IPCFS: Chapter 137 Part 3

The scene returned to the door of the painter Meng Ting’s apartment.

Zhou Yong said, “The appraisal department issued the result of their analysis. The two strokes are similar, but there was indeed one that was added in later.”

It was just that the police paid too much attention to the case itself at the time and ignored this detail. Fortunately, Mu Qin discovered it immediately.

Who turned in this photo?

Painter Meng Ting.

“Hasn’t the murderer been caught already? Why did you come to me?”

“Apart from you, the real murderer, I can’t think of anyone who would want to do this,” Mu Qin replied calmly. “Chen Ling was so eager to confess but hid the deeper facts. Wasn’t this just to protect you?”

They had already performed a secret second investigation. The identity of the painter Meng Ting was fake. The girl who died that year wasn’t his sister but a child the same age as him!

The parents that Meng Ting mentioned, i.e. the neighbors, immigrated abroad. During the initial investigation, the police were too focused on the case itself. In addition, Mu Qin was their main suspect, so they didn’t dig deeper.

This was a situation deliberately set up by Zhou Yong and Mu Qin. The more people believed in the so-called truth and the fewer people there were conducting an in-depth investigation, the more likely the murderer was to be exposed.

Just like now. Where was Meng Ting going with his luggage at night?

Fortunately, they had arrived in time, or it might’ve been wasted effort.

“Meng Ting, among the children Feng Linfeng assaulted in the past, you were one of them, right?”

Mu Qin stared at Meng Ting and asked clearly.

The moment these words were spoken, the originally calm Meng Ting finally revealed killing intent. “He deserves to die!”

Finally, the truth was revealed through Mu Qin’s analysis and Meng Ting’s accusation.

The pervert Feng Linfeng not only r*ped young children but did it to both boys and girls. The most disgusting thing was that he singled out lost children.

If he played them to death, he just threw them away.

The painter Meng Ting was one of his victims back then. He had been detained in the same cellar that Chen Ling mentioned for longer than her.

Back then, it was Meng Ting who helped Chen Ling escape from the cellar. This was why she was so determined to help him and was willing to take the initiative to shield him from disaster.

Meng Ting saw that this matter was brought to light and simply stopped hiding the truth.

Feng Linfeng would go to Meng Ting to show off each time he committed a crime, describing everything vividly.

Under the long-term torture, Meng Ting was the one who became psychologically distorted. He deceived Feng Linfeng by pretending to be obedient and not struggling.

After he killed for the seventh time, he drank wine with great pleasure.

Meng Ting saw that this was his only chance. He quietly stole the photos of the murder and escaped.

Feng Linfeng probably found that the photos were missing and was afraid that the police would come to arrest him, so he stopped.

The escaped Meng Ting went to the rich area of the city and pretended to be pitiful. He was adopted, raised by a kind couple, and changed his name. However, how could the wound in his soul be easily healed?

Meng Ting kept these photos a secret from beginning to end because he always thought he would personally take revenge one day.

Rather than relying on the sanctions of the law, he had to kill Feng Linfeng and exact his revenge on him!

Sometimes, fate was preordained.

Half a year ago, Meng Ting met Feng Linfeng again.

“Perhaps he thought he was okay because he hasn’t been arrested after so many years. He actually dared to threaten me with my nude photos from back then.”

This incident ignited the bomb.

Chen Ling’s confession was just paraphrasing Meng Ting’s real experience.

From the day they met again, Meng Ting had been planning everything.

Mu Qin lowered his eyes. “So you started to re-investigate the families of the deceased and found that there was actually a fish that slipped through the net in the first hunt. That person was me.”

“This made you start placing your hatred on me as well?”

“Yes! Feng Linfeng was so blind that he actually didn’t find you? Otherwise, you would’ve suffered what I suffered!’

“Why did you get to escape all of that? Just because you had your parents to protect you? You should’ve gone to hell with them!”

“Feng Linfeng’s hunts weren’t perfect at all. How could you, a person who deserved to die and be abused back then, still live until now?”

Meng Ting’s heart was completely distorted just as Mu Qin had guessed at the beginning.

Meng Ting found out about him and deliberately framed him, using the judgment of the law to bring the fifth hunt of the past to a perfect end.

Meng Ting planned for half a year, understood everyone’s personalities, and naturally rehearsed the positions of those cuts in advance.

He approached Chen Ling because he expected the other person would help. Sure enough, this girl who had clearly escaped the whirlpool was willing to run back from another place to help him.

In addition, he contacted the parents of the girl in the first hunt. He used hatred and psychological warfare to get them to willingly help him and perjure themselves.

