IPCFS: Chapter 138 Part 2

Comments such as these dominated the entire comments area.

Qin Yue’s fans had always been very Buddhist. They never liked to use the position of their own master to tear up with other fans. Yet as soon as they met Sun Li, their combat effectiveness completely soared.

In this battle, they looked like they wanted to directly tear the woman’s mouth off.

It was fine for her to have a cameo in the movie. After all, the director of the movie was Director Ke Hei. But wanting to engage in hyping up the romance? Disappear as far as possible!

In order to hype up the romance, how many troublesome things did Sun Li do behind Brother Yue’s back? Brother Yue, who had always been a gentleman, actually publicly clarified on Weibo.

The result?

Sun Li felt embarrassed and secretly tore away many endorsements that originally belonged to the couple. She also used a special means to help a male artist of the same company snatch a movie that was originally meant for Brother Yue.

After many years, Qin Yue used his own strength to get to where he was today step by step. The two wells didn’t pollute the river water, but the old fans of the Yue family still had lumps in their hearts.

The old Yue fans in the hot comments area were a bit biased, but it still attracted a lot of likes from Yue fans.

They would rather Brother Yue and Ji Li be a real couple than for Brother Yue to have anything to do with this woman called Sun Li!

It was just that no matter how reluctant they were, they couldn’t hold back the soaring popularity of the hot topic. In half an hour, the topic #Qin Yue Sun Li’s suspected relationship is exposed# rushed to first place on the hot search.


Ji Li exited Weibo and returned to the group chat interface.

In the chat group of the three people, Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei had already sent messages.

“Ji Li, are you and Brother Yue okay?”

“What is this called? This seems to be deliberate hype orchestrated by Sun Li. Perhaps Qin Yue is even being bullied.”

“This has already rushed to the top of the hot search. I’m worried for Ji Li!”

“It depends on how Yuexing will deal with it now.”

“Ji Li, Ji Li? Are you okay?”

Ji Li saw his friends’ concern, and his thoughts were pulled back from the hot search.

“It’s okay. I just saw the news. I don’t know what is going on at the moment.”

Yuan Yifei asked, “Have you asked Qin Yue? My guess is that she is behind the hype at this moment.”

‘Hidden Dreams’ starring Qin Yue and guest starring Sun Li was still in theaters.

Zhen Zheng in the movie was too affectionate, and her ending was so sad. Some fans who had too much empathy would transfer this emotion into reality.

During this period of time, the off-screen CP of Qin Yue and Sun Li had the ability to make a comeback.

Even if the two of them didn’t interact at all in reality, it couldn’t hold back the imagination of the majority of netizens.

“No, what is Sun Li trying to do?” Ji Yunqi was puzzled.

“Why are you asking me?” Yuan Yifei replied.

The breaking news went on the hot search the moment it appeared. There were so many topics discussing it and many were artificial side accounts. It could be seen that there was a water army behind the scenes manipulating public opinion.

Could it be that Qin Yue was behind this relationship revelation? That was even more impossible.

“It might be a joint operation of the movie party for the subsequent box office, but Qin Yue would never agree to this matter based on his personality,” Yuan Yifei added.

Ji Li watched the discussion of his friends, and his tense heartstrings relaxed for a moment.

“Don’t worry about me. Qin Yue and I don’t have any problems, and I trust him.”

No one believed in Qin Yue more than Ji Li.

The moment these words came out, Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi replied at the same time.

“That’s good.”

Ji Yunqi even added naively, “If Qin Yue dares to bully you, then I will fight back for you!”

Yuan Yifei complained, “You? Hit Qin Yue? Do you dare?”

“…Then I’ll call my older brother.”

The two of them went back and forth, trying to distract their friend with joking words.

Ji Li keenly sensed this, and his heart warmed.

The hot search came suddenly. After Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi said a few words, they tacitly stopped talking about the topic. This gave Ji Li enough time to settle his mood alone.

Without the noise of his friends, Ji Li felt that everything around him had quieted down.

He opened Qin Yue’s WeChat interface. The last message was from  yesterday morning.

“Baby, I’m going to film two all-night scenes in a row. I won’t  have time to look at my phone and reply to your messages. If you have anything urgent, remember to find my assistant who will take advantage of any gaps in filming to talk to me.”

“Yes, I’m not a three year old child.”

Ji Li’s fingers stopped on the keyboard. He hesitated for several seconds before finally putting it down.

Just now, he was just talking in the group about how he believed Qin Yue. However, now he started to feel sour for no reason.

He had been in the entertainment industry for so many years. How could he not see that these revelations were too strange, and how could he not know that netizens always liked to eat melons and supplement things?

Disturbing Qin Yue’s work due to this small thing? Such a lover was really unqualified in reality.

Ji Li threw the phone aside and started to play with Major General’s head to vent his emotions.

“Forget it. It’ll only last a day at most. Let’s wait until your father finishes work, right?”

Major General rubbed against his palm, cocked his head, and whimpered twice. He was seemingly completely in Ji Li’s camp.


Public opinion intensified. Qin Yue and Sun Li stayed in the number one position of the hot search and didn’t go down. More netizens came forward as ‘insiders’ to break the news.

“Qin Yue and Sun Li have split up and reunited several times. They are each other’s first love, and everyone in the circle knows it. This time, they have stabilized and think it is the right age to reveal their relationship and get married. Their short-lived role as lovers in ‘Hidden Dreams’ was to test the attitude of the public.”

“Qin has too many girlfriend fans, which is one of the reasons why Sun has been reluctant to disclose their relationship. In the past, the male and female CPs were just fake. Fans really need to get ready this time. They must be getting married.”

“It has been a long time, and Yuexing hasn’t come out to speak. It is most probably true.”

“Big melon! The woman is pregnant!”

