IPCFS: Chapter 139 Part 2

After speaking, another video Weibo appeared.

@Yuexing Entertainment: Since before the release of the movie, Sun Li and her management team proposed to hype up the screen CP after agreeing to star as a guest in the movie. This was explicitly rejected by Qin Yue and the company’s team!

Mr. Qin Yue was willing to maintain the cooperative relationship between the two sides as much as possible in the spirit of friendship. However, public opinion has reached this point. The crew took a video during filming, and this has been made public!

There was a six minute video.

The first two minutes showed the WeChat records of the two teams. It was as Yuexing’s official Weibo said. Sun Li’s team wanted to hype up the CP during the movie for a win-win cooperation, but Qin Yue’s team felt it wasn’t necessary and gave them a clear rejection.

Judging from the facts, ever since the release of ‘Hidden Dreams’, neither Yuexing or the movie team had sent double stills and materials. Qin Yue indeed couldn’t be accused of deliberately speculating on CP.

The second half of the video was very clear. According to Yuexing, it was a live video recorded by the crew’s fixed camera.

It was the same content as the original revelation video, but the filming angle was different.

In the original revelation video, it wasn’t known what Sun Li was saying, but she was smiling brightly. Only Qin Yue’s figure could be seen, and none of his face was visible.

This video from a new perspective gave netizens a vivid interpretation of a large and embarrassing scene.

Sun Li smiled and talked, only to receive Qin Yue’s cold refusal. “I’m sorry, the crew’s filming time is relatively tight. Miss Sun, please go back.”

“Will there be some time at night to chat? We coincidentally met here. Shall we have a meal together in the evening?”

“No need, I still have to film a scene at night. Miss Sun, with all due respect, the cooperation between us has ended. There is no need for us to have contact in private.”


The slap in the face came.

A suspected relationship exposure? What boyfriend and girlfriend would fall in love like this? Get lost!

The series of three clarifications by Yuexing within a short period of time reached the hot search while Yue fans almost flew to the sky in joy.

The moment this hot search became popular, more and more melon-eating netizens noticed it.

“F*k! Qin Yue’s actions are ruthless enough! Avoiding suspicion like this?”

“I can see that not only does Qin Yue not like her, but he might also have a feud with Sun Li. Was it necessary to do this? Couldn’t you have left some affection for the girl on the surface?”

“It is just hype. What affection should be left? Aren’t netizens talking about it all day long? Some people say they broke up and got back together, while others say that the woman is pregnant. Can’t Qin Yue’s side explain this in a tough manner?”

“Qin Yue is recognized as a good person in the circle, but the only two times he got into trouble involved Sun Li? Why does this woman keep squeezing Qin Yue?”

“Squeezing? With Sun Li’s identity and status, does she need to squeeze others? Most of those commenting are girls. Are you that intolerant of women and like licking men that much?”

“It is too ungentlemanly for Qin Yue to do this. He isn’t showing mercy to the woman at all. Slapping her in the face for this type of thing?”

“Since he is so reluctant, why cooperate on the movie in the first place?”

“Figure it out, okay! In the beginning, he just wanted to maintain their cooperative relationship, but the woman did too many things! Brother Yue is miserable.”

“Then again, why is Qin Yue avoiding Sun Li so much? Even if it is just hype, won’t it naturally fade once the movie stops being released?”

“Oh my god, there are so many of her water armies in the comments area. If I click on their account profile, they are all side accounts?”

Since it was the weekend, the uproar didn’t stop until the afternoon. Then near dinner time, a new revelation suddenly bombarded the Internet.

Sun Li got married in March last year and took away a lot of money from the man. Now she wanted to divorce because the man was bankrupt.

Less than half an hour after this was revealed, the man @Chu Ke came forward to publish a long Weibo post.

He said that he and Sun Li met in November of the previous year and secretly got married in March of that year. After an unexpected pregnancy, Sun Li used the child as a bargaining chip to ask the man to transfer all his wealth to her name.

The man was delighted at the thought of being a father and firmly believed in the love between the two of them. Therefore, he agreed to this request. Then within a month of their agreement coming into effect, Sun Li told him that she accidentally miscarried during filming.

At the beginning of the year, his company encountered unprecedented economic difficulties. Sun Li proposed a divorce and asked the man for a guarantee.

Never make the relationship between the two of them public. Only then would she be willing to return some of the money to the man.

Originally, they would separate and it would be over.

What made Chu Ke angry was that he only recently discovered that Sun Li didn’t have a miscarriage. She had an abortion after using his child to claim his money!

The purpose of their marriage was because she fancied the man’s financial strength and connections. Then she threw him away once it couldn’t be used any longer.


The moment this Weibo post came out, it immediately caused an uproar.

The marriage certificate and divorce certificate posted by the man were real. The property transfer agreement was also real.

It wasn’t clear what the man’s purpose was behind doing this, but this didn’t delay the netizens from eating the melon.

“This isn’t fake? It is a big melon!”

“Let me sum it up. Sun Li originally planned to slowly fade out of the circle to become a rich wife and use her child to firmly control the man’s economic power. Then the man suddenly had an accident and lost his money, so she planned to return to the entertainment circle? She was afraid that she hadn’t had any exposure in the circle for a while, so she clung to Qin Yue?”

