IPCFS: Chapter 142 Part 1

The red carpet ceremony of the Yana International Film Festival, and the awards ceremony for the ‘acting section’ were divided over two days.

The next morning, Qin Yue and Ji Li’s teams started styling the actors for the red carpet.

After hearing about the dispute at the banquet hall yesterday, the always straight-tempered Yu Fuya immediately laughed, “Does Kim Seungyu have any shame? Why doesn’t he say that the whole universe belongs to him?”

Ji Li let out a low laugh and asked about business. “Sister Yu, first tell me about the endorsement of Natural mineral water?”

Apart from the right to choose  scripts, Yu Fuya was fully responsible for other commercial jobs such as magazine shoots and endorsements.

“Don’t worry, we obtained the spokesperson position in a fair and aboveboard manner. I disdain using indecent means.”

Yu Fuya gave him a tonic. It wasn’t just Ji Li who didn’t like using such dirty fighting methods. As an agent, she also couldn’t agree with using them.

Qin Yue added for his lover. “Sister Yu, of course Ji Li believes in you. We are just curious about what the process was to obtain the endorsement. How could Kim Seungyu’s team be involved in it?”

Yu Fuya pulled out a chair and sat down. Then she talked about the reason why. “It is nothing. The Natural brand side took a fancy to Asian faces this year with the requirement that the face  be in line with an aristocratic feeling. Thus, Kim Seungyu was one of their choices.

“However, there was competition within the brand side when choosing a spokesperson.”

In other words, there were two people in the Natural collection looking for a spokesperson. Kim Seungyu’s side was one team, and Ji Li’s side was another team.

The final choice was naturally left to headquarters.

“Later, I heard that Kim Seungyu’s team had a relationship with the person in charge of his team for their own private interests. After it was reported by another group, he naturally lost his qualifications.”

According to their original plan, Kim Seungyu would give a portion of his endorsement fee to the person in charge at the time, and the subsequent filming and advertising expenses would be embezzled privately. The former could be considered as a personal bribe, while the latter was a violation of the interests of the brand group.

On the other hand, Yu Fuya and Ji Li’s side didn’t ask for the endorsement fee but also tried their best to invite Director Adolphe to direct the commercials.

Even a fool knew who to choose.

“Selection of the brand spokesperson is the choice of both parties or even the choice of multi-party economic teams. Kim Seungyu couldn’t get the endorsement entirely because they used the wrong method to secure the position. It has nothing to do with us.”

Now this matter was a foregone conclusion, and only the despicable loser was still thinking about it.

Ji Li raised an eyebrow and glanced at Qin Yue with a smile.

He thought about the dispute at the party last night and specifically instructed Baozi, “Baozi, pay attention to monitoring the Internet dynamics related to Kim Seungyu over the next two days.”

“Brother Ji, are you referring to his public opinion on homosexuality?”

“Yes, it is fine if it is another team who monitors the Internet. But with Kim Seungyu’s brain circuits, I’m afraid that their team will try to take the opportunity to shift the blame again. It isn’t a bad thing to prevent it early,” Ji Li replied.

Baozi nodded quickly. “Okay, I see!”


The red carpet ceremony of the Yana International Film Festival started at 2 p.m. It would be broadcasted online, and there were dedicated video platforms in various countries for viewing the event.

There was such huge exposure. As long as the artists participating in the red carpet had highlights, their popularity could soar in minutes. So the two hour Yana red carpet was always bright.

Of course, there were artists who tried their best to get onto the red carpet and grab attention.

Due to the importance of the Best Actor award, the positions of the whole group were relatively in the back of the schedule for the red carpet. Ji Li and Qin Yue were placed third in the group.

The moment the limousine stopped at the entrance of the red carpet, cheers and screams from both sides surged up in an overwhelming manner. In addition, the flashes of the cameras in the hands of the media reporters were far hotter and brighter than those at the hotel entrance last night.

As long as the staff outside opened the car door, it meant they had officially entered the red carpet of the Yana Film Festival.

Soon, fans from all over the world would be able to witness them on the red carpet.

“Are you nervous?” In the car, Qin Yue asked in a low voice.

Ji Li approached, held hands tacitly with Qin Yue and joked, “I’m a person who has seen big scenes, so I’m not nervous. Teacher Qin Yue, are you nervous?”

“With you here, what do I have to be nervous about?” Qin Yue kissed the back of his hand.

There was a lot of noise outside while the two of them enjoyed the brief warmth in their enclosed space.

Half a minute later, the car door opened. The cheers outside hit the eardrums of the two people without hindrance.

The staff member outside gestured towards them. “Please.”

The two of them came out one after another and instantly made the audience boil.

“Qin!!!! I love you!!!!”

“Look! It is Ji Li! My little cutie, I finally waited for you!”

“Chinese Rose! Chinese Rose! I love you!”

Qin Yue’s red carpet look was very simple this time. He wore a typical three-piece suit with a shirt, vest, and suit. The black background and white stripes diluted the seriousness of his formal clothes. There wasn’t a bow tie at his collar, but instead it was replaced with an eye-catching silver-gray satin scarf.

In addition to his demeanor as an ascetic gentleman, there was a bit of a charming yuppie taste to his styling.

Ji Li was standing beside him and also attracted everyone’s attention.

In order to match the endorsement of the Natural brand, Ji Li’s hair was restored to the slightly curly long length from filming, and his facial features looked more delicate.

