IPCFS: Chapter 140 Part 1

Ever since his debut with the movie ‘The Awakening’, Qin Yue hadn’t disclosed any romantic partners. Even those he had scandals with didn’t often appear.

It was only during the day that he forcefully denied the rumors of his relationship with Sun Li. Then at night, he actually caught them off guard and semi-publicized his relationship?

No matter whether it was the melon-eating netizens or the fans who liked him, they were so surprised that they could stuff an egg in their mouths.

Qin Yue was Chinese entertainment’s number one fully-crowned Best Actor, the ceiling of Chinese actors, and the crushing box office king… These words sounded exaggerated, but behind them was real popularity, performance, and attention.

As a result, this Weibo that publicly admitted his relationship became number one on the hot search. It had become a happy event for all members to participate in the discussion.

“Ahhhh Brother Yue, you’ve finally announced your relationship! This old fan will always support you!”

“Brother Yue, you have worked hard for your career for so long. You can stop and enjoy a relationship. I wish for the two of you to be together forever!”

“Hey, my heart is empty. I hope the other person will cherish Brother Yue well. I wish you happiness.”

“I really want to know who snatched away my male god. Wu wu wu, Brother Yue’s lover must be very good!”

“Help! I’m a girlfriend fan, but now I don’t feel any disappointment or desire to get rid of my status as a fan. I feel like a boyfriend like Brother Yue is too powerful, sweet, and amazing!”

“Honestly admitting the relationship while protecting his other half. Teacher Qin Yue is too good!”

The love between the lines of this Weibo post wasn’t hidden at all, especially the last sentence of ‘my baby at home is very strict and needs to be coaxed when jealous.’ Anyone who read it would find it sweet.

For the Yue fans, most of them were girlfriend fans. After a short period of sourness and sadness, they also felt some inexplicable excitement.

Did you see it?

Sure enough, we saw the right person.

Brother Yue might’ve become someone else’s boyfriend, but he can’t hold back his boyfriend strength and sense of security!

Taking a step back, they had already declared it. As long as Brother Yue didn’t get involved with a woman like Sun Li, then the fans had no opinion if he married someone else.

In addition to fans, the majority of passersby and netizens followed suit and started commenting in a happy, blessing mode.

“I think it is good to fall in love seriously. In any case, I will support Qin Yue’s movie and television works in the future.”

“I feel that the Chinese entertainment industry can’t find a more down-to-earth actor than Qin Yue. When he was young, he focused on his career. Now that he has a successful career, he has started dating in an upright manner.”

“From Qin Yue’s point of view, his other half must be excellent as well. I don’t know if they are inside or outside the circle.”

“I’m a passerby fan who has fallen into the pit. Qin Yue changed his relationship status on Weibo to ‘in love’. Hahaha, it turns out that the actor is so cute when in a relationship?”

“That’s right! After Qin Yue made his relationship public, my impression of him in my mind has changed. I have an intuition that he is the type of boyfriend who will calmly handle things and be clingy when nothing happens!”

“F*k! This passerby friend is so good at talking. I can’t help being moved as a Yue fan!”

“To be honest, who doesn’t want to fall in love with Qin Yue?”

In this hot search topic, the Yue fans and netizens started a two-way fantasy discussion. The more they thought about it, the more excited they became.

Other celebrities would receive malicious words when making their relationship public, but Qin Yue relied on his own strength to cause passersby netizens to enter the pit while fans fell in love with him more deeply.

At this moment, the Chinese Rose super talk and fan groups were also discussing it.

“Brother Yue has made his relationship public. Can we still enjoy shipping Chinese Rose? Will it cause trouble for Brother Yue and his significant other?”

“Hey, I thought Chinese Rose was real. I didn’t expect to bump into a BE. I’m a bit disappointed.”

“Those who are willing to ship it can continue to ship it. Those who don’t want to continue can retreat silently. The two masters are very good. In short, I hope everyone won’t step back.”

“Why does it matter? Brother Yue and Ji Li have a good relationship. This is recognized. We might not be able to ship love, but we can ship friendship!”

“Didn’t you realize that the word ‘her’ wasn’t used in Brother Yue’s relationship Weibo post? So many celebrities have made their relationship public, but this is the first time I’ve seen such an expression.”

“+1. I think that the semi-public protection mentioned by Brother Yue doesn’t refer to an ‘amateur girlfriend’ but a ‘man in the circle’.”

“Ahhhhh! Sister upstairs, I am suddenly sitting up in place!”

“Look at Brother Yue’s work schedule over the past two years. No matter whether it is in front of the scenes or behind the scenes, he has had no time to rest at all. His ‘other half’ must be in the circle!”

“When the sky falls, it is all Ji Li. I seriously suspect that Brother Yue was tempted first and chased Ji Li during the filming of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’!”

“Sisters, look at Brother Yue’s Weibo. There are many netizens guessing whether or not it is Ji Li. We can also be a bit more daring!”

The atmosphere in the group finally recovered. Fang Yue, a big fan in charge of management, uploaded several photos taken in the past to the group.

There were the red carpet backstage photos, photos of the intimate conversation between Qin Yue and Ji Li, and the two people wearing the same watch at the premiere of their respective movies.

“I will firmly defend Brother Yue and Ji Li. I believe that their relationship isn’t ordinary. I have chased him offline several times. I can only say that the atmosphere when they get along can only be indescribable.”

