IPCFS: Chapter 140 Part 2

“Unilaterally open it up to fans and netizens, and give them some space for imagination. We can still interact normally or even more intimately.”

It was like boiling a frog in warm water. They would let fans and netizens slowly guess that they were a couple, but there would be no evidence of the two of them admitting to dating on the surface. In this way, they would avoid some unnecessary trouble.

“You don’t have to feel indebted to me. Sometimes everything is destined. I entered the circle earlier than you, and I succeeded earlier than you. Perhaps this is how it is meant to be for today’s arrangement.”

Qin Yue believed that if the status between the two of them was exchanged and today’s Ji Li was more famous than him, the other person would also make the same choice as him.

Love was mutual and so was protection.

“You are all mine. I have nothing to feel wronged about.” Qin Yue hugged him in a satisfied manner.

Ji Li couldn’t hold back the love in his heart and leaned in to kiss Qin Yue’s thin lips in the darkness.

Qin Yue was happy but helplessly stopped the kiss. “Baby, don’t make trouble tonight. I’m afraid of infecting you.”

“I understand.”

Qin Yue added, “But speaking of grievances, I really have one thing to mention.”

Ji Li’s heart tensed. “Huh? What is it?”

“Before the release of our movies, there were fans on both sides scolding each other.”

Qin Yue paused for a few seconds, and the words that entered Ji Li’s ears seemed to inexplicably hold a grudge. “Someone scolded me for being an old man who isn’t worthy of you.”’

“Baby, you judge. How can I be an old man when I’m only in my early 30s?”

He sounded a bit wronged.

Ji Li chuckled. “Why are you even looking at the fan scolding battle? There were even people calling me a pretty boy and hugging your thing.”

Ji Li squeezed Qin Yue’s Adam’s apple. “An old man and a pretty boy are a good pair. Besides, what is so bad about an old man?”

Qin Yue slightly gritted his teeth. “…You can’t call me an old man.”

Ji Li almost rolled out of bed due to his laughter. He simply leaned in again to ask for a kiss, and his slightly cool fingertips became restless. “I have the final say on whether you can do it or not.”

Qin Yue was provoked by him and quickly pulled away the restless hand. “Don’t make trouble. I have a cold and can’t do anything tonight.”

Ji Li accepted this easily. If his lover was teased out of control, then he would be the one who suffered. “Sleep.”

Qin Yue kissed the side of his neck, suppressing the urge that surged in his heart. “Good night, Baby.”

“Good night.”

Jokes were jokes, but the recent continuous rotation of filming had overworked Qin Yue’s body. Not long after they stopped chatting, he fell asleep out of exhaustion.

Ji Li heard Qin Yue’s gentle breathing and looked at his appearance in the faint light.

From the beginning when he inexplicably transmigrated into this book, most of the reason behind his sense of belonging to this world came from Qin Yue’s love and dependence.

Ji Li watched this person and an unprecedented desire surged in his heart. He wanted to marry Qin Yue and do everything together as future husbands.

“Qin Yue.” Ji Li tentatively hooked Qin Yue’s ring finger and murmured, “I want to be with you all the time.”

Qin Yue didn’t answer, but even in his sleep, the strength of his arms didn’t decrease.

Ji Li took the initiative to snuggle into Qin Yue’s arms. It was only then that he closed his eyes and rested contentedly.


Qin Yue’s physical fitness was strong and he had no big problems after sleeping. Ji Li continued to study the new script of ‘Special Operations’ as originally planned.

Originally, according to the plan of the first part, the villain of the second part would be played by Qin Yue. However, he was busy with filming ‘Doomsday Evolution’ and the role of the villain could only be changed.

However, the idle Qin Yue still accompanied Ji Li to act out a lot of scenes at home.

Three days later.

According to the original schedule, the two of them traveled to France to participate in the Yana International Film Festival.

Qin Yue and Ji Li were both nominated for ‘Best Actor.’ Regardless of whether they won the award or not, they had broken through the barrier of Chinese Entertainment as no Chinese actor had been nominated for an international film festival within the past ten years.

The two of them were surrounded by fans who came to see off the plane. In addition, several magazines specially sent entertainment reporters to report on their performance at the film festival.

“Wu wu wu Ji Li! Mama loves you! Jiayou!”

“Brother Yue! We are all blessing you! We hope that you and your significant other will last for a long time.”

There was a small problem with Ji Li’s visa and the team was working to solve the problem. This meant that they couldn’t pass the security check. Qin Yue saw this and simply stayed and waited with him.

The fans kept a suitable distance and shouted excitedly. The cameras in their hands were clicking non-stop.

Qin Yue’s assistant bypassed the crowd and brought over a few cups of coffee. “Brother Yue, Brother Ji, do you want to drink some first?”

Qin Yue replied without thinking, “He doesn’t like to drink coffee. Do you have mineral water or juice?”

“Then shall I go again and buy it?”

The assistant was going to turn around to buy it, but was stopped by Ji Li. “Don’t bother.”

He was afraid of rejecting the assistant’s kindness, so he casually picked up a cup of coffee. He took a small sip and frowned from the bitterness.

He stared at the liquid in the cup and said with serious disgust, “…Milk tea is still better.”’

Seeing this scene, the Ji fans covered their chests and whimpered.

Drinking coffee was like taking medicine?

Haha, Baby Ji Li is too cute! Sure enough, he is a child who hasn’t grown up and likes to eat sweet things.

