IPCFS: Chapter 144 Part 1 – Extra One Rose Lychee

For the first time, the Yana International Film Festival gave birth to a ‘double Best Actors’ victory. This not only caused heated discussions overseas but also caused an uproar in China.

It had to be known that it had been a long time since a Chinese actor won at the Yana International Film Festival. Now Qin Yue and Ji Li won two Best Actor trophies with the same movie. How great was this?

The official announcement of the news was first made by the official China Entertainment Movies group. There was also an announcement on Weibo.

They were trying their best to gain the rights to the movie ‘Long Island Iced Tea’. They believed that in the near future, fans would be able to see this excellent movie in domestic cinemas.

The moment the news came out, the Qin and Ji fans cheered and the Chinese Rose CP fell into ecstasy.

“Ahhhh I am finally seeing hope. Long Island Iced Tea!”

“Great! In my lifetime, I can finally see the release of a gay movie in China, wu wu wu.”

“I’ve heard from the overseas sisters that the movie has intimate scenes between the two male leads. Will they be cut before the release?”

“It doesn’t matter if the scenes are cut! It would be great if the movie can be released in China! What more do you want?”

“Go and take a look at Brother Yue and Ji Li’s Weibo! They uploaded a group photo together! A good match, a good match!”

The CP fans saw this and rushed to the two people’s Weibo.

Both of them had posted three minutes ago, and the text was simple as if they had copied and pasted it in: Thank you for your support.

However, the attached photo was particularly eye-catching.

Both of them posted a photo of the two of them. They were holding heavy trophies in their hands.

It could be seen that their photos were taken at the same time, but there were slight differences in details of the photo such as their demeanor and movement.

The fans of both actors reached a friendly consensus. This time, they were no longer focused on their own family. They went to ‘visit the relatives next door’ and the comments area was full of congratulations and blessings.

The CP fans were moved to tears when they saw this happy scene.

Wu wu wu.

As long as their masters were powerful enough, the pure fans could only join together and celebrate!

This string of mutual blessings and congratulations made them almost feel like they had strayed into a wedding scene!

The domestic cheers were jubilant, while the ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ crew was equally lively.

As the director, Cameron was obviously satisfied with such a win-win result. He held a collective celebration party in advance. In his words—

It didn’t matter if he won the Best Director award in the next ceremony. His two leading actors had already reaped the best results, making up for all the regrets that the fans had about the ending of the movie. This was enough!

It was said that alcohol couldn’t be missing at happy events.

Ji Li had always controlled his drinking, but this time he couldn’t resist the attack of the crowd. He drank one cup after another. In the end, it was Qin Yue who felt that something was wrong and blocked all of the drinks for him.

It was 3 a.m. local time by the time the party ended.

Yu Fuya came back from outside both happy and worried. “There are many entertainment reporters and fans guarding the front and back doors. No matter which way you go out, you won’t be able to avoid having your photos taken.”

Ji Li felt that his head was heavy while his feet were light. He was uncomfortable the moment he got up and frowned while trying to keep his balance.

Qin Yue quickly stabilized him, looked around at the drunken crew again, and made a decision. “Sister Yu, let the driver come to the front door. Ji Li and I won’t take separate cars and we’ll go directly back to the hotel together.”

They were still riding the momentum of winning the award together, so it was normal for the two of them to return to the hotel after they had celebrated together.

Yu Fuya thought for a moment and felt that there were no big problems with his plan. “Okay, I’ll go out first to inform the driver. Wait here for three minutes before going out.”

Qin Yue nodded and focused on Ji Li again. “Baby, can you walk steadily?”

It was only natural.

Even if Ji Li was drunk, he wouldn’t be as noisy as Ji Yunqi. He took a shallow breath and nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. “Yes.”

Such simple words and deeds revealed his cuteness that came only after drinking.

Qin Yue couldn’t help stroking the side of his neck and saying with a smile, “Let’s go back to the hotel.”


The two of them were surrounded the moment they left the hotel.

The entertainment reporters and movie fans who had stood there waiting for a long time couldn’t hold back their excitement. They were a bit out of control and gradually pushed forward.

