IPCFS: Chapter 145 Part 1 – Extra Two Jasmine Green Tea

At the end of May, Ji Li and Qin Yue joined their respective crews. Actors in the same circle were doomed to meet less and spend more time filming.

The two of them might have been clingy in private, but fortunately they were serious and rigorous when they officially started filming.

There was half a month of collective training before filming started. As a sequel, ‘Special Operations II’ still revolved around the ‘anti-drugs’ theme.

Behind the drug lord Shi Ye was a ‘giant shark’. The core organization led by the giant shark controlled hundreds of drug trafficking routes around the world.

This person had been deeply hidden, and the police had few clues of his identity. However, they could be sure that this giant shark was an existence that even Shi Ye and other drug lords were afraid of.

Screenwriter Fang Zhixing had laid the groundwork long before Song Ran and Chen Xi embarked on the undercover mission that was shown in the first movie.

Ji Li’s surface mission was to protect Song Ran’s undercover identity, but he also had a greater mission objective: Through Shi Ye, find a way to lure out the ‘giant shark.’

At the beginning of the second movie, Chen Xi was rescued from the mouths of the wolves. A scar spanned his neck and the left side of his face, making him lose his handsome appearance and giving him a bit more of a savage ferocity.

The moment he was discharged from the hospital, he saw the rumored ‘giant shark’ of the drug trafficking transport routes—Xiu Ye.

The other person had climbed to this position when he wasn’t even 40 years old. This showed how deep his mind was. How much blood did he have on his hands?

Chen Xi survived and learned that Xiu Ye might be the leader of drug trafficking and transportation, and he learned that he had an evil hobby: instigating betrayal among undercover agents.

Every year, hundreds of undercover agents were sent out by the police of various countries. There were countless undercover agents who were exposed and died.

Every time they were tortured to the point of dying, Xiu Ye would send someone to rescue them.

For the undercover agent, this wasn’t a chance to survive but the beginning of another hell.

This was because Xiu Ye would try his best to force them to act for themselves. He liked to watch the hearts of righteous people become blackened bit by bit.

Of course, if they still tried to disobey him, then he would torture them to the point of dying, save them, and torture them again… until they surrendered or died in the darkness.

The capable generals under Xiu Ye were all undercover police officers sent by various countries. These heroes, who should’ve defended their motherland, lost their hearts due to torture, drug temptation, money, etc., and eventually aided in the abuse.

Therefore, the drug trafficking transportation routes with Xiu Ye as the core leader of operations had expanded year by year.

What Chen Xi had to do next was to be a spy among spies.

In order to win the trust of the suspicious Xiu Ye, Chen Xi couldn’t think of ‘defecting’ from the group at the very beginning. He could only grit his teeth and insist to join them in the midst of the torture of approaching death again and again. This made people mistakenly think that his mind was slowly being worn down, and that he ultimately became an undercover agent who willingly submitted to Xiu Ye.

In the movie, Chen Xi started from the bottom of the ladder and became Xiu Ye’s henchman step by step.

To use Ji Li’s words, the second script was meant to completely show the darkness at the core of drug trafficking in front of everyone’s eyes.

Chen Xi showed a different mentality at every stage of the script. From his absolute persistence in the first part to the resistance of justice and evil and the collision of survival and destruction.

Needless to say, the most exciting rivalry scenes revolved around Chen Xi and Xiu Ye.

Rescue and destruction, loyalty and betrayal, senselessness and rationality, a police officer and a drug lord. They had always been two opposites. As long as the actors were well integrated in the plot, there would be a very emotional, visual presentation on the screen.

Originally, the candidate for ‘Xiu Ye’ was set to be Qin Yue when the first Easter egg was filmed. Unfortunately, by the time the filming of the second part began, Qin Yue was busy filming ‘Doomsday Evolution’ and he couldn’t spare any time to cooperate.

Furthermore, Qin Yue and Ji Li had co-starred in ‘Long Island Iced Tea.’ In order to prevent the audience from having a fixed impression of the two actors, the two of them weren’t suitable for a second cooperation in the short term.

For public and private reasons, Qin Yue had to refuse this role.

However, as the producer, Yuexing still found a very good actor as a replacement—Best Actor Chu Haikuo.

The other person had just turned 35 years old, but it had been a full 18 years since his debut. In the TV drama industry, he had won many awards.

In recent years, Chu Haikuo focused his efforts in the field of dramas. ‘Special Operations II’ was his first appearance in a movie. This was because of Yao Chuan’s strong invitation and because he wanted to challenge the life of a different role.

Chu Haikuo jumped from the small screen to the big screen and was also acting as a villain. His fans were looking forward to such a transformation.

Of course, the fresh combination of Ji Li and Chu Haikuo also aroused great interest from the outside world.

Both of them could be called extremely powerful in terms of acting. In less than three days of filming, they had already tempered their aura. The sense of acting that they presented surprised Yao Chuan and the others.

Three and a half months later, the intense filming of ‘Special Operations II’ finally came to a perfect end.

Ji Li returned to Shanghai and finally met his long-lost lover. Qin Yue’s ‘Doomsday Evolution’ had finished 20 days earlier than him, and Qin Yue was on holiday.

The two of them took the time to prepare for the Chinese version of ‘Long Island Iced Tea.’ The movie copyright had been obtained and it was arranged for the movie to be released on National Day.

However, it was as fans guessed. Many intimate scenes were deleted and only the main plot was retained.

