IPCFS: Chapter 146 Part 2

The host used his authority to delete this question. He was about to skip the topic when he heard a soft meowing sound from Ji Li’s side.

On the main screen, Ji Li was sitting in front of his computer, but he suddenly had a white, long-furred cat in his arms.

The big round eyes, the pink and tender tip of its nose, and the little paws on the table were all indescribably cute!

The cat turned around and pawed at Ji Li’s chest, taking the opportunity to steal a kiss from his owner. Then he called out softly, “Meow~”

In an instant, its cuteness attacked!

“Ahhhhhhh! Baby Ji Li is indeed a cat slave!”

“It is too cute! It is impossible to tell who is cuter!”

“There is a strange resemblance between Ji Li and the cat! Ahhhhh so beautiful!”

“Ji Li, Ji Li. What is the name of the little cat?”

“I want to transmigrate into this cat to kiss him! I admit it! I’m jealous!”

Ji Li saw the barrage that filled the screen. He comforted Snow Cake while saying, “This is a stray cat that I adopted after finding him in the crew’s parking lot during the filming of ‘Country and the World.’ He is called Snow Cake, and he is a boy who was sterilized.”

He wanted to concentrate on the live broadcast, so Ji Li had closed the bedroom door early on, letting Snow Cake stay outside.

He hadn’t expected that in the middle of the broadcast, this little cutie would suddenly run in. How did he open the door…?

The moment this thought popped up, the smile on Ji Li’s face froze. He suddenly shot up from the chair to block something but he was a step late—

Major General, who opened the door, waited obediently at the door of the room for a while. Finally, he ran in impatiently.

He pawed at Snow Cake in Ji Li’s arms and whimpered in a pleading manner. “Bark!”

This scene was recorded by the camera and broadcasted to netizens watching the live broadcast.

The barrage, which had been sliding quickly, froze for a moment. Then it wasn’t known who mentioned it. “This dog looks a bit familiar?”

“…That seems to be Major General from the Yue family?”

“Be confident! Remove the ‘seems’. That is Major General!”

When he was younger, Major General had accidentally participated in the search and rescue squad. Combined with the high popularity of his master Qin Yue, he would occasionally appear in magazine shoots. Yuexing also prepared a special pet Weibo account for him like a celebrity dog.

All the netizens who followed Qin Yue more or less knew this.

At this moment, the identity of Major General was suddenly picked up, and the live barrage and CP fan group completely exploded.

“Ahhhhhh! This is evidence that Chinese Rose is cohabitating! I am shipping it to death!”

“Cohabitation! Double bed! Give birth to ten babies at a time! [Nonsense.jpg].”

“I guessed it! When ‘Poor Travel Notes’ was aired, Major General didn’t act like Ji Li was a stranger! Brother Yue also made an excuse that the dog was friendly!”

“A shocking giant candy! I didn’t expect that the main master hid it so well, but he was exposed by his own pet! Major General is good!”

“Brother Yue x Ji Li, Major General x Snow Cake, it turns out that this is what it means when the pets follow their owners. I am shipping them to death and have come alive!”

“Sisters, restrain yourself and don’t go to the live broadcast and fill the screen! I feel like the baby is starting to panic hahahaha!”

The CP fans predicted this correctly. Ji Li was indeed panicked.

However, he concealed his panic well. Apart from his slightly red ears, he pretended to explain calmly, “Brother Yue has gone to promote his new movie during this time, so he asked me to take care of Major General for him.”

The Ji fans had mixed feelings.

Silly boy, do you think your moms will believe you?

Doesn’t Teacher Qin Yue have a lover? Why leave his pet in your care?

The layer of window paper that hadn’t been broken was smashed by Major General. Ji Li’s fans had already determined the truth of the matter and felt angry and helpless. They wanted to form a group to rush overseas to ‘tear apart’ Qin Yue.

What! Their fragrant and soft baby was gone!

Wu wu wu, their cute and lovely baby was gone!

F*k, their hatred of Qin Yue for seizing their baby was irreconcilable!

The fans recognized the truth in their hearts, but for the sake of Baby Ji Li’s career, they pretended to believe this reason. They quickly filled the screen with questions to skip this topic.

The Chinese Rose super talk had already started a new round of blessings.

Was this enough? It was enough!

They already got the indirect proof! The Chinese Rose husbands were the most real couple in the world! Stop chopping at them! Leave a pair of bottoms for the husbands!

What if they scared Ji Li so much that he didn’t want to show love directly in the future?

As a result, CP fans mixed in with the pure fans and quickly changed the topic.

Under the cover of the fans and the host, the live broadcast quickly entered into another questioning session. The next process went smoothly without any small episodes.

Near the end of the live broadcast, the host revealed the last surprise event.

“In fact, we also have an interactive session planned. We will invite the fan who is number one on the rewards list to have a simple voice interaction with Ji Li.”

Interaction with the number one donator?

So it would be the rich fan, Every Day I want to Kiss and Make Ji Li Cry?

“F*k! I have a reason to suspect that the big shot is an insider! He must’ve received some information! He has never appeared in the previous live publicity broadcasts!”

“Wu wu wu, I’m so envious of the bigshot! There is no such thing as successfully chasing a star!”

“The big shot is an old fan! He has been supporting Ji Li for a long time. He deserves this opportunity.”

“I’m suddenly looking forward to the big shot’s voice!”

