IPCFS: Chapter 137 Part 2

Mu Qin proved himself with the ‘video evidence’, but he wasn’t completely cleared of suspicion.

Judging from the situation of the hotel owner’s body, the most suitable suspect was the young and vigorous Mu Qin.

At the same time, there was another strange twist in Feng Linfeng’s case.

There was a discrepancy in the blood volume collected at the scene and the autopsy and the normal amount of blood in a human. In other words, at least 2,000 ml of blood had disappeared into thin air!

What was going on?

Just as the case reached an impasse, a new case appeared.

Five days later, the rich second generation master, who was the first to be relieved of suspicion by the police, suddenly died in his home after suffering from a high-voltage electric shock in his swimming pool.

On the edge of the pool were the large words ‘Commemoration, the sixth hunt.’

The missing photo of the ‘sixth hunt’ actually appeared at this time? However, weren’t all the serial murders in the past committed by Feng Linfeng? Now he was dead.

Was there someone else imitating Feng Linfeng’s murderous behavior?

In any case, the new case had nothing to do with Mu Qin, who had been monitored and guarded by the police the whole time.


The rhythm of the plot was well-controlled, and every suspenseful discovery aroused the audience’s curiosity even further. This made everyone feel itchy to know the truth.

“I’m so anxious!”

“I wish I could just fast-forward and skip to the end, but I’m afraid I would miss a more exciting point in the middle.”

Many people obviously agreed with this sentence.

Unfortunately, the movie being shown didn’t have a ‘fast-forward option.’ They just had to wait for the moment when the truth would emerge.

The police re-investigated the past experiences of the seven travelers at the hotel, and Mu Qin found something wrong in the process of listening to the police’s evidence!

The Blue Star Travel Agency held the ‘Catching Summer’ event, and all the check-in arrangements were performed by an employee named Tang Canyang. During the first round of investigation, the girl had said.

“Once the registration is complete, a word list will be compiled, and the check-in list will be arranged according to the order of received documents.”

After an in-depth investigation, the police found that among the seven people, the working girl called ‘Chen Ling’ had a relationship with Tang Canyang. They used to be roommates who worked together.

Later, the two of them rented their own houses, but their private relationship remained good.

Most importantly, Chen Ling concealed something.

She had lived with her single mother until she was six years old. Her mother died from an electric shock accident at a construction site, and this was forcibly suppressed by the construction site.

After Mother Chen died, Chen Ling disappeared for a long time. It wasn’t until she was around 15 years old that she found a job in Longjiang City under the pretext of ‘being from the countryside.’

Chen Ling was involved with the staff member of the ‘Catching Summer’ event, and the cause of her mother’s death was similar to the rich second generation master’s death.

The rich second generation master brought Chen Ling to the event because he was pursuing her, and the first person to find Feng Linfeng’s body was Chen Ling.

There were too many coincidences. There had to be something strange, so the police immediately arrested Chen Ling for interrogation.

Chen Ling didn’t say anything at first. Then the police found her fingerprints at the crime scene of the rich second generation master and in the surrounding surveillance.

Under the dual offensive of severe interrogation and psychological warfare, Chen Lin admitted her crime.

She pulled out the photo of the real ‘sixth hunt.’ The deceased was her mother.

Chen Ling’s mother was emotionally involved with Feng Linfeng for a period of time. Later, Mother Chen found that he had character flaws and was unwilling to still be with him.

Feng Linfeng harbored a grudge and killed her in front of Chen Ling. In addition, he abducted the six year old Chen Ling and imprisoned her in the cellar of an old rented house in a remote town where she was r*ped.

Such a life where every day was worse than death lasted a full nine years!

In the follow-up investigation, the police did find the cellar that Chen Ling mentioned.

Chen Ling said that she escaped with great difficulty, but due to limited resources, she could only flee to Longjiang City to start over.

Chen Ling originally thought she had escaped. She didn’t expect to meet Feng Linfeng by chance half a year ago. He recognized her and threatened her privately, demanding to continue their beast-like s*x trade. Otherwise, the scandalous incident of that year would be made public.

Chen Ling’s psychological state had completely deteriorated under the double torment of the past and reality. She agreed to the other person’s request on the surface, but she was plotting his murder in private.

Chen Ling confessed that she accidentally found out about the other person’s past. She felt that the bigger the trouble, the more the police would investigate and deal with it.

As for her life, she would hide it if she could. If she couldn’t hide it, then forget it.

Therefore, Chen Ling stole the photos and sent them to the families of several victims in the same city. She used the trust of her friend and the pursuit of the rich second generation master to complete this seemingly unusual gathering.

That night, she first entered the bedroom with the drunk rich second generation master. She deliberately made him think that the two of them had slept together after drinking. Then she ran to Feng Linfeng’s room and used the pretext of seduction to kill him.

