IPCFS: Chapter 145 Part 2

Qin Yue was invited by the organizer to speak, so Ji Li stayed with his friends to chat. The party had just begun, and there was no need to rush to make contacts.

“Oh, look over there!”

The sharp-eyed Ji Yunqi suddenly pointed to a nearby place. Ji Li held his wine glass and looked in the direction he was pointing. There he found a graceful and beautiful figure.

It was Sun Li who hadn’t been seen for a long time.

The other person was wearing a dark red off-the-shoulder dress. Her long, curly hair was draped over her body, and she wore diamond earrings and a necklace that showed her femininity.

There was a middle-aged man standing beside her, and his woods and actions could be regarded as intimate.

Ever since Sun Li maliciously tried to use Qin Yue and was slapped in the face, Ji Li was busy with his schedule and hadn’t paid attention to her latest developments.

“Some time ago, Sun Li’s team and her ex-husband fought back and forth on the Internet very fiercely. I heard that there was a movie that dropped her as the female lead,” Yuan Yifei explained to his friend in a low voice.

However, the other person seemed to have grasped the momentum of ‘making a comeback.’ She recently announced three endorsements in a row and would enter a crew to film next month.

Most of Yuan Yifei’s management team consisted of women, and they talked about new celebrity gossip every day.

Using pregnancy to cheat money from a man, having an abortion after gaining the man, directly divorcing after the man went bankrupt… The big public opinion lasted for less than a week before it was completely suppressed.

Someone must’ve intervened and solved this issue for her.

The silent Qi Heng took a sip of wine. “The man next to her is Hou Guixiang. He is a bit famous in his industry in the Beijing circle and has used his spare money to invest in many entertainment projects over the years.”

Ji Li and the others heard this and naturally understood.

However, Ji Li didn’t want to evaluate the code of conduct of others. Sun Li was just a stranger to him as long as she didn’t involve Qin Yue.

He was just thinking this when Sun Li glanced toward them.

The smile on the woman’s face froze slightly, and she finally looked away in disdain.

Ji Yunqi realized the meaning contained in her expression and became angry. “What is she doing? Ji Li, did you provoke her?”

Qin Yue came back the moment these words emerged. “What happened?”

“It’s nothing. I just saw Sun Li, and she was a bit hostile to me.” Ji Li took a sip of wine and passed over the topic after a brief explanation.

Forget it.

What was the point of being angry with a person he didn’t know at all?

Qin Yue’s eyes were slightly heavy. He didn’t continue this topic, and he didn’t want to get involved with such a woman again.

The atmosphere of the party started to heat up.

Qin Yue and Ji Li carried the title of Yana Best Actor. Even if they stood in place, many producers and directors approached them to talk to them.

Seeing this scene, Sun Li squeezed her wine glass even more tightly.

“What’s wrong?” Hou Guixiang asked while leaning in close, taking the opportunity to touch her shoulder.

Sun Li felt disgusted and nauseated seeing this greasy middle-aged man, but she had to suppress her true thoughts and force out a smile. “I’m okay.”

She had been progressing smoothly since her debut. Her first wealthy backer was gentle and rich. He might have been 20 years older than her, but he had the unique charm of a mature uncle.

Perhaps it was due to her high start, but Sun Li was unwilling to give up after being abandoned by her wealthy backer. She instead chose a wealthy man from many candidates and married him to take his property.

It was a pity that her former husband was too useless to keep his family business. Finally, he jumped out to fight with her.

The desperate Sun Li had to give up on her standards and found the current Hou Guixiang.

The other person was rich and could play in the entertainment industry. Over the past two months, Sun Li’s stagnant career had made obvious progress.

Her popularity might have been gone, but an actress relied on her works. As long as her roles were powerful enough, she could whitewash herself over time, no matter how blackened she was.

Huo Guixiang obviously noticed who Sun Li had been looking at. He took the opportunity to touch her shoulder again and whispered in comfort, “What is so good about two men? Are those who engage in a gay relationship perverts?”

It was just that at the moment there was no open admission of their relationship. Their career could be over once there was real proof that they were romantically entangled.

Sun Li heard this and a hint of sarcasm flashed in her eyes as she agreed with him.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to meet Mr. Zhang. I heard that he has two good movies in hand.”


Sun Li stroked his hair and put on a fake bright smile as she followed Hou Guixiang.

She had to find a way to stand up again! She would let those who once mocked her take a good look!


Halfway through the exchange party.

Suddenly, the closed door was pushed open.

A young girl with her hair in a high ponytail walked in followed by two bodyguards in uniform.

Everyone noticed the movement and looked over one after another.

The young girl looked around before her angry eyes fell on Sun Li.

She stepped forward quickly, and in full view of everyone she slapped Sun Li at lightning speed.


Sun Li was stunned. All the invited guests were also dumbfounded.

Ji Yunqi looked at Ji Li and Yuan Yifei. “What’s going on?”

Ji Li shook his head and silently waited for the next development.

“Who are you? Why are you hitting people?” Sun Li covered her hot face. Grievances and humiliation rose in an instant.

“Who am I? Ask him who I am!” The young girl pointed over to the stunned Hou Guixiang and sneered.

“Dad, you are so amazing. Don’t you feel dirty when you go out with your mistress?”

Instantly, the audience had the eyes of watching a good show.

The entertainment industry was indispensable for its willingness to support celebrities, but the daughter came to fight with the mistress instead of the mother, and the mistress was Sun Li?

This was the first time this happened.

“Ling Ling, stop making trouble.” Hou Guixiang was a bit embarrassed.

Hou Ling sneered, “Don’t make trouble? What qualifications do you have to tell me not to make trouble?”