Even the display of the relationship between the two main leads was changed from its initial straightforward manner to haziness.

Ji Li regretted such deletions, but it was already lucky that they didn’t cut off the emotional lines.


One week later.

A car stopped at the largest five-star hotel in Shanghai. Qin Yue and Ji Li were invited to participate in a Chinese entertainment actor exchange dinner.

To put it nicely, it was an exchange dinner held by the relevant departments to promote the development of the acting industry and discuss the progress of the movie and television industry together.

To put it more conventionally, it was used by attendees to make connections and compete for movie and television resources.

Ji Li and Qin Yue now had the Yana Best Actor award in their hands. They were fragrant food in the eyes of directors and producers in the circle. In order to allow for the participation of the two actors, the relevant departments had deliberately postponed the dinner time.

It was hard to refuse.

The two actors had originally planned to stay home and rest, but they had to participate after receiving the invitation.

Just as Ji Li was about to get out of the car, he was stopped by Yu Fuya in the front seat. “Ji Li, your tie is a bit crooked. Please tidy it.”

Ji Li instinctively lowered his head to check. Unfortunately, his line of sight was limited, and he couldn’t see the specific situation of the tie at his neck at all.

He instinctively looked at Qin Yue in an inquiring manner. The latter reacted one step faster and had already started to sort his tie out.

His fingers rubbed against the small Adam’s apple, causing a slight tingling sensation. It wasn’t known if this action was unintentional or intentional.

Ji Li sensitively pulled at his hand and happened to touch the ring on his ring finger.

He glanced at it and his words came out without any deterrence. “Don’t make trouble.”

Qin Yue said innocently, “I’m not making trouble. I’m afraid that you will show traces that shouldn’t be revealed, so I’m checking it again.”


Ji Li was stirred up by these words.

What was there to say? Absence made the heart grow fonder. Their nights during this time weren’t light.

The two of them looked at each other. It was clear that they only exchanged a few words, but tension could be felt between their eyes.

In the front, Yu Fuya ate dog food and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “The two of you should stop for me.”

Dog food was mass-produced every day?

“Qin Yue, you are the boss of Yuexing. Why are you still taking our company’s business car?”

“Sister Yu, I used to be an artist of Chaoying. Our families aren’t separate, so don’t act too much like a stranger.” Qin Yue smiled back. “If you want, Ji Li can also take Yuexing’s artist car back and forth.”

Ji Li nodded. “I said we could drive here ourselves, but you weren’t at ease, Sister Yu.”


Yu Fuya had the heart of an old mother, but she suddenly found that her baby was siding with an outsider rather than herself.

She deliberately sighed twice. “The two of you, hurry up and get out of the car. Remember, don’t do anything too excessive in public.”

Her tone was both mocking and concerned.

Ji Li responded with a smile. He quickly got out of the car with Qin Yue and entered the banquet hall.

Since this was a party in the circle, Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei were popular actors who also came to the party. In addition, Yuan Yifei was followed by a familiar face. It was Qi Heng.

Yuan Yifei and Qi Heng seemed to have established a relationship since that special drinking party incident. However, the two of them rarely interacted in public, so insiders and fans didn’t notice them for a while.

Ji Li saw the three figures and immediately looked at Yuan Yifei like he was watching a good show.

Before the two of them could strike up a conversation, Ji Yunqi approached. “Ji Li, I was waiting for you!”

“Look at Yuan Bao. He has a boyfriend, so he isn’t a good friend any longer.”

Ji Yunqi deliberately lowered his voice when saying this part.

Yuan Yifei hit the back of his head with a smile. “What are you talking about?”

“What type of vinegar is our Third Young Lady eating?” Ji Li followed along with the joke.

Ji Yunqi snorted with the arrogance of a rich young master. “I’m jealous? I’m afraid that you two wouldn’t be able to bear me if I were jealous.”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Qi Heng with a scrutinizing gaze and made a gesture.

“Your life is good, and you actually managed to snatch Yuan Bao back home. If you dare to disrespect him in the future, I will join forces with Ji Li to beat you up.”

This conversation seemed familiar.

Ji Yunqi also pulled Yuan Yifei to express his position like this when Ji Yunqi learned of Ji Li and Qin Yue’s relationship.

Yuan Yifei and Ji Li couldn’t help laughing. They felt a burst of warmth in their hearts because of their friend.

Qi Heng raised an eyebrow. He approached Yuan Yifei in front of everyone, his always cold voice wrapped in honey. “Brother, am I not good to you?”

Listening to this sentence that contained deep meaning, Yuan Yifei’s ears instantly turned red. “…Shut up!’


From teacher to brother?

Ji Li’s eyes lit up, and his gaze swept over the two of them.

Qin Yue’s eyes had always been focused on his lover. He saw Ji Li looking like he was shipping them on the spot and smiled silently.

Ji Yunqi realized it later and almost wanted to storm away.

What is going on with all of you?

Showing affection right in front of me, can you bear my anger?

Didn’t we agree to run side by side in the entertainment industry, engage in our career, and win the Best Actor award?

“…In the end, I paid for it by mistake.”

Ji Yunqi was about to take a sip of bitter wine, but was stopped by his friends one after another. The champagne in his hand was replaced with juice.

“Hey, you can’t drink alcohol.”

“We can’t stop you if you get drunk.”


Ji Yunqi endured and endured. Finally, he couldn’t help replacing his thumb with his middle finger and he raised it high.

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