Why frame Mu Qin? Of course, it was because Mu Qin was alone and was easier to be framed.

As for why she killed the rich second generation master?

He discovered a clue and wanted to report it to the police. She had already completed up to this step and didn’t care about killing one more person. After all, only the dead wouldn’t tell the truth.

As for how she killed him?

In addition, how did she hang the corpse?

Chen Ling didn’t say a word and just clearly conveyed her disdain. “You police are still the same as before. You don’t have any ability!”


The audience saw this and scolded Feng Linfeng fiercely.

There were so many murders on his shoulders as well as abducting and r*ping underage children. It wasn’t a pity that such a scumbag died.

However, some people felt that Chen Ling’s statement might be reasonable, but it also had a hint of unspeakable and unclear contradictions.

It was okay to say that Chen Ling was too weak in the beginning.

However, nine years had passed, and she obviously had the ability to escape. Why did she continue to stay in Longjiang City?

In addition, since she could obtain these photos, why did she not hand them to the police? Was it really due to psychological distress, and was it really as simple as wanting revenge?

What about the photo of the first hunt?

What about the missing 2,000 ml of blood?

The movie wouldn’t have such obvious inconsistencies, right?

The audience members who loved to watch suspenseful, brain-burning dramas broke away from the plot and started to sort out the case in their minds. Then questions arose one after another.

Suddenly, someone said, “It isn’t finished, right? I remember that the movie is 1 hour and 40 minutes long. There are 30 minutes left!”


It wasn’t over yet!

According to the current movie rhythm, there were still a lot of stories to tell in these 30 minutes?

Sure enough, the real reversal began.

A building in the city.

A sedan stopped at the gate of an old residential area.

Zhou Yong glanced at Mu Qin, who was driving. “Xiao Qin, are you sure you want to go up?”

“Uncle Zhou, we are already here. Don’t you want to know the truth?”

“Then go up.”

The two of them got out of the car and quickly entered a building unit .

The old community had been in disrepair for a long time, and even the wallpaper on the staircase had started to peel off. It was full of unscrupulous advertisements and garbage messages asking for a child.

The sensor lights in the corridor were completely broken, and there was even a musty smell in the corner.


Zhou Yong determined the apartment number, glanced at Mu Qin again, and whispered, “Be careful.”

Mu Qin responded in a subtle manner.

But before they could knock on the door, the door was opened by the person inside.

The appearance of the person in the apartment was revealed, and the audience let out disbelieving cries.

Was it the painter Meng Ting who looked so weak?

What was going on?

Zhou Yong preemptively slammed him back against the door. “I am Zhou Yong, captain of the Longjiang City police force. Mr. Meng, where are you going with your luggage?”

“What are you arresting me for?”

Mu Qin took out an evidence bag from his pocket which contained the photo of the second hunt.

His eyes hidden under the lens flashed with a rare sharpness. “Why do you think?”

The scene flashed back extremely quickly and froze on a few days ago.

It was the first time when Mu Qin was interrogated after being suspected of committing the crime. Zhou Yong took out the collected photos and placed them in front of him in turn.

The camera swept over them, and the numbers on the photos ranged from two to seven.

Mu Qin stared at the five photos. “Captain Zhou, you overlooked one detail.”

“Did you find something?” Zhou Yong asked in a puzzled manner. At the same time, this was testing the observation ability of the audience.

“Ahhh hurry up and say it! This is killing my pig’s brain!” There were audience members who were eager to know the truth.

“Mu Qin, say it bluntly. What do you mean?” The vice-captain on the big screen also asked.

Puzzled voices came from the inside and outside of the movie at the same time, and everyone was at a loss.

In the movie, Mu Qin placed his finger on the leftmost photo and told the truth. “The second hunt is actually the first one.”

The horizontal line in two (二) was added later. Since it was in a printed font, the person just had to pay attention to the distance and weight of the ink, and they could completely imitate the desired number.

The audience was enlightened and immediately cried out.

“F*k! Can you still play like this?”

“Awesome! This detail is too deeply hidden! No wonder why I thought that the camera stayed there a bit long when they first showed the photo.”

Zhou Yong’s mind returned, and he immediately ordered, “Take it to the appraisal department immediately!”

The vice-captain responded, “Yes, Captain Zhou!”

Mu Qin interrupted. “Don’t startle the enemy. The less people who know about this, the better!”

The vice-captain paused and was silent. Zhou Yong believed in himself and the child he had brought up since childhood. “Do as he says for the time being.”

“Yes, Captain Zhou.”

In the interrogation room, only Mu Qin and Zhou Yong were left.

The two of them stared at each other in silence for a while. Finally, Mu Qin made up his mind. “Uncle Zhou, I have a guess. Can you help me conduct a reverse hunt?”

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