IPCFS: Chapter 144 Part 2

Yu Fuya and Tao Mingyang looked at each other before the former hurriedly knocked over the sweet dog food. “What’s the hurry? From another perspective, you are the one who should win the bet, Ji Li.”

Ji Li was confused. “I win?”

“You have been busy with the Yana Film Festival for the past few days, so I forgot to tell you some news. ‘Reverse Hunting’ received a movie extension key, and the movie’s release has been extended for another half a month.”

“In this way, your movie can surpass Qin Yue’s movie at the box office.”

The movie key was also known as the ‘movie release pass.’

To give an easy to understand example, if the key specified that the movie’s release period was one month, then the movie could be released in theaters across the country for only one month.

The ‘extension key’ could be understood literally.

‘Reverse Hunting’ involved social issues such as the ‘se*ual abuse of minors’, so the market reversal after its release was good. It triggered a lot of positive discussion, so the relevant departments approved the movie’s extension request.

More than half a month of extended release time was more than half a month of box office.

Joy appeared in Ji Li’s eyes when he heard the news. There was a saying that once a person’s luck came, it couldn’t be stopped.

‘Long Island Iced Tea’ allowed him to win Best Actor, while ‘Reverse Hunting’ received a good box office extension. There was also the filming of ‘Special Operations’ to look forward to.

He had such a smooth career trajectory. He didn’t know how many actors in the outside world would be envious of him.

“It seems that I should treat you for dinner.” Qin Yue was sincerely happy for Ji Li. He hoped that his lover’s works in China accumulated proud box office results.

Someday in the future, he would win the grand slam of the three major domestic award ceremonies.

Yuan Yifei looked at Ji Li with a smile. “If you compare the movies within the same time period, Qin Yue’s movie is performing slightly better than yours. If you compare the total box office, then you will gain more than Qin Yue.”

In a sense, the bet between the two sides was a tie.

Tao Mingyang took the opportunity to voice the question in his heart. “Ji Li, what are you and Qin Yue planning to do in the future?”

“Will you wait until your career is almost over before you quit the circle?”

Ji Li and Chaoying Culture had signed a five year contract, and now there were only two years left.

Chaoying wouldn’t force an artist to stay, but Tao Mingyang still had hope.

An excellent actor like Ji Li could still fight in the entertainment industry for a few more years rather than resting with Qin Yue after his career stabilized.

“President Tao, Ji Li still has a long way to go in the future. I will accompany him slowly.” Qin Yue’s words dispersed Tao Mingyang’s concerns.

He knew how dazzling Ji Li was when shaping a character and how much the other person loved his career as an actor. He was reluctant to let this star fade away.

Ji Li stared deeply at Qin Yue before nodding slightly.

Yu Fuya frowned and interrupted, “Old Tao, I told you not to talk about the company’s affairs at the wine table.”

This simple sentence caught Tao Mingyang’s attention and he immediately straightened his body. His attitude of admitting his mistakes was very sincere.

“I am the one who has spoken too much. I will punish myself with a drink.”

Ji Li’s melon-eating eyes flicked between Tao Mingyang and Yu Fuya. He always felt that if Tao Mingyang was strong enough, it wouldn’t be impossible for these two people to reunite.

The atmosphere at the table relaxed again.

Ji Li looked at Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi opposite him and stopped them from drinking. “The two of you can just eat tonight. There is no need for you to drink.”

The drunken scenes of his friends were still vivid in his memory. They were too much like elementary school children.

“How can that be? I made an agreement with Yuan Bao to celebrate your success! Don’t worry, our drinking capacity is fine!”

It wasn’t known where Ji Yunqi got his confidence from, but the facts proved that with Ji Yunqi—

Don’t believe in his nonsense.

In less than half an hour after everyone started eating, Ji Yunqi was red from the alcohol and he pulled at Yuan Yifei.

“Yuan Bao! Ji Li! Among the three of us, I am the only one who hasn’t received the Best Actor trophy!”

Then he gave a shallow burp.

The drunken Yuan Yifei pushed him away in disgust. Even at such a time, he still didn’t forget to insert the knife. “Yes, it isn’t just the Best Actor award that you are missing. You are the only one without a partner.”