The host used his authority to connect this fan to the microphone, while Ji Li looked very calm.

He had known about this process early on. He just hadn’t expected it to be a fan he was already familiar with.

Fortunately, Qin Yue was far overseas and didn’t have time to pay attention to the live broadcast. Otherwise, he would’ve been jealous when he saw this ID.

Ji Li thought of his lover’s vinegar essence, and a slight smile appeared on his face.

It wasn’t until he heard the host’s instructions that he pulled away from his briefly distracted thoughts and took the initiative to greet the old fan. “Hello.”


The other person was silent, but the microphone display showed that the mic connection was normal.

The host also helped to speak. “Is the fan who is first on the list here? We only have a minute to stay on the mic.”

The Ji fans in the barrage saw the silence of the big shot and immediately turned on their cheering mode.

“Big shot! Time is precious!”

“Wait! The big shot won’t be shy, right? Maybe he is too embarrassed to speak.”

“Big shot! It’s okay! Just be as straightforward as your ID and bravely express your love for Ji Li!”

“You have to break and speak up loudly for love! Otherwise, you will be the one crying!”

The countdown was 30 seconds.

“Is the number one fan here?”

Under the repeated urging of the host, there was finally a trace of noise from the other side of the microphone.

“I’m here.”

It was a low male voice mixed with electric currents. It made the ears of listeners tingle and feel numb, which stirred up a bunch of voice con netizens on the spot.


This rich boss wasn’t only a male fan, but he also seemed to have a handsome face just listening to his voice! It felt like their ears were going to get pregnant!

Could it be that this was the legendary fan following the master?

It was only Ji Li whose eyes froze slightly after hearing the tone of these words.

“Is there anything you want to say to Ji Li?” The host asked instead.

In the last five seconds of the countdown, there was a pause from the other side of the mic. Then there was a short and quick, “Good night.”

Once he finished speaking, he automatically turned off his mic. The live broadcast netizens were still immersed in the voice of the big shot.

I’m here, good night.

Two sentences and four words. Then he was gone? But looking back, this answer was too amazing!

Ji Li watched the screaming barrage, and there was a playful look in his eyes.

After this, Ji Li chatted briefly with the fans before announcing the end of the live broadcast.

The video screen was cut off, but there were still some netizens who remained in the live broadcast discussion room.

Suddenly, a netizen asked cautiously.

“Are there any fans of Brother Yue still in the live broadcast room? Why do I feel like that big shot’s voice is similar to Brother Yue’s?”

“Huh? No way! Why didn’t I hear it? It felt like the voice was completely different.”

“Hahaha, I think so too! It is just that I didn’t dare say it in the live broadcast room.”

“Add me! My intuition has always been accurate. The moment I heard the big shot speak, Brother Yue automatically appeared in my mind!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Before the two of them formed a CP, this big shot was already Ji Li’s fan! In addition, the personality he shows on Weibo is completely different from that of Teacher Qin Yue.”

“What can you hear in just two sentences? Can the CP fans put away their imagination?”

On the surface, these two sentences couldn’t prove any identity. Everyone tacitly stopped this topic, but in fact, they each had their own thoughts.

After the live broadcast, many CP fans started following the big shot’s Weibo in secret.

Stop pretending! Brother Yue!

A CP girl’s instincts couldn’t be wrong.

As for the fans of the Yue family and Ji family, they had recognized the facts and even planned to start crying.

Yue fans: It is terrible! If this big shot is Brother Yue himself, isn’t this more solid proof of the relationship between the two of them?

Ji fans: How can you be more miserable than us? We unknowingly sold our baby to Brother Yue and finally helped him count the money!


After Ji Li finished the live broadcast, he directly picked up his phone and made a video call.

In less than ten seconds, Qin Yue’s image appeared on the screen and he asked seriously, “Baby, have you finished the live broadcast?”

“What do you think? Big shot.” Ji Li looked at him with a smile.


On the other side of the screen, Qin Yue momentarily froze. Before he could find the right words, Ji Li simply peeled off his secret identity.

“Teacher Qin Yue, you kept your fan identity quite secretive?”


Qin Yue might have been able to bluff other fans, but who was Ji Li? They had been dating for two years. As long as they were lying in the same bed, they had to say goodnight to each other before going to bed.

Even if Qin Yue deliberately lowered his voice and increased his speaking speed, Ji Li could detect the unique tenderness that belonged to his lover.

Ji Li was still a bit skeptical when he heard the words ‘I’m here’. Then the latter’s ‘good night’ completely threw Qin Yue’s ID in front of his eyes.

Qin Yue guiltily took a sip of water.

He got up early today and was bored, so he entered the live broadcast room. Who would’ve thought that the number one person on the list would connect through the mic? His lover didn’t tell him this.

The moment he was pulled to open his mic, Qin Yue knew that his secret identity was unstable.

Ji Li raised an eyebrow. “You don’t plan to give me an explanation? Every day, you want to kiss and make Ji Li cry?”

Qin Yue finally surrendered. “Baby, I was wrong.”

“What is wrong?” Ji Li asked with a smile.

He hadn’t expected that his lover had broken into his fan circle since long ago and actually turned into the big shot that all the fans of the Ji family liked.

Qin Yue saw the smile on Ji Li’s face and turned things around. “My mistake is that I should have relied on my Weibo ID to express my position. I should’ve made you cry with practical actions.”

Proofreader: Azure

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