IPCFS: Chapter 142 Part 2

Kim Seungyu had started preparations for this red carpet a month in advance. They specially hired a brand designer to combine the ancient clothing elements of South Korea with formal wear.

He couldn’t compete in beauty like a female star, but he was bound to make his own characteristic style and amaze the audience.

His agent Cui Linyi encouraged him. “Come on, Seungyu. You must let those brands know that you are the aristocratic face that can represent Asians better than Ji Li.”

“Of course.”

Kim Seungyu remembered the embarrassment of last night, and the ambition in his eyes filled with a bit of unwillingness.

He had seen Ji Li’s red carpet look and it definitely wasn’t as good as his.

Five minutes later, Kim Seungyu stood on the stage of the red carpet.

The red carpet had lasted so long that many fans had left after watching the stars they waited for. Only the entertainment photographers and a small number of fans continued to hold on.

The moment when Kim Seungyu’s appearance was clearly seen, doubts emerged in the crowd.

“Is this formal clothing combined with the ancient clothing of China? It is so beautiful!”

“Is this actor also Chinese? Then he isn’t as good as Ji and Qin from before.”

The words of foreigners had always been direct. Kim Seungyu heard the discussions and the smile on his face froze for a moment. He didn’t know that the overseas netizens on the live broadcast also had a lot of questions.

-Who is this person?

-He is also an actor shortlisted for Best Actor. I remember that he is from South Korea. Why does his design have Chinese elements? Is he of mixed Chinese-Korean blood?

-With all due respect, he doesn’t have Qin’s aristocratic aura, nor is he as aristocratic and cute as Ji!

-Overseas friends, please show respect! This is Kim Seungyu, a very good actor from South Korea. The elements of the clothes on his body are Korean. He isn’t from China!

-Come on, Kim Seungyu! China is a country of thieves. They steal everything from us!

The moment the overseas people from China saw these comments, they immediately launched a counterattack and complained about these messages full of superiority.

The exclamation that Kim Seungyu imagined didn’t appear. After a few sporadic photographs, the two sides of the red carpet showed a rare state of tranquility. Even the security guards who prevented fans from running on the red carpet took the opportunity to relax.

Just as Kim Seungyu felt embarrassed, a young man in a coat quickly jumped over the barricades and ran up to him. “Kim! Can I tell you something from the bottom of my heart?!”

Kim Seungyu thought he was a fan  who was supporting him. Just as he was nodding, the other person took out a cream spray from his jacket and sprayed Kim Seungyu just as the security guards arrived.

“You ignorant piece of trash! You should stay in the garbage dump!”

“Don’t come out, you disgusting person!”

“Do you smell this rancid cream? You stink worse than it!”

Originally, he couldn’t squeeze onto the crowded scene. He hadn’t expected Kim Seungyu’s red carpet position to be so far back. Half the crowd from the beginning of the red carpet event had already left, and the security guards relaxed and neglected to watch the red carpet. This gave him an opportunity to attack!

What did this mean? Even God was helping him!

The young man was forcibly taken away from the red carpet by security, but he kept showing the rainbow band in his hand to declare his victory.

Kim Seungyu’s mind was blank and he was directly frozen in place.

A large amount of smelly cream had been sprayed on his head, face, and body, ruining his elaborate outfit.

Perhaps it was due to the stubbornness hidden in their bones, but the general public was more willing to see the shameful and ugly side of a star than their glamorous side.

An actor nominated at the Yana Film Festival was attacked with sour cream on the red carpet?

It was big news!

After a few seconds of silence on both sides of the red carpet, there were exclamations about seeing a good show. At this moment, Kim Seungyu’s long-awaited flashes and attention came.

The live broadcast was temporarily cut off, but it couldn’t block the attention of the hundreds of people at the scene, not to mention the many media reporters who were recording this scene.

Kim Seungyu’s team finally reacted. They took a coat to cover the embarrassed Kim Seungyu and quickly left.

It wasn’t until the staff member took him to the closed lounge that Kim Seungyu recovered from the blankness of being embarrassed. He fell into a situation where his heart was like dead ash.

It was over!

This was great! Not only did he fail to compare to Ji Li and become popular through marketing, but he let the whole world see his ugly appearance!


It was only after Ji Li returned to the hotel that he learned about the disturbance on the red carpet.

The live broadcast was cut off in time, but the news of ‘Kim Seungyu being maliciously sprayed with sour cream’ was still widely spread.

The overseas netizens just stayed at the level of simply watching the excitement, but the Korean netizens had already launched complaints and protests on the Internet.

-The Yana Film Festival officials should come out and apologize! Why couldn’t you protect our national treasure-level young star!

-Please severely punish the criminal who hurt Seungyu oppa. It is better to send him straight to jail!

-Why are you bullying such an excellent actor? Give us a reasonable explanation! Otherwise, all the fans of our country will definitely pull the Yana Film Festival into the blacklist!

-Come back! Kim Seungyu! Our South Korea is the place that loves you the most! You have really suffered a large grievance this time. The company must give him excellent comfort! Please!

-Is the Yana Film Festival full of garbage management? Who are you looking down on?