Qin Yue brought out a bottle of yogurt from somewhere and replaced the coffee in his hand. “If you don’t like it, then don’t drink it. Give it to me.”

Once he finished speaking, he naturally drank the coffee that Ji Li had taken a sip from.

Ji Li was stunned for a few seconds at Qin Yue’s sudden suggestion. Then he gave a tacit smile and slowly drank the small yogurt prepared for him.

This was the ‘warm water boiling a frog’ method that his lover had mentioned, but this warm water was too hot.

Qin Yue’s fans looked at each other, and countless big question marks appeared in their minds.

It was shameful to waste drinks, and it was normal for men with good relationships to drink a bottle of water together, but Brother Yue had just announced his relationship. Was he sure that his other half wouldn’t be jealous?

In addition, they were pure Qin Yue fans. Why did they still feel a hint of dog food from the interaction between the two of them?

“Could it be that some of the netizens’ speculations are true? Brother Yue’s other half is Ji Li?”

“It’s over. I feel that way as well. I think it is quite appropriate.”

The Yue fans that came here whispered together with subtle feelings in their hearts.

They used to be Qin Yue’s girlfriend fans and were still eating vinegar when he first announced his relationship. Now they suddenly felt that it wouldn’t be so hard to accept if Brother Yue’s partner was Ji Li.

The CP fans hidden among the pure fans were enjoying themselves, so excited that their brains were dizzy.

Ahhhhh did you see? Sharing a cup of coffee together. This is an indirect kiss!

Ji Li didn’t object, and Brother Yue didn’t avoid suspicion. Doesn’t this explain the situation? Isn’t this giving a clean hint? The CP they ship must be real, it must be real!

My god!

They fell in love under the eyes of fans, while at the same time not admitting it personally and giving the marketing accounts and black fans something they could use against them.

There was a balance between love and career. Chinese Rose was really amazing!


The small problem with the visa was quickly resolved, and the two sides boarded the plane to France.

All the previous Yana International Film Festivals were held in mid-May. Each year, the festival was divided into six parts that lasted around two weeks.

Among them, the part that attracted the attention of the world was the celebrity red carpet and the acting awards.

Accommodations and other matters were discussed with the staff and team. Qin Yue and Ji Li stayed in the same suite under the excuse that it had two rooms.

“Take a good rest first. I’ll let the styling team come over at 3 o’clock in the afternoon,” Yu Fuya simply explained to them. “Tonight is Yana’s official banquet and you have to attend as actor nominees.”


On the day before the opening red carpet, the officials would hold a grand dinner and invite all the actors and directors nominated at the film festival. This was to facilitate everyone’s understanding and communication of the event.

There were often many outstanding actors who made contacts at the dinner party. If they could win the favor of famous directors, then they might be able to receive better script invitations.

Ji Li still needed to film ‘Special Operations’, but this didn’t prevent him from making more international contacts. Perhaps he could accidentally acquire some more good resources.

“By the way, there is one more thing. Natural mineral water is one of the sponsors of this film festival.”

“The person in charge of the brand told me that they will officially announce your endorsement tomorrow. Your endorsement video will also appear on the red carpet screen of the film festival.”

Yu Fuya spoke up to this point, and Ji Li could understand her implied meaning. “Sister Yu, don’t worry. I will take good care of my image as a spokesperson.”

“Yes, just so you understand.”

Once the team members left, Ji Li flipped through the ‘Film Festival Guests Roster’ that the staff had given to him just now.

Every year, the actors, crews, and movies from many countries participated in the Yana Film Festival. This roster was for them to learn about each other and recognize each other in advance.

Ji Li had heard Baozi mention the shortlist before and took this opportunity to learn about it again.

There were a total of six finalists for ‘Best Actor.’ He left aside himself and Qin Yue and looked at the other four excellent actors in turn.

The first one was the American actor Paul Lawrence. He was participating in the Yana International Film Festival for his third time and won ‘Best Actor’ at the 68th film festival. He was the strongest contender this year.

The second person was the Spanish actor Javier, who was shortlisted for the Yana International Film Festival for the first time with the suspense movie ‘Zero Day.’

Third was the British actor Christopher, who was 60 years old this year. He was nominated for the 63rd Yana Film Festival but ultimately missed the trophy.

Qin Yue approached him with warm water. “What are you looking at?”

“The shortlist of nominees.” Ji Li pointed to the last nominated actor and raised an eyebrow.

“The Korean actor, Kim Seungyu.”

If they were talking about the controversy of this year’s Yana International Film Festival, the final shortlist for ‘Best Actor’ was definitely indispensable.

The first controversial point was that Ji Li and Qin Yue were both shortlisted for ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ at the same time. This caused great joy in the hearts of movie fans and Chinese fans, but it was unfair in the eyes of some foreigners.

-How can a movie be shortlisted for ‘Best Actor’ twice? It isn’t far to other movie crews!

The second point of contention was that there were too many Asian faces on this shortlist! Qin Yue, Ji Li, and Kim Seungyu…

How could a film festival that originated in Europe allow Asian faces to occupy half of the shortlist? It was outrageous!

Of course, such controversy didn’t affect the nominations.

There was a controversy about the Yana Film Festival every year, and all the selections were fair and just. How could it be casually modified?

Qin Yue already understood the shortlist and casually mentioned, “Baby, I suddenly remembered something related to you. It has to do with this Kim Seungyu.”

Ji Li didn’t know about this. He looked up and asked, “What is it?”

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