The usually careful Ji Li lost his balance. Just as he was about to fall, Qin Yue took Ji Li into his arms. “…This is our private time. Can I trouble everyone to give way?!”

Perhaps it was because the man’s tone was filled with seriousness, but the crazy scene finally lapsed into a moment of calm.

The security guards sent by the hotel finally reacted and forcibly created a path for them to exit. This allowed the two of them to pass through the crowd quickly and get into the car.

It wasn’t until they returned to the hotel that Ji Li felt safe and completely relaxed.

The two of them entered the hotel room and changed into slippers. Then Ji Li simply buried his head in Qin Yue’s shoulder and complained a bit, “My head is a bit dizzy.”

Qin Yue touched the back of his neck and massaged it gently and carefully. “I’ll accompany you to take a simple shower. Take hangover medicine later and go to sleep, okay?”

Ji Li snorted and wrapped his arms and legs around Qin Yue’s body, hanging on him.

Qin Yue simply hugged him with a vaguely satisfied expression on his face. “Why didn’t I realize you were so clingy to me before? Alcohol is a really good thing.”

Ji Li bit his ear mischievously and didn’t feel that his image was bad at this moment.

When working externally, he could be serious, independent, and glamorous. Yet in private with his lover, he just wanted to let go of all his restraint.

Just like now, he relied on the occasional drinks to show his unrestrained dependence.

Qin Yue was really good at taking care of people.

The two of them shrank back under the quilt. Ji Li felt refreshed and habitually moved toward the source of heat.

Qin Yue kissed his forehead. “Good night, Baby.”

Ji Li’s thoughts were completely occupied by alcohol and he unknowingly whispered, “Good night, Husband.”


Qin Yue’s figure suddenly straightened and he stared at the person in his arms in disbelief.

He had always been calm, but at this moment he was breathing hard. The joy in his eyes overflowed little by little, and he leaned in to try and confirm the words Ji Li just spoke. “Li Bao, what did you just call me?”

Ji Li snorted and didn’t reply to him.

Qin Yue was addicted to being called this and he couldn’t help saying, “Baby, call me that again?”

Ji Li still ignored this person, but the tips of his ears were faintly red.

Qin Yue noticed the details and took the opportunity to coax him again. “Baby? Li Bao? Wouldn’t it be good to call me that again?”

The best actor, who had always done things in a straightforward manner, felt a bit like a scoundrel at this moment.

Behind Ji Li’s tightly closed eyes was a hint of shame. “Qin Yue, you are too noisy. Go to sleep.”

Qin Yue helplessly gave a low laugh. He suspected that his lover was changing the topic, but he was still afraid of disturbing the other person’s normal rest.

“You are the only one who can torment me like this.” He lightly kissed Ji Li’s ear. “Sooner or later, I will let you call me that every day.”

Ji Li didn’t open his eyes, but when the room was completely dark, a smile appeared on his face.


The video of the two of them ‘returning to the hotel after the celebration party’ was posted online by the entertainment reporters and sent back to China.

@Cui Shui Entertainment: Qin Yue and Ji Li are in love because of the movie, and their suspected relationship has been exposed. Tsk tsk, it is too much not to tell fans when they are in love, right? What do you think?

In the video, Qin Yue and Ji Li were surrounded by a crowd and unable to move.

After seeing that the drunken Ji Li was about to fall, Qin Yue domineeringly took Ji Li into his arms and sternly warned the people crowding them off.

The popularity of the two people was high recently, and this Weibo video quickly attracted the attention of the melon-eating masses.

“This is evidence! Qin Yue and Ji Li must’ve fallen in love because of the movie!”

“F*k, two top movie stars are in love? Fiction turned into reality? I like it!”

“Selling CP is disgusting.”

“Thank you for the invitation, Brother Yue is a very strong boyfriend and he has long announced that he is in love. There are no big problems, right?”

“Thank you for the invitation, Ji Li is very cute when drunk.”

“To the netizen who says it is disgusting, did they eat your rice or live in your house?”

“Sorry, I’m a career fan and I pay more attention to the works of actors. I don’t care as long as their private lives don’t corrupt the bottom line of morality.”

“This marketing account can’t even become popular without relying on Brother Yue and Ji Li, right? Why care so much about other people’s private lives? Even if an actor is in love, is it necessary to report it to us one by one?”

