IPCFS: Chapter 146 Part 1 – Extra Three Sea Salt Pineapple

The company that bought the copyright of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ was one of the largest movie and television companies in the Chinese entertainment industry. However, the ‘gay’ theme of the movie was too unique. The relevant departments didn’t allow them to conduct large-scale offline publicity due to this reason.

In order to avoid complications, the scale of publicity done for the movie wasn’t ostentatious. The movie mostly relied on word of mouth as well as the publicity of fans and water armies.

Yet even with such low-key announcements, ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ still achieved very gratifying results.

Three days after its release, its box office exceeded 100 million!

This box office amount wasn’t as good as Qin Yue and Ji Li’s previous movie achievements, but it still caused a burst of amazement in the movie and television industry.

It had to be known that the movie had been released overseas, and there were some pirated versions circulating on the Internet. These were all unfavorable factors for the movie being screened.

They didn’t expect that after the release, the box office of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ would still be so high. It even exceeded several movies that premiered in the same period.

The box office response of Qin Yue and Ji Li was too good. Two successful and excellent actors worked together, and this was destined to attract the public to go watch the movie.

Five days after its release, the domestic comprehensive score of the movie was announced.

With a score of 8.2 points, ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ was temporarily ranked second in the National Day movie period.

“My girlfriend is a CP fan, and she pulled me to see it. I didn’t expect to watch it as a straight man. I’ve never paid attention to same-sex relationships before, but the roles played by Qin Yue and Ji Li made me feel that the emotions in the movie were very sincere.”

“I’m crying! I just wanted to ship my CP. Why do I have to cry in the theater?”

“I went to see it for Brother Yue! I love his Wen Qiong so much! I don’t like CP, but I have to admit that Ji Li’s acting skills are very good. More than half my tears came from his role.”

“I watched it overseas before. Now I’ve returned to watch the Chinese dub of the movie, and I feel better! To be honest, it is still our Chinese language that can express more beautiful and delicate emotions.”

“I finally understand why so many people ship them. The regrets in the movie can be made up outside the movie. I’m a person who doesn’t chase fan circles. But after watching it, I felt so uncomfortable that I searched for their candy.”

Comments such as these flooded the comments area. Some people even said:

The only fly in the ointment of the movie was the deletion of the many intimate shots. This made the overall relationship of the two lead actors seem slightly disjointed.

Otherwise, this movie would definitely have been rated a high score of 8.8 or more.

All offline promotions of the movie had been canceled, but the movie side saw the lasting popularity of the movie and planned to fulfill the wishes of fans through a fan event.

The commercial action movie that Qin Yue and Director Garvey cooperated on had entered the final stage of preparations for their publicity. Qin Yue was the starring actor and had flown overseas a week ago. He would stay there for at least half a month.

After many discussions, it was finally decided that Ji Li would attend the event.

The format of the fan event was an online live broadcast. There would also be a special host who would take care of the process.

Ji Li’s attitude toward fans had always been casual. The moment he heard that the event was an online live broadcast, he simply refused the makeup team and planned to appear without makeup.

What was it called? Those who had appearance could be headstrong.

Yu Fuya couldn’t control him and could only let him go.

In mid-October, the movie side and Ji Li’s Weibo simultaneously released a notice for the time of the online broadcast.

In one day, the number of reservations on the platform reached five million. This was enough to showcase Ji Li’s popularity as a top actor.

8 o’clock on Thursday night wasn’t typically a weekend night with the most traffic, but the moment Ji Li went online, the waiting netizens rushed to the barrage area in an overwhelming manner.

“Ahhh Baby! Good evening!”

“Does this type of skin really exist? Too amazing!”

“Is Ji Li at home? Or in a hotel?”

Ji Li was dazzled by the extremely fast barrage. It wasn’t until the host went online to give him a reminder that he recovered from his initial shock.

“Good evening, everyone. I am actor Ji Li.”

Ji Li greeted the camera of his computer. At the same time, an exaggerated and gorgeous special effect occupied the screen.

[Every Day I want to Kiss and Make Ji Li Cry has sent you 10x bright galaxies.]

The reward effects of this live broadcast site were beautifully done. It instantly turned the screen into a flowing river of sparkling stars.

The netizens who were online saw this scene and ran out to worship the rich fan. Among them, the Ji fans were the happiest.

“Ahhhhh the big shot is here!”

“Everyone, give way! The super big shot of our Ji family is here!”

“It is 10,000 yuan as soon as he shoots! Wu wu wu, I am convinced! This is the fragrant taste of money.”

“Hahaha the big shot’s inner thoughts: I must let him remember my ID!”

Ji Li learned about the amount of the reward from the joking remarks of the fans, and his expression changed with surprise.

Before confirming the live broadcast, his team had discussed the rewards with the organizer and the platform.

In order to express their love, it was unavoidable for fans to give gifts and rewards. However, all the traffic and rewards obtained from the live broadcast would be donated to children in the poor mountainous areas of China in the name of the movie.

Originally, Ji Li hoped that he could earn more for the donation if more fans came to watch. However, he didn’t want fans to be impulsive and spend too much.

Having said that, Ji Li was very familiar with the netizen with the ID of ‘Every.’ He had seen the long movie reviews written by the other person. He could see that the other person was a big shot who had a deep understanding of the movie and television industry.

Of course, this person should be quite rich.

“Everyone, you can just leave more messages and interact with me. All the traffic obtained from this live broadcast will be donated in the form of public welfare.”

“It is better to give less gifts. Just do what you can, and thank you for your support.”