Many Korean netizens left messages on the official Yana Film Festival Twitter page, striving to send the related topics to the trending search on Twitter. It rose from an actor level to a national level, showing a type of barbarism that wouldn’t stop unless their goal was achieved.

Among the large number of protests, a specific type of ‘harmful speech’ started to emerge among the Korean fans.

-I heard that the scoundrel who sprayed cream on our Kim Seungyu oppa has already admitted that someone is jealous of him! This person was afraid he would steal the limelight of the red carpet and deliberately made him look ugly!

-God! Is the human heart actually so bad? Who is it? This type of person isn’t worthy of being an actor!

-They both bear the title of an Asian noble. Who else do you think it is?

-Is it really that guy from China? I have long heard that he imitates Kim Seungyu everywhere. I didn’t expect his intentions to be so sinister.

The moment such remarks spread in a small area, Baozi and the publicity team, which supervised public opinion, immediately took screenshots to inform Ji Li, Qin Yue, and the others of the recent development.

Baozi concluded, “Someone is controlling the topic in the dark.”

Yu Fuya was speechless. “Kim Seungyu completely lost face in the international movie world, so he is trying to find a way to win the sympathy of his domestic fans in Korea!”

“This Kim Seungyu is a lot of trouble himself, but he wants to take the opportunity to step on Brother Ji.” Another staff member was angry by the approach of Kim Seungyu’s team.

They didn’t speak out and guide people on the surface, but these types of private remarks would only increase. Over time, these remarks would become so-called ‘real evidence’ that would be detrimental to Ji Li’s reputation.

“They can play tricks, but we can also announce the truth of the matter.”

Ji Li seemed to have reserved a trump card a long time ago. He looked at Qin Yue beside him and raised an eyebrow. “The fan who was blamed for last night and resigned from his job…”

“I had my people settle him in a new job. The audience was consulted in advance before Kim Seungyu’s team could spend money on PR.”

Qin Yue tacitly took over for Ji Li, and a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes.

The two of them had the same rules of conduct.

It was other people’s business how they wanted to act, but if they deliberately involved them in their business, then they had to fight back.

Therefore, Qin Yue and Ji Li kept an eye on the situation in advance and took a recording of the confrontation from the day before. They wouldn’t make this audio public as long as Kim Seungyu didn’t deliberately act against them.

Now the two of them didn’t need to give him ‘face.’

Half past six in the evening.

Two hours after the end of the red carpet, a brief recording suddenly exploded on the overseas Internet.

The surroundings were blurred, leaving only Kim Seungyu’s clearly identifiable appearance. “Who cares about a gay movie? A relationship between men is the most disgusting thing in the world.”

There was a look of disgust and disdain, and the words were spoken in an extremely disparaging tone.

The moment this anonymous report came out, the matter that was originally only the protests and disputes of Korean netizens immediately attracted the attention of countless overseas parties and same-sex supporter groups.

In addition, the film festival issued an official explanation of the incident. The young man who was the culprit was one of the hotel waiters. After learning about the truth of the dismissal of his gay friend, who was another hotel worker, he was really angry and decided to carry out some ‘revenge’ on the red carpet. He would be dealt with later.

There was also comments from the staff member in charge of the red carpet who anonymously pointed out that Kim Seungyu deliberately postponed the time he appeared on the red carpet many times for the sake of his ‘position.’ For this year’s red carpet ceremony, only he and his team made such a fuss.

It was better to say that these additional details fanned the flames or added fuel to the fire.

These revelations were stacked on top of each other, and there was instantly a large amount of public outrage toward Kim Seungyu.

-Do you know how many homosexuals there are in the world? It is okay not to like it, but please respect it!

-As a public figure, shouldn’t he pay more attention to his words and deeds? I think he is the most disgusting person there is!

-Rubbish! Love knows no gender!

-Spraying him with sour cream is being tolerant! If it were me, I would’ve raised my fist and fought with him for a while!

-Can such actors participate in an international film festival? I want to ask the jury of the Yana Film Festival to reconfirm the shortlist! Don’t let such prejudices exist!

More and more supporters of same-sex relationships joined the condemnation of Kim Seungyu. This year’s red carpet for the film festival had just started, and the relevant attention it received was almost at the top of the trending list.

The netizens of Korea who were originally making a fuss were severely slapped in the face with the truth. They all started to act mute while others were overwhelmed with anger.

This was because when Kim Seungyu developed in South Korea in his early years, he marketed a male CP with another actor and gained a lot of popularity and love.

They hadn’t expected him to be so disgusted with it in private!

-I didn’t expect such duplicity! Get out of South Korea! Don’t be ashamed to leave!

-You aren’t an actor from South Korea. Don’t represent our righteous country!

-You can dislike homosexuality since love is a personal choice. However, if the words spoken are that ugly, then it is your mistake!

Things got bigger and bigger.

The overseas parties were protesting while the domestic parties were cursing.

Kim Seungyu’s team hadn’t recovered from the series of events when they seemed to receive a huge thunderbolt in the clear sky.

The Yana International Film Festival sent an official announcement that he was removed from the shortlist of ‘Best Actor.’

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