It was expected that this video would cause the two groups of fans to fight. Unexpectedly, they would join forces to fight back and scolded the marketing account to shut up.

The relationship between Qin Yue and Ji Li was ready to be revealed, but it hadn’t been disclosed. Even so, this was the private life of actors, and there was no need to report it one by one.

True love had nothing to do with gender.

As fans, they could continue to support an actor as long as they could accept their relationship. If they couldn’t accept it, they would quietly withdraw from the circle and never step back in.

The most important thing was that they couldn’t let this relationship become a sharp weapon for others to use and hurt them with.

Most fans’ attitudes toward the two of them were subtly changing. Occasionally, a few extreme fans would cause scolding battles, but they were treated coldly.

The people eating melons were all watching the momentary excitement.

After all, both Qin Yue and Ji Li were down-to-earth actors. As long as they didn’t do anything against their morals, netizens were still willing to support them when a new work was released.


Ji Li and Qin Yue stayed at the Yana Film Festival for another three days before returning home. The moment they got off the plane, the two of them were pulled to the scene of a new celebration banquet.

The moment Ji Li entered through the door of the private box, he was shocked by the sound of colorful firecrackers.

Ji Yunqi, who had been waiting a long time, jumped up and hugged him. “Ji Li! I knew you would be okay!”

“It is amazing! Amazing! You are worthy of being the man that I, Ji Yunqi, like!”

The moment this sentence came out, he received a glare from Qin Yue.

Ji Yunqi was frightened and quickly pulled Yuan Yifei beside him to make up for his mistake. “I mean, Ji Li is worthy of being good friends with me and Yuan Bao!”

Yuan Yifei and Ji Li looked at each other and chuckled.

So stupid.

It had been almost two years. Why did he still act like a mouse seeing a cat when he saw Qin Yue?

“Come in and sit down first. Everyone here today is our own people. Just relax,” Tao Mingyang greeted them.

He was the boss of Chaoying Culture, so today’s celebration party was specially prepared by him.Team members from the same company were also invited.

Of course, Yuan Yifei came after receiving Ji Yunqi’s invitation.

The staff members sat at another table, while Ji Li’s group sat around the main round table.

There wasn’t any pretentious politeness in the group, and they chatted with each other about some light topics.

“Ji Li, what are your plans next? You’ve taken the most valuable Best Actor award from Yana. Are you going to take the opportunity to develop overseas?” Ji Yunqi’s professionalism as a fan came back online.

“At the beginning of the month, I will enter the crew of ‘Special Operations’. I will finish the movie directed by Yao Chuan first. Then as long as there is a suitable script, no matter whether it is abroad or at home, I will have no problems.”

Ji Li deliberately looked at Qin Yue when he said this.

The other person’s ‘Doomsday’ had finished filming in the United States and would be filming in China now.

Speaking of which, the two of them would have a difficult time seeing each other for the next three or four months.

Yuan Yifei seemed to remember something and said with a smile, “By the way, the bet between the two of you will soon come to fruition.”

‘Hidden Dreams’ and ‘Reverse Hunting’ were released at the beginning of the month. Now it was the end of the month, and the box office winner would soon be determined.

Ji Li heard this and felt a bit of curiosity. “What is the result?”

“By the end of the release period, Qin Yue’s box office will likely be slightly higher than yours by about 30 or 40 million.” Yuan Yifei gave an estimate of the final results.

There were less than two days left before the end of the release period, and the gap in the box office had basically been set. Both movies successfully exceeded two billion, and the producers had made a lot of money.

“Teacher Qin Yue really is the box office king. He can’t be defeated.”

Ji Li didn’t have much to lose in the matter. Once he found out the box office result, he still had the leisure to joke with Qin Yue. “It seems that I have to save money to treat you to a meal.”

Qin Yue put the peeled shrimp into his bowl. “It is enough to eat this meal with you.”

The contact that the two of them took for granted was big dog food in the eyes of others.

Ji Yunqi said he didn’t see it. What feelings? He was dedicated to his career!

Yuan Yifei took a sip of water while pretending to be calm. He suddenly missed his little boyfriend who had been busy recently.

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