him. “Little monk, what are you laughing at?”

Chen Yi’s face was innocent, and his smile was even more harmless. “Snake sister, can you help me pick up my hat? My arms hurt from you strangling me, and I can’t move.”

The ending tone rose slightly, making people’s hearts tremble.

The female audience, who originally disliked the snake demon, suddenly had a strong sense of substitution and nodded excitedly like they were pounding garlic.

What do you want? Sister will bring it to you!

Where does it hurt? Sister will blow on it for you!

Even the male audience members at the scene were stunned. They had to admit that Ji Li’s demon monk was really good!

Charming but not feminine. His personality didn’t make people feel awkward, but it was definitely the male version of ‘green tea!’

Who would be able to refuse his request? No one.

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Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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I’m really excited to get to see this movie written out! Even if I can’t witness the special effects personally, the description of how it all comes together is also great
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