Ji Li said this in advance, and it could be regarded as him telling his fans to refrain from spending money due to momentary excitement.

After he said this, the fans in the barrage responded.

“Don’t worry. We won’t spend money indiscriminately!”

“Yes, we are also happy that the rewards can be used for public welfare!”

“Listen to Baby Ji Li. I’ll pull in a few more friends to watch the live broadcast for charity!”

Under such obedient responses, only one more message floated on the barrage.

[Every Day I want to Kiss and Make Ji Li Cry has sent you 999x shining stars.]

After two or three seconds, the fans watching the live broadcast burst out laughing.

“Hahaha, it is worthy of being a big shot. It is nearly 1,000 yuan again.”

“Isn’t this too funny? The big shot is so obedient. Ji Li said to give a bit less, so he smashed gifts worth 1 yuan instead.”

“I can imagine the big shot nodding obediently in front of the screen. Then he turned around and clicked on the small gift with a serious expression.”

“Sure enough, the big fans of the Ji family are as cute as the main master!”

The host smiled and continued the live broadcast. “I will tell you all in advance. We have a super surprise tonight preprared for one of the fans.”

“So everyone must wait until the end of the live broadcast.”

This aroused the curiosity of the netizens, and everyone responded unanimously. They were originally waiting to see their baby. How could they leave halfway?

In less than five minutes after its opening, the number of live broadcast viewers watching soared from five million at the beginning to seven million. The popularity and the number of people were still climbing.

It was said to be an online meeting, but it was actually a platform for Ji Li to interact and chat with fans.

There were questions and answers, sharing of his work and life.

“You can post the questions you want to ask on the public screen. Our back-end system will randomly select them.”

The host led the process from the side. In less than half a minute, the first question popped up.

@Ji Family’s Cherry: Ji Li, are you now doing the live broadcast at home? It looks like you’re in a bedroom.

“Yes, I finished filming a movie some time ago, and I have been staying at home recently.”

Ji Li’s answer was very serious, but it couldn’t stand against the exaggerated praise of all fans.

“Wu wu, our baby is awesome! He has already bought his own house!”

“The decoration style is very Nordic. Ji Li’s aesthetics are good!”

“Baby, can I stay at your house for one night? Just one night! There is no meaning in it. I am just a mother worried that her child is home alone.”

Ji Li smiled helplessly and covered his forehead like he had nothing to do with his fans.

All of them were mother fans, and they could close their eyes to give him exaggerated praise.

From the corner of his video alone, they could at most see half a bed and a few furnishings. How could it be so exaggerated like this?

He never expected that the fans’ abilities would be much more than that.

The official group of the Chinese Rose husbands continued to be as lively as the live barrage. Soon, there were CP girls with sharp eyes.

“Sisters! I found it! [Image].”

“The bed in Ji Li’s room is a double bed series of the AX brand. The main slogan of this black bed is: let love reach extreme heights.”

“Ji Li’s bed should be the largest size. No matter how he rolls on it, he won’t be able to fall off [funny dog head.jpg].”

The moment these words came out, it immediately detonated the screams of Fang Yue and the group of CP fans.

“Ahhhhh a master! I understand!”

“I realized! It is also dirty! This is too blessed!”

“Let love reach extreme heights? What is the extreme height? Let me trouble Ji Li and Brother Yue to demonstrate!”

“Thank you for the invitation. I know how the bed in the midnight scene will be drawn in future fanarts!”

Just as the CP fans were buzzing, the second random question was drawn.

@Brother Yue’s wife: Ji Li, you must have already met Brother Yue’s other half, right? Won’t your on-screen CP cause trouble to the other person? In any case, I don’t think this is very good [covers mouth and laughs.]

The moment this Yue fan’s question appeared on the screen, it immediately triggered different voices.

Some netizens were purely watching the good show and wanted to understand Qin Yue’s mysterious other half from Ji Li’s mouth. By the way, wasn’t it rumored that Qin Yue and Ji Li were a pair who were secretly in love?

Some Ji fans felt offended. This was the live broadcast of their baby. This person was obviously deliberately trying to show a sense of their existence on purpose.

Among them, the most dissatisfied ones were the Chinese Rose CP fans.

“This type of routine is weird and disgusting. She plans to use the live broadcast to dismantle CP.”

“That’s right. How can Ji Li answer this? In addition, isn’t the person’s ID “Brother Yue’s Wife”? The main master has officially announced his relationship. Isn’t she embarrassed to jump out in public like this?”

“Don’t bother. I’ve seen this ID before. She is one of Brother Yue’s big poisonous fans. She has been his most aggressive fan for ten years!”

“A bit of tea fragrance is overflowing from the cup. The other half of Brother Yue is definitely Baby Ji Li. Now she has to run in front of her master’s partner to humiliate herself? I’m speechless!”

In front of the screen, Ji Li saw the direction of this comment and raised an eyebrow slightly.

Causing trouble for Qin Yue’s other half? Interesting.

This question was obviously trying to find a thorn in their relationship. Unfortunately, they were looking in the wrong place.

Just as Ji Li was thinking this, a huge barrage that cost money floated across the live broadcast screen.

[Every Day I want to Kiss and Make Ji Li Cry: This fake fan, it has nothing to do with you. Ask your own master. Don’t come here to find a sense of existence.]

This type of obvious protection and retaliation caused all the Ji fans to shout in agreement. They couldn’t wait to go directly across the screen to hug the big shot.

Did you see it?

This big shot is definitely a boyfriend fan! His masculinity has exploded!

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