There were always netizens who liked to fish in troubled waters and fabricate some information. Netizens ate it with relish, but Qin Yue’s fans were almost dying of anger.

“Rumors are spread like this?”

“Who says that Yuexing isn’t saying anything? Can’t you wait for the sun tomorrow?”

“I’m dying of laughter. Can brand clothes from different seasons be regarded as a couple model? Then half of the entertainment industry should be a couple.”

“Hidden Dreams is still being released in theaters, and Brother Yue is filming overseas. No matter whether it is filming or personal time, our side is suffering! That is why that woman picked this time to do things, right?”

“I am Brother Yue’s career fan, but I now wish that the other stars who had previously formed a CP with him, such as Yuan Bao or Ji Li, would come forward and admit that they and Brother Yue are real.”

“+1 upstairs.”

The heat of the incident lasted until noon the next day. Compared to Yuexing’s silence, Sun Li’s staff took the lead in speaking.

“They are cooperative friends who have known each other for many years and have a relatively good relationship. I’m not clear about the rest.”

“If Sister Li has good news, she will definitely share it with everyone as soon as possible.”

What did this mean?

The first half of the sentence seemed to be clarifying the relationship, but the next part seemed to be playing riddles.

The second half was even more elusive.

Good news? With these few words alone, it felt like the relationship between the two had been brought to the surface.

This ambiguous statement instantly inspired a new round of brain supplements among netizens. The popularity that naturally declined was rising again.

Ji Li looked at the development of the situation on the Internet and the WeChat interface that hadn’t changed.

He didn’t know when it started, but some sourness filled his heart mixed with some depression. It disturbed him so much that it was hard for him to even study his script.

Ji Li couldn’t bear it any longer and made a voice call. The call was connected almost instantly.

“Hello, Baby.”

“It is already this late. You haven’t got off work yet?” Ji Li heard Qin Yue’s exhausted voice, and most of the gloom in his heart dissipated.

There was a small sound from the door, and the extremely vigilant Major General rushed over in an instant.

“Work is over,” Qin Yue sighed softly. “Can you open the door and let me in? I was too anxious and came back without the spare key you gave me.”


Ji Li was half a beat slow. His eyes found that Major General at the door had changed from vigilance to wagging his tail madly.

Before Ji Li could walk over, the clever dog couldn’t help being excited. He stood up, touched the doorknob with his paws, and let the person outside in.

Qin Yue took off his mask, hat, and other obstructions. He looked directly at Ji Li with a firm gaze and hung up the ongoing WeChat voice call.

Ji Li was puzzled. “Why did you come back?”

Didn’t they agree to meet directly at the Yana Film Festival?

Qin Yue confirmed that there was no one outside, so he quickly entered and closed the door. “My Li Bao can really endure things. There is so much noise on the Internet, but you’re not planning on arresting me for questioning?”


Ji Li thought of the public opinion on the Internet and smiled. “Oh? May I ask what your crime is? Could it be that the news of your relationship with Sun Li is true?”

“Of course it is fake,” Qin Yue refuted without even thinking about it.

He quickly dropped his carry-on backpack and approached, his tone doting and flattering. “Baby, I was afraid you would be angry about this and didn’t want to explain it through a screen…”

This type of scandal couldn’t be called big or small.

But for Qin Yue, Ji Li was his most cherished lover.

The two of them might have been able to save time and energy by communicating over the phone, but Qin Yue was afraid that Ji Li would show negative emotions during the call, and Qin Yue wouldn’t be able to hug and comfort him.

So after finishing his work and learning of the strange revelation, he bought a ticket and rushed back as soon as possible.

“Baby, I apologize to you.”

“It is just that using a simple clarification and controlling the water army comments are useless this time. That’s why I instructed Yuexing not to make a big move for the time being.”

The other person’s tricks hadn’t been fully completed yet. If Yuexing was too anxious, then more tricks might be used instead.

Ji Li believed in Qin Yue’s ability to solve things. Since Yuexing hadn’t spoken up, they must’ve received a signal from their boss.

After all, there were too many people and too many things involved in all aspects in the entertainment industry. He just didn’t know how his lover planned to solve this wave of public opinion.

It was just that these things should be viewed separately.

Ji Li looked him up and down. The sourness in his heart hadn’t completely dissipated, so he deliberately said, “Why explain this to me? Talk to your fans and netizens.”

He bypassed Qin Yue and tried to open the door. “Today it is Sun Li, and who knows which family’s flower it will be tomorrow? My temple here is small and can’t tolerate the big Buddha of Teacher Qin Yues’ scandal for the time being.”

Qin Yue heard Ji Li’s rare jealousy, and there was deep joy in his eyes.

He closed the newly opened door and locked it. “I will leave the external explanation alone first. No one is more important to me than you.”

There were some things that he had already informed Yuexing to start negotiating.

‘Hidden Dreams’ was still in theaters, and the other person was the guest star. The final box office represented the efforts of all the staff behind the scenes.

The seemingly simple clarification required weighing many pros and cons. It wasn’t something that could be published casually due to his personal temper.

Furthermore, Sun Li’s approach had touched his bottom line. He needed to fight back more forcefully to completely eliminate all unnecessary scandals.

Sometimes, the more the other side manipulated public opinion to make trouble, the more he could use it to counterattack.


Major General, who was lying beside the two of them, assisted at the right time. He called out loudly and tried to pull at his two masters with his small paws.

Qin Yue leaned closer. “Baby, we shouldn’t let Major General and Snow Cake see the joke.”

See a joke?

Good man, are you using the cat and dog as a cover?

Ji Li was just about to refute this but was caught off guard by Qin Yue.

“…What are you doing?”

“Li Bao, it isn’t convenient to talk at the door. Let’s go back to bed, and I’ll explain it properly.”

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