Ji Yunqi blinked. The next second, he wanted to fight with Yuan Yifei. “Yuan Bao! You actually called me a dog!”

“Who scolded you?”

“You said I don’t have a partner! If I don’t have a partner, then I am single. A single person is a dog! Woof!”

It was a bit logical to think this way, but why bark like a dog at the end? Couldn’t this naive attribute be removed?

As everyone was holding back their laughter, the two of them rolled around on the ground and fought like elementary school students. The assistants on both sides were shocked and tried to pull them back.

Their true friends never persuaded them to stop fighting.

Ji Li calmly recorded a video and intended to use it for future joke material. “Okay, you guys can continue.”

Three minutes later, the war stopped.

Ji Li borrowed Yu Fuya’s car keys and took the opportunity to pull Qin Yue away from the party. Compared with tonight’s celebration party, he had a more important thing to do.

“Qin Yue, you didn’t drink did you?”


“Then drive and follow my instructions to go somewhere.”


Qin Yue held back his curiosity. After driving according to Ji Li’s instructions for nearly 40 minutes, he parked his car in front of an independent villa.

Perhaps it was due to the late night, but the surroundings were quiet and there were no extra figures around. Ji Li let go of his vigilance and brought Qin Yue into the house.

The lights at the entrance were turned on. Major General and Snow Cake, who were guarding here, rushed up immediately. Ji Li hugged the cat while Qin Yue rubbed the head of the dog. The warm atmosphere that belonged to this house wrapped around them.

Qin Yue clearly saw the layout of the house and guessed at Ji Li’s intentions for bringing them here. “Baby, did you buy a new house?”

“Yes, I let President Tao help me find it.”

The villa layout was carefully designed, and they could move in straight away. If they didn’t like it the way it currently was, then they could renovate the house when they were free.

Long before they returned to China, Ji Li had asked his domestic life assistant to clean up everything and bring Snow Cake and Major General into the house to adapt to the new environment early.

Qin Yue approached the house and carefully looked at the layout with Ji Li. “It is quite good.”

“Qin Yue, I have something to say to you.” Ji Li circled him from behind, breathing a bit nervously.

“What’s the matter?”

Qin Yue was keenly aware of his emotions. Just as he was about to turn around, he was stopped by Ji Li. “…You listen to me first.”

“Say it.” Qin Yue held his hand.

“Qin Yue, apart from the necessary work trips, shall we live together every day in the future?”

Qin Yue understood the meaning of his words and couldn’t help turning around. “You bought this house for us?”


Ji Li knew that Qin Yue wasn’t short of money to buy a house, but it was a future that involved both of them. Qin Yue wasn’t the only one who could pay and plan for their future unilaterally.

No matter whether he considered his previous life’s ten years of experience in the entertainment industry or his three years in the entertainment industry after transmigrating into a book, Ji Li had lived alone for a long time. In fact, he had started to look forward to having a real home.

Just like what he had once imagined when he withdrew from the circle, there was a cat, a dog, and a lover in his life.

“Qin Yue, I’ve thought about this a lot ever since you made our relationship semi-public.”’

“I know that you want to protect my career, but feelings can never be initiated or sacrificed alone.”

However, it was indeed not suitable for Ji Li to disclose his relationship now due to his Chaoying team and other comprehensive factors.

“At the very least, I want to give you a small guarantee.”

Qin Yue saw the serious look in Ji Li’s eyes and asked with a smile, “Then I want to ask Mr. Ji Li, what guarantee do you want to give me?”

Ji Li got stuck. His eyes moved around nervously and he murmured, “I told you, don’t turn around.”

Qin Yue had never seen such a side to Ji Li. He felt curious, but he also brought out his seriousness. “Then shall I turn back around?”

“No need.” Ji Li stopped before quickly taking out a small box from his pocket.

Qin Yue froze the moment the square box appeared in front of him. “Ji Li?”

Ji Li took out the ring that had been hidden for a long time. His voice was trembling under his extreme restraint. “Qin Yue, do you want to think about staying with me for the rest of your life?”