The alarm clock in the living room of the hotel was tampered with in advance, and the designated beer bottles were filled with trace amounts of sleeping pills and hallucinogens which wouldn’t be noticed once 24 hours passed.

He deliberately started the drinking party at the right time to report an earlier wrong time.

For example, people thought it was midnight when it was actually 10 o’clock in the evening.

The panic on the day after the murder, and the content of the invitation would make the group collectively prove themselves in order to distance themselves from the matter, forming an alibi at a completely wrong point in time.

That night, Meng Ting waited at the top of the stairs and asked Chen Ling to lead Feng Linfeng to the designated place where he was killed by the heavily armed Meng Ting.

There was one mastermind and one assistant.

Every Sunday at 5 a.m., the garbage truck would pass by the disposal bin and carry the garbage bin to the designated place for incineration.

Everything happened perfectly, just as Meng Ting wanted.

Later, the rich second generation master deliberately deceived Chen Ling and lied that he saw the murderer when he went to the toilet that night. Such a joke made Chen Ling panic and led to the death of the rich second generation master.

“That fool Ling temporarily imitated the murder and sent evidence to your door. But it is fine that she is a fool. I heard that she pleaded guilty.”

Meng Ting thought everything had ended and planned to fly abroad. He hadn’t expected to be arrested on his doorstep.

However, Meng Ting never thought of turning back.

In his own words, he should’ve left this world a long time ago. It was hatred that had kept him alive until now.

If it went well, then he would live well. If he lost, then everything would disappear with him.

At the end of the story, the last two points were revealed.

In the luggage filled with paintings that Meng Ting had sent overseas, the police found seven paintings at the bottom of the box.

Six of them were made from the hunting photographs of the crime scenes. They were six paintings made out of blood and solidified.

The clean white cloth stained with blood was hidden in an airtight plastic bag with black markings. He took advantage of the time to take out the garbage and hide it as well.

In addition, the real second hunt that had never been made public was answered in the last painting.

It was a naked boy covered in scars, his open eyes empty. The light in his eyes was extinguished.

The photo of the second hunt that was hidden was of Meng Ting, who hadn’t died but was already a walking corpse.


This was the end of the movie.

However, everyone was immersed in the plot. In this story, the perpetrator was also the victim. It also involved one of the heaviest topics in today’s society.

S*xual assault.

It was also of minors, male and female.

It had to be said that while controlling the plot and rhythm of the movie, the final result was also far-reaching in terms of concept.

Sometimes, the cruel and complex thing wasn’t the truth of the murder but the story hidden behind the truth.

Let’s return to the actors’ shaping of the roles. From Ji Li’s initial concentrated scenes to the subsequent slow spread of every single plot line, everyone’s acting skills were excellent. There were no signs of acting, and it made people completely stay in this story.

There was no doubt that ‘Reverse Hunting’ was a very good commercial movie, and its reversal charm was no worse than ‘Hidden Dreams.’

“I am slapped in the face. This movie is going to be a big hit!”

“Ji Li’s vision in selecting movies is quite strong, and Director Rong’s vision in selecting the cast is also quite vicious.”

“It is now more than 100 million lower than the box office of ‘Hidden Dreams’, but it hasn’t been released yet, right? Once it is released tomorrow, I’m afraid there will be a competition for the box office championship.”

The box office gap of over 100 million wasn’t small, but in terms of explosive films, a difference of one day meant it was completely possible to catch up before the movies were removed.

Zheng Wen heard the discussion in the movie critics area next to her, and her mood was very complicated.

She went to watch the movie with a critical attitude but was completely immersed within a few minutes of the opening. Now looking back, she didn’t know where to start criticizing at all.

It had to be known that ever since she became Brother Yue’s fan, there hadn’t been a movie with another actor that could make her watch seriously from the beginning to end.

Zheng Wen’s phone vibrated and she looked down. It was the sisters in the combat squad group chat.

“Wenwen! The movie should be almost finished, right? Quickly tell us what is wrong. We are ready to go and blacken it!”

“Are there many black spots in Ji Li’s movie? You can say a few points at will and we will embellish it when writing.”

Zheng Wen saw the urging of her sisters in the group, and her mood suddenly became a bit complicated. She thought about it before typing out a few words like she was possessed by a ghost.

“I think…”

“The movie is pretty good.”

There was a deathly silence before a question mark was collectively posted in the group.


The movie was pretty good?

Was this the poisonous tongue Wenwen that they knew?

In less than two hours, she was subdued by Ji Li?

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Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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The movie seems interesting, but it didn’t sound like Ji Li was the main character to me. Perhaps its because Qin Yue’s movie evolve around him alone, while Ji Li’s character was played like a fiddle by all these plot twists

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I still feel like QY’s movie seem more enticing than JL’s. T-T