IPCFS: Chapter 143 Part 1

Removed from the shortlist of Best Actor?

Kim Seungyu’s eyes darkened when he heard the news, and he almost fell to the ground.

His agent Cui Linyi quickly contacted the Yana Film Festival to protest the removal, but she only received a few cold words on the other end of the phone.

“Ms. Cui, please accept this decision. There is no need to struggle and protest.”

“As a public figure, Mr. Kim Seungyu should not only pay attention to his words and deeds in public, but also strive to maintain the most basic of human qualities in private. Now in less than an hour after the incident broke out, we have already received tens of thousands of complaints.”

They were an official film festival. How could they offend thousands of people who supported same-sex relationships for a nominated actor?

There was nothing wrong with disliking same-sex relationships, but he expressed obvious insults like ‘disgusting,’ and it was exposed to the public.

They were sorry that not even God could save him.

“As the top international film festival, we use movies to convey a fair and open attitude! It can only be said that Mr. Kim’s outlook on life, values, and worldview are somewhat different from ours.”

“I’m sorry, this isn’t negotiable. I wish you good luck in the future.”

The busy dial tone of the phone rang out, cruelly cutting off Kim Seungyu’s last hope.

Cui Linyi put down her phone, her expression ugly.

She had been an agent for so many years, but this was the first time that she felt the situation was out of her control.

She knew that the current online public opinion was deliberately promoted by someone, but this all happened too quickly. Before the team’s PR group could react, they had already missed the optimum time to issue a clarification statement.

Based on the popularity of the Yana International Film Festival, it didn’t matter if a person didn’t win the title of Best Actor in the end. Just the word ‘nominated’ represented an excellent affirmation of an actor’s skill. It was a stable step for them.

It could be said that the video was released by Qin Yue and Ji Li, but they weren’t the only driving force behind the scenes. The other actors ‘worsened’ the situation.

This was the equivalent of being pushed around by everyone.

One less opponent, one empty spot, one more glimmer of hope.

It was just like the saying: A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.

Kim Seungyu’s statement had indeed caused a lot of dissatisfaction among the supporters of same-sex relationships. However, if he had restrained himself in private, then it wouldn’t have led to the current situation.

Members of the online PR team ran over, frowning. “Brother Kim, Sister Linyi, we’ve completely lost control of the online public opinion! What do we do now?”

The overseas group scolded him and demanded for him to get out of the international movie scene, while the people of South Korea were scolding him for being shameful and to not return to South Korea. Some netizens made pictures and videos of his embarrassing moment on the red carpet, all of which were used to mock Kim Seungyu’s stench.

Suddenly, everything was over.

“We will contact the company, hold a press conference, and sincerely apologize to the domestic and overseas movie fans.” Cui Linyi shook her head helplessly.

Kim Seungyu wasn’t the only one who was disqualified close to the award ceremony.

In the past, there was an American actor named Hubert who was exposed for verbally insulting women. He also lost his nomination due to the pressure from negative public opinion.

In addition, he stubbornly refused to admit his mistake. This resulted in the complete loss of his job and status in the international movie industry.

Kim Seungyu had already taken one wrong step, and he couldn’t take another wrong one.

“Why should I apologize? Can’t I express my true thoughts?” Kim Seungyu’s face was livid, and he was still immersed in his anger and embarrassment.

Cui Linyi knew that he was too used to things going smoothly, so she hit him angrily. “Of course, you have the right to express your true thoughts, but there are some things you can only say in private! What is your identity? Don’t you know it?”

“If you had told me and the team as soon as possible that you hated relationships between men, then we wouldn’t have taken such a route!”

“Selling a male CP to gain popularity in South Korea and trying to fight for a role in a gay literary movie. And then you tell everyone that you find gay people disgusting?”

Anyone who looked at his actions would find that Kim Seungyu was ugly!

“You aren’t willing to apologize and admit your mistake? Okay! The company hiding you will come faster than your apology.” Cui Linyi dropped this sentence and walked out with the team members.

Public opinion was a mess and she had to find a way to solve it quickly.

The sound of the door closing cut off all noise.

Kim Seungyu sat down, and his face turned pale after he realized his situation.

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have provoked Ji Li at the party last night.

The other person was right. The winner was the king in the entertainment industry, and he was a complete loser!


10 o’clock in the evening.

Ji Li heard the WeChat work group ringing and opened it up to see that Baozi was shouting in the group.

“Brother Ji! Take a look! The popularity of your endorsement video has exploded!”

“Domestic related topics have gone on the Weibo hot search. It has also reached third on Twitter’s trending list!”

He shared the topic popularity ranking and the links to the relevant hot searches.

Ji Li saw the excited words, and the corners of his lips curved up.

Qin Yue approached, keenly aware of his change in mood. “What happened?”

“The brand endorsement for the mineral water has been announced. Thanks to Director Adolphe’s aesthetic ability, the response to the advertising video is good,” Ji Li replied.

Qin Yue thought of the advertisement clip he saw last month and suddenly felt a bit itchy. “Baby, click on the link to see the full version?”


Ji Li hadn’t seen the finished advertisement, so he agreed without thinking about it.

In fact, Ji Li’s video advertisement had appeared on the big screen when they were walking the red carpet and had long triggered cheers at the scene.

It wasn’t until an hour ago when the brand officially launched the global spokesperson announcement that this amazement spread around the world.

In a mysterious castle, sunlight shone through the colorful glass windows. The wooden staircase stretched upwards stair by stair to reach the enclosed space at the end of the corridor.

The closed door was silently opened.

The light outside the room hit the darkness inside and gently merged, reflecting the tempting figure on the bed.

The white and delicate side profile of the aristocratic boy was enough to make people’s hearts flutter.