Qin Yue stared at the men’s ring in Ji Li’s hand. His whole heart swelled up like a volcanic eruption that would completely melt and drown him.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Ji Li suddenly lost confidence. “My schedule has been too tight recently. I didn’t have time to rehearse those romantic actions so…”


Before he could finish his words, Ji Li was swallowed up by Qin Yue’s desperate kiss.

It was only when their breaths were very close that Ji Li realized the other person’s affection was almost bursting. All his tension and uneasiness disappeared. He gripped the ring and responded vigorously.

It wasn’t known how long it took before Qin Yue recovered from his out of control ecstasy. He trembled and asked, “Who taught you to do such a thing? I should’ve taken the initiative to give you a marriage proposal.”

Qin Yue had this idea for a long time.

He was just afraid that Ji Li would feel that marriage was inconvenient during the rising stage of his career. Thus, he abruptly suppressed the idea. He hadn’t expected the other person to quietly propose in advance.

“Who made you move so slowly?” Ji Li retorted while gasping. “I said I wanted to give you a guarantee.”

He could understand that girls needed romantic marriage proposal ceremonies, but he also believed that love should be mutual in two-ways. A marriage proposal should never be exclusive to one person.

Who stipulated that between him and Qin Yue, only the other person could take the initiative first?

Qin Yue’s whole heart was filled with Ji Li’s love, and he couldn’t help kissing Ji Li’s lips. “When did you prepare the ring? Haven’t you been with me this entire time?”

“It is a secret.” Ji Li deliberately didn’t tell him.

In fact, Ji Li had this idea on the night that Qin Yue made their relationship semi-public.

He contacted a local independent brand designer in France in advance, taking advantage of the time when solo interviews were conducted during the film festival.

As for the size of the ring, Ji Li had measured his finger while Qin Yue was asleep.

Ji Li persisted in asking, “Qin Yue, you haven’t answered me yet.”

Qin Yue’s eyes were full of a love that belonged only to him. “Do you think I will refuse?”

Ji Li’s eyes turned into extremely rich starlight. Without saying a word, he put the ring on Qin Yue’s ring finger.

It wasn’t too big or too small, it was just right.

Qin Yue asked, “What about yours?”

Ji Li took out the necklace that had been hidden under his clothes a long time ago. There was a ring of the same style hanging on it. He shook it ostentatiously.

Qin Yue couldn’t help getting closer and rubbing against the tip of his nose. “A house and a ring. My Li Bao really does things unexpectedly.”

“Shouldn’t I start and trap you first?”

Ji Li was quite satisfied with his performance tonight. After all, he had no experience in proposing marriage in his two lifetimes. It was already very good to be able to play like this.

“Yes, it is amazing.” Qin Yue hugged him, heart still beating violently.

Ji Li stayed quietly in his arms, full of thoughts.

He didn’t deny that he was a person with a strong sense of career. He had worked hard in the entertainment industry in his previous life for so long, only focusing on his career with no feelings or attachments.

However, once Ji Li stood at the peak of the entertainment industry, he found that no one could understand how cruel and cold his soul was.

Perhaps coming to this world and meeting Qin Yue was a new opportunity given to him by fate. Having a soul mate and supporting each other was better than living alone.

In fact, Ji Li felt he was a bit cunning.

Qin Yue was so kind, and he couldn’t imagine a future without the other person. Thus, he wanted to urgently respond.

He wanted to use all his love to grab this person and didn’t want to let go of him in this life.

“Qin Yue, you have to accompany me.”

Qin Yue read the uneasiness in the depths of his soul and understood that no one needed each other more than them. “I will accompany you.”

The two of them exchanged an affectionate kiss.

Qin Yue pressed against Ji Li’s ear, seducing and teasing him. “Let’s go and try out the bed in our new home.”

Ji Li smiled and didn’t speak. He allowed his lover to take his hand and walk in.

Snow Cake saw that his master had entered the house and was about to follow, only to be grabbed by the back of the neck by Major General.

The dog wagged his tail and easily carried the kitten back to their nest.

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