His silver silk suit looked luxurious and majestic. A narrow belt with light and dark colors was tied around his waist, outlining his lean waist and perfect long legs. This made people unable to resist his innate aristocratic charm.

It was a different styling appeal but it was compatible with the same aura.

No matter whether they were seeing them with the naked eye or shooting them with the lens, it was a unique match!

The appearance of the two of them not only triggered cheers offline, but it also ignited the enthusiasm of the online live broadcast netizens.

-Are they the two leading actors of ‘Long Island Iced Tea? Wow, these Chinese actors are charming and handsome.

-Chinese Rose couple, I love them! Thank you for healing my tired eyes!

-Ahhhh Brother Yue! Ji Li! I finally waited for you!

-Wow, the light of Chinese actors! As a fan, I’m so proud now!

-I just found out? Qin’s silver scarf matches Ji Li’s clothing. It looks to be from the same series?

-They are so good! This way of showing affection is more heartwarming than wearing a couple outfit!

Since ancient times, appearance and aura we’re used as ‘killing’ weapons.

The fans who entered the pit screamed, while the fans who hadn’t entered the pit yet followed them in. Even the photographers couldn’t stop the action of their hands from taking more pictures.

“Qin! Look over here!” 

“Ji, here, over here! Please look at me again!”

“My god! They match so well! They look good no matter what!”

“They are a couple, right? Qin and Ji, can you do a hot red carpet kiss like the other couples? Photos like that will definitely be more exciting!”

In everyone’s minds, Qin Yue and Ji Li were two stars that shone. They shone on each other’s beauty and moved forward together.

Qin Yue took the opportunity to look at Ji Li, and his thoughts returned to when they first met.

After the first night of ‘Country and the World’, Ji Li removed his makeup and wore only a simple t-shirt, but he fascinated Qin Yue.

From that moment on, Qin Yue knew that he had found a star that was destined to be dazzling without easy reach.

Later, Qin Yue felt Ji Li’s sincerity toward his role and became more and more intoxicated in the other person’s personality. At that moment, he dismissed the idea of retreating from the circle and told himself a few thoughts.

He wanted to occupy the top position in this circle and watch Ji Li, who was destined to be a dazzling star, climb to the position beside him.

At this moment, on the red carpet of the Yana International Film Festival.

Qin Yue belatedly realized that everything he had hoped for would come true. This star shone side by side with him but belonged to him.

Perhaps it was because Qin Yue’s gaze was too hot. The moment Ji Li looked at the other person, he easily understood everything.

“Qin Yue.”


“For us, this is just the beginning.”

They would walk together side by side, higher and higher, further and further.

The simple conversation between the two of them was hidden by the noise of the surrounding environment, but someone still caught the pattern of their lips as they talked and were surprised and delighted.

Ahhh what were these two talking about?

This open and secret conversation scratched at their heart too much!

Qin Yue and Ji Li’s red carpet lasted for seven or eight minutes. Once the two of them left, many fans and photographers felt reluctant to leave.

According to the latest Internet data—

So far, the peak of the live broadcast traffic for the film festival was brought about by Ji Li and Qin Yue.

The topics related to their red carpet styling surpassed many overseas fans and parachuted to the top three on Twitter trending.

No matter whether it was the popularity of a single person or the combination of the two people, they all reached the peak.


In the hotel lounge, Kim Seungyu’s assistant hurriedly came back.

“Mr. Kim, the official staff member of the red carpet has come to urge us for the third time. You have already missed the red carpet order. Are you sure you don’t want to go?”

“What’s the hurry? Just say that there is something wrong with our styling and that it will take some time,” the agent Cui Linyi replied.

The assistant hesitated to speak but eventually had to reply to the staff member urging them outside the door.

Kim Sengyu leisurely took two sips of coffee. He had completely forgotten about the embarrassing situation of last night. After all, the PR team had already dealt with it.

Now he just needed to shine on the red carpet.

It had to be known that the order of appearance on the red carpet often determined the weight of an actor.

Originally, Kim Seungyu’s red carpet position was arranged between Qin Yue and Ji Li. However, he and his team weren’t satisfied with this position  and started to play tricks.

He dragged out the red carpet order again and again on the grounds that his ‘look was currently wrong and it would take time to fix it.’

In any case, it was necessary to create the appearance that he had a heavy weight.

“Sister Linyi, have you brought all of the schedules at home and abroad?”

“Of course, don’t worry. Even the live broadcast machine is ready.”

The moment Kim Seungyu appeared, they would increase the live broadcast data and would post an article entitled: Korean actor Kim Seungyu makes a stunning appearance at the Yana Film Festival. His popularity and status would be marketed.

In this way, Kim Seungyu would not only be more popular in South Korea but also gain more fame in the international movie circle.

Kim Chengyu dawdled for another 20 minutes. Finally, the person in charge of the red carpet couldn’t bear it any longer. “If you don’t go on the red carpet right now, you will be directly disqualified!”

The final warning came out and Kim Seungyu and his team left for the red carpet.

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10 months ago

Thank you for the chapter ❤️

10 months ago

I like that, to some extent, the climax is coming with Qin Yue’s dream rather than Ji Li’s—perhaps because what Ji Li originally wanted was a proper, stable relationship, and that requires his partner have the same sort of fulfillment he does. It’s never really felt like Ji Li is “catching up” to Qin Yue, since Qin Yue did more of the chasing and we already knew how excellent Ji Li was, but it’s kind of cool to see how Ji Li steadily fulfilled Qin Yue’s greatest wish too, the best future they could have together
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