Not long after, he put down his book and got up, stepping on the soft carpet. He was like an elf imprisoned in the darkness. His light steps were careful to avoid the scattered jewels and diamonds on the floor.

The god-like radiance of the noble boy made a piece of jewelry worth a city become a foil, thus being overshadowed.

The entire room was furnished like a medieval painting.

He sat on the carved table and looked around curiously. The glass cup in his hand shone with the light of pure water, reflecting the slightly swaying candle flame nearby. Each scene carried a psychedelic power.

In the advertisement, Ji Li was so beautiful that people couldn’t help wanting to touch that fantasy world. However, the audience could only touch their mobile phone screen after reaching out for him. Thus, they became even more reluctant to stop watching him.

Later, the door that imprisoned him in that enclosed world opened.

The pure and curious aristocratic boy looked at the various types of people he could see. In his eyes, there was no distinction between gender or a difference in respect.

His presence approached and warmed everyone like a god descending to Earth.


The advertisement was divided into two parts. In less than five minutes, it was presented with a cinematic composition that gave the audience the greatest amount of visual enjoyment.

Ji Li’s appearance on the Yana red carpet received huge attention. The brand side chose to officially announce him at this point in time due to the growing attention he received. He hoped that the popularity would explode!

It turned out that their decision wasn’t wrong.

It had only been an hour, but the video had already gained millions of views. The heat of discussion on related topics was also high.

“I unilaterally announce that Ji is one of my favorite Chinese actors!”

“Wow, is there still time to bend for Ji? His face is so beautiful! His temperament is also fascinating!”

“Have all the directors seen it yet? Ji Li has a high-end face that belongs to the big screen. In addition to ‘Long Island Iced Tea’, I have watched his works in China. He can be anything!”

“Wu wu wu, begging the overseas friends, don’t take Ji Li from us! He is the baby of our Chinese friend!”

“I heard that Qin officially announced that he is in love? Is his partner Ji Li?”

“Friend upstairs, Qin didn’t disclose his love interest, but we all hope it is Ji Li! Good people should be together!”

“The more I watch this advertisement, the more addictive it gets. Ji is like an angel but also a charming evil spirit. The dazzling and beautiful Ji, please fall in love with me!”

Ji Li scanned the comments of the netizens and glanced at Qin Yue with some pride. “Teacher Qin Yue, let me interview you. Do you feel a small sense of crisis now?”

Qin Yue kissed the back of his head and replied in a helpless and proud manner, “What do you think?”

Ji Li chuckled while feeling extremely satisfied in his heart.

The audience’s recognition was one of the driving forces on his road as an actor.

Qin Yue saw that Ji Li was still reading the comments with relish with a flash of light in his eyes. “Baby, I’m going to contact someone for a job. Wait for me.”


Ji Li responded without raising his head.


At this moment, it was already early in the morning of the next day in China.

The Ji fans looked at Ji Li’s topics on the hot search and excitedly started up one by one. There was still a heated discussion in the official fan base.

“Hahahaha, there was an endorsement announced by a foreign brand. It actually rushed to the hot search early in the morning when traffic is at its lowest. Baby is too awesome!”

“This career fan is starting to swell up again! Go and read the comments of the overseas parties. They are too good at boasting!”

“Don’t worry! Wait until the Weibo traffic increases in the morning, and then watch our Baby Ji kill it!”

“The brand should promote this advertisement offline, right? There must be a big projection screen! I want to immerse all Chinese people in Ji Li’s face!”

“Sisters! Leave the brand’s promotional model alone! Hurry and read the new Weibo post of the wealthy fan. I am really on my knees!”

The moment the representative words ‘wealthy fan’ came out, the Ji fans in the group instantly understood its meaning.

They all ran to the Weibo with the ID ‘I Want to Kiss and Make Ji Li Cry Every Day’ to see the liveliness. This didn’t stop them from being shocked when they saw the post.

The big shot posted three screenshots of a coded WeChat chat. He had contracted the big projection screens in ten large cities across the country and would start a new round of rhythm for the advertising videos.

The text content was still simple. “From tomorrow onwards, you are welcome to check in and promote it.”

Some of the Ji fans roughly calculated the big shot’s heavy expenses and ‘knelt’ down.

“Wu wu wu the big shot is awesome! Take a look! This exciting banknote ability!”

“I’m completely resigned to my fate! Big boss x Ji Li, I really like it! I feel that as long as there is the big shot, our baby definitely won’t be hungry [dog head].”

“Big shot, are you still short of a little brother? I can help you write words of praise for Ji Li every day!”

“Hahaha, sisters upstairs, you can’t do it! The big shot writes praise more smoothly than you. There is quality and culture in his praise!”

The lively Ji fans saw this comment and their figure when ‘kneeling’ became even more upright.

They almost forgot!

This big shot not only spent money to invest in Ji Li, but he also wrote exaggerated praise every week. Every time Ji Li released a new movie, he would comment in detail and praise him in a great manner from the most objective perspective!

They were all fans, but the gap was so big. Then after thinking about it, such an outstanding big shot liked Baby Ji Li. They felt even prouder!

Just as everyone was joking under the comments, the big shot suddenly added another statement in the comments.

“Chinese fans, go to bed quickly. Staying up all night isn’t good for your health. Don’t let Ji Li worry about you.”

Fans cried warmly at this sentence.

“I feel that the big shot isn’t as cold as he was at the beginning! This comment is so warm!”

“Good night, good night. Sisters, go to bed early!”

“Tomorrow is Saturday. Sleep in and get up in the evening to watch the Yana Film Festival live. I hope that Baby Ji Li will win!”

The fans yelled for a while. It wasn’t until they went offline that they slowly reacted.


Why did they have the illusion that this big shot regarded Ji Li as his own from this comment?

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