“It seems that the timeline is indeed right.”

“Having a miscarriage in the crew is just nonsense. Such a thing is impossible in the crew of ‘Hidden Dreams’.”

“Pregnancy and abortion? I’m shocked. I am going to wait for Sun Li to explain herself.”

“This man’s operations are just a show. What else is there to say when they are divorced? Wait for the reversal. We can’t just listen to one side in this matter.”

“I finally know why Qin Yue got rid of Sun Li. Fortunately, he clarified it earlier or else tsk tsk tsk…”

“This passerby thinks that Qin Yue is very wise. Fortunately, he explained the situation clearly in advance, or he would’ve become involved.”

“Yue fans, go home! Let the divorced couple bite at each other! Leave it alone!”

The moment the clarification and revelations came out, none of the netizens paid attention to Qin Yue and Sun Li’s fake relationship any longer. They all started to eat this big melon. It wasn’t just Weibo. All the major forums, web pages, and apps exploded!

What could be happier than eating melons?


Modern day netizens were very powerful. In less than an hour, they had investigated the background details from Sun Li’s debut to the present. Some insiders even swore that:

Sun Li had a wealthy backer since her debut who gave her fame and top resources. Then she offended her wealthy backer in the second half of the year before last year.

The other person not only blocked her in his circle of contacts, but gave his resources to others.

Sun Li couldn’t stay in the entertainment industry any longer, so she wanted to find a rich man to marry. She hadn’t expected it to turn out like this.

These revelations were too accurate. On the other end of the phone, Sun Li was so angry that she almost trembled. She couldn’t control herself and smashed her phone!

Anger, regret, fear, and multiple emotions intertwined in her heart. The torment was unbearable.

Sun Li’s agent sighed, “I told you earlier that you should never touch Qin Yue. His methods have become tougher than in the past. You didn’t believe me and said he would be polite to you during the release period?”

“Now with his clarification, netizens are already prone to prejudice against you. Then Chu Ke came out to make a fuss. Isn’t this the same as pouring gasoline on fire?”

Sun Li glared at her with an ugly expression. “What’s the use of you telling me with hindsight now? Let Qin Yue go for now and first solve the matter of Chu Ke!”

She wanted attention, but not this type of attention!

If she had such a scandal, then it would be even more difficult for her to survive in the entertainment industry!

“Hurry up and find a way to throw the blame back. Say that his domestic violence caused a miscarriage, or that he got married to cheat me of money. Even if you use false evidence, release it for me.”

She always had fans. She just had to shed tears appropriately and sell misery, and it would arouse sympathy in some people.

“In addition, find a water army to suppress the topic again. No matter how much money it costs, settle this matter for me!”

The agent and team looked at each other and had a headache.

Sun Li had a wealthy backer, so why didn’t things go smoothly? Besides, it wasn’t that she didn’t have acting skills. Even without a wealthy backer, she could still break through the sky by relying on the strength she had honed over the years.

The result? Sun Li’s mind wasn’t sober, and she still wanted real feelings?

She coveted the position of being the main wife of her wealthy backer and tried her best to show her sense of existence. This caused the wealthy backer and main wife to be angry, and she ruined her good life in vain.

“Did you hear me?” Sun Li reprimanded loudly. “This is number one on the hot search, and it must be lowered for me!”

The assistant supervising the Internet pursed his lips. “Sister Yue, you aren’t number one on the hot search.”


Sun Li was silent for a moment, her face pale with embarrassment.

For some reason, she actually felt that the assistant’s words were invisibly more hurtful.

Even such negative revelations weren’t enough for her to rush to first place? It had just been a year and a half. Was her popularity cycle as an actress so short?

“Who is number one on the hot search?” The agent was also surprised.

Wasn’t Sun Li still at the top of the hot search just half an hour ago?

The assistant glanced at Sun Li cautiously. “Teacher Qin Yue has announced his romantic relationship, and it is already number one on the hot search.”


The agent opened this and quickly opened her phone to check. Just half an hour ago, Qin Yue suddenly went online and posted on Weibo.

“Thank you fans and netizens for your support in my career and emotional concerns. I already have a stable relationship with my other half, and I am willing to stay with them for the rest of my life.”

“For the protection of my other half, my relationship can only be revealed semi-publicly. Please don’t dig into it, and give us enough space to get along privately.”

“In the end, my baby at home is very strict and needs to be coaxed when jealous. I ask for unrelated people to not involve me in hype about relationships.”

This post caused an uproar.

They were caught off guard by his sudden disclosure of his romantic relationship. He changed the norm and gave out dog food.

Yue fans were dumbfounded and netizens were shocked. At the same time, they all understood.

No wonder why Qin Yue’s clarification this time was so tough. It turned out that there was a master in the family, and he was afraid his lover would be jealous.

Sharp-eyed fans also found that Qin Yue quickly changed his emotional state on Weibo to ‘in love’ as soon as he made the relationship public.

Wu wu wu.

Cry and eat this wave of dog food!

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