“It is just like the sisters upstairs said. Look at Brother Yue’s Weibo post and the fact that he didn’t disclose his other half’s identity. To a certain extent, this gives us room for our own imagination.”

“The Chinese entertainment industry isn’t tolerant of gay relationships. If Brother Yue and Ji Li really make an official announcement, then I’m afraid the black fans will seize this opportunity to work against them.”

“Let’s work steadily at something little by little. There is no need to rush to say that the two of them are in true love or fake at this moment. In a few days, it will be the Yana Film Festival. How about waiting until then?”

“The publicity period for ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ has passed. Ji Li is a rational and measured person, and Brother Yue will definitely not stir up a CP to prevent his other half from feeling uneasy. Brother Yue also made his relationship public. If the interaction between the two of them is as intimate as usual, wouldn’t that explain the truth? [dog head]”

“From today onwards, we must be more low-key, and don’t bring trouble to our masters! CP is all about happiness. Remember the beauty and touching moments they have brought to us. I hope they and everyone else can have a happy life and a better future.”

Fang Yue’s words were recognized by many CP fan sisters.

It didn’t matter if people said they had CP brains or were obsessed. They just firmly believed in the relationship between Brother Yue and Ji Li.

They just had to insist on enclosing themselves and acting cute among themselves. They couldn’t dance out of the circle and affect their masters.

Just be happy!


10 o’clock in the evening.

Ji Li listened to the sound of dripping water in the bathroom while his eyes were still locked on the hot search. Sweetness continuously overflowed from his heart.

After confirming his relationship with Qin Yue, he had imagined many possibilities.

There was making it public together at the right time, announcing their relationship after achieving fame and withdrawing from the circle, or they might’ve been forced to make it public after being exposed.

Yet no matter what type of idea he had, it wasn’t as sudden as today. Nevertheless, it was the most natural course of action for him to accept.

Many netizens recovered from the shock of Qin Yue’s relationship and couldn’t help guessing the identity of his ‘other half.’ Some people guessed that this person was Ji Li.

Both Yuexing and Chaoying were monitoring online public opinion in real time, and it was still within the scope of control for the time being.

There was the sound of the bathroom door opening, and Qin Yue entered the room in a few seconds.

“What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at what the netizens and fans are saying about you.”

Qin Yue’s girlfriend fans were widely known. His relationship was announced this time, but there was no large-scale clamoring to remove their fan status. This was really rare.

Ji Li patted the spot beside him and teased, “Come and explain. What do you mean when you say that I am very strict and need to be coaxed?”

“What do you think? Little vinegar.”

Qin Yue leaned closer and rubbed against the tip of his nose. Before the kiss could continue, Ji Li snorted and pushed him away.

“Isn’t it the other way around? Who is brewing vinegar every other day?”

“Yes, it is me.” Qin Yue let out a low laugh and took the blame on himself. He coughed and lay down on the bed uncomfortably.

“Baby, lie down and let me hold you for a while.”

Ji Li saw the exhaustion in his eyes and frowned imperceptibly. “Are you not feeling well?”

“No, I’m just a bit dizzy and need some sleep.” Qin Yue found an opportunity to hold hands with his lover. Then he closed his eyes in a tired and satisfied manner.

“I stayed up for two days in the crew to film the underwater scenes. Then I rushed back to China and didn’t have much rest.”

Originally, his nerves were highly tense due to the public opinion about him on the Internet. Now he relaxed, and fatigue and discomfort overwhelmed him.

The sleeve of Qin Yue’s bathrobe was slightly open, revealing the blue bruises on his arms. It was obvious that they had been left during filming.

A hint of distress flashed in Ji Li’s eyes. “…Wait for me.”

His hand was suddenly empty. Qin Yue opened his eyes and sat up again. “What’s wrong?”

Ji Li grabbed his usual medicine box and took out a thermometer to measure Qin Yue’s forehead. After a few seconds, he was slightly relieved. “Your temperature is only a bit higher than normal. Take some medicine and go to sleep.”

Qin Yue saw his seriousness and had to smile. “Okay.”

After taking the medicine, Qin Yue grabbed the clean coat on the side and tried to leave the room. “I’m going to sleep on the sofa tonight. Baby, have a good rest.”

“What are you doing?” Ji Li hurriedly took his hand.

“What if I can’t help wanting to kiss you and end up infecting you with a cold?”

As he spoke, his nasal voice became a bit heavier. It came out in the form of a joke, but Qin Yue was indeed afraid of infecting his lover.

Ji Li didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry and pulled him back. “Do you think your little cold can affect me? Hurry up and lie down to rest.”

Then he forced Qin Yue to lie down. He pulled up the quilt and turned off the light to sleep.

The two of them hugged each other as tightly as always.

Ji Li felt Qin Yue’s slightly hot body temperature and couldn’t help rubbing against his shoulder. “Qin Yue, are you wronged?”

“Wronged by what?”

Both of them spoke in a casual tone with a type of warmth unique to couples.

“You went semi-public, but I can’t give a timely response.” To be honest, Ji Li felt a bit guilty.

It seemed that from the very beginning, Qin Yue was the more active party.

“Didn’t you give me a response early in the morning? Li Bao, I think this is right for now.”


“Unlike overseas countries, China isn’t open to homosexuality, not to mention that we are public figures. If we both reveal it at this time, I’m afraid there will be many people secretly targeting us.”

Ji Li’s career was on the rise.

The open relationship between the two of them would probably become a sharp weapon for someone with bad intentions to hurt them.

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