She looked around in a domineering manner. “Everyone, you are celebrities and can just watch the show. Don’t enter the muddy waters of this fight.”

“This way, you won’t get stuck in this sh*t and stink up your hands.”

Hou Ling looked young, but her words were merciless. They were all aimed at Sun Li.

“You are young. You should speak to me with respect!” Sun Li was angry and ashamed, but she was still stubborn. “P-President Hou and I are just friends.”

“Bah! Do you think everyone here is a fool?”


Sun Li looked at Hou Guixiang for help, her eyes quickly turning red.

If this entered into the eyes of ordinary men, her appearance might indeed be worthy of their pity, but it became a joke in Hou Ling’s eyes.

She picked up a glass from the wine table next to her, directly pulled Sun Li’s hair, and threw it on her body. “B*tch, haven’t you acted enough?”

The wine thoroughly drenched Sun Li’s delicate makeup and made her show her embarrassed side in front of everyone.

“Ling Ling!”

Hou Guixiang roared, obviously feeling that he was losing face.

Hou Ling pushed back. “You are yelling at me again! You aren’t a good person either!”


Another slap rang out. It was Hou Guixiang who lost control and slapped Hou Ling.

The audience was in an uproar.

Hitting his daughter for his mistress? It didn’t make any sense.

Hou Ling touched her swollen cheek, and her expression became even heavier. She didn’t even shed a tear and just gestured over to the two bodyguards she hired. “Why are you acting stunned? Are you just eating my money for nothing?”

The two bodyguards heard their employer’s instructions and directly grabbed Hou Guixiang on the left and the right.

Who cared what a big shot he was?

They would listen to whoever paid them and hired them.

Ji Yunqi was amazed after seeing this scene. “This girl is so domineering. I can’t help but want to give her a thumbs up.”

Ji Li was a bit surprised and couldn’t help glancing at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue calmly stated, “Let’s leave them alone.”

It wasn’t just them. Even the other guests didn’t step forward to intervene.

There had never been a Holy Father or Holy Mother in the entertainment industry, not to mention that the fault of this matter lay with Sun Li and Hou Guixiang.

“Ling Ling! If you have anything to say, let’s do it in private, okay?” Hou Guixiang squeezed out the words through gritted teeth.

“You wait! Mom and I won’t let you get away with this either!” Hou Ling didn’t even look at him as she stepped forward to pull at Sun Li’s hair.

“I came here to teach you a lesson today! What are you? Are you a star in the entertainment industry or a courtesan in an ancient brothel?”

“Your red lips are for ten thousand people to kiss, and your body for ten thousand people to ride, right?”

This was blunt enough, and Sun Li wasn’t given any face at all.

“If you do this again, I will call the police!”

“What about the hotel security?”

Sun Li was embarrassed and wanted to break free from Hou Ling’s grasp. However, she couldn’t stand firmly in her stiletto heels, and her left foot twisted, causing her to fall backward.

The overly long skirt was hooked back by her heels. The moment she fell to the ground, the clear sound of her clothes being torn was heard.

This was the most embarrassing moment in Sun Li’s life. She hadn’t expected that she would end up like this after dressing up to attend the party.

Ji Li and Qin Yue quickly withdrew their gazes, and the latter put his hands in front of his lover’s eyes. “Don’t look.”

Qi Heng directly pulled Yuan Yifei to turn around and was in the mood to tease him in a low voice. “Brother, you can only look at me.”

Ji Yunqi, who was standing in the middle, was stunned by the double amount of dog food and lowered his head consciously.

This farce was finally stopped by the hotel security. However, the party could only end hastily due to this unexpected situation.

“She deserves it. I have long been subjected to Sun Li’s behavior. How many resources has she stolen from people? I knew there would be retribution one day.”

“Sure enough. It is only when a woman is fighting another woman that they don’t hold back. This girl is powerful enough to stop Sun Li. I want to see who dares to help Sun Li this time!”

“Don’t talk so much. It isn’t good to say such things when there are so many eyes watching.”

Several female stars moved together and discussed the situation while leaving with their management team.

Ji Li and his party exchanged looks before tacitly ignoring the farce that just happened. They didn’t want to bother talking about it.

The reason why Sun Li came to this point today was her own choice.

“Let’s go. The car is already parked outside.” Qin Yue finished contacting the driver and coaxed Ji Li in a low voice. “Let’s go home.”

Qi Heng glanced at the time. He took advantage of no one being around to also pull Yuan Yifei into his protective embrace. “Brother, you will take me in tonight, right?”

Yuan Yifei glared at him and warned with a hint of caution, “If you don’t speak, then no one will take you for a mute.”

Then he shifted his gaze to Ji Yunqi. “Yunqi, how are you going back?”

The party ended earlier than originally scheduled, and Ji Yunqi’s agent and driver hadn’t arrived yet.

“You don’t have to worry about me.” Ji Yunqi raised his left and right hands with the stubbornness unique to a single dog. “I’ll go home by myself!”

“I am a native of Shanghai, and it isn’t a problem for me to travel anywhere within Shanghai.”

“Then pay attention to your safety.”

“Contact us on WeChat once you get home.”

Ji Li and Yuan Yifei cautioned him twice before leaving separately.

Ji Yunqi waited for them to leave before he angrily changed his expression. He opened his family group chat and pinged his brother and sister to cry to them.

Ji Family’s Tyrant: @Oldest Brother @ Second Sister, the other children have someone to take them home but I don’t!

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Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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I really love Ji Yunqi too much, best original protagonist ever, what a delight. I’m glad we got to see more of Qi Heng and Yuan Yifei too, they’re adorable
Thank you so much for translating! <3

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